This is the sequel to Simply Irresitible

However this chapter is just the sneak peek from it so if you want, you can just skip to the next page if you like!

Three year old Willow tugged on her dad's pants.

Draco looked down from his desk. "Hey angel." He told his youngest daughter as he ran a hand down her dark locks. She gave him a smile that was uncannily like his wife's when she wanted something.

"Daddy." Willow began.


"Its eight thirty."

Draco looked up at the clock in his office. It was indeed. Time flew by and he hadn't even realized it. Normally he would've left his office by seven since that was when Hermione came home but she hadn't yet because she and Ken apparently had to pool all their resources to find a way around the clause that would indite an innocent teenager.

"I'm so sorry Willow I hadn't realized…"

"That's okay, Lyra bathed me already." Willow answered as she saw the worry lines enter her dad's face.

Draco sighed thankful for his eldest daughter.

"I still shouldn't have left you three alone for so long. No business is ever as important as my children." Draco said before picking up Willow into his arms.

Willow wrapped her arms around her dad, nodding. "Uh huh, so you owe me an extra long bed time story now." She said, her arms gesturing long by stretching them as far as they would go.

Draco laughed. His youngest daughter lived and breathed for bed time stories. Since she was barely a few months old, when he highly doubted she even understood the stories but she would wail until they brought her with them as they told Harry and Lyra a bed time story. "Do I now?"

Willow nodded vigorously. "You missed my bath time."

"But I made your favorite for dinner,"

"Not as good as Ivy." Willow shook her head.

Draco mocked being offended but he really couldn't blame her, no one's cooking was as good as Ivy but the elf had the week off to herself, as Hermione made her take one every three months so that Ivy could enjoy herself. At first the elf was rather resistant but after a while found that she quite enjoyed having time to visit her other friends and family during the times off.

Draco gave an exaggerated sigh for show. "So what will it be tonight?" He asked as he left his office for Willow's room.

"Will it be…"

Harry Scorpious Malfoy popped his head out of his room as he saw his dad walk his youngest sister down the hallway. "Another story about Uncle Harry's and Mom's adventures?" He asked excitedly.

Draco stopped and looked at his son. "Well…"

"No, I want daddy to finish the story Mum was telling us last night."

"You mean mom and dad at school?" Harry wrinkled his nose but nonetheless followed them to Willow's room.

"Yes I want to hear the rest of mum and dad's…" Willow began but was interrupted when Lyra ran out of her room, a book in hand that she had been reading.

"Is dad going to finish mum and dad's love story?" She asked excitedly.

Draco heard his son groan in the background and felt quite sympathetic for the boy. He had been the only child growing up and didn't have to deal with having two sisters.

Willow nodded. Lyra dropped her book as she grabbed her dad's hand before beginning to drag him.

The four Malfoy's entered Willow's lavender colored room. Harry automatically jumped onto the bed, giving a grimace at the lacy throw pillows and the stuffed animals. Lyra jumped up next and began to throw a bunch of the plushies down.

Draco placed Willow down and began to pull the covers back as the three kids tossed all the stuffed animals down.

"Okay you three, climb in."

Willow happily scrambled for the middle while her siblings settled around her.

"Ok so where did your mum stop at last time?"

"She stopped at you guys meeting again at the train and you prevented her bag from falling on her." Harry said first causing both his sisters to stare at him then lapse into giggles.

Draco gave a slight chuckle too at his son. He ruffled his fine blonde hair. Harry despite his protests loved listening about his and Hermione's love story as much as his sisters.

"Ok, ok, I see." Draco said before settling on the bed, putting one of the pillows behind his back. Lyra settled on her stomach as she waited for her dad to continue the story…

Hermione turned around in shock as she saw the pale arm above her, clutching her bag mere inches from her head.

"Thank-" Hermione began to say but stopped as she saw that her savior had been Draco Malfoy.


Draco nodded before shoving the bag all the way back. Then he was about to turn back but was stopped by Hermione's hand darting out to touch his arm.

He turned only his head, his body ready to go at any time.

"I- I um,"

Draco raised a brow.

"Its going to be a strange year isn't it." Hermione said awkwardly at an attempt to start a conversation.

Draco said nothing again making Hermione squirm.

"Yeah, it will." He said before abruptly leaving.

"Dad!" Willow exclaimed.


"How could you ignore mum like that?" Harry and Willow asked simultaneously.

"Well your mother and I weren't well…"

"I wish James would ignore me sometimes!" Lyra said.

"You would miss him if he did." Willow chimed.

"I would not!"

"Ugh dad just go on with the story." Harry said not wanting to hear the long tirade that was James Potter and his sister's well unrequited love, or at least what Lyra insisted was unrequited.

"Ok well…"

Hermione huffed in annoyance as she watched the retreating figure of the infuriating blonde. Really she was only trying to make nice and he had to be all sullen.

Malfoy opened the compartment made of Blaise, Daphne, her younger sister story something or another, and Theodore Nott whom was sleeping.

"Draco, mate you missed the exciting show."

"Yeah I can totally tell it was very exciting from Nott's excitement over there."

"No Lovegood came in here trying to hand out The Quibbler to us."

" Loony Lovegood?"

