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Kamen Rider Fourze: Cosmic Maelstrom

By Ten-Faced Paladin

Chapter 9: The Savage Star: Leo


Fourze leaped back, breaking free from the smoke. He and the rest of the Kamen Rider Club watched as the smoke circled in on itself, lifting the Ursa Major Switch into the air. The one by one, the stars of Ursa Major lit up and were absorbed into the smoky sphere. The sphere turned solid black before it shifted and transformed into a humanoid figure with the stars embedded in the body. The star in the centre of the collarbone area began to shine as it emerged and the humanoid figure transformed into the Ursa Major Zodiarts, bellowing angrily, almost like an unleashed animal.

"What the heck?!" Tenten gaped.

"Ah!" Hinata gasped.

"Oh no," Sakura whispered.

"Tsk!" Sasuke grimaced.

"Oh that is not fair!" Fourze groaned.

Up on the rooftop of the school, the entire event was being observed by the eyes of Andromeda and Perseus who had come to see their fellow member of the night sky.

"A Star of Awakening!" Perseus gasped.

"A potential!" Andromeda clapped her hands in glee. "This may be the one who can bring our dream closer!"

"A new Horoscopes will soon be born!" the male Zodiarts spoke with happiness.


Fourze and the Kamen Rider Club were staring down the Ursa Major who had managed to revive himself after Fourze had destroyed him. His body had reconstructed himself from something the Switch gave off and the Zodiarts returned pissed off and ready for round three. On the collarbone of the monster one of his star emblems surrounded in gold was shining brightly as compared to the rest of them.

"That...hurt!" Ursa Major snarled, clenching his hands which made his nails scratch against one another.

"What is it going to take to bring you down?" Fourze frowned, moving into another fighting stance.

"Naruto-kun, here!" Hinata moved next to Fourze, pressing an Astro Switch into his hand. He glanced at it, spying his trust Switch Number 13.

"Thanks Hinata-chan!" Fourze grinned before placing it in his Driver.

"Chain Array!"



The Chain Array Module appeared and Fourze charged at the revived Zodiarts, swinging the weapon wide and with confidence. Approaching, he swung wide with the mace, aiming directly at the monstrous Mizuki's head. The Zodiarts likewise charged back with his clwas raised to strike down Fourze in return.

The mace crashed against the clawed gauntlet with a blast of sparks before Ursa Major swiped at Fourze's head. The Kamen Ride dipped low and swung at the Zodiart's legs. The chain went wide, wrapping around Ursa Major's legs and a sharp yank took the monster onto its back. Fourze yanked again to pull back his weapon for another bow. Ursa Major reacted quickly and stabbed out with his claws, striking Fourze in the chest and knocking him back. It gave the Zodiarts enough time to get back onto his feet

Ursa Major bellowed and charged at Fourze, unleashing several slashes on the Kamen Rider's chest, eliciting cries of pain. Fourze stumbled back from the blows and tried to collect momentum for another strike from Chain Array, but Ursa Major kept up the assault by using a powerful backhand which struck with enough force to send the Rider flying.

"GAH!" Fourze cried as he flew back and struck the wall of one of the school buildings. The force cratered the wall and he dropped to the ground, the FourzeDriver landing not far from him. A flash of light erupted from Fourze, transforming him back into Naruto Uzumaki.

"Naruto!" Sakura, Hinata, and Tenten cried out for their friend.

"Uzumaki?" Ursa Major blinked. "You mean the armoured punk running around fighting those freaks is the school idiot?" A growl began to rumble from his chest. "You mean to tell me the local dumbass and his friends ruined my career?!"

"Heh, you had it coming," Naruto coughed, getting up to his knees.

"Why you-!" Ursa Major snarled, looking ready to kill again.

The Zodiarts was thankfully interrupted by his murderous charge when the sounds of sirens began to sound off and particularly close to the school. Since Konoha Gakuen was located in a relatively peaceful area police sirens were rare. Both the KRC and Ursa Major could both guess that someone had seen the fight or heard the explosions and called for help. Naruto knew he couldn't get caught since he nor anyone in the club would be able to really explain what happened and Ursa Major also knew that heavy police resistance would make getting his payback difficult.

Still, Ursa Major wasn't going to leave without getting one last kick in. Turning to Naruto he growled out, "You ruined my career boy. It's only fair I ruin something precious to you!"

Turning around, Ursa Major began charging across the schoolyard, but he wasn't aiming at Naruto. He was aiming at the members of the Kamen Rider Club!

"NO!" Naruto screamed, struggling to stand up.

"Run!" Tenten shouted to her club members. Reaching into her blouse, she produced several shuriken. Rearing back her arms, she unleashed the throwing stars with surprising accuracy for a teenage girl. Ursa Major simply raised his arms and let the stars stick into his gauntlets, the bladed weapons not even slowing him down. The enraged Zodiarts just kept charging, taking a leap to cross the distance between himself and the fleeing high schoolers. He swiped with one arm, knocking Sakura and Sasuke to the dirt while he did the same to Tenten. Hinata tried to flee, but the Zodiarts merely grabbed her by her hair, yanking it painfully, "Itai!"

"Oh no, you're coming with me girlie! I'm going to destroy you just like your punk boyfriend did to me!" Ursa Major snarled not unlike a grizzly. It served to make Hinata whimper in fright.

"YOU LET HER GO YOU BASTARD!" Naruto yelled as he managed to get to his feet, but he was heavily holding his side.

