That morning, everything actually started out well. Lucca whipped up a breakfast of Hyper Sandwiches (an ingenious combination of Refresh Bread and Power Roast, if she did say so herself) and everyone, including the guest Erin, sat down at the table to eat, free of any disturbances. For a fangirl, Erin was pretty cool.

After breakfast, Jimmy announced it was time for the guest to depart. "I'll miss you!" Erin called as she stepped into the Gate back home. They would all miss her... kind of. Not enough to waste time thinking about it, but they would miss her.

Lucca sat at her desk, looking over her books. As she pulled out a nice thick volume on theoretical physics, Nu strolled into the room. What could he possibly want?

"May I borrow your computer for a while?"

"Be my guest. I'm going to read downstairs."

Nu stood in front of the computer. Now was the moment of truth. No further obstacles stood in his way. It was time to execute the plan he had been plotting so long. He accessed the e-mail and sent out message to all his allies: "Move!"

And so it was that the armies of Nu gathered in the forests north of Porre Dome. Among them were the Frog King and his army of frogs, Sir Krawlie and his army of frogs, Johnny and his four-strong army of robots, Noisten Bekkler and his army of Vicks, Wedge, and Piette, all five of his fans from the show, and a Kiwala. This Army of Nu would truly be spectacular.

"Now," Nu commanded his troops, "it's time to sack our first target. Due north!"

And it came to pass that the Army of Nu sacked the empty cabin in the Porrean wilderness. The frogs absconded with all the fishing equipment they could carry, then Nu ordered that the cabin be demolished "as an example." Of course, the trebuchets attracted the attention of both Guardia Central Command and Medina's military. In the shadow of Mount Denadoro, there amassed a Last Alliance of Men and Mystics to stand against this mysterious foe's forces.

As the television flickered on in the living room, Lucca braced herself for the challenge. However, Jimmy said something totally unexpected. "Well, something quite unexpected has happened. The army of a mysterious foe trying to conquer the world has just appeared north of Porre."

As everyone looked at the screen, Frog readied himself and the Masamune for battle. "Entity! Should not all of us partake in this battle?"

"Maybe." Jimmy took a sip of soda. "The enemy army outnumbers the humans and Mystics three-to-one. However, the humans and Mystics are on average twelve times more powerful than the enemy soldiers, so the odds are really four-to-one in favor of the humans. I already gave the humans a little bonus, so sit back and watch."

"How can we sit by while everyone else fights for the sake of the world?!" asked Marle indignantly.

"Just... watch. It's not hard." said the Entity as he sat back to watch the battle himself.

At the front of the army stood five characters. The Mystic's generals Ozzie XXXII, Jagger, and Axl stood ready to battle. Two humans stood with them, one clad in purple and sliver full plate mail from medieval times, while another stood wearing a suit of robotic battle armor. The Guardian commanders called them champions from the past.

Nu order a charge, and Sir Krawlie's army of warrior frogs charged Ozzie XXII's imp division. The two commanders locked in a vicious battle while the imps wasted the frogs with rocks and sticks.

The Frog King himself attacked the medieval-armored knight (who looked strangely familiar to Frog.) The King began by firing a laser at the knight, who dodged out of the way as quickly as his heavy armor would allow. The knight swung with the flat of his blade and smacked the laser from the hand of the Frog King.

The Frog King took his spear and attempted to impale his opponent in the head. The point aimed at the knight's forehead, but instead the tip of the spear became hung on the strangely-made visor. The amphibian combatant jerked the spear the other direction, taking with the helmet, revealing...

"Cyrus!" exclaimed Frog. "Sir Cyrus!"

"He lives? Impossible," Magus thought out loud even as he saw the man on the screen.

"Gack! Cyrus?" The Frog King hopped back. "You're dead!

"I was," said Sir Cyrus as he shook his brown-haired head. "But I got better. Prepare yourself... Nirvana Strike!" Cyrus jabbed the red short sword into his opponent's stomach three times faster than the eye could see, then finished by grabbing the spear from the Frog King's hands and snapping it in two.

"We're getting mowed down here," Johnny said smoothly to Nu over the radio. "We have Lode Shields. Can't we use them?"

"No! We cannot use them unless the Queen says it's okay! Attack!"

In retrospect, a head-on charge was a bad idea. The frog army was decimated when they ran into humans with laser cannons on the front, and when they tried to escape their retreat was cut off by Roly Rider cavalry. After Sir Krawlie fell, Johnny and his robots were captured by the Mystics, while Noisten Bekkler gave himself up without a fight. All in all, Nu's army was totally defeated.

The housemates watched as the battlefield disappeared and Jimmy's face returned. "Well, that was a nice movie, wasn't it? I'll be back in a few minutes with the challenge."

A few minutes later, the Nu was downstairs, and Jimmy began his description of the challenge. "Now, I know all of you can fight, but this contest is the for those who can look good doing it. Your challenge is to come up with a battle taunt, and the winner gets immunity."

