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Ch.2 Bait and Hook

Daisy felt good. That was the simply way to put it.

She held her foot steady on the gas pedal, the wind whipping her hair around her face. Fall leaves were whooshing up around Dixie's wheels – Daisy shifted to speed up.

Even though Boss made her work on her birthday it made her feel even more special, everyone that came in would wish her happy birthday- even complete strangers would catch on and give her a sincere howdy thanks to someone like Cooter.

"Why it's this little phillies birthday today!" he would coo with a grin.

Daisy laughed, shaking her head at the memory just as she pulled into the Boars Nest to start her shift.

As usual she was the first one to arrive; the key Boss had finally given her to open the front door went from around her neck to into the keyhole to unlock the door. It of course only fit that door and heaven knows it REALLY wasn't the key to unlock his office door.

But- Daisy was just happy Boss Hogg had finally given her- a Duke- a key to one of his buildings.

Daisy flipped the light switch, gazing around at the room she'd actually become fond of – besides Uncle Jesse had always said she'd never work a day in her life if all her chickens crowed in sync – meaning if she liked what she did then was she really working?

She walked over to the closets table to pick the chairs up off the table top and placing them in the floor.

She then started the popcorn machine, the one Boss had insisted in getting because "Why should we have to pay for someone else's manual labor? That's what we have you here for" He 'd said while putting a box of corn kernels in her hand. "At first she might be a bit rough but you'll learn how to use it eventually."

In a way Daisy could understand her Boss, but most of the time his greed was unrelative to her, it just wasn't anything she was interested in.

Bo folded the last bit of laundry and tucked it away in the set of drawers in their bedroom.

He walked back through to the kitchen and set the empty clothes basket down on the table with a sigh, "I hate laundry." He said in amused.

Luke looked up from the kitchen sink, washing a sudsy plate off under the faucet, at Bo with a smirk, "Hey Bo maybe a womans work isn't too hard for ya?" he grinned turning back to his dish work.

Bo laughed sarcastically, "Ha ha ha Luke, you crack me up." His tone dropped and he gave a chuckle, "Here I'll help." he said sincerely.

He picked up a nearby towel off the counter, smelling it briefly to make sure it was clean, then ran it over the surface of the dishes.

"Good old fashioned team work." Luke smirked as they finished the last dish.

"No kiddin' we still got yard work to do." Bo said handing Luke the now damp cloth so he could attempt to dry his hands.

Luke accepted the rag, running it over his hands then setting it on the oven handle so it would dry.

"Well no since in complainin' it's got to be done just like any other day." Luke replied.

Bo nodded in agreement, raising his hand up and pushing against the screen door, Luke following him out onto the porch.

Jesse was finishing up the duck he'd been carving for Daisy, really it wasn't his fault he didn't finish in time- they'd been busy helping out set up the Hazzard Hayride. It was Boss Hoggs newest attraction to Hazzard. All of the youngins were excited about helping out, so the Dukes thought why not lend a hand.

"Don't worry about it today boys." Jess said already overheard the conversation between the cousins, "I've got this duck carved for Daisy but I'm going to wait to give it to her tonight. In the mean time we need to head into town to Earls to get some corn for the corn bin. Thinking about how much we've got set up in the past few weeks I think this hayride has really come together."

"Lets get goin." Jesse said adjusting his red cap and setting out towards the General Lee.

Bo and Luke helped their Uncle inside General, Bo taking his usual place at the drivers side and Luke riding shotgun.

"I'm too old to be climbing through car winda's!" Jesse exclaimed having to readjust his hat a second time.

Bo and Luke smiled, both knowing their Uncle was only making conversation.

Bo sped off, the familiar fall colors blurring around him as he headed towards town.

Daisy walked around tables, picking up beers and replacing them with new ones, refilling empty bowls of popcorn with fresh ones.

Business was booming as usual.

Boss had finally managed to slide in, heading straight to his office as usual.

Daisy noticed him come in, but her attention was quickly drawn back to Cooter.

She was standing behind the bar, Cooter seated at a stool singing a possible alcohol influenced happy birthday.

Then again with this beer being so flat- it's more than likely just Cooter being Cooter.

Daisy laughed at her friend, his antics finally breaking her down. "Alright Cooter you win." She giggled.

"I could be a country singer." Cooter joked.

Rosco walked in, giving a short rap on Boss Hoggs office door.

"Boss I'm here." He said, looking behind him towards the bar.

"Rosco!" The door flung open.

"Happy birthday Daisy." Rosco waved.

"Thank you Rosco." Daisy smiled.

"Is it her birthday today?" Boss asked standing beside his brother-in-law.

"Well yeah Boss don't you got it marked on your calendar at home? I'm sure Lulu has it marked shes real fond of Daisy."

Boss squinted, "Is that dimonds she wearing?" he brushed past Rosco and up to the bar, "Hi Daisy." He said sweetly.

"Howdy Boss." Daisy said, "Want a beer?"

"No, no I'm fine. Happy Birthday." He smiled.

"Thank you Boss." Daisy smiled.

"Say that's a pretty necklace your wearing." Boss nodded at the small diamond hanging from her neck.

"Oh I know ain't it the cutest thing? Bo and Luke bought it for me. I'm sure they went through a lot of trouble to get this."

Now Cooter just nodded in approval , but ole Boss looked like he was a cookin up nothin but trouble in that head of his….

Bo loaded up the last sack of corn into General's trunk, slamming the hood down only as hard as needed.

"Was that all for you boys?" Earl asked walking behind the register.

"Yes sir that's all." Luke replied sticking his hand in his back pocket.

"Alrighty." Earl grinned an almost toothless grin, "How ya been Jesse?" he asked.

Luke looked behind him, his Uncle resting his hand on the counter, "I've been just fine. Today is Daisy's birthday you know."

Earl squinted leaning closer to Jesse, "Is it really?"

"Yeah." Jesse nodded.

Earl leaned back, typing up the finishing touches on the register he had, "Well give her my best wishes."

"Yup, I'll be sure to do just that." Jesse started back to General.

"See you boys." Earls said waving his right hand.

"See you Mr. Earl." Bo and Luke called simultaneously as they started to help their uncle into the car.

Bo turned the keys in General and its engine ignited, roaring to life as they pulled out of the lot.

*At the Boars Nest*

Bo, Luke, Cooter, and Uncle Jesse sat at the small round table, sipping beers and eating popcorn.

"Bo here almost didn't make it out alive!" Luke laughed.

Bo put a piece of buttery popcorn in his mouth, "I'm tellin ya Cooter them kids are crazy!"

"Yeah well I'm just glad you made it buddy roe." Cooter laughed.

Now ole Bo here was concerned about being attacked by hayride kids, but he didn't know about the bee nest him an Luke stirred up- without even really doin anything. Ya'll hang tight now, we'll be back soon.