"Then come find her!" the Zodiarts laughed. "I'll leave a nice pretty corpse for you to find!" the monster laughed and leaped away, hefting Hinata over his shoulder. He landed on top of the school before he leaped off, vanishing from sight.

"HINATA-CHAN!" Naruto screamed, hobbling in the direction the Zodiarts ran off in.

"Naruto no!" Sakura grunted, running to grab Naruto by his jacket while Sasuke and Tenten hobbled over to him. "We've got to get out of here!"

"What?! But he kidnapped Hinata!" Naruto snapped.

"We'll find her!" Tenten tried to reassure him. "But we can't do that if we're all busted for being on the scene of a fight which destroyed school property!"

"You feel like going to jail Dobe?" asked Sasuke. "Because I don't!"

"We need to regroup and plan a rescue! But we can't do that while locked up!" added Sakura. "I want to rescue Hinata too, but we need a plan!"

"But-!" Naruto grimaced. "Mizuki said he was going to…"

"I know, which means we have to move now!" the pinkette nodded. "Let's get back to the Rabbit Hutch and see if we can't follow Mizuki. He's in Last One now. That means we can probably track him!"

Naruto grimaced, wincing as his ribs throbbed from the blow he took from the transformed Mizuki. He didn't want to admit it, and all his instincts were yelling at him to run after Hinata and take her back even if it killed him, but he had to see Sakura's point. They needed to get some kind of plan together if they were going to save Hinata from Mizuki. Throwing a glare at Mizuki's discarded human body, he picked up the FourzeDriver and looked to his friends, "Okay, let's get out of here."

The defeated Kamen Rider Club began shuffling away from the scene of the fight, aiming to lick their wounds at their base. The sirens continued to blare, growing louder as the police drew closer. As the scene remained silent for a moment, a chain flung down from the rooftop of the school. It wrapped securely around Mizuki's discarded body before yanking it up to the rooftop where it was received by Perseus as Andromeda reclaimed her chain.

"Soon," they both whispered to one another.


Inside his ever bright galaxy, the Red-Eyed Man was staring up at his constellations in the sky. Unlike before where he watched the minor constellations and eyed the missing spaces for Hercules, Aquila, Delphinus, and Horologium, the sky had changed completely. Circling around the sky were the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Sagittarius, Leo, Scorpio, Libra, Pisces, Virgo, Cancer, Aries, Taurus, Aquarius, Gemini, and Capricorn. All of them made their ring in the sky and in the very centre of it all was Ursa Major which seemed to be drifting towards one of the other constellations as if slowly being drawn in towards it.

"You stand on the cusp of your evolution Ursa Major," the Red-Eyed Man spoke with anticipation. "Will you be the one to show us the first of our apostles?"

Hercules, Aquila, Delphinus, and Horologium had all been sacrificed to the cause. Fourze had tried his best to stop the path of fate, but one man couldn't stop the will of the stars. He couldn't stop Ursa Major's evolution and soon one of the Horoscopes would rise.

His eyes flared red at the thought.

Rabbit Hutch

The Kamen Rider Club managed to return to the Rabbit Hutch to recover from Ursa Major's assault. Out of all of them, Naruto was the most upset. Hinata had been kidnapped and he hadn't been able to save her. Naruto was pacing, and Sakura was trying to get him to stop.

"Naruto, calm down," she attempted to placate him.

"I can't calm down!" He had felt mad before, the maddest he had been when he learnt that all the ramen in the city had gone bad and had to be called back one day. But he had never been this mad before.

"Dobe, you're not doing anyone any favors," said Sasuke as he worked at the computer console to track down the Ursa Major Zodiarts' energy signature. "You're hurt and in no condition to go out to save her. If you went out right now, we'd lose the FourzeDriver."

"Dammit, Teme! Is the Fourze System all you care about!" Naruto shouted as he grabbed hold of Sasuke and gripped him by the collar.

"Naruto! Sasuke!" shouted Sakura.

"Settle down, you two!" exclaimed Tenten.

Naruto huffed and released Sasuke. "I'm gonna go and find Hinata-chan. Don't try and stop me." He turned to the door and opened it. He then stood frozen, gaping at the doorway. The reason was because Neji was standing in his way.

Neji demanded, "What is this place?"

Neji scowled and grabbed Naruto by the lapels of his jacket before shoving him back into the Rabbit Hutch and pressed the blonde against the table, "What have you been getting Hinata-sama involved with?!"

"N-Neji?" Tenten gaped.

"Perfect," Sasuke groaned.

"Answer me!" Neji snapped.

"Woah wait!" cried Sakura, running over to pry Neji off of Naruto who was wincing from the stress on his torso. "Okay, calm down! How did you even find this place Neji?"

Neji pushed Sakura off, his pale gaze being focused solely on Naruto, "I followed the yankee and he vanished in the equipment shed. He then ran out of a locker and I followed him. I saw the whole fight with Mizuki-sensei and then followed you all back." His gaze narrowed. "You all brought Hinata-sama into danger with whatever you're doing and I demand to know what this is!"

Sasuke snorted under his breath and decided explaining it would make Neji go away that much faster, "We're dealing with a threat that could very well destroy Konoha if not the country if everything keeps going without someone doing something."

Neji's gaze turned to Sasuke with a frown, "Explain."

"Someone is giving out Switches to turn people into monsters-Zodiarts," said Tenten. "They usually get given to people who have some kind of chip on their shoulders and use them to get even for something that happened to them. They turn people into psychos who think murder and destruction are going to solve all of their problems."

"Oversimplified, but that's the gist of it," Sasuke nodded.

Neji's frown deepened, "And you all have taken it on yourselves to do something about it? You never once contacted the police or some other authority to try and do something about it?"

