Forever May Not Be Long Enough
By: Quinctia

Book I: Premonition

Forever may not be long enough for my love
I have a will but I'm lost inside your time
If you could, would you come with me to the other side?
Forever may not be long enough

--Live, "Forever May Not Be Long Enough"

Prologue: Ultimecia

Broken images stir in my mind, flow like fire in my veins. Futile reaches are mine as I try to grasp the edges of thoughts, worn away all too long ago.

My memory is almost like a statik filled transmission...old-fashioned radio waves broken and twisted into something barely rekognizable. Sometimes kompletely unrekognizable.


"Death...SeeD. Kry..." The words of my birth tongue stumble and break free. But I kannot remember enough to even understand the meaning.

Walking to the window, I pause for a moment, reflekting on the white-klad bodies strewn about my kourtyard. I shake my head. "It's...c..c...courtyard." My tongue strains on the now-foreign sound, but I have this feeling inside that this one is correct.

"Salve, Inlustris Ultimecia." A servant calls out a greeting.

I order him to enter. "Veni."

"Nunc est tempus." He hands me an unusual silver ring, which seems vaguely familiar. As I touch it, a voice resounds in my head.

"Dear heart, do you remember me?"

An image flashes into my mind. Fierce, carnal, and above all, strong. "Gr--Griever?" I whisper in confusion, for I truly cannot recollect having ever seen the jewelry before in my life.

And my life has been a long one.

"I doubted you would. How sad can it be, when the one responsible for my existence cannot remember my birth...only my name...whispered in the echoes of the wind..."

My servant is looking at me, frightened and expectantly. It is obvious he does not hear as I do... "Gratias tibi ago. Sis, i." I send him away.

What was I doing again? Why was the servant here in the first place?

Oh yes, that was right...


But why are you here, Griever?

"I promised. That if you look for me here, I'll be waiting for you. Your knight for all times."


What knight... I have no knight. I've never had a knight. That's how it's always been...I am the Lost Sorceress, abandoned, doomed to be alone for all eternity.

"If so, then why are you bringing the past to meet you face to face?"


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