The city was lit up with fireworks and flashing monuments as the Stark Expo glowed in the city of Queens, New York. It was an event started by Howard Stark in the early years of Stark Industries, and Tony finally opened the newest Expo to the world. The whole world knew he was Iron Man now, and they loved it. Any time he would fly out across the ocean or through the city, it always made the news and it always captured attention everywhere, which Tony Stark loved. It wasn't as bad as he thought it would be, owning up to the identity of Iron Man, in fact it was almost the opposite to all his worries. Because of the Iron Man suit, Tony had managed to negotiate a peace treaty with all the major super powers in the world, and he felt he was making up for the wrong he had caused. He was proud to wear the suit.

"There's gonna be a lot of press there tonight Tony so behave yourself." Pepper warned as he walked around the back of the jet.

"When do I not behave myself? I'm offended." Tony walked around in the Iron Man suit, sans helmet.

"How rude of me." Pepper spoke sarcastically. "Now, a few more things we need to go over-"

"Pepper, c'mon we've gone through this for the past few days, I won't do anything stupid, and even if I do, it's my party." he shrugged. "Now, if you'll excuse me."

Pepper watched as Tony adjusted the Iron Man helmet and walked toward the jet opening at the back, rolling her eyes.

"Tony," she called out. "Don't just run off-"

"I've got a party to drop in to." he called back. "I'll see you there when you make it."


Pepper didn't even bother to call out any more once she noticed the back door opening, knowing what was next. Iron Man jumped carelessly from the the back of the jet, spiraling through the sky to the glowing arena below.

The crowd erupted in a cheer once Iron Man made his entrance into the arena through the open roof, striking quite the pose as his favourite song was blasted throughout the room. Flashes of gold and red filled the arena, mirroring the Iron Man colour scheme.

"Thank you! Thank you!" he cheered back to them, a smile on his lips, as the Iron Man suit was disassembled from him, leaving him in a nice suit. "Please, please." he ushered them.

Thousands of eyes in the room were all glued to him as he spoke, insisting this even was not about him, even though his name was plastered around the room. It was incredible how much power he ha over all of these people now, but not in an oppressive way. He had the ability to have his voice heard all around the world now, everyone was interested and craved to know more about Iron Man, although it had created numerous problems for him when it came to the government. They didn't approve, to say at the least.

"And now, I'd like to hand you over to my father, Howard Stark." Tony clapped as he walked off stage, a video playing of his late father and the creations that his mind had achieved.

Tony walked backstage to where Happy was standing, on guard, as his boss look completely unnerved by the fact that he had just addressed a crowd of over a thousand people, not to mention the international audience it was being broadcast to.

"Can't you just walk through the door like a normal person?" Rebecca's voice came from behind him.

"Where's the fun in that?" he pulled a face.

Rebecca laughed, making her way over. Since her ordeal with Obadiah six months ago, she had to undergo a knee reconstruction and was now back on crutches for the final week of her rehabilitation. It was annoying having to go through it all in such a long time, but it was worth it to not have the pain any more.

"Where's Pepper?" Happy asked, having not seen her all evening.

"She wasn't in on the parachute idea." Tony shrugged.

"No I wasn't." Pepper's voice came through the door to their side. "I'd much rather just walk through the door like any sane person would."

"Well that's just sad." Tony commented, earning a roll of the eyes from Pepper.

"This place is packed." Rebecca looked out the side to the crowd whose eyes were glued to the screen in front of them. "Easy thousand out there."

"Yeah." Tony smiled. "A lot of people like the Expo."

All three of them shared a look before Pepper spoke their thoughts.

"You mean they like Iron Man."

Tony frowned. "No, they like the expo. Iron Man just happened to be here."

Rebecca scoffed. "Yeah, right."

"Hey, you're coming out there with me soon." Tony reminded her. "So don't run off."

"Do I have to?" Rebecca whined. "You know I hate crowds, and that one out there is...beyond a crowd."

"Yes, you do." Tony nodded. "It's the Stark Expo. You're a Stark."

"Fine." she bit her lip.

Tony casually walked off as the three of them began talking once again, making his way to the men's room. It had become a habit now for Tony to check his blood toxicity level since he as discovered his arc reactor was not treating him so well. The palladium within the arc reactor was poisoning him slowly, becoming increasingly deadly. As he pricked his finger, he read the screen on the monitor, and he found his worries were growing.

Now that the most part of the speeches to the crowd was over and a brief preview of the Stark Industries newest inventions had occurred, it was finally time for the public to enjoy the party of the opening night festivities.

Downstairs was the VIP party, and that's exactly where they were all heading to next. Pepper and Rebecca took the elevator down to the bottom floor whereas Happy tried to calm the people down as Tony walked down the staircase being bombarded by adoring fans and young children with their Iron Man masks. Tony signed as many pictures for the kids as he could before he was being spoken to by a whole bunch of new people.

"How've you been Tony?" A man asked as he shook his hand, acting as if they knew each other although Tony couldn't recall.

"Hey Tony," A beautiful woman walked past, not-to-subtly brushing herself against his body as she made her way past, handing him a number. "Call me."

Tony smiled back at her and then handed the number to Happy instead. "Merry Christmas."

The amount of strangers that Tony pretended to know was overwhelming, so he made his way through the crowd quicker and he soon found Rebecca talking with a reporter.