"Who'd believe a bunch of highschool kids?" asked Sakura. "Even if we showed them our base and all the tech we have, there's too much of a chance that people would just try to profit off of it and make the situation worse."

Neji's frown didn't lessen, but casting a glance to his surroundings he could tell that he was in a technologically advanced base. Plenty in Hyuuga Industries would have sold their souls to get access to such technologies so they could get ahead and make a fortune off of whatever applications they could get out of it. Naruto's suit alone could revolutionize armed warfare.

"And how is Hinata-sama involved?" questioned Neji.

"She and I found the Rabbit Hutch and the FourzeDriver," said Naruto. "We got chased by a Zodiarts and I used the FourzeDriver to beat it. We wanted to come back to learn more but found out that Sasuke and Sakura-chan were already working on this place."

"I was trying to find the FourzeDriver to fight the Zodiarts, but for some reason only the Dobe can get the thing to work," Sasuke muttered.

"I joined up to help Naruto learn weapons so he can fight the Zodiarts without getting his butt kicked," Tenten shrugged.

"Hinata and I worked together to make more weapons for Fourze to use," Sakura followed up.

"And now because of her association with all of you, she's been kidnapped and will likely be killed by that psychopath Mizuki," Neji frowned, clearly placing blame on the Kamen Rider Club for what happened to Hinata. "I told her again and again that she shouldn't be around people like you. If she gets out of this alive maybe she'll listen to me more."

"Hey!" Naruto growled. "Who do you think you are?!"

"Her assigned bodyguard," Neji retorted. "Now I'll have to take part in the search for her and tell her father what happened. Just stay out of my way. You've done enough damage already."

"And how will you stop Mizuki?" questioned Sasuke. "He's in the Last One state right now. Anything you could possibly do to him is useless now."

Neji glanced at the last Uchiha, "He has to change back sometime."

"Not now. Not anymore," Sakura shook her head. "He's stuck that way now. His real body was left behind."

Naruto frowned, but then remembered something he noticed when Mizuki had revived himself, "Just how the heck did he manage to come back anyway? And why was one of the gems on his body glowing like that? None of the others managed that."

"Must be a new feature," Sakura shrugged. "But right now we need to focus on finding him and bringing him down, again."

"Which we were doing before he showed up," Sasuke jerked his thumb in Neji's direction. "Now shut up and let me work so we can track down the stupid bear already." He turned his back to the group and began typing away again.

Neji's gaze became a great deal less hostile, "You can track him down?"

"He's in Last One and he's obviously unstable by this point," Sasuke replied. "He's probably going to be throwing his power around a lot. If he shows off enough then our sensors will be able to find it and we'll pick him off."

"You have sensors around the city?" asked Neji, prehensive over the self-proclaimed club's network.

"Sensors in the city nothing," Sasuke smirked. "We launched miniature sensor satellites which stay in the atmosphere above the country. They keep an eye on things and can zoom in over the city. Once a Zodiarts shows up with a strong power signature we know about it."

"Fascinating," Neji frowned. Apparently the group was even more well-equipped than he initially thought. He'd have to consider it later.

"Wow, so that's how we do it?" asked Naruto.

"News to me," Tenten shrugged.

Sasuke couldn't help but feel a little smug as he continued to monitor for Mizuki's Zodiarts energy signature. He knew he had to hurry though. Mizuki had gone off the deep end being essentially high on Cosmic Energy and realizing the destruction of his cushy life scheme that he had planned for himself. There was no telling what he'd end up doing to Hinata if he was provoked into it.

And he had a lot of provocation.

Konohagakure - Bar

Hinata whimpered as she sat in the darkened bar, tied up with ropes and a gag in her mouth. Mizuki as Ursa Major dragged her over rooftops through the afternoon before he brought her to bar which was abandoned or closed for some reason. Either way, it was a secret spot for what the man wanted. Hinata fought, but none of her scratches or blows made the Zodiarts even flinch. He just allowed her to tire herself out before he finally put her down and tied her up.

Mizuki didn't even seem to care that he couldn't change back into his human form anymore. He was basking in his power as a Zodiarts and was already plotting on ways to get back at all the people he felt had crossed him or take everything he felt he deserved. He had been muttering to himself for ten minutes before his gaze landed on her, making her feel very alone and afraid. He didn't say anything to her but instead took out a phone. His gauntlets vanished into a fog of dark cosmic energy which revealed blackened skin with red markings over his fingers. He also stole her cell phone which he used to dial up a number.

"Hello Hiashi Hyuuga," Ursa Major chuckled. Hinata mere thought her heart had stopped when she heard that the monster was calling her father.

"No, you don't know me but surely by now you've heard what I've done," Ursa Major snickered. "You know, how I kidnapped your lovely little daughter here. I've been hoping that we can work out a trade for her safe return. After all, you may have a spare daughter, but training her up to match the heiress can be such a trial and we all only have so much time."

Silence followed for a moment.

"You want proof? Okay," Ursa Major took the phone and pressed it against Hinata's face while cutting the gag off with his fingernail. "Say hello to daddy!"

Hinata gulped, but managed to speak, "O-Otou-sama?"

"Hinata?" the voice on the other end uttered, neither shocked, nor afraid, or even angry.

Ursa Major drew back the phone to his own ear, "You want your brat back home then be prepare to pay out 5 million Yen all in whatever bags you can bring and dropped off at the Hokage Monument in Konoha Square. No cops or else I'll mail you back your little girl piece by piece. You've got two hours before I start the clock. For every twelve hours I don't get that ransom I'll send you a piece of your daughter."

