Lucius Malfoy straightened up his posture even more as he followed Harry Potter and Draco leading the way to Draco's office. Upon getting to the office, a lump formed in his throat at a large scale portrait of Draco, Hermione, Colby, Lyra, Harry S. Malfoy, and Willow as a baby in Narcissa's arms. The males all were wearing dark blue suits while the females all had pastel colored sundresses, even Willow with her dark tendrils peeking out of her matching spring green bonnet. They were all in a garden that unbeknownst to him, was now flourishing at the Malfoy Manor.

"Lyra," Lucius whispered. "Looks so much like your mother when I was first betrothed to her."

Hermione frowned. How young had they been when they found out about the engagement? Her baby... she would be, Lyra was only turning 8 in a few days. They had to get her back before then!

"What do you have for us Lucius?" Blaise asked, no time for nonsense.

"You've grown Zabini," Lucius muttered as the young man looked at him steely. "Give me locations of where every incident you think relates to Lyra's kidnappers and I will give you names of the people who could be responsible. I do not know if I am able to do more than that. I have not been contacted in years."

Ken Hamilton splayed out a map before marking all the places of death and even Deveroix's bar he had been partying at the night he was accused of murder.

Draco did not say a word as he watched the man who was his father, look over the map, cool blue eyes raking over each dot.

No one in the room said a thing as Lucius continued to look on silently. Five more minutes went by and Hermione could feel her husband losing his patience.

Every minute you sit there doing not a thing is another minute they have my daughter- doing merlin knows what to her! Draco wanted to yell but his wife's gentle hand holding his, calmed him down.

It was still silent when the door creaked open, all eyes whipped to the newest addition.

"Papa?" Willow asked as she carried her awkwardly hand stitched Buckbeak toy made by Hagrid, to Draco's chagrin. She looked around, her big brown eyes stopping on the only stranger in the room that she did not know.

Draco let go of Hermione's hand to quickly scoop Willow up.

The lump in Lucius' throat grew as he stared at the beautiful fae like child in Draco's arm. Willow...

"You didn't kiss me before you left." Willow explained to Draco as she rested her chin on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry Willow," Draco kissed the top of her head. "I did not realize, if I had,"

"Mhmm," She hummed as she began to get droozy once more, now in the comfort of her parent's presence.

"Come here my sweet baby," Hermione whispered as she took Willow from Draco's arms to put Willow back to bed.

"Mama, whose the man that looks like, papa, unca Colby, and Harry?" Everyone in the room could hear as the two left.

"He's helping us find Lyra..."

"Potter, parchment please," Lucius Malfoy said, his voice a little hoarser than he intended.

As Lucius began to write down the five names that he knew would be capable of the kidnapping and hurting a child, the door to the office flung open this time with much more force.

"Draco Malfoy, why am I the last to know that my eldest grandchild has been kidnapped! And not by my family!" Narcissa exclaimed as she pointed to the man who was following her like a shadow, as he had been appointed her guard until they could apprehend their new enemies.

John Dawlish sheepishly looked at the occupants in the room.

"I can take care of myself perfectly fine, Harry Potter. I do not need an auror body guard. My late sister was not the only powerful cast speller in my family." Narcissa sniffed, her haughty Black demeanor once again coming through.

"I didn't mean to say that. I just didn't want you to be alone or unprotected at this time." Harry protested.

"But you and my son did not intend to tell me about people snatching Lyra from the Ministry nursery!"

"Mum, I was going to tell you!" Draco said in defense as his mother gave him a look that would have made him pale if he were still a child. Even now, it made his blood run a little colder.

"When, in the morrow?!"

"Cissy," The word slipped before Lucius could stop himself.

Furious eyes turned to him.

"Draco what is going on here?" Narcissa Black asked, straightening up as her designated protector took a step closer to her. As unhelpful it was, Narcissa appreciated the gesture from the man who had once confessed his love for her in their Hogwarts days despite her brattiness and her betrothal to the man she was now staring at.

