Lyra did not know where she was as she was dragged and blind folded but it smelled so very old and long. The men had to stop apparating as they were no longer able to in this dark and old smelling place. It had taken them much time to even get the right spell before making her say them to open the ancient sounding doors. It had taken a few tries and Lyra's cheek now had a cut from one of them threatening her to not mess around.

"Give her a break! She's a child!" One of them yelled when the door didn't open because Lyra had mispronounced one syllable. They were taking no chances that they'd be cursed upon opening the doors to the ancient place.

Her hand hurt where they had cut her to get blood and she could feel the sad excuse for bandaging coming loose but not enough. Lyra tried to discreetly use her teeth to unwrap it more so that she could leave a trail for her Mum, dad, and Uncle Harry and Blaise to find her...

Her wound was bleeding a little but not enough anymore. Gritting her teeth, Lyra brought her hand to her mouth and broke through the semi dried blood. She squeezed her hand every few steps to make sure the blood stayed flowing.


Hermione sat down on a lone chair and wrapped her arms around herself. Lyra... where was her baby? If only... if only she'd seen the whole picture so much sooner. Were they too late? They couldn't be. And now without Draco or their kids, Hermione finally felt the weight of Lyra's disappearance on her heart and all she wanted to do was break down and cry. The last thing Lyra did was call for her and she'd failed her baby.

"Hermione, I can't find a bloody thing here..." Charlie Weasley angrily muttered passing her without looking as he once again decided to make a round.

Hermione froze but Charlie didn't say a word about her appearance. Getting up, Hermione took a breath and put herself back together again. It seemed by now they'd checked every square inch of the dumpy flat. What if... no they couldn't have possibly left something outside? Could they? Hermione ran out the door as quick as she could. When she ran, she bumped into an invisible barrier... that made a very human like sound that was awfully familiar.

Once she saw two feet peeking through what seemed like out of nothing, she knew immediately who it was. Her best friend's eldest child...

"James Potter, did you steal your father's invisibility cloak?" Hermione yelled more angry than she meant to but she had no time to care for James and trying to rescue Lyra.


After hearing from Bill as well as his fellow Aurors that there was no sight of Lyra or the men who took her at Gringotts and the Goblins who were very aware of the possible theft, but had no answers for them either, they were running out of ideas.

Harry ran a frustrated hand through his hair. How the hell did the idiot have the antidote of Veritiserum running through his system. Harry wasn't sure to call these idiots professional and he couldn't help but think it was a trap, one of them being sick and being left in that dump to distract them as they seemed to know a little of what they were doing if the guy had enough of the antidote in him that they couldn't ask any questions for at least 24 hours. In that time, it might be too late. But the sick man seemed as surprised and angry to see them as they were to see him. Albeit prepared to answer everyone of their questions with an obnoxious taunt along with a horrendous cough.

The amount of times they' had to restrain Draco was too much to count before Harry had to throw Draco out of the room when he'd been faster than them and punched the sick man again in the nose that had just stopped bleeding not that long ago.

"Draco calm down! Can you at least be a little bit rational right now?"

"No Potter, that bastard is taunting us." Draco's fist shook as his last straw had been when the captive had called Draco's children, abominations.

Blaise watched the scene without a word before going back in the room to let Harry and Draco calm down. He locked the door behind him with a spell that no alohomora would open. Taking a seat in front of the chained sniveling captive, Blaise got out his hand and began to twirl it. It did not take long for the sick captive to sneer at him.

"By the end of tonight, I'm not sure if anyone at St. Mungo's is going to be able to fix that nose of yours if you don't watch what you say about the Malfoy children." Blaise said nonchalantly, still twirling his wand.

"Eyesores are what those broods are. Soiling the once prestige Malfoy pedigree with their existence. One less-"

Blaise's wand froze in mid air as the air around them stilled. Blaise's dark brown eye turned to steel as the wand moved in front of Blaise in between the two of them.

"Where Draco is emotional, I am his opposite. I am cold and calculating." Blaise said in such a cold voice the air could've turned to ice. "I will hurt you in a way you have never even thought possible." Blaise continued as the wand in front of them began to slowly spin giving out a lethal heat energy that caused any words that the captive was about to say, stop in his tracks. "Now tell me where my goddaughter is before I break both of your arms in every way possible so that they will never heal correctly ever again. In which case you may not be a magic-less as the muggles you detest but without the ability to use your hands to cast spells with a wand, you might as well be." Blaise said as the wand furiously zipped past the captive and actually burned his cheek.

Nigel Pompan gulped as he felt the wand hover near his wrist, the heat from it almost burning him.

"Five," Blaise began in an eerily calm manner. "Four... Three."

"Arggghhhhh" The man cried when he felt a searing burn on his thumb as the skin began to blister.

"Opps, forgot what came after three. My bad." Blaise said without infliction. "Two,"

"Blaise what the bloody hell!" Harry Potter could be heard yelling through the door as he could not open it.


At one the wand hovered over the captive's elbow but before it could burn through his skin, the man yelled.

"They're at Aurum Centorium!" He yelled the same time Harry managed to break the door off its hinges.


They all apparated as if their lives depended on it. It was one of the most ancient of banks, created when the Romans conquered England. It contained some of the richest gold the earth had ever seen, hidden away and only accessed by descendants of the lineage. The Pureblood families did not touch these ancient vaults as these vaults had more gold than they comprehend and were an ultimate symbol of status that marked them near royal. In fact some of the vaults had more gold and jewelry than the existing monarchs of muggle Europe combined.

To access it, one needed a special vial that contained ten drops of an heir's blood and the presence of the heir themselves to avoid the curse that would befall any intruder. It was a spell that was adopted from the ancient Egyptians to preserve the tombs of the once great pharaohs. A curse on anyone who of not the blood of the lineage would befall tragedy.

They knew now what Lyra was there for and once they'd used her to their purpose... well none of them could think of that but they all feared once again they could be too late.


Hermione apparated with James Potter hoping her message got to Draco and Harry on time. James the ridiculous child he was had smelled her daughter of all things, he'd found a broken ancient vial with Lyra's blood in it outside near a dump heap of the neighbor's trash. It had taken Hermione moments to recognize where the vial was from but once she'd seen the ancient marking she knew. It said Camulodunum in Latin, one of the oldest cities in Roman occupied England. The only thing of importance to wizards in that ancient city was a bank so old that the gold there was worth more than most countries' treasuries. Everything else was basically shambles and remnant of a past. The Aurum however was protected by spells stronger than most fortresses and housed many pureblood families wealth from centuries before Gringotts even existed. Some families weren't even sure if they had a vault but boasted they did anyway though those of unsure origins did not dare to enter in fear of being cursed.

And she would address her godson's peculiar smelling abilities at a later time...