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The two of them were in the Hospital Wing. It was after the second day of potions with their permanent partners of the year. It was also the day that Hogwarts had their biggest potions' explosion ever. And that was saying a lot considering all the students that had passed the halls…

"How could you put in another foot of mandrake!" Hermione yelled.

"Me, what about you? You're the one that put in three more slugs then it said."

"Well I didn't know that you had already put in any slugs. I was chopping the sprouts since you refused to cut them because they smelled!"

"And whose fault is that!"

"I believe it is nature's fault, Mr. Draco that the Rildo Sprouts do indeed smell worse than dung."

"Professor!" Hermione straightened up in her hospital bed.

"Teacher's pet." Draco coughed from his bed.

Hermione turned to glare at him.

"You two are alright?"

Draco nodded.

"Yes sir." Hermione answered.

"Excellent, then you two can start your two months of detention tonight!" The professor said rather jovially.

"What!" Two voices yelled simultaneously.

-Simply Irresistible Ch. 18


Draco woke up that night merely two hours after getting back to the dorm, Hermione Granger's screams ringing and echoing in his head despite waking up from his dream. Sweat drenched his fine blonde hair, causing it to be mussed as he rested his head in his hands, clutching his hair as the nightmares still hadn't let up. No matter how hard he tried. Hermione Granger's screams reverberated through his dreams as it once had through his childhood home.

"Draaco?" Blaise asked, waking up with a yawn.

Draco gulped as he looked up at his best mate, then around him, thankful that the three other blokes in their room were fast asleep.

"Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, I'm. I'm just going to go down to the Common Room for a bit." He said getting up and out of bed. He quickly grabbed a random shirt, not caring before also grabbing his robes and wand.

"Okay. Niighttt." Blaise said mid yawn before going right back to sleep.


Staring blankly into the fire, Draco tried to find something to distract himself from his nightmares. But as he closed his eyes, he could hear the screams like as if they were before him once again.

After knowing Granger for nearly seven years and quite hating her not only for her blood status, but also hating and envying her intelligence, hearing her scream so utterly helpless as his own aunt tortured her, basically violating her magic, and in essence, Granger herself. He had never felt so wrong. He had felt dirty, hearing her screams echo off the old stone walls of his childhood home. It was just wrong. This wasn't the Granger he knew. Who faced dementors, deatheaters, giants.

His childhood had ended when Dumbledore died, he being one of key parts. But as he heard Granger's screams echo down the same halls he once played knights with Blaise, he felt dirty and felt like as if, he and his family would never be able to move beyond this. That they would be murderers forever. He could almost feel his humanity slipping as he let the screams go on.

Except the worst part of his nightmares, his memories, was when Granger's screams faded to be replaced with a single whimper then just harsh breathing. Breathing that sounded just minutes from death. Hearing her dying breaths, he had almost stopped breathing as he knew that this was one of his peers. A person he had in effect, grown up with. Someone who had seen him as that pompous eleven year old and snorted in disgust to a seventeen year old who was literally fading, yet she only watched him with half interest, her eyes always split between observing everything around her for Harry Potter's sake, the other half always watching Ron Weasley.

He was literally hearing as his Aunt tortured Hermione Granger within an inch of her sanity and life.


Draco's thoughts drifted back to the present as he held his only son, seeing Ron Weasley's figure hovering near the rings on the screen above. He and his wife going soft after hearing Blaise telling "their story" to the boys, thus allowing them to come back for the last match. Which was none other than the Cannons game.

"Sabine!" Both Harry Malfoy and Albus Potter screamed upon letting go of Hermione and Draco's hands to run to their third counterpart.

Sabine's face literally lit into a smile as she saw her two best friends.

"You think they learned their lesson?" Draco whispered, still smiling as he avoided Blaise's knowing grin. Trying to pretend that his best friend did not know that he had ravaged his wife under the quidditch stands.

"Not at all." Hermione sighed as she grabbed his hand, leaning into him.

"Okay, so it isn't just me." Draco laughed.

With a loving squeeze to her hand, Draco led them back to their seats, well his and Colby's seat as the his brother and Teddy had taken a shining to Viktor Krum and had taken the two seats beside him.

When Krum looked over at Hermione with a nod of acknowledgement and a small, very small smile, Draco scrunched his nose slightly only to have his wife pinch his thigh before she too returned a smile to her old friend.


Ginny Potter was absolutely proud when her brother's team won. He could sometimes be the biggest idiot she had ever seen in action, but he was family and she would always love him.

"Boys, you want to see your Uncle down by the pitch?" Ginny asked as she turned to look at James and Albus.