"Do you think your Grandfather Howard would be proud of the newest Stark Expo? How would he feel about your dad following his dreams of this event?" The reporter held out the microphone.

Rebecca didn't know her grandfather, she wasn't even alive to have that opportunity, she had missed out on grandparents completely, so to answer this question she had no option but to improvise.

"I think my grandfather would be proud of my father. The Stark Expo is a huge dream for my family and it's wonderful to finally live it for myself. I'm very proud of my father for what he's accomplished and I just hope one day I can make him equally proud."

Rebecca thought that was a reasonable answer, skimming over what they wanted to hear in order to avoid the question again.

''Isn't that sweet?" Tony wrapped his arm around her shoulder and kissed her cheek. "She's already made me proud, she an amazing daughter."

"Can we get a photo of you two?" the reporter's camera man pointed a lens toward them.

"Sure." Tony smiled, pulling Rebecca close to his side to pose for the camera. Rebecca stood proudly next to her father, a genuine smile on her lips as the camera flashed.

"Hey I lost you back there." Pepper appeared next to Rebecca as she walked away from the cameras and into the party again.

"Sorry, these people swarm." Rebecca laughed.

"Oh yeah, I know." Pepper agreed.

Tony had no idea how long he had been walking around the same crowd of people downstairs, just going around in circles as people called his name and wanted to talk with him. When he reached the same person he has spoken to twice now, he knew it was time to leave.

"Washington? As in...Washington DC?" Rebecca asked as they made their way to the car downstairs. "Tonight?"

Tony nodded. "Right now, actually."

As they walked further, they spotted Happy standing near the driver side door of one of Tony's favourite sports cars. "I don't know-"

"I'm driving." Tony held his hand out for Happy to toss him the keys.

Happy frowned and threw the keys to his boss, making his way over to the passenger side door. Tony had a rather unexpected visit previously in the evening, a woman informing him that his presence was needed in Washington to speak with Senator Stern, and so they were on their way.

"I thought you sorted all of that out." Rebecca spoke.

"I did...well, I thought it was sorted."

Tony stood at the back of the car, leaning on it as he spoke to Rebecca who was leaning on her crutches. Tony had been expecting some sort of meeting with the Senator, but he wasn't expecting such a demand for him. For weeks now Tony had been dealing with the government's complaints about his use of the suit. It wasn't exactly the suit, Tony hadn't used it dangerously, but it was the fact that it held so much power and the government had no control over it.

"Pepper will be flying in tomorrow, but I'm in the mood for a little road trip. What about you Happy?" Tony turned to look at Happy who had an obvious forced smile on his face at the thought of putting up with Tony's driving until Washington. "That's the spirit! Anyway you can go with her, she'll take the jet."

Rebecca smiled to herself at Happy's response. "I think I'll just wait at home."

Tony raised his eyebrows. "Alone? You'll just...stay at the house alone...will you?"

Rebecca nodded, and then narrowed her eyes at his tone. "Yes, I will. Why?"

"I don't like it." he shook his head speedily. "Nope, not okay with that."

Rebecca groaned. "Dad, seriously, it's one day. I'm seventeen, I can take care of myself for 24 hours."

Ever since what had happened with Obadiah, Tony had grown even more protective of his daughter. She now had to be accompanied by Happy when going into the city or anywhere in general, and she had to hand over her phone to her dad for him to install a stronger tracking device and panic button that made him aware of any potential danger that she might end up in.

"You only turned seventeen last week." he pointed out. "I'm still not okay with it."

Rebecca rolled her eyes. "I'll be fine, there's plenty of security and I won't even leave the house." she tried to convince him. "I'll even call to let you know I'm still alive. I'd be doing the same thing there as I would be here, nothing, because I'm kind of limited." Rebecca held up her crutches as proof. "I'll be responsible and safe, I promise."

Tony considered it silently before offering a deal. "I want phone calls every three hours and one before you go to bed and after you wake up."

"Seriously?" she asked, and just before Tony could speak again, she cut him off. "Okay, deal, I promise."

Tony frowned again, still not liking the idea, but he had the learn to stop babying her and give her some independence. It was only a day anyway, she'd probably sleep through the whole thing.

"Okay, well, I'll see you when I get back." he leaned forward to hug her gently and place a light kiss on her forehead. "Take care of yourself. I'm serious about those phone calls too, every three hours!"

"Yeah, yeah. I promise." Rebecca nodded as she watched her dad walk around to the driver side door. "Try not to get arrested this time." she called out, and Tony turned to her with a fierce laugh as he recalled last time. "Good luck Happy."

"Jarvis," Tony spoke into the speaker of his phone as he slowly pulled away from the parking spot, a direct line to the A.I back at the house. "When Rebecca arrives, activate maximum security lock of the house. Take all precautions on anyone except Ms. Potts. I want the entire perimeter secure."

"Very well sir."

Tony threw his phone to the side then, gripping the steering wheel as he noticed Happy's uncomfortable expression.


Happy shook his head. "Nothing boss, it's just that we haven't even driven out of the lot yet and you're already on your phone."

Tony laughed at Happy's concerns. "Okay, no more phone calls...probably, can't guarantee it. Stop worrying, this will be fun."

Happy sunk back into the seat more than he already was. "That's what I'm worried about."

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