Light flooded into the darkness of the small Massachusetts basement, the door atop the stairs open slightly. Voices echoed through the halls, a small gathering occurring in the upper levels of the home. The door to the basement moved open by itself, allowing the hallway light to cast down the stairs onto the concrete floor.

"Are you sure we should be doing this?" A tired teenage boy whispered as footsteps started toward the door. Two figures made themselves known as they stepped into the light, glancing down into the basement.

"You want to know as much as I do," The young female with him responded as she trotted down the creaky stairs. "I'm not going to let this chance slip me by."

The young man followed behind her, sighing to himself as his feet hit the concrete floor. "Where would it be?" He asked with a hint of concern, fearing that they would be caught.

The girl, however, seemed determined as she searched. Her hands roamed through the desk on the far side of the room.

"It wouldn't be in the desk," the boy insisted as he glanced across the dark basement. The flashlight in his hand flicked on when he pointed it to the corner of the room and slid his thumb forward. A small black trunk sat far from everything else in the room. "It would be in there."

A lock held the trunk lid in place, causing both teens to let out a huff. The girl's eyes narrowed before she pulled a stretched bobby-pin from her hair. Though she wasn't an expert at using the technique, she still managed pretty well in unlocking the small metal device. The top of the trunk quickly flew open, shocking the both of them and send them back a bit. Her eyes glanced over the contents of the trunk as the boy moved forward, shining the flashlight inside.

"That's it," the girl whispered gleefully as she reached for the aged book in the bottom. The book appeared to be a worn diary, donning the name 'Nathaniel Bishop' upon the front. "Everything we need is in here." She flipped the pages and looked upon them, searching through the countless incantations. Hesitating upon flipping to the next page, a large image caught her sight.

A woman and man stood upon the page, the woman shrouded in darkness and the man cascaded in light. Both stood in proud stances as they each held their identical weapon: an archer's bow.

Breaking concentration from the page, the flashlight reflected from a small silver locket and caught the two's attention. She leaned forward, taking the jewelry delicately into her hand, and ran her thumb over the front – removing the buildup of dust.

"'Ann Wildes'," She spoke up as she read the engraving upon the back. When she tried to open the locket, it refused to budge. Her eyebrows forced themselves together as she pulled at the item, her fingernails bending as they threatened to break. "It won't open…" She muttered as she sat with her legs crossed, the diary in her lap while she held the locket.

Another pair of footsteps started toward the basement door, forcing both teenagers away from their gaze on the locket. They were caught.

4 Weeks Later

Whitechapel High School

Laura Pierce stood at her locker, staring at her own reflection as she applied a light pink gloss onto her lips. She placed the wand back into the container and twisted it shut whilst rubbing her lips together. A hand on her shoulder caused her to jump, turning around to lock eyes with Matthew 'Rex' Parker. Rex smirked as Laura's cheeks went pink.

"Have you seen Bea?" Rex asked, leaning back against the locker beside Laura's.

Laura shrugged and grabbed her French book from the top row of her locker. "I cannot say that I have. Wasn't she supposed to be back last week?" Rex nodded in response and looked down the hallway, seeing Sarah standing with Ethan, Erica, and Benny.

"Summer Break ended and Bea's still not back, yet Sarah is?" Rex made a noise of displeasure before he followed in the direction of the vampires, seer, and spell-master. Laura nearly squealed in disagreement while she grabbed another book from her locker, slammed it shut, and sped after Rex.

Benny turned to greet the boy before his mouth dropped open, his eyes widened, and he let out a small noise in the back of his throat. "H-hi Rex." He gulped and frowned, looking away from the werewolf.

"Yeah, hey Benny." Rex cleared his throat and looked over the boy, feeling a small amount of pity. Rex directed his attention toward Ethan, "Have you seen anything recently? Bea and Darren still aren't back from their summer with Delilah."

Sarah offered Rex a smile as he looked at her through the corner of his eye. Ethan looked from Benny to Rex hesitantly, "Bea's not back yet?" Benny made another noise, this one sounding more like a whimper.

"What's wrong with Benny?" Sarah leaned over to Erica as she asked, hoping he wouldn't hear her. Erica merely shrugged in response and stared toward Rex, eyeing him up slowly.

"I haven't seen anything; I'll let you know if I do." Ethan told Rex before he gulped down the spit building up in his throat. Not that he'd admit it aloud, but Rex scared Ethan… a lot. It could've been from the Alpha Male dominance that Rex held over Ethan, what with being a werewolf and all.

"Thanks," Rex nodded toward Ethan before turning toward Benny. "Look Weir… I'm sorry about what happened." Rex went to pat Benny on the shoulder but Benny winced, thinking that Rex was going to hit him. Rex pulled his hand back slowly, giving the younger boy a questioning glance.