"Only if,"

Harry Potter could only sigh and look up as his two sons said Lyra's and Harry Malfoy's names to come too.

By this time Willow had already fallen asleep in Luna's lap, the calmest person in the midst of quidditch, dozing off even before her parents had come back. Draco didn't say anything as he lifted Willow off Luna's lap.

Hermione however ran a hand through her hair as she smiled down at her son. "If you want, you can go down with Albus. But if I even hear a lick about you making trouble for Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny," She didn't finish but the look she gave Harry Scorpious Malfoy made him gulp before grinning, teeth showing as he had still gotten permission.

"I don't want to go," Lyra said as she grabbed Colby's hand, sticking her tongue out at James.

"I want to meet Oliver Wood," Colby said softly as he held his niece's hand.

"Oh," Lyra said before she looked down at her blue ballet flats. "I'll go with you then," She said as she sighed at her sacrifice. But she loved her Uncle Colby and didn't want him to go alone, even if she had to deal with James Potter.

"Yes!" James Potter cheered to all the adult's laughter and Lyra's scowl.

"Well, we will see you guys at the tent later then," Blaise said as he too picked up his drowsy daughter. Sabine sleepily laid her head on his chest before promptly joining Willow in sleep.

Harry looked over at Hermione, but seeing her fuss about her daughter in Draco Malfoy's arms, he could only shake his head and smile. That part of her was well and truly gone. Her eyes were only for her husband and children now.

With that, nearly half the party headed out while the other half headed down to meet the winners of the day's matches.

"Sorry there," Draco said when he ran into a little boy who looked just a few years older than his son. He moved Willow a little so that he could take a look at the kid he had managed to run into but was unable to say more when a familiar woman ran to them.

"Tristan!" Cora Wood said as she grabbed her son, her pregnant belly on display in a dress the color of Puddlemere United. "I'm so sorry about him. He was just too excited to reach the pitch."

"Its fine Cora." Hermione said as she came to stand beside Draco.

"But your little one…" Cora said trailing off as she glanced up at Willow.

"Still fast asleep." Hermione said with a smile.

"Oh, that's good. Its so nice to see you again Hermione, we should try to talk again before the matches end. Sorry, we're just in a slight hurry to make it down there before-"

"Its fine, its fine," Hermione said waving her off. "Tell Wood hi for us."

"I will," Cora smiled as she reached for her son's hand. "Hopefully see you later, say bye Tristan."

"Bye." Tristan said as he looked away from Draco to impatiently pull his mother's hand to reach his father down at the pitch.


Ron Weasley was sweating profusely but he still relished in the match. It had been great. They had won in a landslide match.

"Father!" Ron watched as his son launched himself into his arms. Luckily he caught Fred Arthur Weasley just in time.

"Hey," He smiled as his son hugged his neck, also not caring about his sweat.

To the side, Kenna Weasley smiled as she watched her husband and son. Sometimes she and Ron had problems, mostly because she seemed to always be competing with an invisible ghost, but she lived for moments like this. All the stress, the yelling, it all disappeared as she watched them together. Feeling her gaze on him, Ron smiled before offering a hand out to her. With a soft smile, she took his hand and joined the hug. She quickly made a face at the not so good smell of her husband's sweat but let it go as she reveled in the family moment.

As she stepped away from the hug, she finally noticed her nephew, Albus. But he wasn't by himself but accompanied by a blonde haired child that she recognized, but only from the pictures at the Burrow.

Her heart dropped as she looked down at Harry Malfoy for the first time in person.

"Kenna!" Ginny said as she hugged her sister in law, pulling her away from her thoughts.

"Come on, Uncle Colby, Puddlemere is that way." Lyra Malfoy said as she tried to tug her uncle while shaking her arm from James Potter's grip. It was only then did Ron take his eyes and ears away from his son. As he looked over he saw the blonde haired girl who for some reason was still wearing a muggle straw hat, one that he only saw on one other person ever.

"Albus are you hungry too?"

His eyes sharply flew to the new voice that was not one of his nephews. His breath hitched as he saw the blonde haired child who looked enough like Draco Malfoy to make his heart stop, for the first time in person.

Harry's eyes widened before he stepped in front of his godson. "That was great mate!" He said with a much too wide smile as he tried to distract his best mate. However Ron's eyes flew right back to the blonde haired girl who was now screaming James' name as she chased him to get her hat right back, the two now weaving through the people and quidditch players. There was no denying who the girl's parents were as she yelled you abhorrent little boy, her curly blonde hair flying behind her.

Harry could only look up at the sky again as he asked why him before yelling his eldest son's name.

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