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Detentions went by and Hermione was fairly surprised that on all the days, Draco came and did the detention. He didn't relegate the detention to her like she almost expected. Actually he was really useful and rather diligent.


"Malfoy." Hermione acknowledged.

"We're doing homework together tonight."

Hermione's head shot up. She almost hit her head on the cabinet as she cleaned it out. "What?"

"You heard me. We're doing homework together until the detentions end. All these nights of detention are wearing on me and I'm having a hard time with my homework. I know you are too." Draco looked at her.

"I'm not." Hermione protested.

"So you were just sleeping in the library, drooling on your book because you felt like it?"

Hermione opened her mouth in outrage then closed it. "I don't drool." She yelled.

"Of course not." Draco snorted.

"Fine. We can do the Astronomy Essay together. We can swap ideas." Hermione muttered.

Draco nodded.

So that night they did their essay together. Then the next night they did their Anchient Runes homework together. After that they studied the History of the Goblin Revolution together for their test. It was after that, that they called a truce.

"Malfoy, look I got a 98 on the test." Hermione said as they walked out.

"That's great Granger. Let me hang it on my fridge." Draco said smirking.

Hermione rolled her eyes at him. After a week of studying and working together, she got used to his awful jokes.

"That's what muggles call it right?"

"Yes." Hermione sighed. "So how'd you do?"

Draco smirked as he handed her his paper. "See you in Potions Granger."

Hermione watched as he practically flew away.

Then she looked down at the paper in her hand. 99! He got a ninety-nine! But how'd he…

"Draco Malfoy you get back here." Hermione yelled as she raced after him.

-Simply Irresistibe Ch. 18


Hermione was the first to wake up the next morning. However looking at the other side of the bed, she blinked once, yawning by accident, but still her husband was nowhere to be seen. Getting up at last, Hermione put on a warm jumper before heading out of their private room.

She stopped in her tracks though at the sight before her. Covering her mouth with her hand, Hermione stifled her laugh. Ginny and Luna definitely had to see this as their husbands and George were all in various cuddling positions, two bottles of fire whiskey near them.

Feeling a poke then hearing a loud giggle, Draco made a face. Too loud. He swatted the hand that tried to poke him again but without opening his eyes, he wasn't able to get the culprit.

"James stop pulling my hair! Dad! Mum!" Lyra Malfoy yelled as she ran away from her admirer who had managed to wake up the same time as her to go to the bathroom!

At the terribly loud scream from his eldest, Draco groaned and rolled over, hoping he could wake up Hermione to figure out what the incarnate was doing to his daughter now. He draped his arm over his wife, hoping to prod her awake, however his hands felt like as if they brushed against a rather hairy arm… his wife did not have hairy arms!

Opening one eye, Draco's glazed eyes looked over at his sleeping mate, only for his eyes to widen when he saw dark black hair that was most certainly not his wife's. "Potter!" He yelled in horror before snatching his arm away like as if it was on fire.

"Morning honey." Luna said pleasantly, like as if every day she saw her husband cuddling with three other males. Blaise could be seen twitching but that was his only reaction before burrowing into his pillow, which just so happened to be George Weasley's arm.

"How much did they drink last night?" Ginny said, her nose wrinkling at the smell of the four, which with her pregnancy nose, made it worse than it was.

"No idea but," Hermione glanced at the two very empty bottles that she could only assume were full the night before. "Luna, you want to do the honors with us?" She asked.

"Of course," Luna nodded, her unbrushed blonde hair not moving.

"Augumenti." All three women said as they pointed their wands at their husbands or in Ginny's case, both husband and brother.



"Really?" Draco half asked, half growled as he used a towel to dry his hair.

Hermione said nothing though as she looked up at him with her light brown eyes, her expression telling him yes. "Willow, sweetie, help Teddy and Uncle Colby set up for breakfast?" Hermione yelled over Draco's shoulder at their youngest making an appearance.

On cue Draco clamped his hands over his ears with another groan, just too loud still!

"Teach you to drink that much in one night." Hermione shook her head as Draco gave her a look begging for sympathy.

"Momma!" Willow said as she approached Hermione to be picked up after putting the placemats that Teddy had given her to place down.

