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Kamen Rider Fourze: Cosmic Maelstrom

By Ten-Faced Paladin

Chapter 1: Shining Star


The main city centre of Hinokuni Prefecture, it is inarguably one of the most economically prosperous places in all of the country. A modern day city with clean streets, good businesses, low crime rate, and always sporting the latest trends in technology, fashion, and other areas it is the place to be when one wants to make a good life for themselves. Led by the government with Hiruzen Sarutobi as the mayor, the city seemed to be looking at nothing but a bright future. It was often the mayor's ideal that the will of fire, the desire to strive forward and reach for one's future, was bright, alive, and well in the latest generation of people to live within the city limits.

This is the story of one such individual and how he will soon affect the world.

This story, like all stories circles around a central location. Konoha Gakuen. It was a school for students from prestigious families who want nothing but the best for their children. It boasted excellent facilities and a very good curriculum for students within its walls. Its athletics programs had gained very impressive reputations over the years. All of the prestigious families of Konohagakure sent their children there. It was a peaceful school which reportedly had no tolerance for delinquents, but…


…sometimes that fact was exaggerated.

Dashing through the hallways of the school was one of its many students, dodging his classmates left and right as he dashed as fast as he could. He wore black trousers and a white button up shirt, but unlike the clean uniforms his classmates would wear, he also wore a black coat which reached down to his feet and a black headband which had the Konoha Gakuen signature marked on it, a leaf with a spiral in it. He had wild blonde hair which spiked in all direction, energetic blue eyes, a huge grin on his mouth, and three whisker-like marks on each of his cheeks. His name? Naruto Uzumaki, the self-proclaimed #1 prankster in all of Konohagakure.

Chasing him was a man who looked to be in his late twenties to thirties. He wore the stereotypical teacher's outfit of gray pants, a simple white-collar shirt, and a brown jacket. He had brown hair tied up in a short ponytail and his most distinguishing feature was the scar which ran across the bridge of his nose. He was one of the many teachers of Konoha Gakuen, Iruka Umino.

"Hey comone on Iruka-sensei! No need to be a party pooper!" Naruto laughed as he ran from his teacher.

"Dammit Naruto you're not getting away this time!" Iruka shouted back, dodging a pair of female students. "You went too far! You defaced the Hokage Monument this time! Do you know just how much trouble you're in?"

"I can ball park it, but to get me in trouble you've got to catch me!" Naruto shot back.

Racing around a corner, Naruto spotted a stairwell and dashed to it. Rather than try to run down it though, he slipped onto the railing and slid down at a rapid pace, giving him a slight lead over Iruka who had tried running down the stairs the traditional way. Slipping off the rail at the bottom and taking a running start, Naruto spied the doorway which led outside of the school and to his freedom. Already tasting the sweet ramen-like liberty, he made a mad dash for the doors with the intent of claiming the credit of being able to pull off a god-like prank such as his…

…when he suddenly felt something catch on his leg, causing him to tumble over and do a high-speed face plant into the tiles of the floor. The laughter of the students who managed to catch the scene rang through the halls as Naruto groaned. Removing his face from the tiles, he looked ahead to see two polished black shoes. Looking up, Naruto spied an expanse of black pants leading to black suspenders over a white button-up shirt with rolled up sleeves. One hand was stuck on a pocket while the other was idly holding up an open copy of the hottest adult novel to hit the shelves, Icha-Icha Paradise. Lastyly, the face of the person was covered up by a flu mask while his gray and spiked hair covered his left eye. Who was he? None other than Kakashi Hatake, another one of the teachers of Konoha Gakuen.

"Kakashi-sensei," Naruto groaned. "How…?"

"We memorized all of your known escape routes," Kakashi chuckled with his visible eye closed as if he were smiling. "Good try though. This one is definitely going to go down in the yearbook, if not in the record books."

Iruka jogged up to the scene with a huff "Thanks Kakashi,"

"No problem," the gray-haired man shrugged as he began reading his book. "It made for an interesting day."

Looking down at the downed Naruto, Iruki spied a line of string sitting limply on the floor next to his feet. Kakashi had likely strung it up in anticipation of Naruto running in his direction after it was discovered that he had pulled his latest prank. It kind of spoke about the amount of mischief he would get into since the teachers actually took the time to learn about escape routes he had taken in the past and began staking them out whenever he had gotten into trouble.

"Naruto, what are we going to do with you?" Iruka sighed as he picked Naruto up by his jacket and began dragging him away. "Now you know we're going to have a talk with Ms. Tsunade."

Naruto instantly paled, "Nooo! Iruka-sensei! She'll kill me!"

"You brought this on yourself Naruto," Iruka replied dragging the teen away. "Now you'll have to face the concequences."

"NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo-!" Naruto's scream trailed off as he was dragged into the school.

"Kids," Kakashi chuckled, shaking his head as he left to continue reading his book.

Naruto found himself deposited in a chair outside of the principal's office. Fortunately, he wasn't alone either. Sitting in a chair next to him was one of his fellow students who was wearing the proper Kanoha Gakuen uniform, pants, white button shirt with short sleeves and the leaf insignia on the chest pocket. He had black hair which was tied into what would have been a ponytail but it was so short it looked more like a pineapple. He had narrow eyes and he looked like he was ready to fall asleep in his chair. His name was Shikamaru Nara, and he was Naruto's buddies. If there ever was a definition for the term slacker, it would be Shikamaru's name. The guy hated to do work and would much rather go out and nap under the sky than anything else. It drove his mom insane who nagged him to no end about it. Strangely though, the guy's mind was as sharp as a tack which managed to grab him high marks in class…when he would stay awake for them.

"Fell asleep in class again?" asked Naruto.

"Yup," Shikamaru nodded. "Saw what you did to the monument. Troublesome Naruto, real troublesome."

"Eh, the old coots needed some colour to them," the blonde shrugged.

"Two of those old coots are the principal's grandfather and granduncle," lazy boy shot back. "She's probably going to skin you alive for that one."

Naruto could only whimper and pray that his friend was wrong.

The door to the office opened and a pretty brunette, Shizune, stuck her head out to glance at the boys. She was Tsunade's secretary and probably the one who knew Tsunade best out of anyone in the entire school, the pair actually sharing an apartment together. Shizune was the niece of Tsunade's former lover Dan who had died. After which, it left Shizune an orphan and Tsunade adopted her in order to lay some of Dan's worries at his deathbed to rest.

How Naruto knew this? That would be explained later.

"Naruto-kun, you're expected," the brunette sighed at the blonde.

