Danny arrested

Danny watched helplessly as the doctors surrounded Michelle, attempting to stop her convulsions and he was begining to pray that one of them wouldn't come out and tell him that Michelle had lost her fight for life, he couldn't bare it if he had lost his little baby. He had been waiting for about ten minutes when a doctor came out of the room where Michelle was and Danny jumped up, asking what was happening with Michelle.

"Well she suffered a very violent seizure which was caused by the swelling in her brain" he explained as Danny threw his hand over his mouth "we managed to stop it but it may have made things worse so we'll need to keep a very close eye on her because if she has another seizure, there is the chance that she may not survive." Danny nodded as the doctor told him of Michelle's fate before telling him that he needed to inform the rest of the family about what had just happened with Michelle and when he did, they were really horrified.

"What caused it though?" Joey asked.

"They said it was caused by the swelling in her brain and that if she has another one, it may kill her" Danny explained as the rest of the family gasped.

"They did manage to stop it though?" Becki asked.

"Yes but they need to monitor her very very closely now to make sure she doesn't have another one" Danny explained "listen why don't you guys head off home, I'm gonna spend some more time with Michelle."

"Are you sure?" Jesse asked "you don't want one of us to stay with you."

"No, I'll be fine, I'll come back home later" Danny replied and as the rest of the familyl eft, Danny went back to Michelle's room to see his little girl in the same condition as she had been since yesterday and he walked over to her bed before sitting in the chair next to it.

"You gave daddy a pretty big scare there " he said as he held her hand "I thought I was going to lose you and I don't want to." He felt stupid having a conversation with a comatose child because he knew that she wouldn't be able to hear him and wouldn't be able to respond, but it made hope that one day his voice will help bring her out of her coma.

"I hope you're going to wake up" he whispered to her before raising his head to the ceiling, closing his eyes and whispering to himself "please don't take my baby away, you all ready took my wife but don't take my little girl away." He then lowered his head and opened his eyes, watching as his little girl still lay unconcious in the hospital bed with her chest rising and falling with the help of the life support machine she was hooked up to. Growing tired, Danny allowed his eyes to close and he nodded off for a little bit until he was woken up by a very familiar voice.

"Daddy, daddy." Danny slowly opened his eyes and what he saw gave him the biggest shock of his life because there right in front of him was Michelle, wide awake, smiling at him.

"Michelle?" he asked, totally confused. How long had he been asleep for, had Michelle come round when he was sleeping and why was she walking around, he knew that if someone had just come out of a coma, they'd be really groggy and not able to walk around.

"Of course it's me daddy" Michelle giggled, there was something very strange about her, her voice sounded all angel like and she was surrouned by a light glow "guess what daddy, I saw mommy and I she's going to take me up to heaven to live with her."

"What are you talking about?" Danny asked "mommy died. I think you're confused darling, you should lie back down, you've been in a coma and you might be delirious." Just then, a Doctor came walking into the room and put a hand on Danny's shoulder.

"I'm so sorry Mr. Tanner I have some bad news for you" he stated " while you were sleeping, Michelle sadly passed away, she was unable to fight any longer so she just stopped breathing, we tried to bring her back but it was too late, she was already gone." It then hit Danny like a tonne of bricks as he looked at Michelle's empty bed and he realized that it was Michelle's ghost who he had just seen. he looked over at her and saw her waving.

"Good bye daddy, I love you, don't forgot me" her ghostly voice said as she waved, vanishing from sight.

"No, Michelle, don't leave me, Michelle, MICHEEELLLLLEEEEE" Danny yelled before he woke up for a second time to find Michelle still laying unconcious and realized that it had only been a dream.

"Oh my god that was a very unpleasant dream" he sighed before looking at his watch to see that it gone past midnight and realized he must have been sleeping for hours so he decided to head back home.

"I'll see you soon honey" he whispered as he gave Michelle a kiss on the forehead before leaving the hospital. When he finallya rrived home, he saw a Police car outisde his house and when he entered he discovered that the whole family was up and in the room with them were two Police officers.

"What the hell is going on here?" he asked.

"Mr. Tanner we came over here earlier to carry out an investigation in your bathroom where your daughter's accident took place and we found you finger prints all over the big bird bubble bath" one of the officer's informed " now your oldest daughter stated in her interview that Michelle must have knocked it off the window sill when she slipped and fell in the bathtub, but we din't find anyone else's finger prints just yours."

"Well of course it's got his finger prints on it, he has been using it to put bubbles in the bath for Michelle but that doesn't mean he did anything" Joey pointed out but the Ofiicer nodded at his colleuge who walked over to Danny and held his hands behind his back.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Daniel Tanner, I'm arresting you on suspicion of attempted murder, you don't have to say anything but anything you do say may be given as evidence against you in court" the Officer stated before Danny was led away in handcuffs out the door.

"No" Stephanie screamed as she ran out the house to see Danny being put into the Police car and she ran over, crying hysterically " you can't take him away, he didn't do anything, he didn't try to drown Michelle, he'd never do anything like that, please don't take him away." The back seat door was shut and Danny watched helplessly as Stephanie begged and pleaded with the two officers to let him go, that he hadn't done anything wrong but they ignored her and got in the car before driving off. Danny looked out of the rear window to see Stephanie chasing after the car, only to be stopped by Becki who pulled her into a hug, calming her down.

"It's just not fair, dad hasn't done anything wrong" she sobbed.

"I know honey I know" Becki said " but we are going to prove to them that he didn't try to drown Michelle, that it was nothing but an acciddent."

"How are we going to do that?" Stephanie asked.

"Well if Michelle wakes up, she might be able to tell them that she fell and wasn't pushed" Becki replied.

"But what if she doesn't wake up, what if she dies?" Stephanie asked, tears falling rapidly down her face " I already lost a mom, now it looks like I could lose a sister and a dad."