By the time Jamie returned to his apartment Danny was already back, as Jamie walked through the front door he waited for Danny to confront him about where he had gone.

"Have a nice walk?" asked Danny,

"Yeah" replied Jamie unsure why Danny wasn't interrogating him about where he had gone.

"That's good"

"Is ther something wrong?"

"No, why?"

"Doesn't matter" Jamie shook his head.

Jamie sat next to Danny on the couch and watched T.V.


Jamie awoke from another nightmare; his throat was raw from screaming so he decided to get a drink. He opened his door and tripped over Danny.

Jamie staggered to his feet, "Danny!"

"You ok?"

"No! I want to know why you were sitting in the doorway to my room!"

"I wanted to make sure you were ok"

"From what!"

Danny sighed as he stood up to face Jamie "from your nightmare"

"I wasn't-"

"Don't deny it Jamie. I heard you scream"

Jamie's eyes narrowed,

Danny walked over to Jamie and looked him in the eye "it's not weak to admit that you're having nightmares Jamie". Jamie just walked into his kitchen to get his drink, Danny looked skywards and muttered "Joe give me strength".


The next morning both Danny and Jamie got ready for work as they were both working the morning shift.

"See you later Jamie" called Danny as they went their separate ways, Danny to his car when Jamie walked down the sidewalk deciding to walk to the 12th.

"Yeah see ya".


Near the end of his shift Danny and Jackie got a call about assisting some Officers who were dealing with a man with a gun who was holding a 9 year old boy hostage. On their way there Danny prayed Jamie wasn't there, he didn't know what seeing an almost repeat of two weeks ago would do to Jamie. But when they arrived on the scene Danny spotted Jamie trying to calm the man down, Danny caught Renzulli's eyes and with a look Danny found out Jamie wasn't dealing with the situation well, he just seemed to be on the outside.

A Sergeant came over to inform Danny and Jackie what was happening, "Detectives, the perp's name is John Locks. He robbed a lady taking her handbag, when Officers Blake and Warley tried to stop him he grabbed the kid, Jimmy Parks, who was walking nearby, Officer Blake called for backup, Sergeant Renzulli and Officer Reagan were two blocks away and were the next on scene and Locks is still refusing to give up the kid. We got the Locks surrounded and Officer Reagan is currently trying to talk Locks into letting the kid go"

"Whose idea was that?!"


"Who decided Officer Reagan had to talk to Locks?"

"I did. Why?"

"Because two weeks ago Officer Reagan was tasked with aiding in capturing two kidnappers and rescuing the kidnapped 7 year old boy. One of the kidnappers shot the kid in front of Officer Reagan and ran off with a Detective chasing him, the kid bleed out in Officer Reagan's arms"

"I didn't know" replied the horrified Sergeant as he looked over at Jamie; he had wondered why Officer Reagan looked nervous about talking to Locks. "I can get someone else to talk to Locks"

"There's no point now, I'll go over and assist Officer Reagan"

"Good idea" agreed the Sergeant "Detective Reagan, I'm sorry about this"

"You didn't know" replied Danny as he walked over to Jamie and Locks.

Locks' eyes nervously shifted to Danny who was approaching, Jamie kept his eyes locked on Locks and the kid not knowing it was Danny who was approaching.

"Stay there!" ordered Locks as he tightened his hold on the boy,

"Ok Locks, I'm staying right here" replied Danny,

Jamie briefly caught Danny's eyes, "come on Locks you gotta let the kid go he's got nothing to do with this"

"No! He's my ticket outta here Officer" and Locks again tightened his hold on the boy, the boy whimpered from the added pressure.

"It's ok Jimmy we'll get you out of here" soothed Jamie,

"No they won't because you're sticking with me!" hissed Locks,

Danny could see Jamie was rattled by Locks' comment.

"Officer" said Danny to get Jamie's attention, Jamie turned and Danny moved his head to signify he wanted Jamie to back off so he could talk to him.

"What's up Danny?" whispered Jamie.

"I wanted to know how you were holding up"

"Seriously Danny! This is not the time, there is a kid over there with a gun to his head and you want to know how I'm holding up!" hissed Jamie frustration lining his face.

"Look Jamie I could see that you were finding this hard-"

"Yes I'm finding this hard! A man is holding a 9 year old boy hostage and he's not listening to me to let him go!"


"Excuse me Danny I have to go and try and talk Locks into letting Jimmy go"

"Jamie wait" said Danny as he gripped Jamie's arm,

"What?" asked Jamie,

"I've got a plan" smiled Danny.