He shut the phone off and tossed it aside, snickering at the terror in Hinata's eyes. "Don't get comfortable princess. You're not going to be here long. Of course, how you leave depends on who comes for you. If I get paid I'll let you go. If your boyfriend comes charging in then you're dead. Let's hope the brat has some common sense, neh?"

Hinata trembled at the chuckle in Ursa Major's voice. It was pretty obvious that the Zodiarts wouldn't mind either way what happened to her. he wanted the money, but he was obviously aiming to get back at Naruto for his part in destroying his career. With how unhinged he was, he may do one or the other and still have a smile on his face about it afterwards.

'Help me Naruto,' Hinata whimpered mentally.

Konohagakure - Streets

With Sasuke using the sensors to find Hinata, Naruto decided to search on foot. Of course, he wasn't alone. Neji insisted to come along and although Naruto didn't want to bring the (in his mind) stuck-up Hyuuga along Neji wouldn't take no for an answer. So recalling the Machine Massingler Naruto drove down the streets of Konoha towards destinations he felt might be able to help in the search. Neji was riding behind him, reluctantly holding Naruto's shoulders and trying not to look like he and Naruto were in some kind of same-sex relationship. That was all his reputation needed on top of proving he was a failure as a bodyguard.

"Where exactly are we going?" asked Neji impatiently.

"The Inuzuka Veterinary Clinic," Naruto replied. "Kiba lives there and if there's anything to know about Mizuki then he'd know what, or at least he'd know someone who would know."

"And exactly why would he know?" asked Neji.

"Because Kiba's friends with damn near everybody and tons of people go through the clinic so he hears just about everything," Naruto replied. "If something's going on in the city, he'd know."

"I see," Neji frowned. The Inuzukas were hailed as the best veterinary doctors in the prefecture so it made sense that so many people from high and low classes took their pets there. Wherever people gathered, they gossiped. Of course Kiba would overhear since the Inuzuka home was connected to their clinic. "Then just speed things up so we can find Hinata-sama."

Naruto growled, hearing more of the disdain coming from Neji whenever he spoke of Hinata. The shy girl was one of the nicest people Naruto had met in his entire life. She may have been a little quiet and mumbled now and then between her fainting spells but Neji talked about her like she was just one big burden to deal with.

"Seriously, what do you hate about Hinata-chan so much?" he asked. "Is it because you can't do fun stuff since you have to watch Hinata-chan all the time or do you just not like your job or something? Do you just hate her?"

Neji frowned, but he couldn't do much more than that since they were driving down the road on a modified motorcycle, "I don't hate her personally."

"That what the heck did she do you make you talk about her like she's worthless?" Naruto pressed.

Neji answered, "I dislike the Main Family and their policies which ended up costing my father his life."

Naruto had to swerve slightly when he blinked at the answer and almost went up on the curb. "Huh? Main Family?"

"Eyes on the road!" Neji snapped. Shaking his head, he explained. "The Hyuuga Family is split into the Main Family who are the ones who make all the decisions about which directions the Hyuuga Family go in its affairs be it professional or personal. The Branch Family are pretty much indentured servants. We're born serving members of the Main Family like butlers and such."

"That's messed up!" exclaimed Naruto. "You're all from the same family! The same blood!"

"Not according to the Main Family," Neji snorted. "The tradition started when members of the Hyuuga Family sired bastard children or married people who weren't approved of. The Branch Family was formed to accommodate them as Hyuuga but to keep a reminder that they weren't as good as a 'pure' Hyuuga. Back then it was where all the 'dirty' blood family members went. These days, its where second children and the ones not chosen to be heirs of the main families are placed. People like my father, Hiashi-sama's own twin brother."

"And where does Hinata-chan fit into this?" questioned Naruto. "I sure as hell know she'd never treat anyone like you claim the Main Family does."

"She's the heiress, the one who's going to inherit it all or at least her husband will," Neji replied. "To me, she's one big reminder as to the unfair treatment the Branch Family suffer and the destiny we're all forced to take on. My father tried to fight that fate and it ended up costing him his life."

"So, you don't like her because she was born in the Main Family," noted Naruto. "Isn't that unfair? Like the way you think the Main Branch treats you?"

"Was it fair for my father to be sent into Kaminarinokuni Prefecture while it was still dealing with its political issues as a body double only to be killed by an assassin gunning after Hiashi-sama?" Neji frowned. "They were negotiating a deal to ease relations between Konohagakure and Kumogakure if not both prefectures and a marriage to Hinata-sama was the strongest possibility. She was brought with her father and mine and the assassin killed my father so he could kidnap her."

"So…" Naruto frowned.

"My father died for her and she can't even muster the spine to be a proper heiress," Neji almost growled. "My father was sacrificed for her and all it seems to be was a waste."

"So, does it make you feel better to treat her like that? Guess if you can't blame the ones responsible, blame the one who can't fight back," Naruto retorted, resisting the very strong urge to pull over and punch Neji in the face. He was more concerned with finding Hinata and making sure she was safe and he couldn't waste time beating up assholes. He could do that later when Hinata was safe.

"You don't know anything," Neji scoffed.

"I know Hinata-chan's the sweetest girl I've ever known. When I first showed up, people saw me as a delinquent. Nobody wanted to be my friend. Then, one day, she came up to me and offered her handkerchief to me. I got into a fight that day and was really beat up. Heh, you should have seen the other guy. She came up to me and gave me her handkerchief to clean off some of the blood I got on me," Naruto retorted angrily. "I know she's been helping me take on the Zodiarts as best as she can. She's the one who helped me figure out how to even use the FourzeDriver. She's been making Astro Switches with Sakura-chan and she's also been working the computers to try and figure out how to find them better as well as try to get through the files of the guys who made the Rabbit Hutch in the first place."