"Right," Naruto gulped. Standing up and heading like a man on the execution block, he walked into the office. Shizune took a seat at a desk right next to the door, her desk while Naruto walked up to a more ornate desk which was in front of a large window before taking a seat. At the other side of the desk was a woman who looked to be very pretty with long blonde hair done up in two ponytails. She had a blue diamond-like marking on her forehead and she wore a simple blouse with a jacket and matching skirt. One aspect which was noticeable about her though was her massive bust line which easily outdid any other woman in the school. This was the principal of Konoha Gakuen, Tsunade Senju.

Tsunade was not a woman to be crossed. She was tough, strict, and had a temper when you pressed her buttons right. She made sure things in Konoha Gakuen were run right and didn't exactly bow to some of the students who had rich parents whining about why their kids weren't the little geniuses that they assumed they would be. As tough as she was though, she had a softer side to her which she often didn't show on account of her position. A fun note was that unbeknownst to her, she was the winner of 'Konoha Gakuen's Hottest Woman' for the last three years running since female faculty members were added to the candidate list the student newspaper wrote up to promote the joke contest. What really mystified some people and got the ire of many girls and female teachers was that Tsunade was a woman around her fifties yet looked like she could pass for someone in her twenties. People of course claimed cosmetic surgery, but Tsunade would just say she was all natural.

Tsunade frowned as Naruto took her seat, resting her head on her hand propped up with her elbow, "This is the third time this week you've been here Naruto and this time you actually defaced our school's Hokage Monument. You are aware that by all accounts I could expel you for this?"

Naruto gulped, "Ah…"

Sighing, Tsunade let her hard principal persona drop for her more informal personality, "Naruto, why do you keep pulling stunts like this? You're a good kid and damn clever if you can pull off complicated crap like this and not get caught until it's done. If even half of that creativity was used for your studies you'd be on the honour roll by now."

"But all of the teachers talk about boring stuff Baa-chan!" Naruto grimaced. "I mean, what am I going to need astronomy for? Why do I need to know history?"

"You need to know so you'll have a firm base in case you want to deal with a career that has to do with those things," Tsunade frowned. "I know it can be boring sometimes but if you want to make a good life for yourself you're going to have to learn it. Konoha University only accepts the best and with your grades as they are, you won't even be able to sit the entrance exam."

"…" Naruto remained silent.

"Just think about what I said," Tsunade continued, looking down at a sheet of paper in front of her. "In the meantime, you'll be serving detention after school until the monument is cleaned. You'll be the one cleaning it. Am I clear?"

"Yes Baa-chan," Naruto sighed.

"Good," the bust woman nodded. "Now get going. You're already late for class."

Nodding, Naruto got up from the chair and headed out of the office. Shizune watched him go with a slight sad frown on her face. Once he stepped outside, the brunette sighed and shook her head, "I wished we could help Naruto-kun out."

"I wish we could too, but we can't" Tsunade replied, signing her paperwork.

"But you're his godmother!" Shizune insisted. "That has to count for something!"

"Legally, yes. But remember how much crap I'm getting for not expelling him for some of his stunts?" asked the blonde with a frown. "You and I already have to tighten our belts as it is. We can't afford another person along with the other debts I have."

"Something which may not be happening if someone could tell when to call it a night," Shizune frowned pointedly at her employer.

Tsunade flushed slightly and scratched her cheek. Tsunade, while a fine principal, was also someone who loved to gamble and did it often. Unfortunately, she wasn't very good at it and almost always lost. She'd make a big prize now and then, but her debts would eat up whatever she won and she'd start up all over again swearing she'd hit the big one soon. Her lack of skills were so well known everyone called her The Legendary Sucker.

Inside the classroom of 2-S, the students were going through their literature lessons with Kakashi-sensei who was teaching them about their current project, The Great Gatsby. Of course, Kakashi-sensei was never without his Icha-Icha and would randomly come to class for free study periods and simply read his adult novel at a free desk while everyone else went about their class time.

At the back of the classroom was a student who like Naruto, would help affect the world

Her name was Hinata Hyuuga, heiress of the prestigious Hyuuga family the richest family in Konohagakure. She had fair features and long ebony hair which made her appear quite pretty. One of her most distinguishing features was her pupil-less lavender eyes which was a common trait in all Hyuuga family members. While she was the heiress of one of the social elite, Hinata was painfully shy and didn't like to stand out too much. Unfortunately, being from a rich family and being pretty made her the target of many boys' attention. Her shy nature in avoiding them though gave her a reputation of being stand-offish though and she only had a few friends in the entire school. However, there was one aspect about Hinata that she thought that was a closely kept secret.

The door to the classroom opened.

Hinata glanced up and her face immediately turned rosy as she spied Naruto enter the classroom with a grin and a wave. Since she had first saw Naruto in action, she had developed a powerful crush on him. He was outgoing, cheerful, friendly, and unafraid of how other people viewed him. His courage and friendly nature was so appealing to her and she couldn't help but feel strongly for him. However, she was just so shy she couldn't bring herself to confess to him. She was too afraid what her father might do if she found out she was trying to go out with the school delinquent. Of course, everyone who knew her could tell that she was crushing on the knucklehead, everyone but Naruto himself.

The blonde took his seat and class continued as Kakakshi went on with his lesson, "Okay Naruto, since you were so kind to join us perhaps you can give us a basic rundown on the characters Gatsby?"

"Um," Naruto blinked. "He was great?"

Chuckles came from the class from the joke. Hinata herself had to stifle an onset of giggles. It was all good-natured laughing since Naruto knew the right moments to interject a joke during any situation. Even kakashi seemed to have a small laugh at the comment before he got serious, "To many I suppose. But for the sake of your participation mark maybe you could give me a serious answer?"

"Um...okay…uh…" Naruto gulped. "He…uh…fought in the world war and uh…fell in love with that married lady in the book…and then uh…went to find her and lied about hitting a woman with a car, right? Then her husband shot him."

Kakashi nodded and looked back to the board, "Not a perfect answer, but enough to show you've been paying attention I suppose."

"Colour me shocked dobe!" one student shouted from the rows.

"Bite me!" Naruto snapped back.

"Simmer down," Kakashi warned, glancing back before turning to continued his chalkboard writings. "Okay, as I was saying before we were interrupted…"

The final bell of the day eventually rang and Hinata prepared to leave for home. Glancing at her watch, she found that she still had a little time before the assigned car which was to pick her up was supposed to arrive. Deciding to do something, she went off to explored the school and see what her friends were up.

"Sakura-san should be in the library," Hinata commented to herself as she hefted her bag over her shoulder. "Maybe we can catch up a little."

