an unfortunate accident

"Well bless my soul what's wrong with me" Jesse sang as he made himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, dancing at the same time "I'm itching like a man on a fuzzy tree, my friends say I'm acting wild as a bug, I'm in love, I'm all shook up, ooh ooh yeah, I'm all shook up." After he finished making his sandwich, Jesse danced into the living room, humming All shook up by Elvis presley just as the front door opened and Danny and the girls came walking in after being on a shopping trip.

"I wasn't expecting you guys back yet" Jesse pointed out.

" It was getting really busy down at the mall and it was getting pretty crazy down there due to sales so we had to get out of there" Danny replied as his four year old daughter, Michelle came walking towards Jesse clutching what looked like a stuffed doll.

"Hello Shorty, what's that you got there?" Jesse asked, picking heru p off the floor.

"This is Polly the Dolly, daddy got me her from the toy shop"Michelle replied, showing the stuffed doll off " daddy bought us all something each, DJ got some new earring and Stephie got a new barbie." The two older girls then showed off what they had bought from their shopping trip and Stephanie said that it was a reward for good behaviour. Jesse then set Michelle down on the ground and suggested that she should introduce Polly to her other dolls and toys.

"You got it dude" little Michelle said, giving Jesse thumbs up before running upstairs to her room. When she got there, she introduced Polly to all her other toys, including Mr. piggy.

"Polly is our new family member an you got to be really nice to her otherwise you'll be in big trouble mister" Michelle said to the stuffed pig before talking to her new doll "what was that, you wnat a bubble bath, ok then you can have a bubble bath." Michelle then walked towards the bathroom and began to fill the bathtub before taking the dolls clothes off.

"You're going to love this bubble bath Polly, you can use my big bird bubble bath" she said " it's my special bubble bath but you can use it because you're my best friend and best friends share." Michelle then tossed the doll into the bath as it filled with water and then attempted to reach over the bathtub to reach her big bird bubble bath.

Meanwhile, Stephanie was sat in the kitchen, eating a cupcake and drinking a glass of milk when DJ's friend and their next door neighbour, Kimmy Gibbler walked into the kitchen without even knocking.

"You know we have a little thing that is simply known as knocking if you want to come in" Stephanie told her.

"Chill squirt" Kimmy told her before shouting DJ who came running down the stairs a couple of seconds later.

"Hey Kimmy, what are you doing here?" she asked.

"I'm thinking about throwing a house party on saturday because my parents are off for a romantic weekend away and I need your help to discuss what we should do and who we should invite" Kimmy informed.

"Wouldn't your parents be mad if they found out that you threw a house party whilst they were away?" Stephanie aksed curiously.

"Chill out Steph, they said I could have a few friends round, but they didn't say anything about not throwing a party" Kimmy replied with a smirk before she and DJ headed upstairs to discuss the house party just as Danny came walking into the kitchen.

" Dad, what would you do if I decided to throw a house party if you went away for the weekend?" Stehpanie asked.

"Why do you ask that honey?" Danny asked the eight year old who pointed out that Kimmy was planning on having a house party and that she and DJ had gone upstairs to plan it out.

"Oh I see" Danny said "and are they're going to be any boys at this party?"

"I'm not sure, she didn't say" Stephanie replied with a shrug "but seeing as it's going to be a teenager party then I'm guessing that they will be boys there."

"Right" Danny said before heading upstairs and into DJ and Stephanie's room to find the two girls sitting on DJ's bed, discussing the party.

" And I thought we could get some cream flavoured tortilla dip in too" Kimmy suggested before Danny intteruppted them.

"Oh, Hi Dad" DJ replied.

"Afternoon Mr.T" Kimmy replied with a grin.

"Dad, Kimmy's having a party on Saturday, would it be ok if I went?" DJ asked.

"I know she's having a party, Stephanie told me" Danny replied "but iti sn't going to be a wild party is it?"

"Mr. T, what do you take me for, it's just going to be me, DJ and a few other girls from our class with some munchies and a few soppy romantic movies, no boys what so ever" Kimmy said, acting all innocent before DJ asked Danny if it was ok for her to go.

"Ok, but if it get's out of hand, then come straight home" Danny said before leaving the room.

"Boy that was easy"Kimmy said after heh ad left the room.

"What was?" DJ aksed.

"Pretending that I was having just a little party, get real, I've already invited hundred other people from school, including lots of boys and it's going to be the best party ever" Kimmy explained.

"Well if my dad finds out then I'm in big trouble" DJ pointed out "now I have to go to the bathroom." She then got up from her bed and headed to the bathroom where she heard something which sounded like the tap running and walked into the bathroom to see who had laft the tap running, guessing it was probably Michelle playing with the water again.

"Michelle, are you in there?" DJ asked as she walked into the bathroom and what she saw gave her a huge turn. The bath tub was filling with water and Michelle was floating in the bathtub, face down with her new stuffed doll floating next to her.