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Chapter 1

"Finally...I am a real shinobi," a boy grinned to himself after tying his headband around his head. The metal plate was engraved with a small leaf symbol and a kanji that meant shinobi that were next to one another. He stood in front of a tall mirror; his grey eyes stared at his reflection proudly. His blond hair was a mess on his head. This made the boy brush his hair with his fingers. He had to look presentable for the day. The boy wore a burgundy outfit that consisted of a thick sweater and thick pants. A red swirl was sewed on the back of his jacket, and white stripes decorated his pants. A pair of orange goggles hung loosely around his neck. The boy was slightly short, compared to other preteens.

"Miso!" A kind voice called out. The blonde boy turned around confusedly, looking at his open door. No one was there.

"Yes, mom?" the boy called.

"You're going to be late!"

The boy blinked and turned to his alarm clock that stood on a side desk next to his twin size bed. His eyes widened at the time. His mom was right, he was going to be late!

"Oh no!" he placed his hands on his cheeks, as he freaked out. He grabbed his hip pouch from his bed before bolting out of his room. He quickly jumped down the stairs.

"Don't run in the house," A woman stepped out of the kitchen, drying her hands with a hand towel. She was beautiful and had a gentle face. She had the same eyes as the boy, but her hair contrasted with his as it was dark blue, ending down to her lower waist.

"I'm sorry, but I gotta get to the Academy on time," Miso explained apologetically and in no time he left the house, running down the streets of Konoha.

"You didn't eat breakfast!" the boy's mom called out of the house, worried for her son's health.

The boy did hear his mother, but he had no time to eat. He had to get to his class. "I hope I'm placed in the same squad as Mitsuki…" he blushed at the thought of his hopes coming true. While the boy ran through the village, he passed many people who were buying their groceries. Buildings were taller than they used to be. The population had increased over the years. The boy stopped running when he caught a clear view of a mountain that had six carved faces.

Miso smiled, and punched in the direction of the Hokage monument.

"You will see, I will beat all of you," his eyes concentrated on the fourth face. The boy lowered his arm. "Watch over me, grandpa," he grinned. He felt huge motivation by talking to the past Hokage. The boy was about to continue his way to his destination, but something caught his eye. Someone stood on top of a roof, also gazing at the mountain. Miso stared at the man, who had his arms crossed on his chest, and long spiky hair that almost reached to his torso. The black hair had a bit of a blue tint to it. The man wore the standard Konoha ninja uniform, except it was black instead of blue. His flak jacket was green like everyone else's.

The boy could only see the man's back. Miso was curious to know someone seemed to have time like him to pay respect to the Hokage monument. Well, that was what he assumed the man was doing.

"My face is the next one that will be carved on the mountain!" Miso dared to yell out to the man with cockiness. The Jounin heard this and turned his head, and looked down at the boy. Miso's smile vanished as his stomach dropped. The man had a mask on, covering his whole face. The same symbols that Miso had on his forehead protector were carved on top of the man's white mask. Two black holes peered down at the boy, the right one was surrounded by eight curved black lines. Miso felt himself struck with fear from the gaze. He knew who this man was. He was his father's 'right hand' man. Well, supposedly, that was what his father claimed… There were a few people who noticed the masked man and glared at him before going back to their lives.

"Don't you have to be somewhere, Miso?" the boy jumped from the sudden voice. He turned to see a grey haired man, also wearing the standard Konoha ninja uniform and a mask that covered much of his face. His hands were in his pockets of his pants, a lazy expression was shown in his eyes.

"Kakashi-sensei…" Miso let out quietly.

"Isn't today the announcement for-" Kakashi had no time to finish as Miso dashed away.

"Damn it!" the boy yelled.

Kakashi looked up to the building where the masked man had had been standing. The masked man was gone. Kakashi lowered his eyes down to the ground, as his mind troubled him...

"You're late, Miso," A man frowned, lowering his clipboard down after the blonde boy barged into the classroom filled with fresh Genin. Most of the preteens turned to the boy and laughed. Miso's face flushed, the boy puffed out his chest.

"Well, like they always say Iruka-sensei… heroes come at the last second," the boy defended himself proudly.

"Just sit down so I can start calling the squads," Iruka instructed with a sigh. Miso grinned, and made his way to his seat. A girl was on his left side, her black eyes directed to their teacher. Her black hair was pulled into a low ponytail with bangs falling next to her face. She wore a dark blue sleeveless shirt, with a red and white fan symbol on the back, and white shorts that ended near her knees. The lower half of her arms and legs were bandaged up.

"Good morning, Mitsuki," Miso said cheerfully.

"Shh," Mitsuki said with a frown. She wanted their instructor to start with the list of squads. Miso's smile dropped and he obeyed, keeping his mouth shut.

"Alright then…" Iruka shifted papers on his clipboard calmly. "There will be ten squads, consisting of a three members. I will start with the first one," the man began listing the names for the first group. Miso was bored, not really caring where the other students were placed. All he cared about who he was going to end up with… and hoped the girl next to him was on his team.