Naruto glanced over his shoulder with narrowed eyes, "What have you been doing with yourself lately?"

Neji scowled at the obvious insult. While he had, in Naruto's eyes, been going about his daily routine and lamenting about how apparently useless Hinata was, she and her friends were protecting the school and by extension the city from whatever the Zodiarts were aiming to do in their mission of spreading Switches. Neji having witness the Aquila Zodiarts before knew that the attacking monsters were a real threat, but hadn't realized his cousin or the school prankster were the ones making sure that the damages weren't deaths.

"I sure hope Sasuke can find where Mizuki-teme's hiding," whispered Naruto. No, he could not have any doubts in any member of the Kamen Rider Club, even if Sasuke denied its existence. Sasuke was a member despite his denials and each of them was doing their best against the Zodiarts.

Konohagakure - Rooftops

"My beloved Perseus," spoke Andromeda, "Don't you think we should go ahead and explain to our potential Horoscopes what will happen to him?"

"Perhaps," said Perseus. "He is going to need his body to complete his ascension." Lying at their feet was Mizuki's cobweb-covered body. Police had gotten in their way but had been dealt with. "Still, it would not be wise to get his hopes up. Just because he has the potential to rise to the heights of a Horoscopes does not mean he is worthy of the position."

"But our master does wish to have his Horoscopes to awaken," said Andromeda. "Perhaps we can monitor Ursa Major and see what happens next."

"A good idea," Perseus agreed, hefting Mizuki's body over his shoulder. The Zodiarts lovers then began leaping across the rooftops to their destination.

Rabbit Hutch

Sasuke was working diligently on his terminal looking for Ursa Major's signature. He had to recalibrate the satellites a little for extra sensitivity but he managed to pull it off. Blinking like a beacon on a map of Konohagakure was a red dot which read out Ursa Major. However, it wasn't alone as two more red dots were closing in on it.

"I've got a lock on his location, and he isn't alone. There are two powerful Zodiarts energy signatures in the vicinity," reported Sasuke. "And they're closing in fast."

"More Zodiarts?" Tenten grimaced.

"And familiar ones," Sasuke frowned, bringing up the energy readouts. "Seems like Perseus and Andromeda are getting in on this now."

Those names weren't familiar to Tenten so she asked, "OK, who are they and how bad are they?"

"Bad," Sakura replied, approaching to lean over Sasuke's shoulder to see if what he said was true. "Naruto mentioned them in his orientation but I'm not surprised you missed them."

"Considering how wacky things were at the time, who wouldn't be thrown off?" Tenten retorted. "Now these two Zodiarts?"

"They're dealers," Sakura explained. "They're the ones distributing the Zodiarts Switches. We don't know why they're doing it but we know they're dedicated. They're both in Last One so there's no way for us to track down their real bodies and find out who they are."

"Ah, so they're that bad," Tenten nodded.

"Worse when they're together with that Star of Ruin attack they have," Sasuke added.

"Do I even want to know what that does?" Tenten asked warily.

"Big boom," Sakura stated plainly. "Really big boom."

"Ah," Tenten nodded. That was self-explanatory. Nothing more needed to be said.

"So, they're probably going to meet up with Mizuki," said Sasuke.

"Then we have to warn Naruto!" insisted Sakura.

"Right, right," the last Uchiha agreed, reaching to the communicator. He'd have to hack into the communication satellites but he may be able to get the dobe's attention in time. Quickly bringing up the calibration of the satellites, Sasuke set them to locate Fourze along with Zodiarts. A blue dot appeared on the screen…

...going on a collision course with the two Zodiarts signals.

"Aw hell!" Sasuke grimaced.

Konohagakure - Streets

Naruto and Neji continued to drive in the direction of Kiba's house, passing into Naruto's neighbourhood. The Inuzuka's were moderately wealthy and prestigious but the lived humbly. Everyone had access to their clinic rather than some kind of upper class place which only accepted reservations like some snob practice. It helped make them well-accepted in the middle class community since the family would accept arrivals at all times, especially when it is an emergency. Of course, passing out puppies now and then from their breeding farm enamoured them to the children and the women who adored such things.

As they drove, Naruto felt his pocket begin to vibrate and he silently cursed. However, it wasn't silent enough to get away from Neji who promptly began to ask, "What is it?"

"My phone's ringing. It's probably Ero-sennin wondering where I am," Naruto replied.

"So answer it," the bodyguard replied.

"Not when I'm driving! I'm not stupid," Naruto snapped. "Besides, I'll call him back after we finish up at Kiba's. Ero-sennin can wait. Hinata-chan's more important."

"Your dedication is...interesting," Neji commented blandly. "Why are you so dedicated to Hinata-sama? It's not like you two can be together."

Naruto didn't understand what Neji was implying, "She's my best friend. Why shouldn't I care? And what do you mean we can't be together? We're together all the time."

Neji promptly choked on his saliva Did he just-?! Did he admit to-?! Hiashi was going to kill Neji for letting Hinata lose her-! "W-what?!"

"Yeah, we hang out, head to Ichiraku sometimes, spend time in the Rabbit Hutch, that sort of thing. She's fun to hang around with and I like spending time with her," Naruto nodded, not even noticing Neji's near stroke.

