A/N: Li's point of view. I've been wondering what he might think of the somewhat skewed gender roles in Card Captor Sakura, so here's my take. Hee- hee, Li in a dress . . .

"Knight in Pink Satin"

I dance to my sword like a dervish possessed

Whirling and twirling and in satin dressed

I see you there, and you are the prince

Gorgeous and strange like I've never seen since

My hair turns golden like the lion's fur

The girl in the mirror- I am her!

And now you hold your sword in hand

Dispersing the justice of your special brand

For your star shines brighter than any other

Power that came from your father and mother

And you rescue me, for you are the prince

Lovely and strange like I've never seen since

And androgynous is the girl in armor

The sacred, the precious, the great Lady Sir

The shining prince, justice-possessed

And I look to you, in satin dressed

I am a man, but a princess to you

And you are the prince, dressed in bright blue

You hold the sword, for you are the blessed

And I am whirling and twirling and in satin dressed

A kiss from me; for that you'd die

Leave me, just the princess, alone to cry

But princess or not, I am what I am!

I'd follow you, and world be damned!

For I am the knight, in pink satin dressed

Who defends and stands by the one who is blessed

For princess-knights are brave and strong

They don't wait for their princes to come riding along

And I am your knight, in pink satin dressed!

And I will be with you, and we will be blessed!

So orders the princess, so swears the knight!

And I will be with you, and it will all be all right!

For I am the princess in pink satin dressed

And I am the knight who knows what is best

And you, my darling, you are the prince

Mystic and strange like I've never seen since

So bring on the dragons, bring on the tears

We'll be together for all of our years

For you are the prince, and the prince is blessed

By whirling and twirling while in satin dressed.