Safe and Sound

E/O Drabble challenge, word: pillow.

Summary: Sometimes you don't realize the value of something until it has been taken away. Tag to 1.18, Something Wicked

He marveled at the soft breathing beside him, up and down, marking the presence of the one thing he'd taken granted in his life, an obligation oftentimes, annoying and demanding like hell.

He shuddered, recalling the instant he'd realized that this wasn't about being dutiful, it was about love and trust and feeling responsible.

The image of the shtriga sucking the life out of his little brother was an endless loop painfully carved into his mind.

His fingers closed around the knife under his pillow, calming, comforting like the sound of Sammy's breath.

There wouldn't be a second failure.


A/N: Watching the first flashbacks to their childhood days I often had the impression that Dean was out of his depths (not that I blame him :) – and all of a sudden their relationship seemed changed. That's an idea what might have caused the change.