Johnny didn't like to sleep. In fact, he loathed it with every fiber of his being.

Being unaware and basically helpless was bad enough, but when he was asleep he was also at the mercy of his dreams. Sometimes they wouldn't be so bad. Just trippy killing sprees, and things such as that. But usually- awful. Just awful. Nightmares you wouldn't believe, the kind you desperatley want to wake up from. But your body is so exhausted it refuses to listen. So needless to say, he went as long as he could without it

Unfortunatley, his body was of the human nature, and as much as he hated it, his body would eventually overshadow his mind, and he would pass out where he was.

This would leave him in the most awkward, uncomfortable postitions. Sometimes half hanging off the sink in the bathroom while he was trying to clean the blood off his saw. Other times when he was sitting on a crate in the basement, pinning back some guys skin. More often than not he'd wake up feeling worse than before.

Lately though, he'd been waking up in his 'bed'. It wasn't really a bed, just some pillows and blankets that Edgar had gotten from god knows where, which he piled up in one of the few remotely clean, non-bloodied rooms of the house. Nny wasn't really sure why the man hadn't left. After all, he had nearly been ripped apart by one of his many machines.

Lucky for Edgar, right before Nny pulled the switch to set it all off, the screaming doorbell went off, and Nny raised up the stairs, apparently forgetting about Edgar. A pushy door-to-door salesman had been enough to satisfy the bloody wall, and it wasn't until hours later when Nny happened to glance through the door, did he realize his originally intended victim was still 'hanging around' if you will.

Of course he let nearly the only person he'd ever been remotely friendly with go, and left the room, assuming Edgar would hit the road.

But he didn't. And he was still here.

Johnny suspected that whenever Edgar happened upon him curled up on the floor, or wherever, he would untangle Nny's gangly limbs and carry him off to bed.

He supposed he couldn't really complain, after all the blankets were decidely more confortable than the bare floor.