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As soon as Viktor dropped off the two boys in the stands with their family, both boys immediately stopped hugging each other in fright.

"Boys," Harry gravely said, causing them to look up.

With one look between each other, they then went flying to their parents' arms.

Hermione caught her son just in time before lifting him up as he wrapped his arms and legs around her and buried his face into her shoulder.

"Shhhh, you're okay now." Hermione softly murmured as she gently rubbed circles on his back.

"Hello Her-my-own-ny." Viktor Krum pronounced, grinning when Hermione looked back up at him with a soft smile on her lips.

"Hello Viktor." She responded causing Draco to shift dangerously close as he patted their son's head comfortingly.

With the move, Viktor couldn't help but glance over at Draco Malfoy quite remembering him from Hogwarts. He of course knew about the marriage between the two. Even in Bulgaria, the wedding had been in all the newspapers. The wedding of the century, one of the biggest shocks of the post second war according to many of the magazines.

"Thank you Viktor. So much." Hermione added as she smiled once more up at him. "Harry Scorpious Malfoy, please thank Mr. Viktor Krum for saving you and Albus." Hermione stated, firmer this time, in her mother mode now.

Harry reluctantly raised his head before mumbling a thank you to Mr. Viktor.

"You too, Albus," Harry Potter said just as firmly.


Draco was grateful to Viktor Krum, truly. For saving both the boys. But he had no idea why they had to invite the bloke to their tent! Okay so he did have an idea why, but he didn't like it.

Viktor Krum was in all intents and purposes his wife's ex. That alone was more than enough for him to not want to be in the bloke's presence. But it seemed that he was the only one that thought so.

Harry bloody Potter was very grateful and started to chat with the guy like as if they were old friends. As for Hermione, his wife, she just had to bloody invite him to the tent, then invite him to watch the last three matches of the night with them. Not to mention that after their initial relief of being saved and so far not getting yelled at, the boys had quickly become star struck with the internationally reknown seeker.

"I haven't seen you since Bill and Fleur's wedding, how are you?" Hermione asked genuinely glad to see him again and ever grateful about him saving the boys. In which Harry Scorpious Malfoy was unashamedly clutched to her rather like a monkey still.

"Yes, the vedding. Remember our dance?" Viktor Krum said smiling slightly.

Draco's head shot up before his jaw dropped as he saw Hermione blush. Before he could demand what dance, the tent flap was opened to reveal Ginny and the Zabinis. Spotting the boys, Sabine flew from her mother's side to them. Hermione had finally let Harry down as he wiggled in her arms upon realizing that they were back and not wanting to be spotted clutching onto his Mum. Immediately Sabine pulled both him and Albus into a giant hug, her body slightly quivering as her worry decreased for her two best friends.

Of course at the scene, Harry had to chuckle. It was so nostalgic watching the three. It always reminded him of their days as the Golden Trio. Him, Hermione, and Ron. But they would never be like they once were despite the fact that both were very much his best friends.

Mostly because Ron had hurt Hermione too much. She forgave him of course, Hermione wasn't able to just throw away all of their years together, but she never allowed him to be within arm's length of her anymore. Not that he could blame her. Ron was very much so, still in love with Hermione and it sometimes showed. Despite being in his own marriage to a nurse that had helped him through his major quidditch injury that left him incapable for almost a full season just a few years ago.

Though Harry wasn't sure if Ron was still in love with Hermione because he truly thought she was the one, or because Hermione was the one that he had then lost and would never have again. Either way, Ron was mostly happily married with his own son who looked up to him like as if he was his hero. Meanwhile Hermione and Draco were still, as much as it pained him to admit, as passionate for each other years later as they were when they first got together. They also provided more entertainment than should be right sometimes.

"Why?" Sabine asked as she slowly let both boys go.

"I would like to know this too," Hermione spoke up. "But first, punishments will be awarded."

On cue both boys groaned.


"Dad," Harry clutched his fine blonde hair dramatically. "But, we, we can't!" He said trying to plead with his father.

"Sorry mate," Draco rubbed his son's hair. "Your mother's the one who extracted the punishment. I can't take it back." Draco gave him a look of sympathy.

"No,"Harry said before he ran off to try once more to plead his case once more to his Mum. It wasn't fair! She couldn't make him and Albus stay in the tent while the rest of them went to watch the remaining matches! Especially now that Viktor Krum was going to sit with them!

"Harry Scorpious Malfoy, what you and Albus did was reckless and dangerous. That broom was not yours and you have not had enough experience either to take it as you please." Hermione sternly said as she placed him on her knees. "You scared us both so much." She hugged him.

"I know." Harry said softly, sighing as he realized that his mother was obviously not going to budge.


