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Chapter 26

She slowly sat up and stared with wide eyes at the scene before her. Blood was splattering everywhere, and cries were ringing through her ears as the men that had tried to take advantage of her were viciously being taken down one by one. The dark figure brutally pummeled one man to the ground before splitting his head open with his fist; blood burst from the blow.

"Die!" One shinobi dived at him from the back, but the dark figure quickly jumped to the side. His body twisted in midair to roundhouse kick the shinobi away. The shinobi hit the ground, and before he had the chance to let out a grunt, he was cut off by a stomp to his neck; blood gushed, staining the dark figure's limb.

The three shinobi who were left standing backed away in shock as the dark figure furiously let out a scream, shaking the earth with terror.

Mitsuki's body froze for a moment before quickly moving back against the tree. Her mind raced from everything that was going on. For the first time in her life, she was witnessing a slaughter. Her sanity began to fall apart and all she could think about was running as far away as possible from the dark figure who murderously glared at his prey. A red glow flashed from the right hole of his mask; her body went numb as she finally registered who he was.

The dark figure wore a white mask with eight ripples that surrounded the right hole; it looked exactly the same as…

"Sensei…?" Mitsuki let out in a quiver; confusion evident in her eyes.

His flex jacket was gone; his long sleeve shirt was mangled mostly from the stomach area. The wound he had endured was gone, completely healed, and now he was there, alive, taking out people as if it were nothing.

"It can't be…" one of the last shinobi, Hayai, let out after he saw the red glow flaring through Obito's mask. "Is that… the Sharingan?"

"So it seems…" one of his teammates hissed at the thought of a Sharingan user being their enemy at the moment. The name of Kakashi Hatake crossed his mind as the only Sharingan user, besides Sasuke Uchiha, to be allied with Konoha. Then another name was on the tip of his tongue, one that made his stomach drop; one that made him quickly take action before it was too late.

"Earth Style: Earth Dragon!" he created a dragon from the ground before it shot at Obito who just charged at it with a violent cry. He smashed the dragon's head harshly, shattering it into pieces, but not without fracturing a few bones in his hand.

"Water Style: Syrup Trap!" Hayai spat out a stream of sticky liquid substance right at Obito's feet, stopping him in his tracks. Hayai channeled his chakra under the soles of his shoes and ran over the pond freely. He lunged at Obito with inhumane speed and thrust a kunai into his abdomen. Obito didn't react to the pain radiating from the fresh wound and clutched the man's neck.

"Let go of him!" the other two shinobi jumped over them and threw shuriken at the masked man who shielded himself by using Hayai's body.

Hayai's eyes rolled back as his neck was crushed before he was harshly slammed down on the ground; the land under them erupted.

"Hayai!" one of the shinobi yelled as Obito thrust his hand into Hayai's mouth and without a second thought, ripped his lower jaw off.

The place fell dead silent as everyone stared at the way Hayai's lower jaw was crushed within the masked man's grasp. The way blood oozed from Hayai's flesh and the way the corpse's eyes were wide open, lifelessly staring at Mitsuki brought her to tears.

"No…" She covered her mouth as she tried to hold back her sobbing. She shut her eyes hard, and shook her head with desperation. She couldn't believe the masked man was her teacher. There was no way he could be so bloodthirsty, was there?

"Because that man is responsible for killing the Uchiha Clan," she said, annoyed, not holding back. "Thanks to him, a lot of people suffered. He's a madman, and he tried to take over the world. Why would you make that psychopath my sensei?"

Her heart skipped a beat as she recalled the way she had thought of him before as a…


The word struck her mind and she couldn't help but look up sadly at the way Obito looked at his glove, soaked in blood, while he got up to stare emotionlessly at the last two shinobi.

Was he really… a monster?

The shinobi flinched while they stood on the trees. They were petrified, unable to move. The scene was all too familiar for the masked man.

Just when he was about to attack, the two shinobi bolted out of there in different directions. Obito stayed silent for a moment before vanishing into thin air.

Mitsuki was left there with her heart beating fast. Her surroundings seemed to go still for a moment before she heard a shrill screech coming from the dark shadows of the forest. She frantically looked around her surroundings as she feared for her life now. After all, Obito was the very one who took so many innocent lives years ago; the very one that annihilated the Uchiha Clan.

