The next morning, they were all at the hospital undergoing check-ups from the previous night of fighting against drones, missiles and electrifying whips. Neither of them would have brought themselves willingly to the hospital if it weren't for Pepper insisting on it, and after everything that had happened, they owed her this.

Tony had a few cuts and bruises on his face, and his legs were purple with bruises. He wasn't badly injured, but he did a few things cleaned up and dressed so they would heal. His arm had been hurting him since last night, and when the doctor moved it, Tony winced, resulting in it being held with a sling for a couple of days, just to make sure there was no damage to anything. Rhodey had a pressure sleeve over his knee and a few cuts and bruises, but nothing too serious. Rebecca needed a few stitches on her forehead and most of her face was covered in blotchy black bruises, but she was fine. They were all okay, and considering what they went through and what could have happened, it was a good result.

Rebecca was sitting in one of the rooms, waiting for her doctor to come back with equipment to dress her wounds, but instead, Tony walked through the door with his arm done up, a frown on his face at how inconvenient it made things.

''Got a minute?'' he asked.

She nodded. ''Dad, I know we need to talk-''

''No, it's not that.'' he denied, sitting beside her. ''I know why you did it, and I'm not mad at you...well, not anymore.''

''You're not?''

''Nope. You were right, you know. You're not a kid anymore and I have to get over it, you can obviously handle things on your own now.''

She reached out and put her hand on his shoulder. ''I still need my dad, though. Always will.''

Tony grinned. ''I know, and I'll always be there for you, whether you like it or not.''

''Still, I'm sorry I didn't tell you.'' she apologized.

''Hey, I think we're both past apologies, don't you think? I mean, I wasn't exactly honest with you either. A lot happened in these past few weeks, and I'm sorry I didn't tell you what was going on, but I just...I needed to fix it myself.'' he explained. ''I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty angry when I saw you in that suit. But I know now why you did it, and as much as I probably shouldn't say it...I would have done the same. I can't stand things happening without me when I can help, and I usually just do it without thinking of consequences. So I'm not mad, I'm actually proud.''

Rebecca raised her eyebrows. ''You're proud of me?''

He nodded. ''Yeah, I am. Not many fathers can say their daughter can build an entire Iron Man suit on their own without a single person knowing.'' he laughed. ''And not many can say they basically saved their life.''

Rebecca smiled. ''I..I didn't really. It didn't go too well.''

''You stopped him, that changed everything. If you didn't do that, as stupid as it might have been, things would have been a lot worse.''

''I guess it was pretty stupid.'' she nodded. ''But I had to do it.''

''And that's why I'm proud of you.'' he grinned. ''You're so brave, and although it scares me, I know you can take care of yourself. But that doesn't mean I'm ever gonna stop being protective of you.''

Rebecca chuckled. ''I know that.'' she agreed. ''I'm okay with that.''

A few moments later, Pepper came and collected Tony to sort a few things out while they waited for Rebecca's doctor to finish up. Rebecca could tell things had changed between her father and Pepper. They had always had this chemistry between them that Rebecca noticed, and she always thought they were both too stubborn to admit their feelings toward each other, but she could tell that wasn't the case anymore. Pepper smiled at him with excitement every time she looked at him now, and Tony always felt happier when she was around. They had a lot of things to sort out and work on, but to them, everything was perfect now. It made Rebecca happy to see them happy, it was like things were finally the way there were meant to be.

''This place is going to need a major renovation.'' Tony shook his head as he stood in his living room.

Rebecca stood beside him with her arms folded. ''Sure is.''

''Well, no better time than now.'' he walked off, down the stairs and to his workshop as Rebecca followed closely behind. ''Jarvis, I need a complete scan of the house and a damage chart, I want plans and layouts.''

''Yes, sir.''

''What are you doing?''

Tony looked back at her. ''Renovating. This place is going to be awesome.''

''Now?'' she asked. ''Isn't there like...heaps of stuff we need to be dealing with?''

''I don't want to do all that yet.'' he shook his head, whining. ''That stuff's gonna go on for days, I just want to do nothing for a day.''

It was perfect timing when Pepper made her way down to the workshop, her heels clicking against the stairs and echoing into the room where Tony turned in time to see her. He was happy to see her, he always was, but he knew she wasn't here for a quick visit, this was business. She was dressed in her professional black pencil skirt and top, her hair pulled back into a low ponytail.

