The House Of Hades

Fanfiction By: ZammiePercabeth

So sadly, this isn't my first fanfic. My first one was when they were building the ship Argo 11. This one WILL be for the House of Hades, which comes out next year. ALSO: I do not own and PJO/HOO characters, I just want to make the next book.

Percy's POV: Am I dead?

That was the first thing I remember thinking as I came to my senses. Then I heard a groan. I peeked open one of my eyes to see Annabeth right next to me. All around, it was almost pitch black, with a few exceptions of red and white. No sun, no clouds. Just black.

The smell of monsters was almost unbearable. I sat up groggily, and noticed I had a few scratches here and there, but nothing too bad. Looking at Annabeth though, I almost curled up. She had scratches too, but her leg looked pretty bad.

"Wise Girl, are you awake?" I say worriedly. I crawl over to where she was laying and shook her lightly.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Are we done falling?" She struggled to sit up. Her hair was a mess, and she looked like she was going to throw up, so I helped her.

"Yep. We are now on our own, in a pit filled with the world's most unfriendly monsters. We get to go and try not to die, then, if we live, close the Doors of Death." I say, sighing.

Annabeth's eyes widen as she remembers. "Well then what are we waiting for?" She stands up, which is surprising because of her leg. She looks around curiously, as if this is all some big design to her and it need to be fixed.

"Which way would you like to go? It's all too dark." I comment, standing up as well and brushing off a little.

Annabeth doesn't say anything, but she takes out a flashlight and motions for me to follow her.

Nico's POV: "Come on guys! Seriously, you're slower than zombies!" I yell. It was a good analogy. They all just woke up, and the only one more awake than me was Leo, who has insisted on having sugar 24/7 to "Watch and control" the ship. Not that I really blame him. He doesn't have any help anymore. Not since Annabeth and Percy fell into Tartarus. Am I worried? Yes. I barely survived it, and I am a son of Hades. How could they possibly live?

"Nico, some people aren't morning peopleā€¦" Piper says sleepily, trying to get food after hastily throwing on some clothes. She and Jason both looked extremely tired, and after what they told us last night, I didn't really blame them.

Hazel was a little more awake than the two, seeing that she successfully got dressed and is now eating, but she has a fork instead of a spoon. Ever since I found her, I have been bound to be there for her. She is like a replacement for Bianca, but no one can replace her.

"Yeah, well get used to it. What if something attacked the ship this early every morning?" I say.

"Well then I'd guess that we were being trolled." Piper says, casting a glance at Leo. He gasps in mock astonishment.

"What? Me? Beauty Queen, I'd never do that!" He says, opening a packet of sugar and pouring it into his mouth.

"Right. And I told you not to call me that!" Piper says, glaring him down. Franks steps in, waving his hands.

"Whoa guys, calm down. It's only six in the morning. Save it for later." He mumbles, yawning. He sits by Hazel, who blushes slightly and says good morning.

"So what's the news? How much longer until we land?" Jason questions and he sits by Piper, inbetween her and Leo. I just stand there, not wanting to sit.

"Well as for the news, I have tried to contact Percy and Annabeth." Everyone froze. "No luck." I shrug, drinking some coffee.

"As for out location, we should be landing in about an hour." Leo pipes in, trying to cheer everyone up. But we all know that it wont help.

"So I want everyone upstairs in fifteen minutes, so that when we land we don't have to go on a mini demigod search. Once we're there, we-" I was cut off by a huge Screech!

I ran up to the main deck, here I looked around, but saw nothing. I searched the whole deck twice. When I thought there was nothing, I went to go back down to give them an all clear. It had to have been a passing bird, or Festus, right? I thought to myself. Then I got whacked in the head, hard. The last thing that I saw was someone in gold. All gold.

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