Hermione could feel Draco nearly glowering beside her as she and Viktor caught up. They really hadn't seen each other since Fleur and Bill's wedding. During the war, she had worried for him, their letters that they'd started writing to each other the summer of her fifth having stopped in order to not be detected. So it was only natural that she worried for Viktor. To her credit, as the letters continued whatever courtship that had initially began had defused to be replaced with a friendship where both could intelligently discuss international issues that they cared for.

Viktor had been chosen as Champion their fourth year for more than his brawns and quidditch ability. He had the heart of one just as Fleur, Harry, and if she had ever known Cedric Diggory, she would bet the same. Draco could just deal with his possessiveness until she was done catching up to an old friend.

"Draco it'll be okay, Viktor sees Hermione as family." Luna said a small lit to her airy tone as she turned to look up slightly at him, trying to help his agitation. The chatter around them died as the pitch was cleared for the next game, The Cannons versus the Magpies.

George and Blaise both gwaffed at Draco turning a nice shade of red. Everyone had a similar reaction, even the kids, except the younger ones that had no idea what was going on. Teddy and Colby though snickered to each other.

Vikot and Hermione had been in mid conversation. The latter laughed as she shook her head at her husband while the former merely grinned. The sweet blonde haired woman was right. He did only see Hermione as family after all the years. An extended family of course. But family nonetheless. Yet he couldn't help but like that his mere presence was enough to unsettle the aloof, or at least what the papers described as an aloof Draco Malfoy.

"I'm going to go check up on the boys." Draco muttered as he got up to escape his so called friends and family.

"I'll come with you," Hermione said immediately. She gave Viktor one smile before she got up too.

Viktor only gave Draco an expressionless look, hiding his amusement at the blonde male's look of triumphant. Though Colby and Teddy immediately took the seat Hermione vacated to talk to the professional player and capturing his attention.

Harry and the rest only nodded as it was unspoken but they all knew that Ron was playing next and no matter what, Draco still rather hated him and probably never would stop doing so. He unlike Hermione, could not and would not forgive him for hurting Hermione.

Plus it made Draco feel still dignified for his childhood dislike of the bloke especially as it felt like the rest had somehow become a part of his family.


As soon as the two left the stadium, Draco backed Hermione against the edge, right beneath the bleachers. "You're slightly evil you know that?" He said referring to her and Viktor.

Hermione rolled her eyes before placing her hand on his cheek. He in turn leaned into her touch, still looking into her eyes for an answer. "You're just a possessive prat."

Draco's jaw slightly dropped.

"But you're mine and no one can change that," Hermione smiled before using her hand to pull him closer, their lips meeting for a kiss.

Draco briefly smiled smugly into the kiss before hooking her leg around his hip to pull him closer. He really loved when she called him, mine.

"Mine," He echoed against her lips.

Hermione pulled back slightly to laugh but her lips were instantly captured once more, mid laugh. This time she wrapped her second leg around Draco's waist. She felt slightly like a hormonal teenager at the moment but she honestly didn't care while Draco kissed her like as if it was the first time.

Merlin he'd always wondered what it would be like to snog Hermione Granger under the bleachers during a quidditch game. Doing so now made him wonder why he'd been such a prat in his school days, he could have enjoyed it so much sooner.

The moment was living up rather to his expectations and more.


Blaise had left in the middle of the game as the Magpies were getting rather crushed by the Cannons, to check on the tent. However at getting to the tent, he found only Harry Scorpious Malfoy and Albus Severus Potter, Merlin the two boys both had mouthfuls for names and rather intimidating ones at that. The names alone were just asking the boys to be the biggest trouble makers ever as they lived up to their namesakes.

Both boys looked up from their game of wizard chess. Harry waved at him before going back to his game.

Blaise raised a brow at both boys whose hair were as it seemed constantly defying gravity. But he also noticed that it looked like as if Albus' hair was slightly reddish while Harry's seemed slightly blue. Getting to the two, he leaned over Harry and realized that he hadn't been seeing things.

Feeling his gaze, Harry looked up. "Mum," He simply said before making his move. "Tried to leave," he shrugged as he had no problems confessing his crimes to his uncle who was really good natured about his antics. After all, Blaise, unlike the boys' parents did not have to deal with the fallout.

Blaise blinked before he realized that Hermione must've added an extra hijinx to the warding charm she'd put on the tent so that the boys would not be able to leave without one of the adults present. Also a shield charm not allowing anyone that wasn't one of them inside, as well as a fireproofing charm to prevent the boys from literally setting the tent ablaze with their experiments with magic and potions. It seemed she'd also added a spell to color the boys' hair if they tried to escape as an extra precaution.

Looking up, he couldn't help but think that Hermione Malfoy nee Granger really was absolutely brilliant, but scary, really scary.