''Tony,'' she sighed, walking over to them. ''The press needs to be addressed, Rhodey's working on a report now.''

''Right, will do.'' he smiled, turning back to the computer screen.

''I'm not finished.'' she turned her notepad. ''Stark Industries is calling an emergency board meeting to discuss costs and Expo losses, review of the damage and whether or not to rebuild.''

''What do you mean? It's the Stark Expo, we have to rebuild it.'' he told her.

''It cost a lot of money Tony, the board wants to weigh up their options.'' she explained.

''Well they're gonna lose.'' he mumbled.

Pepper looked back down at the notes. ''The Senate hearing has been cancelled, instead they want a meeting tomorrow to discuss what happened, but they didn't go into detail.''

''Great,'' Tony groaned.

''Tony, I would really appreciate it if you actually did some of these things today.'' she sighed, clearly frustrated at how much there was to do.

''I will.'' he nodded, looking over to see her looking unimpressed. ''No, I will, I promise.''

''Please do,'' she closed her folder. ''I'll be at the office if you need anything.''

A few moments after she left, Jarvis informed Tony and Rebecca that Ben was here. He had to take a cab to get there since his car was still back at the Expo, and he wasn't even sure that it was still in one piece. Rebecca had been planning on getting him another car, even Tony was on board with the idea.

When they first arrived at the hospital to get themselves checked, Tony had a word with Ben, thanking him for helping. He really couldn't have done much without him here giving him the information he needed. Tony had to admit, he wasn't exactly liking the idea of Ben being with his daughter when he hardly knew him, but through the course of one night, he knew all he needed to know to be happy that Rebecca was with him. He would do anything for her, he risked his life and broke the law for her, there was nothing else Tony needed to know.

''Me and Ben were just gonna go see if his car survived.'' Rebecca turned to Tony.

Ben walked down to the workshop door, not that there was any glass left to consider it a door at all. ''Hey,''

Tony smiled back at them. ''Watch out for the reporters, they're everywhere.''

''Will do,'' Rebecca told him as she walked toward Ben, heading for the door. ''You're gonna do that stuff for Pepper, right?''

Tony sighed. ''I'll do it soon.''

Rebecca and Ben walked out of the door, headed for the stairs and Tony watched them, their hands linked together happily, and he smiled to himself. She deserved to be happy, and it couldn't have been with anyone better.

Tony walked into Stark Industries, ignoring all of the looks he was getting as he passed the many employees and desks, heading straight for the CEO's office. He had already called back the official for the Senate, organizing a time tomorrow to meet. He was assured the meeting was not going to be what he thought, instead the Senate wanted to thank him and Rhodey for their support and protection, but there was no mention of the other suit that had appeared, and Tony was relieved. He didn't want Rebecca to be apart of the government's plans, she was better off remaining unknown when it came to Iron Man suits.

''Yes, well I have already told you and set up a meeting for next week- Well, that's the only time available in Mr. Stark's schedule- Alright then, next week it is.'' Pepper hung up the phone, taking a long breath.

Tony walked in innocently, taking a seat opposite her desk. ''Long day?''

Pepper rubbed her temples, stressed. ''Please tell me you did something that I told you about.''

''I did.'' he smiled proudly.

''Really? What exactly?''

''I called the Senate, meeting tomorrow to organize something for the next day. Don't really know what's the deal...but it shut them up.''

Pepper sighed. ''Thanks.''

''Have you had a break at all today?''

She looked guiltily at him. ''I...haven't had time.''

''Well in that case, your break starts now.'' he announced, standing to walk over to her. ''I'm taking you to lunch. Now, let's go, come on.''

''Tony,'' she chuckled. ''I can't go out to lunch. You can't go out to lunch.''

''I can do whatever I want.'' he defended, leaning down so his lips were inches from hers. ''Come on, you know you want to have lunch with me.''

Pepper looked up at him with a smile. ''It's not that I don't want to-''

''Let's go then.''

''I can't go. There's so much to do, and if any reporters see you out there, especially with me, who knows what story they'll spin.'' she explained. ''I want to go to lunch with you, believe me, but I can't.''

