Thought I'd have some fun with my favourite couple as my other one is a bit serious. (Elena never turned by the way.)

Disclaimer: I do not own The Vampire Diaries nor any of the characters associated with the show.

Chapter 1

It had been six years since I last saw Stefan. Six years since I last saw Caroline. Six years since I had last been in Mystic Falls. Yet it felt like an eternity. Six years ago my boyfriend had threatened to drive me off Wickery Bridge and that's when I snapped. I finished my senior year at Mystic Falls High quietly and discreetly and then I left. I moved to the Big Apple and never looked back.

I turned my attention back to the card in my hand and read through the elegant script once more:

You are invited to the wedding of

Stefan Salvatore


Caroline Forbes

On September 23rd


The Boarding House

2 pm

I had to pinch myself to test if I was awake. I knew they had been seeing each other for more than four years now; it was not as if I hadn't spoken to ANYONE. Bonnie called often and would visit me every now and then. Matt called once in a while to check up and I saw Jeremy and Alaric at Christmas and such when they drove down to visit. I picked up the letter that had come with the invitation in the envelope. Its elegant script matched that of the invite:

Elena, I know it has been a while since we last spoke (only a while?) but I do wish that you would come. The day would not mean the same without you. I would like you to be one of my bridesmaids, with Bonnie. You'd be wearing purple and you'd look lovely in it. I do hope that you will come. There is a room at the boarding house with your name on it – it will be waiting for you from the 5th (I need help to choose my dress and to plan and who is better than that at you?) And Bonnie, Rebekah, Tyler, Matt and Damon will all be staying here too. It can be like old times again … without the whole … well yeah.

I completely understand if you don't wish to come, but it would mean the world to me if you did.

Caroline xxx

How could I say no? She laid the guilt on so thick that I felt bad for even approaching the topic of not going. I suppose it would be nice to be there again and to see everyone. I miss my home, Mystic Falls will always be my home, and I miss my family. Perhaps this will be a good thing. They always say that weddings bring people together; or is it tears them apart?

I though suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks. Damon! I hadn't seen him since the day I packed my car to come here. I can still see him standing on the porch leaning against the doorframe as I shut the boot and climbed into the front seat. He didn't say a word but had given me a chaste kiss on the cheek to say goodbye. I knew that he understood why I had to do this. I learnt it from the best. At first I used to get the odd text from him – usually it entailed some form of humour and sarcasm, but those had come to a slow halt these past two years. I hadn't had one for months. I guess now I knew why.

I looked back at the invitation and picked up my cell before I could change my mind. Caroline picked up.


"Elena? Elena! Oh did you get the invitation? Are you coming? Please say that you are? But don't worry, I completely understand if you-"

I interrupted her before the seed of doubt could be planted, "Yes, I'll be there, Care."

"Oh that's so great!" I could practically hear her tearing up. I heard her shout to someone in the background (probably everybody else who had gathered to hear the verdict) "She's coming!"

"So when will you be here?"

"I will try and get there by the 8th."

"That's perfect." There was a brief, but comfortable silence. "I miss you."

"I know Care. I've missed you too."

That night I sat at the old mahogany desk in my small, open plan apartment and emailed my boss to get leave from the publishing house, booked my plane tickets and notified my land lady.

I was going home.