Lyra was roughly pulled up by her neck. She cried out as the chain to her necklace broke.

"Why can't we just kill her now? She made me bleed the bloody twerp."

"Gotta take her with us. She's be our bargaining chip outta this hell hole of a place. I don't want to kill her until I can watch her father's filthy face drain of life as he watches his little girl die before his eyes. Only then will I be satisfied for everything he has done and taken from me."

Lyra tried not to whimper as she was picked up and roughly thrown over someone's stench covered back.


Harry S. Malfoy glanced around his chaotic living room. Everyone it seemed was there, even Vicky's parents. Harry gently let Sabine's sleepy head slip off his shoulder onto the pillow he was holding up. He tip toed away from the sleeping figures to find his parents. They must've found something on his sister by now. Lyra was okay... His Mum was the smartest person he'd ever met and his dad was the bravest.

"What do you mean there's nothing?" Draco yelled at Harry Potter and Ken Hamilton.

Harry's lips formed a grim line. "Draco."

"No Potter! How is there absolutely nothing on that bastard! No address? How the bloody fuck did he get hired? Last I recall Obliviators are now under your jurisdiction Potter!"

Neither Ken nor Harry were able to say anything as they'd quite felt the same.

Lucius tried not to sneer at the Boy Who Lived but he'd done his part and it seemed for naught.

"We're missing something." Narcissa whispered. But what?

Blaise gripped his wand tighter as silence descended.

Draco couldn't take it- the idea that Lyra was out there in danger and they were still no closer to finding her than before. "Argh." Draco screamed as he pounded his fist down on the table- causing the items to clatter and a glass paperweight to shatter.

Harry Malfoy stumbled away from the door as his father began to yell again- this time at an unknown man. Harry turned and ran for the wing with the bedrooms. He hesitated as he passed Lyra's room. He shook his head as he realized he wanted to start crying again. Yes he was scared but he refused to cry anymore! He passed his room and saw the light from Willow's room.

"Mama," Willow said as Harry crept closer.

"Yes sweetheart,"

"Do you think Lyra knows we're looking for her?"

Hermione gathered her littlest one into her arms. "Yes, Lyra definitely knows."

"Like when we searched everywhere for Bucky?" Willow gestured to her stuffed toy hippogriff.

"Yes," Hermione tried not to sob/laugh as she remembered them all turning the house upside down for Willow's toy. Even Draco- despite his obvious disdain, had gotten dirt smudges on his white shirt and messed up his hair to search for the toy.

"Do you think... that Lyra's scared?" Willow asked softly, her lower lip quivering.

Hermione didn't get to answer as her only son started running to jump on the bed with them.

"No Willow, Lyra's the smartest and bravest like Mum and Dad. She's probably giving them hell!" Harry S. Malfoy said as he wrapped his arms around his little sister, as if to protect her from anything snatching her too.

Tear began to bubble but Hermione tried to push them back. She didn't even try to correct her son's language. "{Why don't you two go to bed here together tonight? Its late enough and much past your bed times." Hermione suggested, speaking mostly to her son. He liked pretending to hate sharing his bed with his sisters. But this time, the boy didn't even say anything, just nodded letting Willow cling onto him.

"Mum, can you tell us about the moment dad realized he was in love with you? It's one of Lyra's favorite parts." Willow asked, still not ready to sleep or for her Mum to leave the room.

Hermione smiled softly before kissing their foreheads. "Okay," She said as she closed her eyes to recall that day according to Draco. It all seemed so far away now... and then an image of her husband's eighteen year old self started to appear before her, his pale blonde hair shinning under the glow of the Great Hall's candles and she was transported back in time.


"Granger," Draco said softly almost sweetly from across the dining hall table.

"Yes Malfoy?" Hermione asked not even bothering to look from her newspaper.

"Did you know that your hair is at least five centimeters thick?" He asked in the same sickly sweet tone.

Hermione's head whipped up dangerously fast. "Excuse you Malfoy, not all of us have the ability to spend the copious amount of time as you do to get your hair like that.

Her comment unfortunately did nothing but make the blonde before her smirk. "Hate to shatter your ill willed delusions about me Granger, but this" He touched a few locks of his hair, "is all natural. I barely spend two minutes combing."

This time Hermione's jaw dropped. Two minutes?! Natural?! Was he seriously wanting another smack on the head? Didn't his smack from two yesterdays ago- when he commented that a few of the house elves were getting pretty fat with their new improved salary and then splurging it all at Honey Dukes. Which well, Hermione did not agree with them gaining weight! If anything they were absurdly skinny before! But Honey Dukes was not lacking in patronage of house elves. It was rare to enter the candy shop and not find a few house elves occupying the store, in fact honey dukes was renovating to add a whole other room to their store... Hermione did wish they spent their salary on something more- to elevate themselves... like books!