"Uncle Blaise you want to help us make the Erumpent Potion?" Albus asked as Harry claimed checkmate, ending the game.

Blaise arched a brow at the potion. It was a highly explosive potion when it was touched or was touched by any other outside source. Curling his lip, he couldn't help but think that the two really were living up to their namesakes and also what the hell, why not? The boys would most likely make the potion whether or not he agreed and at least he could attempt damage control if something did end up exploding.

It was a fairly easy potion. Explosive potions tended to be. Most potions had the default of exploding already when not properly made so it only made sense that the easiest to create would be deliberate exploding ones.

Harry and Albus grinned to each other as they held the reddish finished potion.

Blaise leaned back an easy smile on his face. The potion really was fun to make, especially when your partners were so enthusiastic about it. The two boys were frighteningly intelligent and mischievous for their age but he was ever so grateful for them. Sabine was a sweet child, sometimes he feared too sweet of one, like her mother really. But the two boys were like her little knights, and for that he would always be there for the boys. The one they could go to when they couldn't tell their parents.

All children needed that person. For him, it'd been his fourth step father, the only one to divorce his mother yet still keep in contact with him throughout his school years. If not for him, Blaise was unsure what he would be like, all that withholding anger he felt as an adolescent. Maybe he would've been dragged into the war as Draco had been, but Devin Cafferson had made it so that Blaise never was dragged into Deatheater business. Even now, Blaise had no idea how his former stepfather had done so, but he knew that some things were better not asked.

"I wonder if it makes a noise," Harry asked as he corked the vial to put it away with his other potions that he and Albus had successfully created.

"I hope so," Albus agreed.

Blaise laughed at that as he ruffled both boy's hair that was fading with each minute back to their natural hair color. "Well I bet a galleon that nothing will ever explode as bad as when your parents had been paired." He said.

"Huh?"Albus asked not having heard the story of his parents ever being partners. A second later it clicked that it wasn't his parents but Harry's.

"What exactly happened again Uncle Blaise?" Harry asked.


It was the second official day of potions with their new partners. They would actually be making a potion too.

Blaise and Terry barely gave each other a second look before going to get the ingredients for their potion. Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy on the other hand were the complete opposite. It seemed neither was so pleased with the arrangement and were fighting each other tooth and nail, though silently. For the first three minutes of class, both had stared at each other to see who would be getting the ingredients. Finally Draco just huffed before going to Hermione Granger's satisfaction.

"Where are the sprouts?" Hermione asked looking up at him in expectation.

"I am not touching those disgusting smelly things." Draco said as soon as he came back with all the ingredients minus the rildo sprouts that honestly smelled worse than dung.

Hermione huffed at him, snorting something that sounded like Princess. Draco's jaw locked as Granger called him Princess in retaliation for him calling her Gryffindor's very own. Instead of insulting her right back, he simply threw her back a look before getting to cutting off the heads of the slugs.

Hermione marched right back to the space she and Draco were sharing. She briefly glared at him. Draco gave her a look that told her that he was not touching those things.

As the two began to create their potion, neither said a word. But hisses from both could be heard as they had to share equipment and space. Draco put in a foot of madrake that he'd just finished cutting up because Granger had been taking forever to use the knife. They couldn't use theirs wands for the potions because of the lingering magic and the potential damage it could have as it was mixed in the potion.

Blaise looked up from his potion just in time to see Hermione Granger put in the slugs she'd just tore the heads off of, not wanting to wait forever for Draco Malfoy. Seeing the potion bubble slightly as it turned a shade of red, Blaise's eyes widened as he knew that the color red was normally a foreshadow for an explosion. Draco delicately, meaning that he was literally leaning back as far as he could. He put in a cut piece of rildo sprout that Hermione had dropped onto his cutting board with a look that told him she dared him to say anything about it, into the potion, therefore he could not see that the potion was not turning into the right color.

But Blaise could see everything. "Duck!" he barely yelled before Hogwarts had its biggest and messiest explosion to date. There was literally a boom as the rildo sprout was absorbed, sending Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy flying back. The latter though, despite the situation, grabbed a hold of the former so that he could use his body to buffer her.

At the end of the story Harry and Albus looked at each other. Ignoring the last part of the story as they went. They grinned mischievously at each other as they mentally thought that they would be claiming that title one day. Biggest potion's explosion that Hogwarts had ever seen. Well Hogwarts hadn't met them yet nor had two students that had been practicing for the day since they were mere children.


Hermione bit her lip as she leaned back against Draco. They were just outside the tent listening to Blaise finish up.

Draco looked down just as Hermione looked up.

"I love you," Hermione whispered knowing that since that day, history had been set. That day in potions, even when neither could really stand the other, Draco had tried to protect her and had continued to do so that day forth.

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