She tried to stand on her feet, but the collar around her neck kept her on her knees.

"Please… Uncle… help me," she cried out to Itachi, hoping he could do something from the other side of life as she desperately pulled on the metal device.

Another scream erupted from the forest.

"Please… I don't want to die!" Tears streamed down her face before her senses came back to her. She quickly turned to where Kawatarō's body lied. Without wasting any time, she crawled over to him and looked through the shinobi's pockets, hoping for anything that could possibly free her from her restraints.

A chill of relief washed through her heart after pulling out a handful of keys. Her fingers numbly ran over the surface of the collar to come across a small hole; she immediately thrust each key until a snap echoed through the forest; the collar hit the floor.

Relief and a bit of hope washed over her as she felt the chakra flow return within her being.

"Don't give up."

Miso's last words repeated in her mind as she got up, but before she had the chance to run off, she froze.

Cold sweat rolled down her forehead as she felt someone behind her. She hesitantly turned around; her face was struck with horror.

Kawatarō slowly rose, blood trickled down his head, but the crack he had earlier was barely visible. He was panting with eyes that were filled with rage.

"There is no way… I'm going down so easily…" he reached under his shirt to pull out a medallion; it was a triangle pointing down with a circle around it. "Not as long as I have… her on my side."

Mitsuki stumbled back from him and shakily pulled out a kunai.

"Get away from me!" she screamed with a quivering voice.

"Or else what…?" his lips twisted into a dark smile at Mitsuki, but it quickly dropped when he picked up a certain stench in the air. He glanced over to the corpses of his teammates.

His eyes narrowed to the right where the masked man was, within the darkness of the forest. He just stood there, the holes of the mask lacking any light to them. His mask was stained with red.

Mitsuki lost her grip on the kunai; she turned pale. For a while, neither man moved in the slightest, not even Mitsuki dared to make a sound. The tension between the two men began to suffocate her.

Kawatarō cursed himself mentally for not disposing of Obito completely when he had the chance before. Well, he decided not to make that mistake again.

He quickly maneuvered through a few hand seals.

"Water Style: Surface Slicer!"

Obito's Sharingan flashed fiercely at him, stopping his Jutsu from even activating.

Kawatarō was rooted in place, as if he lost any feeling in his limbs. He was shocked to see the masked man had the Sharingan.

Obito walked to the shinobi who had dared to take his life before; his Sharingan dangerously watching him.

Kawatarō tried to snap out of the trick that Obito had used on him, but he just couldn't get out of the power of the Sharingan; he was a sitting duck. He couldn't believe this man was the same guy that he had taken down the other night.

Mitsuki stared at her teacher as he stood in front of Kawatarō before wrapping a hand around him tightly. He pulled him off his feet and began to slowly crush the man's neck. Kawatarō struggled to snap from the Genjutsu he was under and wheezed for air, but Obito kept tightening his grip.

He intently watched the way Kawatarō's green eyes began to lose their color, as if it satisfied his whole being.

Mitsuki wasn't sure how to think of the whole scenario. A part of her wanted Kawatarō ripped apart for taking advantage of her, for killing her friends, but at the same time… it seemed so wrong to see her teacher take his life…

"Why would you make that psychopath my sensei?"

Her heart began to beat in her ears as she took in the image of the corpses scattered on the battlefield.

She found herself on her feet and backing away from the masked shinobi. Even now, all she could think about was to get away from the whole mess, to return home to her parents, to hide from the cruel reality they lived in. To run from the world that was…

"Hell…" the masked man said darkly, in a tone that Mitsuki had never heard before in her life. The voice was deeper and darker than Obito's original voice; it held resentment, but at the same time… it sounded as if he was…

"It isn't our fault… that we live in… Hell…" his voice fell into a pained whisper.

She stared at the way Obito's hand quivered.

"I wish… I wish we had more time together," she stumbled on her words. "I wish we could have… could have helped lessen the pain for you…"

Her own words replayed in her mind, reminding her how she had wanted a second chance with Obito…

"Don't be scared, Sensei…"

Mitsuki was silent and stared at her teacher who seemed hesitant to kill Kawatarō by the way his grip shook at times.

