DaichiKingOfSleep: Hi to all the little people of sleep land. It is I your wonderful ruler! I come with a gift. My first story! Yaaaay!

Ollie: Sorry 'bout that. Someone (Christian) gave him sugar.

Christian: Sorry I didn't know that he would go crazy! :(

DKOS: Anyway! Ollie do the disclaimer!

Ollie: DKOS does NOT own Dance Academy or any of it characters! So please don't sue! :)

DKOS: Thanks Ollie! Now on with the story!

#_#_#_#_#_Ollie's Dream#_#_#_#_#_

Sammi reached over and grabbed Ollie's the music played, they danced and danced. Suddenly, Sammi started crying, "Why Ollie? Was I not good enough for you? I only was trying to help you and what do you do? You pushed me away! I loved you Ollie! I really did!". Ollie's looked at Sammi with tears in his eyes. "No. I know you still love me!I know you do," Ollie pleaded with shook his head, as more tears fell from his face, "I did once Ollie, but you were alway's saying how bad of a dancer I was, or how much I sucked at dancing, or how I didn't deserve to be in the Prix de Fonteyn!". Sammi cried as he faded away, "Good-bye, have a nice life."

Ollie awoke, with a sharp pain in his chest. Christian, who was in the bed next to Ollie's, looked at Ollie, "Ollie, are you okay?".Ollie was in tears on his bed, "Sammi! Sammi! I'm sorry! Sammi, I never meant anything I said! Please forgive me Sammi! Please!". Christian got up and pulled Ollie into a hug, "It's okay knew you didn't mean , I know it's hard now but it will get better.". Christian stayed up all night with Ollie until he fell asleep.