Chapter One.

"You seriously can't want to go?" André asked as he loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top of his shirt. "I mean in your condition –"

"Don't start preaching, André."

He watched her pack things into various cases. "The whole event is a month long; you'll still be there when…"

"I've said I'm going and you need to stop trying to throw obstacles in my path." Tori threw some clothes into the bag.

A twinge shot across her swollen stomach, her hands jerked instantly to it.

"Are you okay?" André asked. His hands were suddenly on her shoulders.

She recovered and shook him off. "Don't touch me."

"You're still my wife."

She laughed, her hands running through her bronze hair. "Unfortunately. I swear you only play that line when it's convenient, André, because I'm not your wife when you're with the other girls."

"Don't be like this," he begged, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"You don't get to call the shots anymore, André. You lost my respect when you slept with half of New York."

André looked at her. "It was a mistake, okay?"

"Multiple mistakes that happened stop when I found out about them, right?" she shouted.

"Don't say it like that," he sighed.

"How else can you say it, André?"

He didn't look at her instead he stared at the floor.

"You really are a piece of work," Tori spat as she walked out of the room.

"Robbie! Robbie!" the crowd cheered as he entered the airport.

He smiled at them as he passed. He stopped occasionally to sign something or pose for a photograph.

"Robbie! I love you so much!" one girl grabbed his hand.

"Love you too, fan girl," he said with a wink which caused her to scream in response.

He continued walking until he boarded his private jet. His assistant, Lucy, sat across from him. She was a fierce woman who didn't often show weakness. She was the kind of assistant that managers sold their souls to hire.

"Robbie, why the heck are we going to Hollywood?"

"My old high school invited me to teach." He shrugged.

Lucy folded her arms. "Okay, sure. I'm all for charity. Now what's the real reason, Robert? Hm? We didn't fly to the states for your childhood best friend's wedding so what makes this so special?"

"I haven't spoken to any of my old friends for years."

"See? That wasn't difficult to admit, was it?" she asked sarcastically. Her British accent never failed to make Robbie smile.

"Are you sure Annie doesn't mind you coming with me?"

Lucy nodded. "She's happy she'll have the bathroom to herself for a change."

"Seriously, is it okay with her? I know it's your anniversary whilst we're there…"

"Robbie, I've been with the woman so long that one anniversary won't matter. We have one every year, she doesn't have a problem with it, I don't have a problem with it. You're the only one that has a problem with it so chill out about it."

She rolled her eyes and started editing the strict timetable that she had for after they'd landed in LA. Robbie glanced outside onto the tarmac and smiled to himself.

Lucy and her wife were the first people in England to help Robbie on his way to getting his chat show on the British television network. They acted like his parents; just he had two mothers instead of one. They were only in their thirties but they felt the need to look after Robbie. They were an odd couple, Lucy seemed to be too chaotic for Annie but she loved her. He'd been Lucy's best man at their wedding now it was all legal. Suddenly, he wished he'd gone to the series of weddings he'd been invited to. He wondered who had been Sam's best man, his childhood best friend, when Robbie hadn't been able to make it. He thought about Tori and André's wedding, were they upset he hadn't gone? Beck and Jade's was the only he'd been to but that was when they were still teenagers and before their careers had driven them all apart. He wondered if Cat had got married, he hadn't received an invite for hers if she had. Out of everyone she'd been the last person he'd seen, four years or so ago, though he tried not to remember that last meeting.

"So do you want me to assist in your lessons?" Lucy questioned, breaking the comfortable silence.

He shook his head. "I want you to have fun."

"Alone?" She raised her eyebrow. "Wow, Rob, you know how to throw a party don't you?"

He laughed. "Hey, Annie, get out here!"

"You didn't…" Lucy looked him bewildered.

Annie appeared from the front of the plane. She was smaller than Lucy so Lucy closed the gap faster than she did. "Robbie's paid for us to go on a road trip!"

The two girls started squealing and jumping around, at least until the pilot told them to get seated for the flight. Annie had a wad of leaflets she insisted on showing to her wife because she wanted to go to every single one.

Robbie looked over at them over the top of his first lesson plan and smiled again. They were brilliant and he'd miss them dearly.

The doorbell rang three times followed by frantic knocking.

"Beck, if this is one of your fans again that have managed to hop the security gates again, I will divorce you!" Jade screamed at the top of her lungs.