Draco snickered to himself at Granger's less than pleased expression. Draco was about to mention a hair stylists that could help her out. Lord knows, Gustav would find her wild mess of curls a welcoming challenge to test his newly opened self-owned and operated salon. He was unable to say anything more though when gasps of Harry Potter. The Harry Potter and of course his sidekick, as Draco tended to think of him, Ron Wealsey reached their way.

Draco stood up with the rest of the remaining 8th years while Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley left their seats to meet their boyfriends halfway.

Like extras in a cheesy muggle film, most of the hall started to cheer when Harry Potter finally presented his girlfriend with the Potter family ring he and his best mate had been in search of to make the rather informal but well known engagement official.

However the towering red headed male beside them was not to be outdone or left in the dark as he presented Hermione with an engagement ring with two gigantic dual diamonds that could easily blind someone on a sunny day.

Hermione's heart dropped as she stopped breathing. What?


"Mum," Harry S. Malfoy said as he suddenly remembered something. He'd heard this story many times over. Lyra loved it. Lyra loved anything romantic and the idea that their realized he was in love with their mother when another man proposed to her- well Lyra was a girl. Harry didn't understand how any of that was romantic. "Didn't you say the ring looks like your pearl one from Dad?"

"Mhmmm, we just promised to never tell your father that." Hermione conspiratorially whispered. The double pearls, not to mention the size of them reminded her so much of the two diamonds on that ring. But while the diamonds were almost gaudy, her pearl ring was sophisticated and elegant. Plus it held a special place in her heart as the first gift from Draco.

"Mum, that ring, didn't you say that there's a tracking spell on it?" Harry said hopefully.

Willow sat up, no longer sleepy as she began to realize where her brother was going with his questions.

"Well after I got those letters from a fan... your father did put a tracking spell on several of my ring without telling me and that was one of them." Hermione made a face, her paranoid husband.

"Mum!" Both Willow and Harry exclaimed.

"Lyra was wearing your ring! The Pearl one!" Harry exclaimed as he had been there in the morning when Lyra sneaked in their mum's jewelry box to out the ring on a chain and wear it around her neck as a pendant because it matched her pearl embellished dress. She'd promised and made Harry swear not to tell!

Hermione ran so fast, she didn't even look back to tell her children to go back to bed when she knew they were following her. She ran all the way across the upstairs to the office. At any other time, she would've stopped to ask what in Merlin's beard was going on at seeing Draco restraining his mother from going after Lucius who made an uncalled for comment at John Dawlish for his very diligent manner of guarding women. Harry Potter had already taken Dawlish's wand and gave him a look that stopped the older man from inciting physical harm.

"Whatever in the hell is going on here stops right now!" Hermione growled, causing the adults in the room to jump at her uncommon tone. "The children figured out a way to track Lyra!"

"Children?" The men in the room echoed before Harry Malfoy came running in with Willow holding onto his robe, a close second.

"Draco my paranoid love, Lyra is wearing my pearl ring." Hermione said as she approached her husband to cup his cheeks.

Draco blinked. "She is?"

"Yes!" Hermione cried in relief before Draco lifted her to spin her around, the two delirious in their joy as the rest of the party processed what was going on.

"Can someone enlighten me?" Lucius drawled as it seemed everyone but he knew what was going on.


Harry Potter, Draco, Hermione, Blaise, all the Weasley men and company approached the town home. Hermione's heart dropped as she saw that not a single light was on. A bad feeling swept through her. Her instincts told her that her daughter was no longer there...

"Surround it- no one leaves that house or gets in without one of us knowing." Harry said as they all took their positions.

Hermione and Draco took the forefront, entering only after Potter. As half the party entered the house, they began to split up, each searching a different room.

Draco was the one who found the unfortunate sot who ended up catching a cold and was staying in bed through the mission. Everyone was alerted of this fact when they heard Draco yell bastard followed by a scream and then incessant coughing.

Hermione and Blaise made it into the room at the same time. "Immobulus!" Hermione casted to prevent her husband from landing another blow to the man's face. "We don't know if he's a part of Lyra's kidnapping!" Hermione yelled.

"Of course he is! Look at his slimy face. And what else would he be doing in the same place where we tracked Lyra's ring!"

"Merlin's beard, did you break his nose?" Harry exclaimed as he came in after, the blood still gushing from the stranger's face. "You better hope he's not an innocent bystander!" Harry muttered when Draco tossed the man towards them.

To their chagrin, the rest of the house was empty and there was no sign of where they'd went. Their captive was also refusing to speak. All he did was glare at Draco. Harry at least ruled out innocent bystander when they'd had to restrain Draco with magic rope and the stranger at last broke his silence to spit out "Traitor!" as his nose finally stopped bleeding.

Two hours later, the men had all left, leaving Hermione with the protection of two other aurors and Charlie Weasley to find any missed clues. The rest either went with Harry to interrogate or home to inform the rest of the family.


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