"I'll be here…"

Tears trailed down her cheeks as she could feel her teacher's inner struggle.

"I won't leave you alone..."


"You have killed so many innocent lives!" Itsuwa screamed as he had Obito pinned against the wall in his cell. Chains kept the man restrained; his broken arms over his head. The prisoner was in bad shape; he looked like a corpse already from the way his body was so mangled. Burn marks were turning purple from the fact they were untended and cuts around his body were still bleeding. The prisoner's mouth had a rubber ball strapped in it tightly, and his head weakly tilted down; keeping him from screaming so loud.

"That Naruto is fucking naive to release you!" the guard punched Obito across the face hard, making his body shake.

Obito shut his eye hard from the pain, digging his teeth into the rubber ball.

"Six years in here is not enough," Itsuwa hissed as he grabbed Obito's chin roughly and forced him to look at him. "Not enough for all the crimes you have committed in this world…" he spat. "Everyone can see you're nothing but a monster… So why can't that man see it, too!"

Itsuwa continued punching Obito's face until it started to swell up badly. His vision began to blur, but right at that moment, Itsuwa stopped and stepped away; panting from his rage.

"You should have realized by now that there is no hope for you…" he said coldly. "Even if you 'helped' out later in the war… you can't be forgiven… You are nothing but a monster…"

The words sank in for Obito. He didn't try to do anything. He just hung there on the wall, his state of mind dead… but it was still not enough to pay for all the sins he had committed… As long as he was breathing, he had to suffer more in Itsuwa's eyes.

"No one wants you alive…" he hissed. "So just die!"

Obito was wide-eyed, and he stared at nothing before he came back to reality. Everything was dead silent except for a muffled sob. He took in his surroundings; the whole place was stained with blood, just like Hell…

A heavy sickness washed through his whole being, his heart ached as well as his head. He collapsed to his knees, and struggled from falling into unconsciousness; his body twitched in pain. Then a dark, cold loathing filled his heart when he saw Kawatarō lying on the ground unconsciously.

Ignoring how the pain seemed to be killing him, he tried to finish the shinobi off, but before he had the chance to get on his feet, his body was pushed back. He stiffened after realizing someone was holding him from in front; their arms wrapped around him tightly.

How hadn't he noticed someone was holding him?

"Please..." he heard her say sadly, her face buried in his torn up shirt. "You don't have to do it..."

Obito fell silent, his heart aching to know it was Mitsuki holding him, but when Miso and Chan crossed his mind - thinking that Kawatarō may have killed them – it made his blood boil. He ignored Mitsuki's pleads and continued with his own mission. Vengeance.

"You don't have to kill anyone!" Mitsuki cried, stopping Obito in his tracks as well as his mind.

"You don't have to take this burden anymore!" she buried her face in his battered shirt. Her grip around him tightened even more; she wasn't going to allow him continue to live in darkness. She didn't want him to feel like he had to 'redeem' himself by taking the lives of the people that had hurt her and her friends. Even though she also wanted Kawatarō to die for killing Miso and Chan, the last thing she wanted was Obito to turn back into the cold-hearted killer that everyone hated. The very one that he also hated...

"Sensei…" Mitsuki said sadly. "Please… you don't have to do it."

Obito teeth clenched as he remembered Miso and Chan's faces. He was supposed to have protected them… but…

His body shook with what was more than anger. He felt the dark intense feeling flow through his veins, knowing Miso and Chan were dead. He didn't want to accept the students that cared about him were gone. He was done. He was done with the reality he had accepted many times. Then again… it was his fault that his students died… If only he had...

"You don't have to punish yourself anymore!"

Obito fell silent and stared at Mitsuki.

"You punish yourself, because you feel guilty, because you know what you did was wrong, yet somewhere in your mind, you still believe your actions were right... and because of that, you despise the world and yourself."

"I know you live every day of your life regretting what you did." Mitsuki looked up with tear-filled eyes. "You wish to take back all the bad things that you did, and it kills you so much to have all that blood on your hands, but you can't hate yourself forever. You can't continue hiding yourself in Hell!"

Obito looked away, his chest twisted and turned by imagining the faces of the countless of people he had crushed with his hands.