The pale-eyed boy blinked at the back of Naruto's head before he sighed in some mix of relief and agitation, 'He doesn't get it! He honestly has no clue as to how Hinata-sama feels about him! How dense can one person be?!'

Then again Naruto had gone and put on the FourzeDriver and fight a monster obviously capable of crushing him like a bug without a second thought, so thinking things through and deeply was not his strong suit.

"And like I said, she's my best friend," Naruto insisted.

"Hinata-sama is destined for disappointment it seems," Neji muttered to himself.

"Huh, you say something?"



The pair continued to drive down the street for a short time longer. As the drove, Naruto noticed a red and blue blur moving above him. It was in the corner of his eye and he didn't notice it at first. Perhaps it was paranoia or some other self-preservation instinct but he tried to get a better look at what was moving. It was probably what saved both him and his passenger when he saw a red-tinted chain coming at the both of them.

"Shit!" Naruto cursed, skidding to the side to avoid the strike and forcing the brakes to work overtime before he could crash into some trash cans.

"What the-?!" Neji gasped

"We've got company!" Naruto shouted.

"Look what we have here, dear husband. The brat with the Fourze System."

Naruto and Neji looked up and even through the glass of their helmets it was an intimidating sight to see Andromeda and Perseus standing on a rooftop. The female Zodiarts was drawing back her weapon of choice. Over Perseus' shoulder was a strange sight, the webbed up body of Mizuki.

"Aw damn, just what we need," Naruto groaned.

"Those are Zodiarts?" Neji asked.

"Yeah," the blonde nodded. "Some of the worst."

"Keep bringing our package to the potential Anata. I will deal with the outsider," Andromeda spoke to her apparent husband.

"Are you sure Koi? He isn't helpless," asked Perseus, worried for his lover.

"Oh, he is just a brat. With all his power, he is just an amateur. Like a little guppy trying to fight a shark."

"Oh, I'll guppy you!" Naruto growled. "Hey Perseus! How about you make Mizuki give back Hinata and I won't use your wife as a bargaining chip!"

"You dare-!" Perseus growled, but Andromeda's touch stopped him.

"An empty, if not passionate threat," Andromeda commented. "Go Anata. We must awaken the Horoscope."

Perseus stared at his wife for a moment before pressing his face to hers reminiscent of a kiss, slightly awkward by their Zodiarts bodies. The blue Zodiarts then turned and began running in a direction away from the impending fight.

"I'll follow him!" Neji announced. "You take on this one while I get Hinata-sama!"

"Right," Naruto dismounted the machine and strapped the FourzeDriver to his waist.

"You will not!" Andromeda snapped, throwing more of her chains at the pair. Naruto rolled out of the way, not even having time to remove his helmet while Neji shifted to the driver's seat on the Massingler. Gunning the engine, Neji drove off after Perseus while Naruto hit the activation switches.





A blast of light formed the suit of armor of Fourze as he stared down Andromeda. He didn't bother with his usual battle cry. He was too angry to really say it. His mind was only on saving Hinata.

"Let's do this!" Fourze pointed Andromeda.

"Know your place!" Andromeda snapped, leaping from the rooftop to land on the street, her chains whipping about like snakes.

Fourze charged at Andromeda while said Zodiarts lashed out with her chains like whips. Fourze activated his jetpack, launching himself out of the path of the attacking chains. Crossing the distance, he lashed out with a punch which Andromeda blocked. The female Zodiarts quickly retaliated with a high kick which barely grazed Fourze's head as he ducked underneath.

Now, it was prudent to know that Jiraiya often preached that the Pull of Perversion (patent pending) would eventually hit Naruto when he least expected it. Unfortunately, it decided to strike at that exact moment as Fourze was ducking under Andromeda's kick by making his eyes glance up.

'I see London, I see France…' Fourze thought, the words sounding worryingly like Jiraiya as they were thought. The moment just seemed to stretch, making Fourze's mentally scream out in denial even as Jiraiya's voice asked, 'Is that that red lace?'

Fourze rolled to the side and tried to banish the thought from his mind as he kept going for the fight. Trying another punch, he was blocked by Andromeda's arm guard and she was...glowing?

"You...looked…" she snarled.

"Uh….no I didn't," Fourze shook his head.

"You...did...Just like...that PERVERT!" The female Zodiarts screamed and belted Fourze across the face with the force more terrifying than anything a Zodiarts could give off. It was the force of a woman punishing a male for doing something perverted to or around her. Fourze was knocked off his feet and he smashed into the street, skidding back and leaving a trench at the same time.

'This must be how Ero-sennin feels when Baa-chan belts him,' Fourze groaned, shaking the stars from his mind. 'Another piece of proof why I shouldn't turn out like him.'

"I...hate...perverts!" Andromeda snarled, her hair lifting up inside the haze of red power, looking more like serpents than her chains did. "I despise perverts. I especially hate that pervert! I don't know how he turned out so well after being raised by that hentai. Pervert….oooh when I see him again...when I…"

"Are you related to Tsunade Baa-chan?" asked Fourze as he got back to his feet.

Andromeda was making choking motions with her hands, apparently mimicking what she was going to do whatever pervert she was talking about. As Fourze managed to get back to fighting fit, the star points on Andromeda's body flashed red. Her aura then died down and she seemed to become calm again. She turned to where Fourze stood and her chains slithered out, "Forgive my outburst. Shall we continue?"

'Great, I'm fighting a female monster who's on her time of the month!' Fourze thought to himself in a panic. 'I'm so screwed.'