Lucius finished up his list as Draco explained to his Mum what was going on. Not saying a word, Narcissa snatched the completed list from him. She looked it through before crossing off one name. "Don't waste anyone's time with finding him. His grieving widow told invited me to his funeral." Narcissa said before handing the parchment to Harry.

Blaise and Ken looked over his shoulder. All three stared at the paper to find any familiar names. At last, Ken snatched the piece of paper from Harry as someone came to mind... it was a long shot but that was an uncommon last name nowadays. "Narcissa, there is a Simmons Fernsby that works as an Obliviator. He and my secretary have gone on a few lunch dates. Could Simmons be the short for Fritzsimmons?" Ken asked, looking at both Narcissa and Lucius.

Narcissa nodded. "Yes, I would not doubt it."

"Is he a purebood or a halfblood?" Blaise asked this time as he too knew Simmons Farnsby and according to their records he was a halfblood. Pureblood mother and muggle father. "We have him listed as a half-blood." It shouldn't matter- Voldemort himself was the same but something didn't add up. How could they be considered blood traitors by this man?

"Then someone at the Ministry is not doing their job correctly." Narcissa shook her head.

"Are you really that surprised?" Lucius mocked.

The ministry workers turned to give him a look.

"Fritzsimmons was born Fritzsimmons Travers. His father was killed by an Order of the Phoenix member when he was but a child. His mother fled in fear of both the Order and Lord Voldemort's wrath for her husband failing the mission. She married the first muggle man she found to hide their presence and change their names so they could not be found. But this man, she did not love, and he... he abused her quite often, until her magic flared one day from lack of use, accumulation, and explosive emotions. Her magic caused a fire so intense it killed both her and the muggle man who'd dated to touch her child."

"Jesus Christ," Harry said. He didn't want to feel sympathy for the man who could have potentially kidnapped Lyra but... how could you not, when one heard a story like that? Why did all these men have all the same childhood stories? What would he have become if he hadn't met Ron and Hermione? Harry shook his head, it was not the time to dwell on that.

Blaise and Draco looked at each other.

"What about the Travers?" Draco asked, wondering why they would not claim the child and change back the child's name from the last name of the man who abused his mother and ultimately caused her death.

"They would not claim the child as theirs. They were embarrassed by their son's failsure and his wife's betrayal to dare marry a muggle. They wanted nothing to do with the child."

"Then they doubly deserve to rot in Azkaban," Draco spat, not believing family would do that to a child.

"Draco," Narcissa said softly.

"Mum," Draco replied, still emotionally riled up.

"My mother's family, the Rosiers, was related to the Travers by blood."

"What of it? It's not like our family took him in either!" Draco growled.

"I know," Narcissa said regretfully. "If I could turn back time... But Draco, when the Travers were put in Azkaban, their vault and its contents went to the last legal heir,"

All eyes widened as even Lucius Malfoy was unaware of the extent of his Wife's pedigree.

"Fuck, Potter, you find where that man, Simmons, Fritzsimmons, whatever his bloody name is, lives right now!" Draco cursed.


Lyra did not know what was going on or what time it was as she felt pain throbbing from her head. IT took her a moment to remember the last thing that happened before she blanked. 15 had hit her with the hilt of his knife...

She whimpered as she could now feel the dried blood on her hair. "Mum, papa," Lyra cried as she was alone in the dark, this time, both her hands and legs were tied. "Uncle Blaise, Uncle Harry, someone, James..." She sobbed before beginning to cry herself to sleep.


James angrily crossed his arms as no one paid his words any heed. There was so much chaos going on and so many children that they did not notice him sneaking away. He flooed home using the kitchen's chimney without anyone aware.

Once home, James marched to the kitchens to find Kreacher's small room. He ignored the creepy heads on Kreacher's walls. "Kreacher, I need you to tell me where dad did his cloak of invisibility!"


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