"Hey sweetie, did you sleep well?"

"Berry," Willow answered with a yawn. "Ly?" She asked, looking around for her sister.

"Lyra went with Aunt Luna to get itinerary for today. She'll be back." Hermione answered as she held Willow on her hips, going to finish breakfast.

"I, itent?" Willow muttered as she tried to repeat after her Mum but not able to.

"I, ten, ear, rare, ree." Hermione broke down the word by syllables as she once had for Teddy to teach him words, still did so on the occasion.

"It's a wonder Mione," Harry said, smiling slightly as he came up behind her, fully dressed and showered now, looking much brighter and ready for the day than her husband. "Willow you're going to be as smart as your Mum?" He asked the adorable dark haired child that had been accused on more than one occasion by bloodthirsty and vicious press, to be his, not Draco's because she wasn't fair headed like her siblings.

Willow nodded as she smiled at him, one adorable dimple on display.

"So breakfast?" Harry grinned after lightly ruffling the top of Willow's head.

"As soon as Luna and Lyra come back. If you don't mind, wash both mine and your sons' hands and maybe check on my husband?"

"Aye aye," Harry saluted before going.


"What happened to my daughter?!" Draco cried, horrified.

"Teddy is what happened," Hermione answered when Lyra ran out, giggling with Sabine as they now all wore Puddlemere colors on their cheeks.

"And Willow?"

"You do not want to know." Hermione tried to keep the laughter from her voice. "Now drink and," She handed over Mrs. Weasley's infamous hangover remedy. "Do try to refrain from anymore firewhiskey. There's too many kids here; we literally need all of our wits. Why did you four drink so much anyway?"

Draco arched a brow at her. "Love, you answered it yourself and four guys with two bottles of vintage firewhiskey…" He trailed off before pecking her lips.


"That was awesome!" Albus and Harry Malfoy both cried as they dramatically celebrated, entering the tent for lunch. The game had somehow ended with a tie, the star chaser and the keeper, doing a one on one as the whole audience seemed to hold their breath. But the Harpies chaser had done Ginny more than proud and had scored, moving them up, so next they would play the Cannons to see who would go to the finals tomorrow with Puddlemere and the Falcons.

"Yeah!" Willow cheered with them as she attached herself to her brother's waist with a giggle, almost too tired to stand on her own.

"Lunch then nap time for you." Draco said, cautiously picking up his daughter that was literally lathered in glitter the colors of a mix of both Puddlemere and the Harpies colors. Even her hair was shimmering in navy and dark green to his immense horror.

Smiling with glee, Willow burrowed her head between the crook of her father's neck, the glitter in her hair showering him as she laid her head just so.

Resisting the urge to make a face, Draco just sighed and let his daughter cling onto him.

George and Blaise both snickered at him as he joined the party for lunch, all of them sitting around the table.

"The poor thing can barely sit up, she's so tired." Ginny cooed jealously as Willow half sleepily leaned back against Draco as she ate her soup and fresh fruit. After having two rambunctious sons, Ginny would almost give an arm and a leg for a girl at last. At the thought, she looked down at her swollen belly and rubbed it. Not that she wouldn't love her newborn if it was a boy, she just really wanted a girl… After being pregnant with both James and Albus, she understood now why her brothers had always told her she had gotten special treatment just because she was a girl. She also sympathized with her mother now, especially as she watched Willow, Lyra and even Sabine. What she would give for a little girl to adorably cuddle with her and not have to worry about blowing things up, or force feeding Honor treats not meant for owls, or not worrying that the boys had just done something plain stupid to test their vulnerability.

"Don't eye my daughter like that Ginevra Potter." Draco wrapped his arm around his youngest at the look in Ginny's eyes.

At her full name, Ginny looked up with a lethal glare. "Let me bask in the thought of a baby girl, Sparkles." She snipped at the man that was now glittering in some spots.

Draco glared back at the comment while their others just sighed and laughed.


"Daddy," Willow said as she was tucked in while Lyra had come in to read a book to get away from James who had been strictly told by both his parents that he was not allowed to step in the girls tent, in fear he would do something to Lyra's blonde hair as he did when she spent the night at the Potter's, all to get her attention of course, because he wanted to always make sure that he was the person always on her mind!

