Anastasia stood in what the council referred to as the 'throne room', the fellow council members aside her with fearful looks on their faces. Her arms remained at her sides, her hands clenching around the heavy material of her velvet dress. She looked up to the one individual that remained stoic in front of her.

"I wasn't expecting a visit in person," Her voice waivered slightly, the fear cracking through as she stared at the overbearing man.

His cold gray eyes narrowed before he spoke, "I wasn't expecting a threat against the Bishop descendants."

"We meant no harm-" One of the council members had tried to speak up before the man clenched his large fist, glaring toward him.

Anastasia cleared her throat and turned her head quickly, causing her large earrings to shake and make a sound. "I promise you that we meant no harm." She looked to the ground, thinking that she had spoken out of place.

"Your promises mean nothing to me," He quipped harshly. "They meant nothing to me three-hundred years ago and they mean nothing to me now." He crossed his arms over the black blazer he was wearing, a large silver band on his ring finger making itself known.

His facial hair was thick and graying slightly, having used to be a dark shade of brown. His hair was long, reaching near his shoulders, and had a similar gray shade. He held an aura of power, easily outranking any of the vampires in the room.

"If any of your kind breaks the treaty that was made after the Trials, it is not me that you will have to deal with." He inhaled sharply, running a large hand down his aging face. "My children are vengeful and protective of what they have claimed to be theirs. The two will not hesitate in bringing destruction to all vrykolakas."

"We understand," Anastasia spoke in a low voice; she proceeded to gulp down the buildup of venom and saliva.

"Heed my warning, Anastasia; for if your kind does break the treaty, She will be coming for you and He will not be far behind." The man left the room in a bright flash of lightning, causing Anastasia to jump. A set of chills ran down her cold spine, her skin prickling slightly.

She recalled what had happened three-hundred and twenty years ago. There wasn't a day that went by when she didn't think of what had happened after the Salem Witch trials. The 'vrykolakas', as he had referred to them as, had nearly been wiped out for their crimes against humanity. Something that the inmortalium did best was protecting mortals – especially mortals that they have claimed their own.

Their leader's twin children had claimed the Bishop witches as their own. If either Bea or Darren had been harmed by a vampire, it could mean the end of their existence.


The familiar red shape of a Twizzler peeked out from the corner of Bea's lips, dangling past her chin as she frantically chewed. Her hands flipped through the Bishop family magic book as Benny sat aside her, his hands moving just as quickly through his own book.

"Remind me again why we're doing this?" Benny asked as he grabbed a Twizzler from the bag on the coffee table in front of them.

Bea shrugged in response and continued to search, "For fun." Benny gave her a disbelieving look so she scoffed and pointed to a page with her bright yellow fingernail. "This is why!"

She hurried her legs into a crisscrossed position and sat the book in her lap. Benny closed his own book and sat it on the table in front of them, turning to look at the excited blonde girl.

"Are you sure we should be doing this?"

Bea gasped and then shut her mouth, narrowing her eyes toward the young wizard. "'Should we be doing this?' Yes, positive. Now gimme!" Bea grabbed his hand, intertwining their fingers as she looked down to the book. The familiar spark shot through their fingertips when their hands met, causing matching small shivers up the both of their backs. She inhaled slowly and closed her eyes before slowly speaking out, "Pluvia."

The two shot apart as they felt the drops start to hit them, the sound of thunder racking through Benny's Grandma's house. Bea quickly closed her spell book and giggled, feeling the rain start to pelt down onto the couch.

"This is why!" Bea shouted to Benny over the sound of the rain hitting the hardwood floor. "Imagine what else we could do!"

The rain quickly stopped as soon as it had started. "It can also get Mother Nature very angry at the two of you," Benny's Grandma stated from the entrance way, her eyes hardened on the two teenagers. "It's not something that I would suggest doing often."

Bea huffed, her rain-drenched hair sticking to the sides of her face. She pushed a piece of the wet hair back behind her ear before nodding in the elder woman's direction. "Got it." Bea turned her head to look at Benny, his hair equally as soaked as her own. The tips were starting to curl and scrunch against his head.

"We won't do it again," Benny told her while Bea stood and started toward the kitchen, peeling the wet shirt from her body.

"Promise!" Bea shouted out to the living room, the sound of the fridge opening following. A soda can cracked open and Bea walked back out, sipping the orange soda from the can in her hand. Her t-shirt resided upon her shoulder, the white tank-top she wore clinging to the neon green bra she wore underneath.

She looked down, following Benny's eye line to her chest. A quick eye roll later, Bea started to heat up – her body, clothing, and hair drying quickly. She took another sip before wincing, swallowing the soda with a look of disgust. "It got warm," She gagged and sat the soda on the coffee table while making her way back to the couch.

"Pizza?" Benny asked, already having picked up the phone and dialing the number in.

Bea sighed, her shoulders relaxing back, "Only if it's Pizza Palace." She looked back to him to see him clearing the number he had dialed into the phone.

"Now it is."

Bea's lips slowly curled up into a smile, watching as Benny redialed a different number and placed the phone against his ear.


Laura frantically itched at her neck toward the silver chain of her locket. Small red marks appeared where she scratched, her nails digging into her skin easily. She was staring down at her computer screen, searching the internet for allergies to silver and other metals that could cause the odd itching.

Her cellphone's screen lit up, the name 'Dad' in bright black letters standing out against the blue background. Laura inhaled sharply and picked up the phone, her left hand still scratching away.

"Hello?" She moved the phone to her shoulder and tilted her head down, moving her right hand to scroll down through the webpage she landed on.

"Chinese for dinner?" The man's rough voice asked back. Laura rolled her eyes and smiled.

"Works for me." Laura adjusted her sitting position and closed her laptop. "When will you be home?" She started to pick at the lock on her necklace with her left hand.

She could sense her father shrugging, "Maybe in twenty, possibly twenty-five."

"Alright, see you when you get here." All she got in reply was a grunt and short "love you" before her father hung up.

Laura never took it to heart that her father was not a man of many words, and when he did speak – it was blunt. She was used to him and the way he acted. She could never recall a day when her father acted differently. Sometimes she thought it was due to her mom not being around, but other times she wondered what he would be like if she was around.

"Why won't you come off?" Laura groaned, tugging at the necklace chain in frustration. A small 'click' sounded and Laura looked down, noticing that the small locket had opened. Her interest was short-lived when the locket started to glow.

Laura let out a scream as she started to pull at the locket tighter, trying to remove the jewelry. "No, no, no! Get off!" Laura was mentally and physically freaking out as she abruptly stood, knocking her computer chair onto the floor. She finally succeeded in pulling the necklace from her neck, throwing it across the room at the wall.

She collapsed against the opposite wall, staring at the locket as the light stopped and it snapped close.


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