Tony nodded, understanding her reasoning. Their lips were so close, Tony couldn't resist pressing his to hers quickly before standing back. ''You deserve to go to take a break. If you don't, I'll fire you.''

''I thought I quit.''

''I never approved that move.'' he shook his head. ''Technically it doesn't count.''

Pepper couldn't help smile at his joking. ''I guess not.''

''Would you have left?'' he asked, his mood turning serious. ''If we hadn't...would you have left?''

Pepper thought to herself, looking back up at him. ''I don't know.'' she shrugged. ''At the time, I would have walked away without doubt.'' Tony could understand why should would, but it still hurt knowing that she didn't want anything to do with him at that time. ''But I don't know if I could have done it. You drive me crazy, but I don't think I could...I don't think I'd like my life without you.''

Tony caught onto her last words. She was admitting that her life wouldn't be the same without him. Tony wished he would have known this a long time ago, he wished he would have made his feelings clear before all of this happened. It had taken them both a long time to actually admit things to each other, and as soon as they did, everything changed, but for the better. They were happy together.

''Me neither.'' he shook his head, moving in closer again. ''Come on, let's go, you need to get out of this office. I promise nothing will happen,'' he threw his hands up in defense. ''It'll all be okay. Please?'' Pepper looked at him with a troubled expression, almost convinced. ''Pepper Potts please let me take you to lunch.''

Pepper stood up, her lips going for his. ''I suppose I could spare half an hour.''

''Or maybe three?''

''It's totally wrecked,'' Ben walked around his car.

The Expo guards had let them in after Rebecca assured them they were only here to check on things. They had walked most of the way to the car, most of the streets littered with fallen bricks from buildings and blown up pieces of metal drones.

''It's not...that bad.'' Rebecca looked over the car.

Ben stood up straight, looking at her blankly. ''It's a wreck.''

''It can be fixed.'' she assured, looking it over. ''It's mostly just the outer shell that's been damaged, we can fix that. The engine can be fixed...well, most of it. I can totally rebuild it, it's fine.''

''No, it's fine.'' he shook his head. ''I uh...I can always get another one.''

Rebecca stood up. ''No, you shouldn't have to get another one, you didn't do this. I can fix it up for you, I promise.''

''You've got too much to deal with.''

''Please let me fix this for you. If you don't, I'll just buy you another one.'' she folded her arms.

Ben laughed. ''That's what you threaten me with?'' he walked over and wrapped his arms around her. ''My girlfriend threatens to buy me a new car.''

Rebecca smiled up at him, her arms around his waist. ''And I mean it too.''

Their lips met up a few moments later, their smiles breaking the kiss as they laughed. Rebecca was surprised at how much Ben had gone through the previous night, and yet he was completely okay with still being a part of her life. Any other guy would have ran off before the evening even started, but Ben stuck around. He put up with everything Tony threw at him, everything that was falling apart over the night and he put other people before him the entire time.

''Why won't you let me buy you a car?'' she pouted.

Ben wrapped his arm around her shoulders as they walked back. ''Because I don't want you to.''

''But I want to.''

''But it's my fault you-''

''No,'' he silenced her. ''This isn't your fault, so stop blaming yourself.''

''I just hate that you had to lose your car because you were helping.'' she sighed. ''I promise I'll fix it, I don't care what you say.''

Ben chuckled. ''How about we fix it.''

''Fine, but I don't work well with a partner.'' she looked over to him before laughing. ''Mm, I guess I could make an exception.''

Ben dipped his head down and kissed her, stopping their steps as they stood in the middle of the road.

''Hmm, aren't I lucky.'' he laughed, looking down at her happily. ''I love you.''

Rebecca leaned in and hugged him, her head resting on his chest. ''I love you too.''

Rebecca walked through the door to find an empty house. Tony was gone, but he did mention that he was going to do some of those things that Pepper asked him to. The house was a mess, she hated looking at it. It reminded her of the party where Tony was drunk in his suit, fighting with Rhodey and completely disregarding his and everyone else's safety. Even though she understood why he did that now, she was still saddened every time she was reminded.

''Miss Stark,'' a voice came from over in the corner of the destroyed living room. A man dressed in a leather coat that fell almost to his ankles stepped forward, an eye patch securely in place. ''I think we need to talk.''

Rebecca was confused as to who this man was and how Jarvis even let him in the house. She was panicking already, thinking the worst. ''Who are you?''