Walking through the halls of the first floor, her destination was the stairs since the library was on the second floor. Glancing to the windows to see what may be outside into the school courtyard, she spotted what was known as the Hokage Monument. It was a memorial of the previous four principals of Konoha Gakuen with the first two having founded the school. Normally the statues were made of bronze, but today they were painted with a veritable rainbow of colours making them look like they had come out of a hippie's daydream. Next to them, Naruto was spraying the statue with a hose, attempting to wash of the paint off and was making a halfway decent job of it so far.

"Good thing the paint didn't dry yet," Naruto muttered. "Next time I'm using water-based paint."

Hinata moved to a door which led out to the courtyard and simply decided to watch Naruto work. Despite having vandalized what was considered an important monument, Naruto didn't seem to have done it any out of sense of maliciousness. He had simply done it to break the tedium of day to day activity. It certainly made the day exciting as everyone talked about what had happened.

"Ah, I guess these old guys needed a washing down anyway," Naruto continued to talk to himself as he pressed his thumb over the end of the hose for more pressure to spray out some of the gaps in the clothes of Hiruzen Sarutobi, the third principal since the school had been founded.

'Naruto-kun,' Hinata smiled as she watched the blonde boy work, completely unrepentant of what he had done.

"Why do you always have to moon over that moron?-!" a warped voice sudden spoke up, breaking Hinata out of her crush-induced thoughts.

Turning, Hinata spied what looked like a large void of emptiness approaching her from down the hall. In the midst of it all, several bright lights which looked like stars appeared in the void taking the form of what she could really call a constellation. The void pulsed as the lights drew back into something before vanishing.

And from the void, a monster appeared.

It was a bulky creature with a large muscular torso which looked like it could have doubled as armour since it looked like it was mad of bronze. The shoulders were large and rounded with muscular arms extending from them with red bracers. At the waist the creature wore a loincloth and its bronze metalliz legs ended in what looked like stone boots. Finally, it's face looked like it was made of stone which was styiled into curly hair with bright red gemstone eyes and a beard which appeared to be made of stone carved into jagged spikes which covered the rest of the face. Howeverm it had a strange design all across its body. On each shoulder was a blue gemstone which had a silver line connecting them across its collarbone with more lines connecting to two more gemstones on its waist. From there, the lines ran across in a diamond shape between three gemstones on its loincloth while several gemstones on its legs were connected by silver lines to the loincloth with five on the right leg and three on the left. The arms also had uneven gemstones connected by silver lines on the shoulders. The three on the right arm reached down to the elbow while the five on the left reached down to its wrist.

"Ah…ah…ah…" Hinata gaped, watched the hulking monster approach her.

"I always wondered just why was it that you gave so much attention to that delinquent when you had someone like ME just waiting for you to open your eyes!" the monster grunted as it continued to approach. "Well, since you aren't going to open them, I guess I'll make you see what's been waiting for you!"

That was all Hinata needed, "KYAAAAHHHHH!"

Hinata quickly began running for her life with the monster chasing her in close pursuit. As it began going by the door through a stream of water shot through the opening and splashed into the monster's face and made it choke and splutter as it tried to block the offending stream of liquid.

Hinata ran around a corner and hid, watching to see if the monster would try to follow her.

"Hey freak! Leave the girl alone!" she heard Narto shout loudly.

"RAGH!" the monster growled, stomping througn the doorway where Naruto was trying use the stream of water to…well, not fight it but certainly irritate it. "I was going to deal with you later, but why waste the opportunity?"

"Yeah, sure, that's what they all say," Naruto grinned as he tossed the hose away.

Bellowing, the monster charged at Naruto with one of its massive fists raised before punching at him. Naruto ducked away from the blow, but he felt the displaced air from the attack press against his back as he lunged forward to punch the thing in the chest. Rather than a grunt being heard by the monster as the air left it's lungs, a crack sounded from Naruto's fist.

"OW! SONOVA-!" Naruto cussed as he backed away from the monster. "What the hell are you made of?-!"

"Why should I tell you? You'll be dead in a second!" the monster roared as it charged again.

The monster attempted to pound Naruto into the dirt, but the blonde boy seemed to simply jump and leap out of the way of the attacks. Hinata could only watch as her crushed seemed to avoid certain death as each monstrous punch smashed into the dirt and left sizable craters in their wake. She practiced the Hyuuga style of martial arts at home so she knew battles when she saw them, but it seemed like Naruto was brawling out of pure instinct, somehow known when and where to dodge the attack to bring the maximum amount of effort out of the monster as it tried to hit him. Of course, his dodging technique was incredibly sloppy, making Hinata think that he had absolutely no training or had simply watched other martial artists fight.

Naruto grinned as he dove around the hulking monster and aimed another punch for the base of its neck. It just had to have a soft spot there! He leaped into the air to reach the monster's neck, but the monster turned quickly as it followed Naruto's movement and grabbed him by the front of his jacket.

"Yow! Hey, leggo!" Naruto grunted, trying to force the monster to release him.

"Why you?" asked the monster. "What is it about you that got her attention where I couldn't?-!"

"Huh?" Naruto blinked, looking confused.

"And you don't even notice it! EUGH!" the monster growled. "Looking at you makes me sick!" Rearing its arm back, the monster hurled Naruto through the air and clear across the courtyar before he smashed through one of the windows and impacted against the opposite wall before dropping to the ground.

"NARUTO-KUN!" Hinata screamed, standing up.

The monster turned towards her as if it had been slapped by her scream, "You still pine for him? I just proved to you how worthless he was and you still scream for him?-!" the ruby red eyes began to flash. "RAAAAGH! IF YOU WON'T LEAVE HIM THEN I'LL JUST TAKE YOU!"

The beast began charging at Hinata again, making the young heiress run for her life once again. Dashing around the hallways circling the courtyard, Hinata tried to put some distance between herself and her pursuer. The smashing noise which sounded like an explosion indicated that the kaijin hadn't bothered to use the door. Turning a corner, she spied Naruto on the ground slowly recovering. Dashing over to him, she grabbed him by the shoulder and shook him.

"Naruto-kun, you have to get up! We've got to run!" she pleaded, for once not bitterly shy about being around Naruto.

"Ugh…cheap shot…" the blonde grunted, shaking his head. Looking up, he blinked as he looked into Hinata's lavender eyes. "Uh…Hinata?"

"Hurry! We have to run!" Hinata pleaded, pulling on Naruto's shoulder to help him stand up.

Both students on their feet again, ran for their lives as they heard the large monster smashing its way through the halls after them. After turning a few corners, they spied an exit and quickly ran for it. Naruto led the charge and jammed his shoulder into the door and slammed it open, allowing himself and Hinata to exit into the open air of the school track field.

"W-w-we have to hide!" Hinata trembled, some of the impact of the situation heading down on her.