Laura offered the group a smile before she followed Rex down the hall, the both of them having the next class together. Erica watched after Rex, taking plenty of time in watching him walk away.

Sarah couldn't help herself as the urge persisted, "What happened?"

"Bea and Darren went to Salem with Delilah to-" Ethan had started to speak before Sarah hushed him, raising the palm of her hand to him as a sign to be quiet.

"Not what I meant, Ethan." Sarah crossed her arms and looked at Benny, "Benny, what happened?" The spark in Benny's eyes seemed to fade as he looked down to the ground, his hand moving to the back of his neck. He looked up to Sarah as he started to rub the back of his neck.

"Bea… she… kind of broke up with me." Benny attempted a smile but couldn't help it as the corners of his lips fell, watching as Sarah's happy smile broke.

Ethan looked awkward as he tried to look everywhere but Benny. There are moments in a friend's life that should never be brought up or remembered. Into the third week of break, Bea had broken up with Benny. Anyone that had seen the two afterward could tell that both were heartbroken. Ethan and Rex were unsure of why Bea had chosen to do so, but Benny had refused to explain and no amount of persuasion could make him talk. That night, Benny had lain on Ethan's couch with a mouthful of gummy bears and pizza, sobbing loudly.

Not that Benny knew but Bea had been in a similar situation. Bea had collapsed onto Laura, crying hard and questioning if it had been the right decision to make. No amount of comfort food could break the two out of the slump they were put into.

"Why did she…?" Sarah couldn't finish the question, knowing that Benny knew what she was aiming at – but she couldn't find the heart to say the words. Nothing had seemed wrong to those who had seen the relationship up close; Sarah was astounded at the fact that Bea had actually broken it off.

Benny winced and looked away from Sarah, "Now that, I'd rather not talk about." The school bell signaling class rang through the halls. Benny perked back up, putting a smile back onto his face. "First day of class and I've got pre-Calculus, so adios." Benny saluted toward his group of friends and made his way toward his class.

Sarah turned her attention to Ethan, the seer simply shrugging, "He wouldn't even tell me."

"Couldn't you have seen it about to happen?" Sarah pondered, crossing her arms as she fully turned to Ethan. Ethan shut his locker, his backpack now placed upon his shoulder.

"It doesn't work like that, Sarah." Ethan offered her a smile before it faltered. "But from what Laura told me, Bea was pretty torn up about it." Ethan lifted his hand as he shrugged, insinuating that he knew no more before he started toward his classroom.

Sarah sighed in defeat before turning to Erica, "I guess I'll have to ask Bea herself when she gets back."

Erica looked rolled her eyes and crossed her arms, "If she comes back." Sarah gave Erica a disbelieving look. "What? You almost didn't come back and you know it!" Erica insisted, uncrossing her arms and standing up straighter. "I wouldn't blame her either. She cut off the baggage before she left so there's nothing here for her anymore; it's just boring old Whitechapel."

"Bea wouldn't do that, Erica." Sarah stated calmly.

Erica merely rolled her eyes once more, "Bea also wouldn't break up with her one true love." Erica smirked, "Whoops… she did." She shrugged again and slid her hands into the back pockets of her jeans, "Anyway, it's not the torn romance you should be worried about. After all, Ethan is being singled out by the council."

"Which is why we need all the help we can get," Sarah retorted before her face seemed to change from confusion to victory. "Laura!"


Laura's eyes started to droop in class at the introduction to the syllabus. Each syllabus practically stated the exact same thing, causing each student to attempt to pay attention – but still lose interest.

The cellphone in Laura's pocket vibrated twice, signaling a new text message. Laura quickly pulled the phone from her pocked, thinking, or more so – hoping, that the message was from either Bea or Darren. A frown developed as Laura saw that it was not, in fact, from Bea or Darren – but Sarah.

'We need you to get ahold of Bea, you're the only one who can get her back here to help us. Ethan is in trouble with the vampire council.' The message read at the top that it was from Sarah. Laura sat the phone on her lap and rubbed her temples, looking down at the message. Would Bea actually listen to her?

"I hope that the message is important enough to be ignoring the syllabus, Miss Pierce." The stern male teacher huffed toward Laura as he stuffed the thick pages under his arm.

Laura looked up to the teacher, her face showing no embarrassment. "It's actually an emergency, excuse me." Laura picked the phone up from her lap and nearly ran from the room after leaving her seat.

Laura stopped once she reached the end of the hallway, pressing the familiar numbers into her phone before pressing call. Once the phone touched her ear, she started to bite the corner of her thumbnail – praying that her friend would answer.

After the sixth ring, Laura was met with Bea's voicemail.