"Please.. .I don't want to lose you, too..." her voice broke as she couldn't continue to watch her teacher remove himself from their world. She could tell he wanted to pull away from reality even now. He didn't want to risk getting hurt again by losing someone, but she couldn't stand losing him.


Obito's body went numb as he could hear the girl's plea, but… he just couldn't take his mask off. He couldn't let the world hurt him again, and even if he could… he didn't deserve to live…He didn't deserve to have another chance in life. He thought he could redeem himself and fix his mistakes, but after spending time in prison, reality reminded him how he couldn't atone to his sins. There was no way he could continue to live, not after all the crimes he had committed…

"I... forgive you, Sensei…"

He felt his whole world stop for a moment, and slowly he looked down to Mitsuki. Her eyes held no deceit; they glimmered with hope. She knew the guilt was killing him.

"She wants you to forgive her, and also to forgive yourself and this world."

"I forgive you for what you did in the past."

"We all make mistakes… Small or big… they are still mistakes…"

He felt a lump in his throat and, at the same time, he felt some sense of fear...

"You live in Hell," the psychic said. "Because you're afraid to open your eyes. You're afraid... of this world…."

"Please... don't leave me," Mitsuki buried her head on his chest again with tears trailing down her cheeks.

"No one is perfect... What matters is if you actually learned something from these mistakes… and the actions you take afterwards…"

The words replayed in Obito's mind. He could hear Yume's voice so clearly as if she was right next to him.

"Don't let yourself or anyone else make them again…"

His eyes fell on Mitsuki who trembled with grief, crying over the deaths of her friends.

He was a coward... A coward who always hid behind a mask. A coward who let the world take the life of the people he cared about like his students. Even now he was giving Mitsuki up to the cruel reality they lived in by removing himself from their world...

Or was he...?

The image of Rin came into his mind, reminding him how alone he was in the world without her, but then again... was he really alone?

"You still have friends...who care for you even if you don't realize it..." Kakashi released the man's arm while he opened the kit he had, to start tending the man's injury. Kakashi hoped the Genin helped his friend from the darkness. "Just...wait for us..." he took out a needle with string and began stitching the man. Obito didn't pull away. "I'm not giving up on you..."

Memories began to ran through his mind, opening his eyes to the reality he had been avoiding for so long.

"I want to pull you away from Hell..." Naruto mumbled quietly, as if he didn't want anyone else to hear except for the masked man. "I want to bring you back to life..."

Obito closed his eyes as Mitsuki's cries continued to tear him apart.

"You may not want to be our teacher...but it doesn't mean I'm not glad that you are," Miso smiled.

Obito couldn't help but clench his teeth as he kept picturing Miso and Chan in his mind. His eyes grew moist.

Even though he didn't want to be a part of life, there seemed to be people who wanted him around; who didn't want him to disappear. He had avoided life for too long because he didn't want to feel any more pain yet... that was causing others to suffer...

Was it fair for people to die for him because he didn't want to live anymore?

Was it fair to let Mitsuki...suffer in Hell alone...?

He looked down at her with a weak gaze as the answer was very clear to him... wasn't fair for her...

The girl's cries stopped when she felt a warm embrace. Her eyes shook a bit before she looked up to see her teacher holding her, his head on top of hers. A feeling of warmth washed through her chest.

"You were wrong..." Obito said with a hoarse voice. His eyes were closed behind his mask.

She looked up with confusion.

"I never hated you guys... I... never wanted you three to have seen this Hell..." he finally quietly whispered.

Mitsuki's stared at him before tears welled up on her eyes.

"All this time...I've been such a coward," He admitted. "I was so afraid of getting hurt yet all I did was hurting you three..."

She placed her head against his chest, and just let the tears fall. Her lips pressed into a thin line as she listened to his heartbeat.

"I'm sorry for being a bad teacher..." Obito brought her closer to him, his arms holding her protectively. "I'm sorry... I couldn't protect Miso nor Chan..." he let out with a pained voice.

Mitsuki shut her eyes hard, the pain that crushed her inside was almost intolerable, but listening to Obito's words gave her some light to her fear.

"I promise..." Obito imagined Rin's smiling face as well as his dead students. "I won't make the same mistakes again..."

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