"Dad!" All three of the kids cried this time in outrage. Luna was Willow's godmother and all three loved her like an aunt, to hear their father…

"We're just teenagers and your aunt was a lot loopier then than she is now."

"Dad." All three chastised.

"I have not called her that in years I swear on my love to your mum."

All three nodded so Draco began to continue.

"I find her rather hilarious."

"You find many things rather hilarious." Daphne replied.

"Yeah, but she's a special kind of funny… makes you laugh but think about yourself and why you're laughing. Plus that blonde hair of hers makes her look like Botticelli's Venus."

Draco and the girls stared at him.

"Who's Botticelli?" Daphne's sister asked.

"An Italian artist, graduated Hogwarts in 1463. Became a muggle artist that became reknown for his paintings that seemed to almost move." Theo answered as he yawned waking up.

"Wait it doesn't move?" She said in wonder.


"Why would it not move?"

Draco ignored the conversation as he sat next to Blaise. Blaise handed him a Quibbler.

"You should've seen Lovegood giving one of the girls a piece of her mind. So funny. For such a silent girl, Lovegood sure knows how to hit girls where it hurts."

Now Draco was really confused.

"Yeah the girl was talking about Hermione Granger in fact. Something like she thought that she had thought that Hermione would at least turn pretty after all that money came their way from the ministry since she could afford magical surgery and all that."

Draco looked up.

"Lovegood literally just said insipid then walked away. My god you should've seen Heidi's face when she walked away. But then Lovegood came back and handed her a Quibbler telling her that they had a section on kindness on p.8." Then Blaise proceeded to laugh while the others looked at him not sure what to say.

They all settled for a comfortable ride but ten minutes in Daphne screamed as she felt something slimy fall on her lap. Then her sister screamed when they realized that it was toad!

"EWWWWWWWWW, get that thing!"

Theo and Draco jumped up too as they tried to catch the toad that now climbed up Daphne's head to nestle in her hair. Blaise for some unknown reason ran out of the compartment, the coward.

"Dad, Uncle Blaise is not a coward!" Lyra defended as he was her favorite uncle and her godfather that literally spoiled her rotten.

"I'm getting there, I'm getting there." Draco laughed as he kissed the top of Lyra's head. Blaise and Lyra were like two peas in a pod honestly.

Theo nearly crushed Daphne as he lunged for her but then the toad leapt into the younger Greengrass's hair.

The compartment went flying open as three figures appeared. It was Blaise with Neville Longbottom and Hermione Granger.

"Trevor Junior!" Neville cried.

The toad leapt towards him just as the train hit a rocky part of the tracks that had been roughly repaired after the Second War. Blaise lurched toward the door way and would've fallen over if he hadn't grabbed it in time. Unfortunately Neville was not so lucky and ended up sprawling on Theo while Hermione was in fact caught by Draco before she could fall down.

Draco winced as his back hit the side of the chairs in the compartment but he held onto Granger nonetheless, the enticing smell of pomegranates filled his presence.

When they were over the rough part, all of them straightened up but Draco and Hermione.

"Draco you can let Granger go now." Daphne said.

"But you don't have to, if you don't want." Blaise said coyly.

Draco let go and Hermione stepped away as if they were on fire.

"Daddy's so heroic," Willow said as she and Lyra snuggled together, Harry scooted farther but was grabbed by Willow and pulled toward them.

Draco smiled at them as he saw that Willow's eyes were fluttering as they did when she was really tired but wanted to stay awake.

"Well Daddy will finish the story at another night, I think that it's past your bedtimes now and your mum would hex me for not putting you guys to sleep sooner."

Harry got out of bed as his sister finally let him go. "Night dad." He said before making his way to his bed. "Mum!"

Draco looked up and saw Hermione indeed standing at the doorway. She had picked up Harry and kissed his cheek before placing him back down.

Hermione made her way and Draco scooted so that Hermione could finish tucking the two girls in.

"How long had you been standing there?" Draco asked as he slightly closed the door, leaving it a bit open so that the girls could see the dim light of the lantern in the hall if either had to go to the bathroom at night.

"Long enough to know that even back then you loved the smell of my shampoo." Hermione said as she playfully twirled the pieces of her hair that had come out of her bun after hours of working nonstop for their case. She bent down to pick up the book that Lyra had dropped earlier that night. She put it on the lamp table so that none of the kids would trip on it.

"What can I say, it was the downfall of Adam and Eve after all." Draco said as he grabbed Hermione's hips and pulled her flush against him.

"Are you implying that I am the downfall of you?"

"Never." Draco said as he kissed her long and hard, he'd gone for too long since seeing her last. Truly ten hours was much too long. "I am just saying that you are simply irresistible."

Ok so I know that some of you are probably like pomegranates were not the fruit of adam and eve... to clear it up a little the fruit is never actually named in Genesis, however the apple has generally been applied as the fruit in WESTERN CHRISTIANITY. However as a history buff I prefer the pomegranate because the apple was not a native fruit of the Middle Eastern land that Genesis implies that the Garden of Eden was in. Rather figs and pomegranates were the true native plants that grew during that time. Apples however originate from Asia and the trade between Asia and Europe caused them to migrate to Europe. Because my love for history I generally prefer the pomegranate yet the fruit from the tree of knowledge is honestly in the eye of the beholder!