Neji roared down the streets on the Massingler, trying to keep Perseus in his sights while avoiding crashing into anything on the streets as he kept looking to the rooftops for the Zodiarts. Several times he almost crashed into a parked car or had to take a crazy turn to avoid hitting a building. Still, cursing motorists aside, he managed to keep up with the blue Zodiarts.

The chase went down several streets Neji wouldn't be caught dead in normally, but he managed to spy the destination. Picking up speed, Neji raced as he saw Perseus drop to the street. He came to a stop, seeing Perseus standing in front of what looked like a closed bar. It made the Hyuuga bodyguard frown, wondering why Mizuki would hide out in such a place when there were better hideouts to be found all over the city.

Parking around a corner, Neji dismounted the machine so he could better follow Perseus and discover where Hinata was being kept.

"You may as well come out child," Persus spoke, stepping in front of the door. "I saw you following me since I left my wife behind."

Neji cursed and stepped out, staring down the Zodiarts with his pale eyes. Perhaps if he were older or facing a regular human he would have been considered intimidating. As it was, he was just a highschool boy staring down a monster. Hardly the most attention-grabbing opponent to ever be witnessed.

"I've come for Hinata-sama," Neji spoke, his even tone hiding his unease. "Mizuki has her and I intend to take her back."

"So take her," Perseus shrugged. "I don't care what Ursa Major does. So long as his growth continues unimpeded you can play hero all you like. Should you try to halt his growth, that is when I'll step in."

"Hn," Neji frowned. "I'll let the dead last deal with that. I just want to get Hinata-sama. Is she inside with Mizuki?"

"Both are inside," Perseus replied, showing he truly had no sense of loyalty towards his fellow Zodiarts. "They are in the lounge area. Go through the back door. It has never been able to close completely. Go in there if you insist on doing this. Just don't expect your armoured friend to help you."

"Why are you letting me go?" Neji asked suspiciously.

"Well, to be honest, I doubt you'd be able to accomplish anything,"said Perseus.

"So you just want to watch me fail?"

"Exactly. After all, what can you do against a Zodiarts? You're just a human being. Inferior." Perseus then began to walk to the side of the building. "But do try. Perhaps if you do well enough I will grace you with the power to further your evolution and escape your human fate."

Perseus vanished behind the corner of the building, snapping Neji out of his standoff as he dashed to follow after the blue Zodiarts. Racing around the side of the bar, he found an empty alley and no Perseus. He did spy the back door to the building that employees would use and it was open a cram, enough that one decent shove would knock it open since the latch wasn't working.

Bracing his shoulder against the door, Neji gave a sharp push and the door snapped open. Fearing that Ursa Major may have heard his entrance, Neji quickly slipped into what seemed to be a back storage room and ducked behind some empty beer kegs. The metal door slowly closed behind him, the clunk of the metal on metal told him the door was shut again. Neji remained still, keeping his breathing even and using his martial arts discipline to remain still and out of sight. After several moments of absolutely no movement or sign of Ursa Major.

Creeping out from his hiding place, Neji looked for and found the other ways out of the storage room. He dodged the plain door, the plate on it marking it as the manager's office. He did approach the more ornate door, marking it as the one which led into the bar area where hopefully Hinata would be kept. Softly gripping the handle, he opened the door slightly to peek inside.

The bar and lounge area was obviously improperly cared for. It tried to make itself look like some kind of finer establishment but either money or clientele had made it look otherwise. Neji didn't consider the appearances worth mentioning as he kept his gaze trained for movement or the appearance of other people. He soon got his confirmation when he angled himself to see more of the bar area when he spotted Hinata tied up on one of the benches with her mouth gagged shut.

'Hinata-sama,' Neji thought to himself with apprehension. Casting a quick glance around the bar through his viewing slit, he didn't see Ursa Major anywhere. Seeing his opportunity, Neji slipped through the door and approached the bound girl, moving as silently as he could. Drawing closer, he gently reached Hinata and grasped her shoulder, causing the young woman to gasp behind her gag and turn around in fear.

"Remain quiet Hinata-sama," Neji whispered, reaching to the rope that held her hands together.. "I'll have you out in a moment."

"Oh, I don't think so!"

Neji spun around to face his opponent, but he was viciously backhanded by the clawed hand of the Ursa Major Zodiarts. Neji's vision lit up like stars as he flew from the impact and crashed against one of the tables, actually smashing through it. To his credit, Neji managed to stand up even though his back and face throbbed in considerable pain. Most people his age would have rolled up and quit after taking such a blow.

"Ah, if it isn't the little diva's bodyguard," Ursa Major grunted. "Figures you'd show up if the blonde retard didn't beat you to it."

"Return Hinata-sama!" Neji snapped, shifting his stance.

"If her old man forks over my money, I'll give her back," the Zodiarts retorted, slowly approaching. "Didn't your boss tell you that or did you jump in here half-cocked?"

"The Hyuuga do not negotiate with terrorists!" Neji hissed.

"Well, they're going to have to deal with me! Now are you going to leave or do I have to force you?"

Gritting his teeth, Neji shifted into a full battle stance of the Hyuuga's prized fighting style, the Jyuuken or Gentle Fist. It was a fighting style pioneered by the Hyuuga Family. It was a style which emphasized on speed, agility, reflexes, and maximum effect for minimum effort. What made the style unique was its focus on pressure points in the human body. Rather than focusing on select points like most fighting styles did, the Jyuuken targeted all of the pressure points in their movements and attacks. With this style, Hyuuga children in middle-school were sometimes capable of taking down grown men just by striking particularly sensitive points of the body.