"Right!" Naruto agreed. He spotted the school's supply shed. It was a sizable building which could fit a classroom, but only used for storage. Not only for sports supplies though. Sometimes surplus school items like lockers, desks, or chairs ended up there when there was no other place for them on account of all of the classrooms being filled. "This way! It's one of my escape routes!"

Taking Hinata's hand, the pair ran for the storage shed. Reaching it, they heard the door to the school behind them be smashed open and the monster continued to follow them. Reaching the door to the supply shed, Naruto yanked the door open and hustled Hinata inside before following and shutting the door. Inside the shed was a number of lockers and desks along with tumbling mats, sacks of sports balls, and some spare equipment for students who forgot to bring some sports days.

"Wh-where are we s-supposed to hide?" asked Hinata timidly.

"We don't," Naruto answered as he bgean tossing the desks and chairs out of the way. "We climb out the back window. I call it the Fake Out. The teachers think I hid in here after pulling a prank when I actually climbed out the window and escaped.

Reaching the far wall, Naruto reached the window to slide it open, but his heart sank when he saw a padlock keeping the window shut, "Oh crap. One of the teachers must have figured this one out! They locked it and I don't have the key!"

"Eep!" Hinata gulped, growing pale. "S-s-so what do we d-d-do?"

"Gonna have to hide," Naruto frowned. Looking around, he spied a row of lockers which were lined up against the wall. "The lockers! Go!"

Clearing a path through the supplies, Naruto reached one of the lockers which had a big sticker of a kind of rocket with a pair of red eyes and a black face with antennae on the forhead. Grabbing the handle, he yanked the door open in preparation of giving Hinata a place to hide when instead of the back of the locker…

…he found a tunnel of light.

"What the…?" he gasped.

"Ah?" Hinata gaped, coming up behind Naruto to see the bright tunnel. "Wh-what is it?"

"Dunno," Naruto blinked, but then remembered what they were running from. "But I'd take it over the monster that's coming after us! Let's move!"

With a gentle nudge, Hinata ducked into the tunnel of light and Naruto followed after her with the locker door shutting after them.

The light almost blinded the pair, but they kept moving to try and put some distance between themselves and the monster that was hunting them. As they moved closer to wherever the tunnel ended, a doorway in front of them opened like something out of a sci-fi show. Naruto and Hinata passed through the doorway and collapsed onto what felt like a metal floor. Turning to see the doorway they had come from, Naruto spotted a panel next to it with a green button and a red button with the green one lit up. Scrambling to the panel, Naruto hit the red button, making it light up and causing the doorway to slide shut.

"Ha! I'd like to see you get through that!" Naruto grinned, slapping the metal door. Dropping onto his back on the floor, he let out a laughing sigh of relief. "Whew! Are we in luck or what?"


"Hm?" Naruto blinked, turning to see what Hinata was talking about.

He blinked as he realized that they were in what looked like for all intents and purposes a space station common room. Everything looked extremely high tech and there were several more metal doors leading to other stations while a circular table was in the middle of the room. It looked exactly like Naruto had seen about space stations and such he had read about in books. However, Hinata's gaze wasn't on any of the equipment, but on the sole window looking outside.

Where the earth hung in the dark sky over the gray expanse of what Naruto recognised as the surface of the moon.

"No…way…" he gasped.

"We're…we're in…space," Hinata breathed. "We're on the moon!"

"Oh man!" Naruto gasped, running up to the window so he could see everything he could through the glass. "Those guys in the astronomy club were right! Space is awesome, dattebayo!"

"Sugoi," Hinata admired.


Alarms suddenly sounded off, snapping Naruto and Hinata out of their awe as red lights in the walls began to sound off. Both of them were worried that they had inadvertently set off some kind of security system which was about to disintegrate them or something. Hinata whimpered and stood closer to Naruto who had stepped forward to shield her from whatever might come.


A hissing noise alerted Naruto and Hinata to movement ans they turned to see that a door had opened. Curious, they moved to the room in questions to find several monitors and keyboards depicting technology and suits of some sort. However, one of the monitors revealed the inside of the storage room where the monster that had been chasing them was trashing everything. Curious, the two students found some seats in the provided chairs in front of the computers.

"Where are you?-!" the monster demanded, yanking open all of the lockers before trashing everything in the room to try and find out where the pair had gone. "You can't hide from me!"

"Okay, just what is that thing anyway?" asked Naruto, grimacing at the destruction. "Just what is its beef with us?"

"I-I don't know," Hinata trembled, frightened by the rage of the thing. Glancing at the screen, she saw an icon in the corner which was flashing. Curious, and hoping that it might help them she took control of the mouse connected to the monitor and clocked on the icon. The screen was imeediately segmented into dozens of green squares. All of the squares which the monster occupied were highlighted while zooming in on the creature itself.

Scanning subject.

Scan complete.

Subject: Heracles Zodiarts

Model #: 09

Power Levels: Critical

Last One: Dormant

"Zodiarts?" Naruto blinked as he and Hinata read the readout the computer made of the monster. "What the heck is that?"

"I don't know," Hinata frowned. Moving the mouse icon, she highlighted the word Zodiart and clicked on it. The screen of the rampaging monster was replaced with a data screen filled with words and diagrams of what looked like a handheld clicker with a button on top and wire-like designs around its side.

"It says here that Zodiarts are actually…people?-!" Hinata gasped.

"Wait, that thing is human?-!" Naruto gaped.

"Yes," Hinata nodded, reading over the data. "Zodiarts are humans who are infused with something called…Cosmic Energy. A person needs to have something called a Zodiarts Switch to become one. When they activate it, the Cosmic Energy forms around them and transforms them into that monster," she read. "All of the Zodiarts seem to derive their abilities and forms from constellations. So that means no two are going to be the same."

"Is there any way to stop them?" asked Naruto, looking over Hinata's shoulder. The close proximity made the girl blush as she tried to concentrate on what she was being asked.

"U-um…maybe. Hold on," Tapping a few keys, she questioned the computers about any possible countermeasures which could stop a Zodiart. After a moment, the screen turned blank and static filled it up. "Ah! Oh no!"

"What? What is it?" asked NAruto, grimacing as he figured that something went wrong. "What happened?"

"I don't know!" Hinata cried, tapping a few keys. "I just asked if there was any means to counter Zodiarts and this happened!"