"Yes angel?" Draco asked as he hoisted up his oldest to her top bunker.

"Story, can't sleep without." She held her blanket right underneath her chin, her wide brown eyes looking adamantly at him.

Draco made a face, his nose slightly flaring while he blew out a breath of air to rid of the glitter he could see on the edge of his face from when he kissed the top of Willow's head.


"When you fell in love with Mum." Lyra asked as she placed her book, The Secret Garden, down. Her favorite books because her grandma Granger had given it to her for her birthday, saying she would one day be smart enough to read it all on her own, and with that, Lyra was determined to teach herself how to read it as soon as possible!

"Yeah!" Willow exclaimed in agreement as she grinned up at him, all her baby teeth on display.

"But sleep is good, sleep is nice," Draco tried to argue otherwise as he was feeling quite tired himself.

"Daddy." Both girls cried.

"Fine, fine. But scoot." He told Willow before settling to lay on the small twin bunker with her, his knees bent to fit as he rested his head against his arm to cushion it.

"After your mother and I had become reluctant study buddies, you could say that we became friends along the way, something neither of us had expected…"

Christmas was approaching as half the year winded down to all the students' glee. Soon they would go home and celebrate… after last year, all of them wanted nothing more than to spend the holidays with family… yet…

Hermione Granger wasn't sure how she felt though as she got the owl from Harry telling her that they were still in the process of healing her parents regain their memory since their Obliviation. There would be no sending of new books or muggle chocolates, or anything of the sort this year, all adding to the dread like feeling in the pit of her stomach.

Closing her eyes, Hermione rested her head against the large tome as she tried to cheer herself up. Mrs. Weasley had invited her of course to spend the holiday with them but Hermione couldn't help but think that Mrs. Weasley had too much on her plate already with the ever expanding family and Ron had yet to send her one message telling her to join them… He was after all busy with intense Reserve training for the Cannons.

"Hermione?" Ginny softly asked at hearing Hermione's sigh of resignation, one that she hadn't heard in a while, not since the first few weeks of school.

"Hey Gin." Hermione lifted her head up to smile slightly at her friend.

"Are you okay?"

"Of course," Hermione perkily replied, her cheerful tone though just a little too forced for Ginny's liking.

Later that night, the day before the students would pack up enough to spend the rest of the holiday with family, Hermione Granger wandered the halls aimlessly before she stumbled on a loose branch that was growing and peeking above the cement ground. Just catching herself on the edge of a column nearby, Hermione looked back up to see if anyone saw her lack of grace. No one else was in the hall with her, yet looking over her shoulder at the Common courtyard, she noticed a figure with recognizable blonde hair, hanging out in a tree.

Reading the letter from his mother one last time, Draco looked up, seeing nothing really, his eyes glazing over and his mind wandering.

"Malfoy?" A person down below cried out causing him to nearly loose his balance. However before he could fall and make a fool of himself, he was able to regain it, loosing the letter in the process.

"Who is that?!" He began to ask but the person stepped out of the shading of leaves so that he could clearly see. A head of long and slightly out of bushy brown hair could be see. "Granger?" He asked but Granger didn't look up, her focus on the letter in her hands. His letter!

"Granger, that's private!" He yelled as he struggled to find a quick way down. "Do not-"

"I'm going to stay too." Hermione Granger said softly, at last, interrupting him, deciding at last what she would do this holiday.

"I don't want your pity!" Draco growled despite himself. Just because his mother told him it was best he stay at Hogwarts this holiday while she dealt with the Ministry's holdings on their probation, did not mean that he wanted Granger of all people to think he shouldn't be alone on holidays! He had been alone on holidays before. "Your pity disgusts-"

"I obliviated my parents last summer so they would be safe." Hermione answered instead of being goaded into an argument by him. "They still don't remember me; they do at least remember their names at last…" Hermione swallowed, her voice slightly breaking at the end.

Draco this time had no response to Granger's out of the blue confession, instead he just stared down at Granger's figure that looked more vulnerable than ever, yet still so strong. He didn't know how the combination was possible, but when it came to Granger, nothing ever did make sense.

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When Roses Bloom Again

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