Chrono Trigger and all characters in this story, unless otherwise mentioned, are property of Squaresoft, Inc. Jimmy, the sustitute Entity, is property of me, Red Mage. This is my first fanfic I bothered to publish yet, so reviews are welcome. If you didn't like it, at least tell why.

A. D. 2101

Jimmy really was excited about his newfound powers . His uncle, the Entity, left him in charge of the space-time continuum while he was off on a business meeting with the Narrator and the DM. Jimmy certainly was ready to wreck havoc on the very fabric of the universe, but first he was going to vegetate in front of his uncle's twenty-foot-wide TV screen.

Jimmy turned on the TV and switched it to the channel his favorite anime was supposed to be on. However, in its place was some stupid reality show about people living together. Disgusted, he turned the TV to station that had another good anime on. This, too, was replaced by a reality show that was clearly ripped off the first one. For a moment, Jimmy considered going back in time and killing the ancestors of the people who created reality shows. He could make a better reality show than this garbage.

That's it! He could make his own reality show. "Yeah. I'll take..." Jimmy took a big drink of soda, then kept on blurting out ideas. "Take people...from different time periods... and... force them to a specially created dome! Now that'll be some high-quality entertainment! But who to get..."

Jimmy suddenly glanced down at a history book, opened to a page about that spikey-haired hero and his friends that saved the world from Lavos about a hundred years ago. They would do. Jimmy used his powers to bring his Poyozo doll collection to life. He then gave them magical attacks and the power to tunnel through time, and ordered them to capture Crono and his friends, plus a few more people on his list, and bring them back here.