The nine-year-old twins sat on the floor laughed. Seth, the oldest of the pair by five minutes, was Beck's double. He had everything except Beck's eyes. He had Jade's sharp green ones. He was brilliant at acting but he loved music. Their daughter, Blaise, looked like Jade except for the brown mop of perfect hair that came from her father. She constantly sang so they'd put on shows together and perform songs that she'd written instead of doing her homework.

Beck appeared holding one of Jade's latest scripts. "I cannot be held responsible for how brilliantly talented I am, babe."

"I swear you have the world's craziest fans," Jade sighed, walking over to the door.

He followed her then kissed her forehead. "But I married my greatest fan."

"Oh, I'd love to meet her," Jade grinned evilly.

A dramatic sigh came from the floor where the twins were sat.

"Mom, you need to answer the door." Seth rolled his eyes, shaking his head at his sister who was equally as unimpressed by their parents.

"I'm not that old yet, Seth," Jade said sarcastically. Everybody had expected the love struck teenager thing to have subsided by after so long together but it hadn't much to their crazier fans' disappointment.

Jade turned away from Beck and opened the door ready to protect herself. But she didn't have to from the smaller redheaded girl.

"Cat?" she said, bemused. "How did you get passed the security system?"

"Hey! I just thought I'd stop by, you know, because of the teaching programme…" the red head trailed off as she realised Jade was stood wide eyed, not moving.

"Cat," Jade embraced the girl. "I haven't seen you in years."

Over Cat's shoulder, she saw the small person who had hidden behind Cat's legs. Jade pulled away and frowned. "You know when we've spoken on the phone, was there something you forgot to mention?"

Cat turned around and saw what had confused Jade.

"Mommy, who is that? Is this Auntie Jade?" the little girl clutched Cat's dress with one hand and a bear with the other.

"This is Evanna," she smiled as she spoke. "Evie, this is your Aunt Jade."

Jade bent down to be on Evanna's level. "Hey, sweetie. This must be a little scary, right? But we're not scary, I promise."

Jade looked over her shoulder and called the twins over.

"These are my kids, Blaise and Seth. They're nine, how old are you?"

The small brunette glanced up at Cat before replying. "Four."

"Four? That's a good age to be." Jade sounded excited for the purpose of talking to her. "Would you like to play? We have a music room and the twins' have some really cool toys to show you."

Evie took Blaise's outstretched hand. "We were about to go write a new song, want to come?"

She nodded and followed the twins down the hallway off of the lounge.

Cat stood on the porch and tried to avoid Jade's gaze. "You've got a nice house, Jadey."

"Don't Jadey me, Caterina. Get inside," she said in a cold tone.

She did as she was told and Jade slammed the door shut which brought Beck back into the living room. When Cat finally summoned the courage to look at her best friend, Jade had her arms folded firmly over her stomach.

"You've got some explaining to do, Cat." Jade said. "I've missed you."

"Cat! I've missed you so much!" Beck ran towards the red head, hugging her tightly. "You should have come to visit sooner!"

"I was going to but you know how theatres are, I couldn't get the time off!" Cat laughed, looking around the large house.

"I also wished you'd mentioned that you had a daughter…" Jade said sarcastically.

"Daughter?" Beck said in the same confused tone Jade had. "Kitten?"

Cat looked at them both guiltily. "Where's Evanna? She can't hear what I've got to tell you."

"They'll be in the music room down the hall," Jade said and gestured for Cat to sit down.

"Right," Cat nodded. "She's a good singer."

"She must get that from her mommy." Beck smiled as he sat down.

Cat looked down at the cream carpet.

Jade took Cat's hand. "What is it?"

"Evanna isn't my daughter."

André watched his wife pack the remainder of her things.

"Don't you think that's a little extreme for a month's trip?"

Tori shot him a warning look. "No."

"You've packed your entire wardrobe."


André shook his head. "The car will be rammed."

"I'm flying, the doctor gave me clearance."

"Since when?"

She looked at him. "Since I've decided I'm not coming back to New York."

"What? But we live here, Tori!"

"You wanted to live here. I followed you because I felt I had to. My singing career is better in LA. I'm sick of flying back and forth to record stuff."

He sighed. "What about my career?"

"You've got offers based in Hollywood. Take one of those. You can write songs anywhere, André."

"I thought you wanted to have the baby here."

She shook her head. "I want to have him in LA where I have people I care about."

"We have a life here, Tori."

"No, André. We don't, you do. Maybe it's time you stopped running from whatever happened in LA all those years ago."

This is my new story! Set 10 years later. I had some ideas and yeah. This is what happened.


Love always, Chasing Midnight.

(Haha, I'm editing and doing a bit of reflecting on my 15 year old self. This is funny.)