"To assist me in my judging I have three impartial referees." Jimmy indicated the three people sitting a table behind him. The first was obviously Dalton, dressed in his trademark orange cape. The second was a tall man dressed in black, with long white hair than reminded one of Magus. The third wore a suit of silver armor along with a horned helmet and a purple cape.. "You have one minute to prepare, starting now."

Crono was first up. He lifted the sword into the air. "YAAAA!!!" The judges looked at each other, then held up a four, a six, and a five.

Crono sat down, and Marle stood up in his place. She cocked her crossbow, then sighted the TV screen. "That's it! You're gonna pay!" The judges sighed, then gave her a five, a five, and a three.

Lucca was up next. She aimed her gun at the screen. "When I'm done, someone's gonna have to defragment YOU!" The judges stared off into space and scratched their heads for a moment, then gave her the scores of five, six, and eight.

Frog went up next. He lifted the Masamune high and yelled his taunt. "Villain! I shall bury my steel in thine heart!" The second judge nodded, and he was given scores of five, eight, and six.

Schala stood up next. She never was very good at this... Well, what would her mother say? "You oppose me, weakling? I will show you the meaning of pain!" She was impressed with her own scores of seven, seven, and six.

Magus made up a good line one that he never got to use. How did it go again... "If the world is to be destroyed, so be it! If it is my fate to perish, I must simply laugh!" He was rather disappointed in only getting a seven, an eight, and a six.

Alfador walked in front of the TV. "Meow." He got a zero, a negative one, and a two.

Nu was the last one up. It's best to sound mysterious with one's threats... "I, Nu, will finish off your life." The first two judges burst out laughing, and he got the scores of two, two, and ten.

Jimmy walked back on screen. "With an average score of seven, Magus wins immunity. Voting's going to be around five. Adios, amigos!"

The old alliance met in Magus's room, and Frog, Magus, Lucca, and Schala all decided that Nu still needed to be voted off. They already had half the votes just in this alliance, so the four of them voting together were sure to get rid of Nu, so unless the other four all voted for the person, Nu was on his way out.

Finally, voting time came, and one again they were instructed to vote for anyone besides Magus and turn in their ballots. A Poyozo collected the ballots, and read them all off in the same annoying voice it always used.

"Nu. Nu. Nu. Nu. Nu. Frog. Nu. Schala."

"Well, it looks like bye-bye Nu. Any last words?"

"I enjoyed being part of all your zany antics and wacky hijinx. Well, I guess it's time to shove off."

"Magus, Black Hole!"

Magus spread his arms wide and the hole in space-time appeared in front of the Nu. "Wait, what is this?" said the Nu as the portal pulled him in. "I feel it! The infinite power of the Void..." The Nu's voice trailed off as the Black Hole closed.

"He's finally gone," said Schala.

"This calls for something," Marle said with a smile.

"Another party?" asked Magus.

"Aye," said Frog. "Let us celebrate!"

"Excuse me," said Jimmy. "I have a guest I'd like you all to meet..."

"Please no," Marle pleaded, but before she could say anything else, the front door swung open. Standing there was Spekkio, the Master of War.

"Ah, hello," said the giant blue creature. "Mind if I come in?"

"Well, he's a different story," said Magus. "Come on in, Spekkio."

In a puff of smoke, Spekkio appeared inside. "Well, I haven't see this pretty lady before," he said, looking at Schala. "That's some Shadow magic she's got! She could probably wipe the floor with me if I'm not careful."

Schala giggled. "Well, are we here to fight or party?"

"Party," said Spekkio. "Here, you all can have this. It's the Spekkio SHINDIG Set!" Spekkio waved arms, and a whole load of sodas appeared in front of him.

The party quickly became one sugar and caffeine-fueled insane bash. Frog told a joke about a number of people from Choras changing a lightbulb which caused Lucca and Crono to laugh maniacally. Magus decided to use some of Ozzie's old figurines of himself as target practice for Dark Bombs. Schala and Marle decided the Alfador Toss sounded like a fun game, and fortunately for Alfador cats usually land on their feet.

Around midnight, the sodas were long gone and the sugar buzzes began to go as well. Crono and Marle fell asleep in each others arms on the couch, and the two looked so sweet and innocent cuddled up together. It looked so cute, in fact, that Lucca couldn't resist putting the two into a more compromising (and horizontal) position. The four still up weren't feeling too fresh themselves, so they bid farewell to Spekkio (who turned out to be a killer breakdancer) and plodded upstairs to their beds where they quickly drifted off to sleep.

Jimmy was pleased. Today didn't bring in much romance aside from a little fluff, but that battle scene was amazing. Already Nu's attempted takeover was being called the biggest battle since The Big One. Anyway, after sitting back a while, it was time to get back to work. With the Nu gone, he couldn't depend on chaos to just happen anymore.

(Author's Note: Well, Nu's gone, at least for now. He was fun to write, and I felt he should go out with bang. Anyway, not much romance this chapter. Any advice, comments, criticism in a review would be appreciated. By the way, 100 reviews! Thanks everyone.)