"BZZZZRT! The date is BZZZRT! My name is Minato BZZZRTT! I am a scientist working for the OSTO on the development and use of Cosmic Energy. We had initially developed a means of enhanced human power and dubbed it the Zodiarts Program." The screen flashed as the image of a blonde man with blue eyes in a scientist uniform appeared on the screen, but many of his features were hard to discern because of the low resolution. "Because of the catastrophic potential of the Zodiarts in the wrong hands, I ordered the program shut down. However, a member of the team betrayed us and stole all of the Zodiarts Switches we developed before fleeing back to Earth. The majority of the Lunar Base as been destroyed save for the Rabbit Hutch where we did our main observation, testing, and Switch construction. After –BRRZT- ran off, destroyed the majority of the base and left us to die, we who survived began developing a countermeasure to the Zodiarts which could be put into effect once rescue comes. It's a device which harnesses the Cosmic Energy in the forms of armour and weapons rather than infusing the body with it. It should be the perfect countermeasure to the Zodiarts."

"Okay…" Naruto nodded, sounding impatient. "But where is it? How do we use it?"

"If you're watching this, then you have come specifically to find a means of countering the Zodiarts. The video file you are watching right now is releasing a high sound which should activate the secret chamber which is hiding the countermeasure. We call it the Fourze Driver. Instructions for it should be with it."

Almost as if on cue, another hissing noise sounded off, catching Naruto and Hinata's attention. Turning to the source, they saw a hidden chamber in the nearby workbench open up before a tray rose up to reveal which looked like a large buckle made of a sky blue space-age material. The centre had some kind of black screen while on either side were two slots made for something with red switches underneath each slot. On the far right was a silver handle which looked like it may activate some kind of ignition.

Next to the bench a hidden wall panel opened to reveal a black boared willed with forty slots, each marked with a number. However, only the first eight were filled with what appeared to be coloured switches.

"I suppose…that's it," Hinata gulped.

"Okay!" Naruto nodded. Striding forward, he grabbed the Fourze Driver and found that beneath it was a small pile of papers which served as the machine's instruction manual. Hinata likewise stood up and reached for the instructions to see how to use the machine. "So, any idea how to use this thing?"

"Hmm," Hinata pondered, flipping through the papers. Luckily there were crude diagrams to help describe the function of the device. It was honestly a record for her to be around Naruto this long without getting flustered, but the severity of the situation wasn't lost on her and it helped make sure she kept her mind on the situation rather than her crush. "It says here we need to use the Astro Switches to prime the system."

"Astro Switches?" Naruto blinked. He looked to the panel with the eight switches on it. "You mean these things with the numbers on them?"

"Yes," Hinata nodded, looking through the papers. "The manual suggests using the switches marked one, two, three, and four."

"Gotcha," Naruto nodded. Looking to the eight switches, he grabbed the four in question from their slots. Bringing them to the Driver, he stopped and looked back to Hinata, "Um, which one goes where?""

"Let to right in ascending order," the Hyuuga heiress answered. "Right," the blonde nodded. He then stuck the switches into their proper slots. "What about the other ones?"

"Ummm," Hinata replied, flipping through the papers until she found a page depicting the functions of the other switches. "You can bring two extra switches with you since the belt has a sub-space pocket option."

"Sub-space what?" Naruto blinked, looking up at the girl. The sight of Naruto looking directly at her made Hinata flush and struggle to get an answer out, but then dawning apprehension came to the blonde's eyes. "Oh wait, is it like hammer space like anime girls have when they bring out huge hammers to whack guys with?"

Hinata blinked. "Um…yes?"

"Okay, I get it now! Cool!" Naruto nodded. "So which of the others should I bring?"

"I-I think number seven and number six, just to be safe" Hinata replied. Naruto nodded and grabbed the switches before sticking them into his pocket. "N-Naruto-kun, are you sure you should be doing this?"

"You heard the guy on the computer, these Zodiarts things are way too dangerous," Naruto frowned. "Do you honestly think that the police or campus security stand a chance? This Fourze Driver is the only thing that can stop them. I've got to do this or else a lot of people are going to get hurt."

Hinata felt her heart skip a beat as she saw once again one of the things which made Naruto so special in her mind. A lot of people called him a delinquent, but that was only because he got into trouble a lot. Not once had Naruto pulled his pranks out of any sort of maliciousness. He pulled them for a simple amusement factor and never did anyone get hurt. Sure some property was vandalized in the process but all of it was easily fixed and never permanent. Naruto's sense of right and wrong was in fact very strong would never permit him to hurt others or let others be hurt.

"O-o-okay," Hinata stuttered, feeling like her crush was being born all over again.

"Good," Naruto nodded. "Is that thing still out there?"

Hinata stiffly turned back to the computer, which had the recorded video descending into static again. Closing it down, she managed to figure out how to bring up the images of the supply room where Heracles Zodiarts had been rampaging. Much to her relief, the monster was gone even if the rest of the room had been trashed.

"He's gone," she reported.

"Good," Naruto nodded. "You stay here where it's safe. That thing's been freaking you out even if you were here. You've been stuttering and getting flushed ever since we got here." As Naruto turned away, Hinata flushed more at having been called out on her nervousness.

Naruto exited the control room and headed back to the door which led back to Earth. Slapping the green button, the door opened to reveal the tunnel of light once again. Steeling himself, Naruto walked forward through the tunnel of light and back to the locker which he and Hinata had escaped from the Zodiarts. Stepping out into the supply room he saw that the damage was indeed severe. Whoever the Zodiarts was he had been angry and destroyed everything except for a few items. Lucky the lockers hadn't been one of them or else he and Hinata would have been trapped on the moon.

"I'd better not get blamed for this," Naruto muttered. A few of the teachers, like Mizuki-sensei, would have been all too happy to blame him for the mess and petition Tsunade to expel him on grounds of malicious destruction of property.

Exiting from the supply room, Naruto tried to spy anything funny going on. He knew Zodiarts were actually people so for all he knew the guy using the Switch had changed back to normal and was hidden in plain sight.

'Okay, play it cool and see if you can't find this jerk,' Naruto thought to himself, sticking his hands in his pockets and walking towards the school. If the thing was hunting Hinata like he thought then he probably wasn't going to give up and go home just yet. If he was willing to turn himself into a monster for the sake of nabbing her, then he definitely wasn't going to give up.

Naruto travelled thought he school to try and see if he could get any clues, but it wasn't easy. He could already see where the monster had been since it had destroyed portions of the walls in its attempts to chase him and Hinata. The police were going to have to get involved unless the guy who did it was caught. Naruto feared that he would be blamed for the destruction. He had been one of the people at the school after hours and he had a history of bad behaviour. A few people would feel safe in blaming him.

"Come on pal, where are you?" Naruto frowned as he walked around the side of the school.