"Squad eight," Iruka was almost done with the list. Miso didn't like the fact he wasn't called yet. "Daiki Yamanaka."

Miso looked to the boy in front of him who calmly sat. He had a high blonde ponytail with a rose tied around it.

"Hiruka Akimichi," Iruka continued. Miso glanced at a chubby kid who was nervous. Miso bit his lower lip, hoping he wasn't placed with them. He was friends with them, but… he'd rather be with Mitsuki.

"Shizuka Nara," someone called instead of Iruka. The instructor was confused and looked to the girl that sat next to the chubby kid. The girl was smiling; she had long dark brown hair with natural blonde highlights. "Am I right, sensei?" she mused. "I know I'm with Hiruka."

Iruka smiled and nodded.

"A good guess," Iruka complimented the girl.

"Not really," Shizuka leaned on her chair. "Our clans will always be united."

Iruka chuckled, and looked back to the list.

"Squad Nine will consist of… Chan Rock."

A boy in front of the class lifted his head from the desk dully. Many girls behind him gazed at him with heart-shaped eyes to see his handsome face. His black hair ended down to his shoulders. The attire that he wore consisted of a dark green tight sleeveless shirt and short jogging trousers. His hands and arms were bandaged up.

"Miso Uzumaki," Iruka called out. Chan frowned and turned around to see Miso shared his expression.

"You got to be kidding me…" Chan told Iruka. "I can't be placed with him."

"You should be honored to have a teammate who's going to be the best Kage," Miso called teasingly.

"A Kage knows what hard work is… unlike you," Chan countered back.

"You aren't the only one that trains hard," Miso stuck his tongue out.

"That's enough," Iruka cut in sharply. "Now let me finish."

Miso placed his hands together and began praying. One more spot was left in his squad. It was a twenty five percent chance that Mitsuki would be on his team. The boy prayed to the heavens that his dream of Mitsuki being in his team came true.

"Mitsuki Uchiha," Iruka read and flinched when Miso screamed with delight, punching the air with might. Everyone sweatdropped at this.

"Yes!" Miso was on top of his desk, screaming as if he won the lottery. Mitsuki face palmed, and shook her head. Chan let his head drop back to the desk, cursing his life. Well, at least the Uchiha girl was on his team…

The screams could be heard on the top floor of the Academy building, in a large office where a blond man sat with white robes and a hat that had the kanji for fire embedded on it. Only the Hokage wore such thing. On his desk, a crystal ball played out what was going on in Miso's classroom. The blond man chuckled, amused to see the boy act so excited.

"Like father like son," someone said, amused. There were other shinobi in the room; most of them wore the standard Konoha uniform. The Hokage grinned, proud to have a son like Miso. On his right side stood a masked man, the same one that took his time to gaze at the Hokage Monument earlier. His eyes narrowed at the crystal ball, watching Miso throwing punches in the classroom. He remembered what the boy said to him earlier… How his face supposedly would be placed on the monument. The masked man would agree with everyone. The boy was just like his father; naïve.

"Nervous with your new squad, Sai?" a shaggy shinobi asked a pale man. The man, Sai, smiled.

"Just slightly."

"Don't worry, you'll grow to love them," the shinobi said.

Sai nodded. "I already care about them, they're the children of my close friends."

The shinobi blinked. "Well... lucky you."

"I wonder who's going to lead Squad Nine," a tall Kunoichi whispered to her friends, who also shared the same curiosity.

"I'll gladly answer that," The Hokage chuckled. Everyone wanted to know who the man was going to choose. The squad was a promising one as it had Miso, the Hokage's son, and the top ace students, Mitsuki Uchiha and Chan Rock. "Squad Nine's instructor will be…" the Hokage looked to his right, where the masked man stood. "Obito Uchiha."

Everything went still. Obito was in shock; he couldn't believe what the Hokage just said.

"You gotta be kidding me!" someone snapped at the shocking news. Most of the shinobi in the room were visibly unhappy with the Hokage's decision. Few shot out glares at the masked man, who didn't say a thing.

Even though Obito was acting calm, in his mind, he was cursing the Hokage. He wasn't aware he was going to lead his own Genin. Since when was the Hokage planning this? He had the urge to snap at the Hokage, reject the idea of himself becoming a sensei. It had to be a trick… Why would his former enemy want to give him his son as a student? It was illogical. He clenched his jaw, he was going to have a serious talk with the man later…

"I'm not," The Hokage was confused to see such negative reactions from everyone in the room. Well, mostly everyone. Sai was calm, respecting his friend's decision.

"Did the other parents agree to this?" Someone asked with doubt that Mitsuki and Chan's parents were okay with Obito guiding their kids.

"Yes, they have," The Hokage answered calmly, much to the men's dismay. Obito turned to him shocked. Mitsuki and Chan's parents actually agreed? He never thought Mitsuki's parents would do so… What was their plan? He was very suspicious of them now.

"But how?" another protested. "This man is responsible for the downfall of the Uchiha clan, the Fourth Shinobi World War and your parent's deaths!"

