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the finding, the losing

The devil's opening up my skull

the hunger, the loathing

Reaching on down to clutch my soul

the hunted, is hunting

The road to paradise runs through hell

and the finding, is losing

Don't hear don't speak never tell

Itachi Uchiha stood over his dead father, fresh blood dripping from his sword and sharingan activated. This was necessary. The clan had to be erased for the village to prosper. Without Shisui, the clan would rebel and send the village into civil war. He inwardly told himself this as he cut down each and every one of his clan members, there were a few left.. Sasuke, his mother Mikoto, and two others.. a girl about his age as well as her younger sister. He wasn't able to find them, it was if they'd vanished, he had a hunch about where they were. A particular strawberry blonde friend of his had a tendency to not mind his business.

Glass shattered as a flurry of kunai assaulted him from behind, he blocked them all with his blade before flipping over the silhouette that had launched itself at him following the barrage. The blonde he was thinking of had arrived. His own eyes crimson red instead of the dazzling sky blue that they were normally, the eyes of an ancient clan, one that even the Shodai Hokage and the infamous Madara Uchiha feared, the legacy of the Legendary Mibu clan.

The blonde stared at itachi as he destroyed each and every genjutsu sent his way.

"Enough!!" he shouted as he released a wave of chakra strong enough to send small shockwaves in every direction. "It's come to this, after all we said we'd do to prevent this. you decide to do it anyway?"

Itachi looked away. But dared not to let down his guard in front of his friend. "Shisui is gone Naruto, there is no one left to cast Kotoamatsukami and so I decided to go with the other option Danzo and the Sandaime came up with as this is a family matter This doesn't concern you, hand over my mother and brother and the other two and go back to your own family, I'd hate to have to hurt you."

"This doesn't concern me? The hell it doesn't." Naruto scoffed. "Last time I checked I was there during the mission briefing. Annihilation of the whole clan was the absolute last thing that was to happen."

"Look at me, does it look like I care. I made the decision that was best for Konoha and you know it, and you're stopping me from finishing the mission."

Naruto sighed and drew two more kunai, though these had three prongs, similar to the kunai used by his late father, the Fourth Hokage. "You've already killed all the suspects. why do you insist on killing your mother, younger brother and two orphans who have nothing to do with this? The mission is over!!"

A fireball from outside the struck the house, consuming it in it's entirety.

It was another just day in Konoha. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining. Things were relatively quiet, and peaceful. A bit too quiet if you asked a certain old geezer as he sat back in his chair, smoking his pipe. He thought back to that dreadful night. The loss of a great asset to the village as well as the suspected murder of the beloved only son of his successor at the hands of a madman whom he called friend. At least that's what the villagers and some of his shinobi thought.

The "official" story was that the oldest son of the Uchiha clan head; Itachi had succumbed to psychological issues and as a result, lost control and murdered the clan. Naruto, being one of his closest friends, saved Itachi's mother and younger brother before confronting Itachi. Unfortunately Itachi killed Naruto and was currently on the run.

While most of the story was false.. a few things had been true. Naruto had indeed saved Mikoto and Sasuke. The two Uchiha orphans had gone missing in the confusion. Itachi had escaped the Village and Naruto Uzumaki's remains were never found.

A funeral had been held for the Uchiha clan as well as a separate funeral for Naruto a few months later, who had been determined KIA. He is survived by his mother Kushina Uzumaki and younger sister Akemi Uzumaki.

A shit show is what it was, and the Sandaime had a feeling that a certain bandaged teammate of his had something to do with it, though he had no evidence, not that he needed it. He was Hokage after all. But he knew that should Danzo go down, he'd go down with him, and that with him gone there'd be no Hokage, andthe three possible candidates were either dead or a missing shinobi.

He was way too old for this shit.