Coming out to the front of the school, Naruto spied one of his fellow students waiting at the gates. Normally it was nothing new, but Naruto's danger senses were going off like crazy. Having gotten into more than his fair share of fights over the years, the blonde boy developed a sense of people's intentions towards him. It sort of helped him determine if thugs on the streets were after him or teachers wanted a word with him. Right now, he senses were telling him that the boy at the gates of the school wished nothing but death on him.

The student was dressed in the usual Konoha Uniform and his features were clear, clean, and well-groomed. Aside from the sheer animosity coming off of him, he just gave off the feeling of 'rich kid' that many of the students in the school were in possession of. Obviously he was somebody that had a lot of cash in his pocket and thought he was a big deal because of it.

Naruto ran into guys like him at least once a day and always did something to piss them off without even trying.

"About time you showed up coward!" the boy snapped. "I was wondering when you'd get the guts to try and leave the school."

"Dude, what's your beef with me?" asked Naruto. He didn't bother to try and play stupid "Just who the heck are you?"

"My name is Tomi Kakisonji!" the boy snapped. "And my 'beef' with you as you put it, is the fact that a veritable princess such as Hinata Hyuuga is giving her attention to an undeserving punk like you!"

"…what?" Naruto blinked. This guy was ticked at Naruto because Hinata paid more attention to the blonde than the spoiled rich kid? Naruto and Hinata were in the same freaking class! Sure, they never seemed to talk much but he'd spotted her glancing his way now and then. Of course he'd garner more attention from her than some guy froma different class.

"Flowers, chocolates, poetry, I gave her everything a girl would want in a potential suitor!" Tomi growled. "Despite all this, she continued to turn me down in favour of paying attention to you! Why? What made you so damn special?"

Naruto scratched his cheek, "Maybe she just didn't want a boyfriend?"

"UGH!" Tomi snarled, "Even now you don't get how lucky you are! I'm sick of you bumbling along with Hinata wasting her attention on you! I'm going to destroy you and show her that there is no one more perfect for her than me!"

Naruto frowned and reached into his jacket. This rant was sounding familiar and his instincts were telling him that he had just found the Zodiarts that had been hunting for him and Hinata. His guess had been proven right when Tomi revealed a switch in his hand which was black with gold designs on the sides. The top was domed and coloured silver with a red button coming out of the top.

"Don't do it man!" Naruto called. "That thing will mess you up!"

"Bah! Words of an idiot!" Tomi shouted back. "An idiot who is unworthy of the graces that someone superior to him is showing him! This power will help me make Hinata see the error of her ways!"

As if in response to his spoiled and somewhat delusional rant, the Zodiarts Switch in his hand flashed with dark energy which looked a little like an empty void of space. The gold designs on the side vanished as spikes emerged from the casing. The domed top took on the form of a bloodshot eye while the switch moved closer to the rim of the dome, making it look like an eye on top of the switch. More shocking, it spoke! "Last One!"

"Huh?" Naruto blinked.

Tomi pressed his thumb into the switch and suddenly a black void enveloped his body. From it, several bright lights which took the form of the constellation Heracles appeared. From the middle of the void, Tomi's body fell out, covered in a web-like substance. Meanwhile, the orbs of light flew into the void and became the Heracles Zodiart, but this time he was holding what looked like a giant sword made of stone.

"Aw crap!" Naruto cursed.

"Now I'll kill you and take what's mine!" the Zoidarts bellowed as it began running at him.

The Zodiarts charged at Naruto with its weapon raised, filled with lethal intent. The blonde boy dove out of the way as the sword smashed into the ground, creating a crater three times the size of the edge of the blade. Getting to his feet, Naruto reacged into his jacket and pulled out the Fourze Driver. Bringing it to his waist, he felt a belt wrap around him and secure the object into place. Reaching to the device, he flipped the four red switches, hearing some kind of noise like a rocket engine coming to life while the screen in the centre of the belt lit up with the image of an armoured being with a blue torso and red limbs. Standing up across from the Zodiarts, he clenched his left fist in front of him while his right hand grabbed the handle on the side of the Driver.




"Henshin!" Naruto called out loudly, pressing the handle forward into its drive position. A ring of metal appeared in a flash of light around his wait before it raised into the air and showed Naruto with white light. Wireframe lines appeared over Naruto, covering him with a suit of armour which solidified into an actual suit. Once the energy had formed completely, the ring vanished and the light died down to reveal Naruto within his complete suit.

The entre suit was white and appeared to me made of a material which had wire mesh in it, making it look like a space suit of some sort. The torso had orange lines running down the sides with black on the shoulders. The shoulders themselves were silver on the front with black on the rest. His arms and legs were covered with white mechanical gauntlets each with their own decoration. His right arm was adorned with an orange circle, right leg with a blue x, left leg with a yellow triangle, and his left arm with a black square. Finally his head was covered in a white helmet which was pointed with a black face, large orange eyes, short silver antennae with a green stone were on the forehead. At the sides on the jaw line were small wings like off a space ship. On his back was a small propulsion pack, like a rocket exhaust.

Naruto Uzumaki had become Fourze!

"What?-!" the Zodiarts gasped.

"Alright!" Fourze cheered. Gripping his fists in front of his face, he spread them out above his head like a cheer. "SPACE IS AWESOME, DATTEBAYO!"

His cheer for the awesome space tech done, Fourze turned his attention to the Zodiarts that had intended to kill him. Clenching his fists, he charged at his opponent, unafraid for anything that may come. The Heracles Zodiarts wasn't idle as it swung wide at him with its blade, but Fourze stuck with his instincts and ducked under the blow before slamming his fist into the beast's stomach. This time, there was a grunt as air was forced from the Zodiarts' lungs while the strength of the blow knocked it back several paces.

"You…you hurt me!" it gasped out in shock. "Nothing should be able to hurt me like this!"

"News flash jerk! I'm the new anti-Zodiarts on campus!" Fourze boasted. He raised his fist and pointed his thumb down on the ground. "And you are going down!"

Fourze charged again and kicked the Zodiarts in the shoulder knocking it back several more steps. Now that his suit was evening the playing field, Fourze was finding that strength was the only thing that the Zodiart had going for it. It didn't seem to know how to fight beyond punching and kicking, didn't seem to have any experience, and didn't know any set style either. The white armoured teen may not have had training either, but he had a lot of experience in fighting punks who tried to cause trouble near his school and he was putting every ounce of it into fighting this monster.

"HI-YAH!" Fourze bellowed, slugging the Heracles Zodiarts in the face and knocking it away. "Okay, now hand over the Switch and-!"


"Huh?" Fourze looked down to his belt where he heard the sound coming from and he spotted the number 4 switch on the belt had a blinking light. Confused, and unsure of what to do, he touched the item in question and flipped the switch for it.


