"Ow." The Doctor gasped lowly, falling to the damp, dirty ground in pain. Bree turned on her heel to see her friend on the ground, trying his best to clutch at his hand in pain, while trying to keep the sacred object steady in his good hand. Walking over, she knelt down beside him, putting her own sacred object down on the ground, then slowly reached for his bad hand.

"Does it hurt?" She asked quietly, gingerly reaching for his hand. The Doctor let her take it.

"Yea. It burns." He mumbled, studying his hand as cars raced by. In the lamp light the pair could see his hand drenched in what looked like red liquid in the dim light. They continued to look over the hand for a moment before, and as gently as she could; Bree turned the Doctors hand over to look at his streaked palm.

Noticing the Time Lord wincing, she too winced before saying "I know, I have to say that's what happens when you run and not try to be careful."

The Doctor scoffed. "Sorry, but some of us can't run as sleek and smooth as a vampire." He stressed the last word, causing the girls face to go red.

"Vampire hybrid." She stressed her last word, slightly embarrassed at the accusation, as well as privately hurt that her closest friend was still disgusted at her hidden half side of her true nature, which wasn't her choice might she add.

The Doctor laughed darkly. "Right." Bree shut her eyes, and turned her head away slightly in pain, before turning back to take napkins out of her jeans pockets and start dabbing at the Doctors drenched hand. He winced again and stared guiltily, shyly, yet still slightly dark at Bree as she worked on his hand. "Thank you by the way." he said, looking up at her through his eyelashes. Bree never took her eyes off her work, just slightly nodding in response. "I'm sorry I insulted you." Still no response. So putting his precious capsule on the ground, he put his good hand under the young girls chin and lifted her face up gently just so their eyes met.

"Bree?" They stared at each other for a moment with a mixture of feeling before Bree looked back down at the Doctors burned hand, her eyelids heavy.

"Just be careful the next time you run across the street with hot chocolate okay?" She asked softly.