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"Draco, hold him!" Hermione cried as she chased after her son.

Draco whirled around but he was too late to catch his son, however the boy ran right into the arms of his uncle.

"I've got him Hermione," Colby said in his calm manner.

"Noooo, Uncle Colby, you traitor!" Harry squirmed.

"Oh for heaven's sake," Hermione sighed as she bent down on her knees to be level with the two.

"Noooo," Harry howled as his cheeks were lathered with sunscreen.

Hermione however was undeterred and simply ignored her squirming son as he made faces. Instead she simply applied a generous portion to his nose. "Blame your father, he's the reason why your skin's so pale and you need to wear-"

"Hey! Wait a minute," Draco exclaimed. "Now that's not-" He didn't get to finish as the girls came in with the males of the Potter family. Lyra in fact running away from her admirer to hide behind her father.

"Potter sit down!" Draco growled to James Potter as he pointed at the boy. He did just so, sitting down right in front of Draco.

"He obeys you." Harry said in shock.

Draco merely grinned as he patted Lyra's head. But as the girl went to run upstairs to her bedroom to get the matching sunhat that her mother was currently donning, none of them were able to stop the boy from running after her. "Okay, not really," Draco admitted causing Harry Potter to laugh.

"Stop following me weirdo!" Lyra could be heard yelling.

"But lovely Lyra, my love-"


They could all hear causing the rest of them to join Harry Potter in his laughter.


After Hermione lathered both Lyra and Willow with a small amount of sunscreen, they were almost ready to go.

"Okay, Draco, Colby, Harry, did you-"

"Yes we put on that blasted cream." Draco interrupted. Hermione sent him a look causing him to finish his sentence by adding "honey."

"And do you have the tents?"

Draco looked down at Colby before putting his hands in his pockets. "Um, so, I wasn't able to dissuade Ivy."

"Draco Malfoy! That was your task!"

"I know, but, she wanted to and-"

"Hermione we've got to go before we're late." Harry said coming to Draco's rescue.

"Of course," She said shaking her head at her husband before picking up Willow. "The Portkey's in the garden." She said gesturing towards the back doors.

Draco and Harry did the same, picking up their youngest sons.

"This means we have a good spot right?" Harry Malfoy whispered conspiratorially to his father.

"Oh yes," Draco grinned as they secretly high fived.

Teddy and Colby snickered as they followed. Lyra made sure to walk between them, holding and swinging Colby's hand as she tried to ignore James Potter.


Each parent held on tightly to their children as the Portkey began to take them elsewhere.

"Whoa," Harry Malfoy and Albus Potter both cried as their heads were still spinning when their dads put them down.

"That was cool!" Teddy yelled, his hair turning blue in his excitement.

"No feel so good, Mummy." Willow muttered as she buried her face into the crook of Hermione's neck.

"We'll get some juice as soon as we get to the tent." Hermione soothingly patted her head.

"I'll take her from here if you want." Draco offered as he came up to them.

Hermione nodded softly before transferring Willow to Draco's arms. After doing so, Hermione put her straw hat back over her hair.

Not being able to resist, Draco leant over to kiss the bridge of her nose, where small little freckles could be seen, then softly pecked her lips.

"Ugh," Teddy and Harry, both Harry's in fact echoed.

"Oh get over it." Draco said looking at them before he led the way with Willow comfortable situated in his arms.


"About time," Ginny Potter yelled when she caught sight of her family, having arrived the day before with George by means of the new flying car that he had magicked a year ago as in her condition it was unsafe to travel by portkey.

"Mummy!" Albus cried before he went running towards his very pregnant mother.

"Hi Gin," Harry kissed his wife.

Knowing her husband, Hermione quickly elbowed him before he could retaliate for earlier.

"The first match starts in an hour so you guys better put your stuff down and get ready." Ginny said rather excited as the air around them seemed to be a buzz at the exciting event that was about to begin.


Hermione sat down in the tent reading through the agenda of the three day event in which England's best quidditch teams played against each other for the three days in a row, in which at the end of them; a single team was picked to represent England. However that did not mean that the players were all from that team. The best players from all matches were picked for both starring and reserve. It was the greatest honor and many were speculating that England had a great chance this year to make it to the Cup.

"So much like the Olympics," Hermione couldn't help but say.

"It really is," Harry said coming over to join her at the table.

"Hey," Hermione said softly as she looked over at him.

Harry side hugged her as he took the agenda gingerly from her hands. Hermione rested her head on his shoulder as he looked through the first teams that would be competing. He of course noticed that his other best mate and consequently his brother in law would be playing much later in the evening. He didn't say anything though as he rubbed his thumb across Hermione's arm.

"Aye Potter, no getting touchy feely with my wife," Draco said as he came out, carrying Willow who was now happily sipping her apple juice.

Hermione stuck out her tongue at him as she snuggled more into Harry causing him to laugh.