The man walked closer, stopping by the now broken window at the side of the house, walking outside. ''My name is Director Nick Fury, of Shield.''

Rebecca followed. ''Shield? You work for Agent Coulson?'' Rebecca asked, remembering the name.

The man chuckled. ''Actually, Agent Coulson works for me.''

''I'm confused.'' she shook her head. ''My dad already spoke to Coulson, are you looking for him?''

''No, I'm here to talk to you.'' he told her. ''There are some things we need to go over regarding your Iron Man suit.''

Rebecca's heart pounded with worry. This man knew it was her, she was going to be in so much trouble with the government. Her dad would have to hand over his suits, he'd be in more trouble.

''What are you talking about?'' she played it off coolly.

Fury smiled. ''Don't worry, I'm not working for the government, they know nothing.'' he assured. ''I'm sure Coulson explained to you what Shield's interests and priorities are.''

''I don't see how I fit into this though.'' she shook her head.

''You've taken our interest.'' he stated. ''You built that suit by yourself, correct?'' Rebecca hesitantly nodded her head. ''And you used it to escape Ivan Vanko, saving your life. And then you used it to defend yourself against the drones, fighting back at Ivan and saving the day.''

''I don't know about that.'' she shook her head. ''I would say I distracted him.''

''You shut down his core power, an arc reactor to be precise. That's some powerful stuff.'' he looked at her seriously.

Rebecca shrugged. ''Not really. Not if you know what you're doing.''

''And how did you manage to do that?''

''I grew up around this stuff, I've worked on it before.'' she explained, still confused as to why he needed to know all of this. ''It was just a little system bug.''

''There are no little system bugs that can shut down an arc reactor, Miss Stark.''

''What does it matter? It was a stupid move.''

Fury sat back then. ''Do you realize what you've done?''

''I know, I shouldn't have done it-''

''You're damn right you shouldn't have done it.'' he nodded his head. ''You have no idea what you've gotten yourself into.''

''I know! But this is my fault, I did this, so leave my father out of it, he didn't know.''

''I told you, I'm not with the government.'' he shook his head. ''I've already spoken to your father and I intend to see him again soon to sort out some other business.''

Rebecca just looked at him in disbelief. ''Then what do you want from me?''

Fury looked at her curiously. ''What if I said I had a proposal for you, would you listen?''

''Would I have a choice?''

''I'll take that as a yes.''

Rebecca was now curious. ''What kind of proposal?''

''Tony, do you think this is the best time for you to do this?'' Pepper asked, following him down to the workshop.

Tony was determined, rushing down the stairs. ''Nope, I have an idea and I gotta run with it.''

Rebecca was in the workshop, working on a piece of Ben's car when she noticed Tony rushing over to a computer. At first, she thought he was coming to speak with her, somehow finding out about her conversation with Fury, but luckily he didn't know. Shield covered their tracks thoroughly, and for that she was glad, but he would have to find out sooner or later, but not now.

''What's going on?'' she looked up, confused.

''Oh nothing really, I'm just having the greatest idea ever.'' Tony told her.

Pepper slowed behind him, standing between Rebecca and Tony. ''Your father has a crazy idea that instead of working on fixing this place first, he wants to build-''

''It's just an idea for now, calm down, I promise I'm fixing this place up first.'' he assured them. '' mind's on clean energy right now.''

''Clean energy?'' Rebecca asked. ''Where did this come from?''

Pepper looked over at Tony who was smirking, letting her do the talking for now.

''I agreed to go to lunch with your father, and apparently that required a little travel.'' she sighed. ''And he had an apparent revelation as we looked up at the buildings.''

''You're the one who said too many reporters would see us.'' he defended.

Pepper turned to him. ''That didn't mean we had to go to New York for lunch and miss the rest of the day at work.''

Rebecca's mouth fell open. ''You went where?''

Tony dismissed the conversation, his mind on his previous idea. ''Check it out,'' he waved for her to come over. Pepper and Rebecca crowded around the computer screen, watching as Tony pulled up a few projections that he quickly sketched in those few seconds. It was a tower, and it was huge. Pepper and Rebecca didn't know what he was doing, but they knew this was just the beginning of something he would not let go of. ''This is what I'm going for...''

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