"Hey, this is- well, I guess you already know that otherwise you wouldn't be calling in the first place. Uhm, I guess just leave a message?"

"I swear to all that is holy, Beatrice Eirene Dwyer, if you do not get your ass back in Whitechapel that I will be the one to end your life! Ethan needs your help. There's a council and they're after him – I guess they think he's a hunter or something… Look, Bea – we need you back." Laura was stopped at the dreaded sound that signaled the end of the message. "Don't do this to us, Bea." Laura finally whispered as she placed her phone back into her pocket.


Sarah couldn't believe what she was hearing. The council didn't believe her and they were planning on eating the mortals. Not to mention that Bea was still unheard of. Even Rex was more of a threat to the council at this point, but no one could get ahold of him either.

Laura, being the loyal one she is, stood aside Rory and Sarah in fear. Her main defense was the small amount of magic she could wield; though not even that could help her against ancient vampires. Laura's eyes glanced over the four vampires that sat at the council, all of them straight faced and dressed formally. She couldn't believe her ears; the council was actually considering taking a vote to allow them to live.

A green mist slipped in behind the group, going unnoticed by nearly everyone in the room. When the young council leader went take the last vote, the well-dressed vampire aside tried to kill her. Laura now understood what they were referring to when they talked of 'the Breath of Death'.

"Uh-uh, we can't let that happen now, can we?" A deep voice stated from the door. Laura started to grin in delight, watching as the young man stepped into the large room.

Darren lifted his hand, forcing a thick, black shield between the two vampires, keeping them separated. The group turned to look at him, aside from the two vampires who were caught in the tussle. Darren seemed to have grown more in height over the summer, his skin lightly tanned from the summer sun. His muscle depth seemed to have expanded as well and his hair had grown out a little longer.

"Why does it always have to be vampires!" Another voice nearly groaned from the entrance, her brown eyes glaring into the room.

"Bea!" Laura shouted, looking to her friend with a broad grin.

Bea's eyes softened at the sight of Laura, but she continued to turn her attention over to the council. "Great," she mumbled under her breath as she walked forward.

Despite his attempts not to look at her, Benny couldn't help himself. He looked over her features and took in the ways that she had changed over the summer. Bea had grown her hair out longer and had now acquired bangs; the main shock went to its color, now being back to the bright natural blonde it once was. Her skin had gained a light glow from being out in the sun, only being tanned ever so lightly.

Bea moved her hand forward, holding her palm toward the ceiling. She closed her eyes and started to move her fingers, hoping to get the rhythm correct. She smirked when she felt the warmth grow, an orb of light starting to grow in the palm of her hand. When she opened her eyes, the female vampire knew what was to happen. She dodged out of sight quickly while Bea threw the orb toward the possessed vampire. He started to screech while his skin burnt, the sun-like orb dispersing itself onto his body.

The green mist flew from his body toward the ceiling. Benny stood in awe at the sudden movement and the container in his hands remained closed. Ethan looked from the mist to Benny then to the container. He moved to open the device, ripping it from the grip that Benny had on it, and the mist flew toward it – becoming enclosed inside.

Darren's hand flicked sideways, causing the shield to engulf the vampire – removing the light from his body and leaving him unharmed. Darren dropped his hand and watched as the darkness moved toward the shadows in the room, where it would remain until he needed it again.

Bea took to Darren's side, her arms bent as her hands sat on her waist. Darren's arms simultaneously crossed as he watched the council with an impassive look upon his features.

One of the guards moved to take down the twins before the female vampire raised her hand, signaling for them to stop where they stand.

"This group is to be left alone," The young vampire stated calmly as she straightened out her dress. Bea looked down to the girl, a look of inquiry passing.

"That is not a decision to be made alo-" Another vampire had started before she looked toward his direction, her narrowed gaze set upon him.

She intertwined her fingers and looked from her fellow leaders toward the group, "They are under the protection of a force much greater than ours." Her eyes glazed over Darren's hands then Bea's. "Guards, show them the exit. I must speak with the others." She nodded toward the guards before turning her back.

Darren and Bea turned toward their friends, an identical look of guilt on both of their faces.

"I, uh… have some explaining to do, don't I?" Bea asked, trying her best at an innocent look.

I must apologize for the delay in getting this out! It took me many rewrites before I finally decided that it should be out already. I'm still not extremely happy with this, but I hope that I do my characters (and readers) justice.

I also hope that none of my readers hate me (or Bea) for this beginning. It was something that I had been planning to happen, so I feel that I have to apologize. Just remember - I always have to have happy endings (because that's how I am) and things will sort themselves out.

Here's hoping that all of you stick with me and Bea until the story-line picks up.