An orb of gray energy appeared over Fourze's left arm before it generated wireframe images of machine parts which attached to the black square section. The pieces then solidified into what appeared to be an arm-mounted radar dish. The arm bracket even had a viewing screen which lit up to reveal Hinata's face. "Naruto-kun!"

"Hinata? Is that you?" Fourze blinked, looking at the screen.

"Yes it is!" the girl nodded. "When you activated the suit all of these monitors activated and began tracking your status. I managed to figure out how to contact you from here!"

"Hey, cool!" Fourze nodded. He was interrupted slightly when the Heracles Zodiarts charged at him, screaming about 'his Hinata' again before Fourze dodged him like a matador before kicking his butt literally, sending him sprawling. "Hey Hinata, something weird happened with this guy. When he used his switch, it changed. Then it said the words 'last one' before he transformed, but his real body fell out all covered with webs or something. Is that normal?"

"Let me check," Hinata answered before her image could be seen turning to a monitor. After a moment, which Fourze had since the Zodiarts' muscles were keeping it from getting up too quickly, Hinata gasped in shock. "This is bad Naruto-kun! The Switch is now in its Last One phase. It means that the Switch has absorbed all of the Cosmic Power it can and can now manifest all of its powers. The host's consciousness is now trapped inside of the Zodiarts body while his true form is left in a stasis-like state. He's stuck that way now! "

"Crap," Fourze growled, turning to see the Heracles Zodiarts back on its feet. "Any way to change him back?"

"Well, yes but it requires a Limit Break from your Fourze Driver to strike exactly where the Switch is inside of the Zodiarts body." Hinata reported.

"How do I do that?" Fourze cried, getting ready to fight as the Zodiarts raised its sword.

"Turn off the Radar Module and replace the Switch with the Camera Switch! Number 6!" Hinata replied.

"Gotcha!" Fouze nodded. Reaching to his belt, he turned off Switch 4 which caused the machine on his left arm to vanish. Reaching behind his back, Fourze felt his hand enter some kind of weird pocket before grabbing something solid. Bringing his hand back, he found himself holding Switch 6. Nodding, he removed the 4th Switch and placed it in the void while slipping #6 into place, making the belt speak, "Camera!" Switch secured, Fourze flipped it on.

"CAM-ER-A-ON!" the belt announced before another orb of light appeared over Fourze's left arm and formed an arm-mounted machine which had a powerful photographic lens.

The Heracles Zodiarts bellowed and charged again, using Naruto's distraction with his equipment against him. The Armored teen looked up only to be struck with several hundred pounds of angry Kaijin. The Zodiarts pushed him along before they both crashed into the side of the school building, cratering the wall.

"Die, die, die, die, die!" the Zodiarts bellowed, trying to crush Fourze with his weight.

"HRG! OW! Leggo you creep!" Fourze shouted. Struglling, he brought his free arm down to his belt where the other three switches were. He had to have something useful to help him! His fingers found one of the switches and with no other recourse, pressed it.


An orange orb appeared over Fourze's right arm before forming into a large orange rocket which completely covered his right arm. The afterburners of the rocket then came to life and with so much force both Fourze and the Zodiarts were propelled straight into the sky.



The pair flew, swerved, ducked, and spiralled through the air as Fourze had absolutely no control over his own weapon at the moment. One particularly gusty spin managed to dislodge the Zodiarts and send it crashing down to the ground below, in the middle of the track field. Panicking, Fourze managed get his hands on Switch #1 and turn it off, causing the rocket to vanish. Gravity took hold and sent the armored teen plummeting, but instead of going splat the pack on his back began shooting air out of its vents which slowed down the fall considerable. Fourze landed on the ground at a crouch before standing up, "Whew. Thought I was a goner there for a while."


Fourze turned to spy the Heracles Zodiarts pulling itself out of the small crater it formed with his body. Not one to miss an opportunity, Fourze raised his Camera Module and pointed its lens at the Zodiarts. The machine quickly came to life and began making beeping noises as it took in data about the kaijin and its abilities. When it was completed, it chimed to alert its wielder to the face.

"Okay, now to see what Hinata says," Fourze nodded. Switching off the Camera Switch, he popped it out to swap for the Radar Switch.




The Radar Module appeared once again and with it came the image of Hinata's face, "Hinata, did you manage to find out where the Switch is?"

"I did Naruto-kun!" Hinata reported. "It's in the chest cavity where his heart is supposed to be. But there's a problem!"

"What? Another one?" Fourze groaned. "What is it?"

"When a Zodiarts is in its Last One stage, it's body is so full of Cosmic Energy it's like a living bomb!" Hinata explained. "If you destroy it at the school, the explosion will be so big we'd be lucky to only lose the entire track, if not a good portion of the school! You need to get it someplace wide open!"

Fourze frowned behind his helmet, but then got an idea, "Or up in the air." Before Hinata could ask what Fourze was talking about, he switched off the Radar Switch and went for the Rocket Switch again. "RO-CKET-ON!"

The Rocket Module appeared and burst to life a second time. This time, Fourze aimed it properly and was sent hurtling towards the groaning Zodiarts. Adjusting his flight, the Rider dipped low and almost scraped the ground before he rose back up, catching the Zodiarts in the chest with the nose of the rocket. Catching his prey, Fourze turned his arm up as both Rider and kaijin sailed into the air. The city below soon became like a patchwork blob of gray and green as they soared past the clouds and even levels most airplanes would fly at. The sky began to darken as they reached the upper parts of the atmosphere, but both of them seemed fine in terms of breathing. Seeing he was high enough, Fourze shook his arm and dislodged the Heracles Zodiarts from it, letting it begin its long fall back to Earth.

Rising higher, Fourze reached to his belt and grabbed Switch #3, giving it a twist, "DRILL-ON!"

A yellow orb appeared over Fourze's left leg before becoming encased in yellow machinery with a large steel drill where his foot should have been. The machine instantly came to life and spun with rapid speeds. Furze then readjusted his flight pattern and began flying back down with the drill pointed at the Zodiart. Using his free hand, he gripped the lever on the right and gave it another tug to activate it.


Fourze's speed instantly went into overdrive as the rocket's propulsion was pushed to ridiculous levels. The drill likewise began spinning at a speed which would have it mistaken for a diamond cutter. His attack prepped, Fourze dove at the falling Zodiarts which could do nothing but watch him fly towards him.

"ROCKET DRILL KICK!" Fourze bellowed as his Drill Module impacted against the Zodiarts' heart. The monster gave out a scream as the drill dug into its flesh like a hot knife through butter. The kaijin's body lit up like a miniature star before it exploded like several thousand pounds of T.N.T. Fourze's body seemed to take the force in stride as he passed through its, his Drill and Rocket Switches turning themselves off as a side effect of the Limit Break. However, that was unfortunately a problem in itself since it left Naruto to begin falling towards Earth.