"Hey it's enough that my only son is named after him!" Draco inputted as he came to sit behind them, moving Harry over as he did so. Willow giggled as she climbed out of Draco's lap to sit in Hermione's. "You can at least use my shoulder," Draco added looking at his wife.

Hermione tried to hide a laugh as she hugged Willow.

"Of course darling," she added.

Draco though scowled despite the endearment because of the tone that Hermione had used, only furthering her laughter.

"Oh honey I've loved Harry since forever, just not in the same way I love you however." Hermione kissed his cheek before getting up. "Are Teddy and Colby still putting on the facepaint?" She asked.

Harry nodded while Draco grimaced. "Yes and unfortunately lathering some on our son too." Draco was still in many ways still rather uptight and his upbringing led him to believe that face paint was rather vulgar and low class. Not even in Hogwarts had he dared mark his face with the Slytherin colors.

"Oh you," Hermione sighed, knowing just that. She shook her head before standing up.


Draco was of course watching the match avidly but he also watched his wife, making sure that she was okay. She had smile on her face but he knew that a huge part of her still mourned Deveroix. But she hadn't gotten any further in re-opening the case.

"This is the best birthday gift ever!" Teddy yelled when the match ended with the Winged Horses only losing to the Harpies, to Ginny's delight, by a mere twenty points.

Draco grinned as he ruffled the young boy's hair that was turning rather yellowish gold in his excitement.

Harry and Ginny sighed at that though, because they honestly couldn't believe that even after all these years, the Malfoys, both Draco and Narcissa still rather spoiled the kid, despite having their own children and grandchildren to do so to. But the two were still in many ways trying to make up for all the lost years that their family had been divided, and Teddy was the last of the Black family line.

After the third match, in which there was an hour break to calculate the scores of individual players thus far, the two families went back to their tent to eat lunch.

Hermione smiled softly as she silently thanked Ivy. The house elf despite them telling her to please enjoy her vacation, had made up enough food for them to last a week, but with all the people in their tent, it probably was just the right amount.

"Colby, Harry set up the table please."

"Which one?" Both Harry's asked as they stopped reenacting the moment when the Harpies Seeker got the snitch.

"How about both!" Hermione replied back not even looking up from the magicked fridge.

George and Ginny both laughed before the latter got up to help Hermione.


Thirty minutes later, they all had been fed with Ivy's food. The children were all huddled in a corner talking and playing while the adults stayed gathered around the table, chatting and talking about the three games.

"I quite think Woody will be picked. Did you see that save?" George said quite proud of his former captain.

Even Draco couldn't help but nod because of all those years ago when Wood and several others had helped him, as Harry began to talk in adulation of his former captain too.

It was Hermione who was the first to notice something strange.

She looked around before her eyes widened. She touched Draco's arm.

"Yes love?" Draco asked grinning.

"Haven't you noticed that it seems unusually quieter than normal?"

Draco's ears perked as he too listened and realized that the children were not as loud. It seemed as both realized what had happened, Hermione's pendant, the one that had been passed onto her from Narcissa began to warm against her skin.

Hermione shot up as she looked at the kids. Willow was there playing with James and Lyra was redecorating Colby's face for the next three matches. But Harry was no where insight. Neither was Albus for that matter.

The two parents looked at each other in panic.

"Harry Scorpious Malfoy!" Draco bellowed shocking everyone in the tent. However, neither the blonde haired boy nor best his friend appeared.

"Oh hell, what did the two do now?" Harry asked as he realized that something had happened.

George whistled before getting dragged off by Hermione to help her search for the two rascals. "Hey, Hermione!" George protested at being pulled.

"You, if you and Fred were their age, where would you two go?"

George's face fell temporarily fell at Fred's name but seeing the panic in Hermione's eyes, he pulled himself together. "Fred and I… the pitch, we'd go back to the pitch of course."

"Of course!" Hermione exclaimed not believing she hadn't thought of that. "Tell Draco and Harry." She said before dissapparating to the Pitch, visualizing the place in the stands that they had watched the matches from, her pendant still warm against her skin, telling her that her son was in trouble.


"Oh my god!" Hermione yelled in horror when she saw that two small figures were on one single broom and zooming out of control. She took out her want to try to immobilize them but they were moving too quick for the spell to hit.

"Mummy!" Harry's small voice could be heard crying for her, making her quite sick as she kept firing the spell but would keep narrowly missing them.

"Harry! Albus!" she yelled. "I'm here!"

Seconds later she could hear Harry and Draco apparating to the pitch, however she paid them no attention as a figure on their own broomstick flew at a speed that she could barely watch them. Her heart sped though as the figure made it to the boys and effectively caught both boys. The boys' broom began to fall as it no longer was in use.

It was only as the figure stopped, hovering in mid air on his own expensive broom with the two boys clutched to him did the three recognize their kids' rescuer.

"Viktor?" Hermione said in shock.

Draco had been shocked too, but at his wife saying the first name of the famous quidditch player so breezily and much too informally for his liking, his head whipped dangerously to her direction. "Viktor?!" He echoed in disbelief.

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