Danny approached Locks on his own while Jamie walked over to the cops surrounding Locks.

"Right Locks you prepared to let Jimmy go now?" asked Danny,

"The answers still no"

Danny began negotiating with Locks when Jamie snuck up behind Locks and wrenched Jimmy from Locks' grasp. In his shock Locks fired his gun catching Jimmy in his leg.

"Ahh!" screamed Jimmy from the pain, Locks spins around and aims his gun at Jamie who is holding Jimmy on the floor. Danny quickly runs up behind Locks and snatches his gun and cuffs him while yelling for an ambulance.

While this was happening Jamie flashbacked to two weeks ago, the sound of the killing gunshot, the face of the boy as he cried for his mother. Jamie was jolted out of his thoughts by Danny putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Come on Jamie, I'm taking you home"

"But my shift" whispered Jamie,

"It's ok Jamie its three o'clock your shifts over" said Danny gently, he helped Jamie up and took him straight home.

Jamie walked through his front door slowly and caught his reflection in the hallway's mirror. He saw a stain of blood from where he'd held Jimmy. Jamie just stood looking at the stain of blood,


Jamie's face contorted in pain as he slumped to the floor and leaning against the floor he put his head in his hands and finally after two weeks of holding in his emotions he let them all out. Danny crouched next to Jamie and held Jamie close.

"It's ok now Jamie. Let it all out. It only gets better from here"

"It's not alright" cried Jamie,

"Why not?"

"Because it's all my fault"

"No its not!"

"Yes it is Danny! Two weeks ago when I entered the back room, the perp shouted at us not to move. And what did I do? I moved forward. Then the kid got shot! And today I went behind Locks and I went for Jimmy, he got shot! I should have gone for the gun!" cried Jamie,

"Jamie it's not your fault! None of it is!"


"No Jamie it's not your fault" Danny then pulled Jamie closer and held onto his younger brother as Jamie cried.

Twenty minutes later Jamie and Danny were watching T.V when Danny got a phone call from Jackie.

"Hiya Jackie… yeah he's ok…that's great… yeah I'll tell him… ok see ya"

"What did Jackie want" asked Jamie in a quiet voice,

"She gave me an update about the kid Jimmy"

"And?" Jamie asked nervously, he was just waiting for the news that he'd failed another child.

"It's ok Jamie; Jimmy is going to be fine"

Jamie breathed out a sigh of relief; Danny smiled as he patted Jamie's shoulder. Danny also felt relieved, not only because Jimmy was going to be ok but Jamie looked as if a huge weight had been lifted. Danny now felt confident he wasn't going to lose Jamie to what happened.


Five days later when Jamie was finishing his paperwork he looked up when Renzulli called him over.

"Jamie! Danny has brought someone who wants to see you"


"Just come over and see" so Jamie got up and made his way over, he saw Danny standing next to Jimmy who was on crutches.

Danny pointed to him and Jimmy made his way over grinning.

"I wanted to come and say thank you Officer Reagan"

"It's ok and you can call me Jamie" said Jamie as he crouched in front of Jimmy,

"Our names sound similar" laughed Jimmy,

"Yeah I guess they do" smiled Jamie.

"Guess what!" said Jimmy,

"What?" laughed Jamie,

"Ever since I was 7 I wanted to be a cop, now I definitely want to after you helped save me as I want to help save other people"

"I think you'd make a great cop because you want to help other people. Here…" Jamie looked at his collar and took off one of his '12' pins and gave it to Jimmy, "you deserve this for being so brave five days ago"

"Thanks Jamie!" exclaimed Jimmy,

"No problem"

"James!" called a woman who was standing next to Danny, "it's time to go!"

"I hate it when she does that" muttered Jimmy,

"Does what?" whispered Jamie,

"Call me James!"

Jamie laughed again and pinned the pin on Jimmy's collar and helped him over to his mother. Jimmy's mother shook Jamie's hand and hugged him "thank you for saving James"


"Ok sorry" said Jimmy's mom to her son and addressed Jamie again "thank you for saving Jimmy"

"It's no problem" smiled Jamie. Jimmy and his mother then left and Danny smiled at Jamie knowing everything was alright.

~12 years later~

Sergeant Jamie Reagan was waiting in the roll call room for the rookie he would be training. A tall young man walked into the room and said "Officer James Parks" as he shook Jamie's hand.

Jamie smiled recognising the young man "I thought you preferred Jimmy"

Jimmy smiled "I wondered if you'd remember me"

"Yep and I can see you did become a cop"


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