"Ahhhh! I'm falling! I'm falling!" Fourze screamed, his mind too far gone to mind about stating the obvious. Reaching to his belt, he accessed the pocket which allowed him to hold his two extra Switches. He had to have brought something that could help! Grabbing the first Switch he felt, he pulled it out to see it was #7…and it had an image of a parachute on it! "I'm saved!" His HUD revealed it was for his left arm so he took out his Radar Switch and popped #7 into its place.




A green module appeared on Fourze's arm before three bundles of fabric burst from the wrist end of it and dragged Fourze's arm up before they unfolded into three parachutes with green lining on them.

"Oh…man…that was too close," Fourze sighed in relief. "I'm gonna have to thank Hinata-chan for suggesting this one."

Back on the ground, Tomi gasped as his consciousness returned to his body. Groaning in pain, he began tearing the webbing from his body.

"That…bastard," he grunted.

Fourze managed to steer himself back to Konoha Gakuen and landed on the ground at the track circle. The parachutes lost their lift and collapsed as he hit the ground. Panting, he turned off the Parachute Switch which allowed the Parachute Arm to vanished. Sighing in relief, his HUD suddenly blinked to life and honed in on something which was a few feet away from the crater. Confused, Fourze trotted over to it and frowned once he got a good view. Inside of a small crater of its own and smoking from such a long fall was the Heracles Zodiarts Switch. Fourze reached down and picked the offending item up, feeling some heat through his glove.

"Now what to do with you?" he wondered, gripping the item. "Maybe Hinata-chan will know."

Looking about, Fourze saw that no one had come to inspect all of the noise yet. So he dashed for the supply shed where the portal to the moon station. Entering the shed, he moved through the debris and to the locker with the sticker that looked like his helmet. Finding it, he opened the door to reveal the bright tunnel and slipped inside. Walking through, he emerged inside the Rabbit Hutch once again.

"Naruto-kun!" Hinata called, dashing out into the common area. Spotting the armoured teen, she dashed up to him and began examining him for injuries. "Are you okay? I was alble to see the explosion from here!"

"I'm okay Hinata-chan," Fourze insisted, making Hinata blink and turn pink at such a familiar means of speaking to her. Of course, he didn't notice as he raised his hand to reveal the Zodiarts Switch. "Do you think you can tell me what to do with this thing? It fell out of the sky after I destroyed the Zodiarts."

"Ah…oh! Right!" Hinata nodded, trying to keep her mind on the situation. "Well, according to the notes, if you press the Switch while you're in the suit it will cause the energy to react and make the Switch implode in on itself like a black hole."

"Cool," Fourze nodded. Gripping the Switch, he tapped the red button to deactivate the item. The reaction was instantly as the Switch was enveloped in dark power before it collapsed in on itself, vanishing from Fourze's hand. "Wow…"

"Thank goodness," Hinata sighed in relief. The nightmare was over now.

Slumping with relief, Fourze reached to his belt and shut down all four of the red switches and removed the belt. The protective suit suddenly vanished from his body, reverting him back to ordinary Uzumaki Naruto, "Whew! Glad that's over." Sticking his hands in his pockets, he smiled at Hinata, "I'm glad you were here to help me out. I was clues about what to do and I would have hit like a water balloon on the ground after I beat that thing."

Hinta flushed and turned pink, retreating to her childhood habit of playing with her fingers while looking at her feet, "O-oh, i-i-it's nothing. I j-j-just wanted to h-help."

"I'll say you did," Naruto nodded. "Say, want to grab some ramen with me? I'll pay. I'd say we deserve some after everything we've gone through today!"

'A d-d-d-date?-! With N-N-Naruto-kun?-!' Hinata thought to herself in near panic. It was by this point that all of the stress of the day and the nervousness she had been suppressing from being around Naruto in such close quarters finally caught up with her and her automatic response finally kicked in.

She fainted.

Inside what could only be called a darkened office, eleven figures could be seen circles around a desk with a twelfth figure sitting behind it. The eleven figures were obviously inhuman and were dressed in gold and black robes which had red designs that looked akin to clouds on them.

"One of the Switches has been deactivated," one of the figures commented.

"I am aware of this," the figure at the desk nodded. "Something forced it to deactivate did it not?"

"Yes," nodded a figure with insect-like features.

"Then go and find out what did it," the desk figure ordered. "That is all."

The eleven figures nodded before they vanished into the darkness. This left the man at the desk alone. As he sat there though, his eyes began to glow an ominous red colour.

"Could it be?" he muttered. "Did they complete a countermeasure?"

To Be Continued…

A/N: Okay everyone, here's my foray into the Kamen Rider Fourze fanfiction. I decided to go with Naruto since seeing him and the Konoha 12 as high school students is a popular idea and I wanted to show off my take on it.

For some info, here's a breakdown of the five main prefectures

Hinokuni Prefecture: A civic centre and probably the most advanced technologically. It's the place for the latest in everything and anyone who is anyone would wan to live there. Many rich families send their kids to Konoha Gakuen for the best education that money can buy.

Kazenokuni Prefecture: What used to be a thriving tourist hotspot filled with beaches, hiking trails, desert runs, and other sporting events and the like has now come under hard times. Investors have been turning their attentions to the commerce and economy of Hinokuni so Kazenokuni has been suffering. It's best school is known as Suna High School and has a good history of athletics such as track and field events. However, due to the depression everything has been getting budget cuts.

Mizunokuni Prefecture: A somewhat politically unstable area which has just underwent a revolution of sorts and is now run by Mei Terumi who keeps an eye on all public facilities to make sure the previous racist and corrupted regime is truly dead and gone. Kiri Academy is a rough place to be, but it's slowly getting better and on its way to reclaiming its glory in its swimming competitions and academics.

Tsuchinokuni Prefecture: A mining prefecture where the largest deposits of raw minerals for products can be found. It's a paranoid place with border patrols and harsh discipline since many, many times groups have attempted to steal what the miners have collected and paid for it. The school Iwa High boasts some of the most artistic minds in the fields of sculpting, painting, and metallurgy.

Kaminarunokuni Prefecture: A militaristic prefecture where most of the military families tend to gravitate. The prefecture is responsible for weapons factories which produce the equipment all of the law keepers be they law enforcement or military use. The Kumo Military School helps cultivate the next generation of military which sports the lowest number of delinquents in all of the schools.

More on Oto, Ame, Kusa, Taki, and others to come.