The Hokage frowned, not liking the fact they were bringing back the past. The masked man didn't even try to defend himself. Their accusations were true, and he didn't seem to regret them.

"I'm not going to change my mind," The Hokage was stubborn like a bull. He wasn't going to budge for them. "He will lead them. I trust him."

The masked man frowned behind his mask, unable to believe the man. Everyone knew how the Hokage had full trust in the masked man. The other Kage had tried to keep the masked man in prison, but of course no one could say no to the Hokage… Everyone fell silent when they heard Iruka naming the last squad.

"And that's all the squads," Iruka placed his clipboard down on his desk. "Tomorrow, you will meet your instructors up on the roof of this building." He took his time to look up, smiling at all of his now former students. "And… It has been my pleasure to have been your sensei during your Academic years…" He spoke his words carefully. It was always hard to let them live their lives after teaching them. "I wish for all of you to accomplish your dreams… and become great shinobi…Because I believe that-"

"Now let's take the Chunnin Exams!" Miso yelled with glee, accompanied with others cheering for the idea. Iruka felt his left eye twitch.

"You guys just graduated!" he shouted impatiently at their arrogance.

"I'm not going to lead them," The masked man stated coldly, in his deep, dark voice. The rest of the shinobi had left, returning to their duties. The blonde man blinked.

"Why not?"

"What are you trying to achieve here?" The masked man asked suspiciously.

"I believe you are a great shinobi that will lead my son and my friend's children into becoming great people," The Hokage answered with certainty.

"I highly doubt that," The masked man hissed.

"I'm not lying," the Hokage got off of his seat and walked over the balcony. He looked out to watch the Genin walk out of the building, gathering up with their new teammates. The masked man joined him, and narrowed his eyes at the children. They were so ignorant about life… And unfortunately, they were soon going to find out how pathetic life was…

Miso walked beside Mitsuki, arms behind his head, giggling with joy.

"You really that happy we're on the same squad?" Mitsuki asked her childhood friend.

"Of course!" Miso confirmed.

"Well, I'm warning you... don't slow me down," Mitsuki said strictly, to which Miso gave her a thumbs-up. He looked up at the building to see his father was watching over them.

"Hey dad!" Miso grinned and waved to his father, who returned the gesture. "I got Mitsuki in my team!"

Mitsuki smiled at the Hokage, she respected him very much. Her smile vanished quickly upon noticing the masked man was next to the Hokage. She glared at the Uchiha Man. Her father suffered terribly, and it was all that man's fault…

Naruto sweatdropped when he noticed the Uchiha girl glare in their direction, followed by Miso avoiding eye contact. The two walked off, not even sparing them another glance. The Hokage guessed their negative attitudes were caused by Obito standing next to him.

"It's obvious they hate me," The masked man said in his dark tone. He wouldn't blame them much. The blond boy was the son of the Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki. Chan was the son of Rock Lee, while Mitsuki... was the daughter of Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha... The very Generation that fought him.

"They don't know you," The Hokage was going to make the masked man change his mind matter what.

"You can't make me do it," Obito repeated, stubbornly.

"We'll see."

"Why are you doing this?"

"I want to pull you away from Hell…" The Hokage mumbled quietly, as if he didn't want anyone else to hear except for the masked man. "I want to bring you back to life…"

Obito was shocked as his eyes slightly widened behind his mask from the Hokage's words. Hell… life was Hell… and it wouldn't have been like that if he was successful years ago with a certain plan… Obito's right arm shook slightly on its own. The masked man's chest clenched with anger, but said nothing as he quickly teleported away. The Hokage stared at the village; the citizens were peacefully living their lives.

Naruto… You can't change him back… a dark voice said across The Hokage's mind. He didn't reply to the comment. He knew what he was doing, and hoped everything turned out for the better.

Obito walked down a path, unable to believe he was going through with it. Well, he was forced to take the position. It was ironic how he was going to be the instructor to the grandson of his own teacher…. The very teacher that he indirectly killed the day Naruto was born… He frowned, shaking his head as he stopped near a bench. No… he couldn't lead the group… It was his hands that took down many Uchiha lives. Even he thought it was wrong for him to be living in Konoha after everything he has done. Well, he thought the plan that he desperately wanted years ago was right. The people he had killed were supposed to come back to life after the plan was done. But… the plan failed… all the lives he had taken down were forever lost thanks to him… His hands turned into fists, as guilt slowly began to creep into his heart.

I forgive you, Naruto's voice played out in his mind. He slowly looked to the bench on his right… the same bench that... she once sat when he expressed his pride for being an Uchiha and his dream of becoming… Hokage…

"Rin…" The masked man let out with a shaky breath. He shut his eyes as the memories of her death haunted his mind. The same moment he realized life was Hell. How was he still breathing without her? Why was he living in this cruel reality?

Obito turned to the monument that stood far from where he was. His eyes slowly glared at the sixth face, trying his best to hold all his emotions inside as he couldn't help, but wish the Eye Moon Plan would have succeeded.