"Heh, looks like you have a deathwish, kid. Tell ya what, I'll fight you with one hand behind my back. That should make things fair, right?"

Neji scowled at the Zodiarts' arrogance, but he was taught to never turn down any kind of advantage in a battle. Exhaling, Neji lunged at the bear-like monster. He didn't know how a Zodiarts' body worked but he was banking on the human and mammal shape would mean it was close enough for the main pressure points to be the same. He dashed in close, letting the beast take a swipe at him. Fortunately the former teacher was slow, allowing Neji to dodge only with the shoulder of his uniform being torn up. Seeing his opportunity, Neji struck at the torso, attempting to hit the sensitive portions of the torso or if nothing else he'd strike the floating ribs.

Striking the Zodiarts' flesh, Neji felt absolutely no give from his strikes against its skin. In truth, Nej was sure he was hitting a punching bag made with the toughest quality leather with nothing but hard concrete behind it. It actually caused spikes of pain to shoot through his fingers from the force of his strikes mixed with the resistance.

"Gn!" he grunted.

"Having trouble?" Ursa Major laughed before he lashed out with another swipe of his arm. Neji ducked the blow again but felt some of his hair get chopped in the process. Using his crouching stature, he struck at the knees in attempt to break the sides of Ursa Major's kneecaps. Once again the bear's slow speed allowed Neji's attacks to land but once again it was like striking leather-covered rock.

Grunting, Ursa Major lashed out with a kick, knocking Neji several feet and into the bar itself, causing the polished wood to splinter. Hinata screamed from under her gag and she thrashed in her seat, but she was not able to free herself.

"Well that ate up a good two minutes," Ursa Major snorted, walking up to the downed bodyguard. Lifting a foot, he pressed it onto Neji's chest, driving the air from his lungs. "Now you can tell Hiashi Hyuuga how serious this shit is. Get my 5 Mill, bring it to Konoha Square, and you jerks can get your heiress back, capiche?"

Kicking Neji a second time for good measure, Ursa Major turned his attention back to Hinata. The heiress struggled in her bonds but was unable to escape before the Zodiarts picked her up and hefted her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. "Come on princess, your bodyguard has a message to send to daddy while we find another hangout."

Ursa Major kicked the door to the establishment down before heading off into the darkening city. Neji grimaced as he saw them leave, but his body felt so wracked from only a few blows he couldn't get up to try and follow them.

Neji, for the first time since the day his father had died, felt completely helpless. He always believed that victory and fate was on his side because he embraced that fate, that he would be superior against any foe. However, the Ursa Major Zodiarts had proven that Neji wasn't invincible. He felt humiliated since he had been defeated by a brute. Was this what Naruto and his club had to face on a regular basis?

Konohagakure - Streets

Another crash echoed through the streets as Kamen Rider and Zodiarts faced off against one another. Andromeda was lashing out with her chains, smashing anything she hit in her attempts to strike down Fourze. The white Kamen Rider on the other hand was liberally using his booster jet pack to help him maneuver away from the attacks while trying to get in closer. He had activated Chain Array and Chainsaw, attempting to get in close to Andromeda to strike her. So far, neither side had gained any significant hold over the other. Fourze just couldn't get close and it seemed to him that Andromeda wasn't putting everything she had into her fight. Either without Perseus around she just wasn't interested...or she was waiting for something else.

"Hah!" Fourze bellowed, creating a hail of sparks as he kicked away one of Andromeda's chains. "Hey, I got a question! Why are you guys so gung-ho about keeping that bastard Mizuki around? Once I took down the others you two didn't seem to care!"

"Because before none of the others showed the light of the Star of Awakening. The first stage in completing their evolution into Horoscopes!" Andromeda purred, twirling a chain around her wrist. "Of course we're going to protect this new star to see if he is capable of rising to the task."

"Huh?!" Fourze gasped. "You mean you found one of those Horoscope guys? But Mizuki's Ursa Major isn't he? A bear isn't one of the Zodiac!"

"Hmm, I'm not going to tell all of our secrets just because you ask silly boy," Andromeda giggled. "You'll just have to figure out the details of it all later. My lips are sealed."

"To all but my lips."

Fourze and Andromeda stopped their fight to look up at another building, spying Perseus with Mizuki's body. Andromeda cooed with delight at seeing her husband again while Fourze frowned, getting ready to be double teamed by the pair. He'd have to break out his Elek Switch if he didn't want to get creamed by the pair again…

"Ursa Major has decided to move elsewhere. His little hostage's bodyguard attempted a rescue. As expected, he failed miserably," Perseus reported, causing Naruto to freeze. "He's down the road at a closed bar. If you hurry I expect he will recover with time."

"Oh no," Fourze gasped. Glancing between Andromeda and Perseus, he took off running in the direction Perseus pointed, shutting down his Switches as he went. Swapping out Chain Array, he set in another one which would help him move faster.




The Rocket Module appeared on Fourze's arm before roaring to life and taking him into the air. He was soon gone, leaving only a smoke trail to tell where he had been. Perseus and Andromeda merely snorted at his leaving before the pair reunited on the rooftop. Perseus dumped Mizuki's body as he wrapped his arms around his wife, taking care to make sure that there wasn't a mark on her body from her fight with Fourze.

A VERY thorough check, just to be sure.

Konohagakure - Bar

Neji had managed to pull himself up to a sitting position, but the screaming protest from his body prevented much more than that. He had opened his jacket and already saw an ugly purple bruise already forming across his torso. It would be a little while before he could muster the strength to stand while ignoring pain at the same time.

and then his cell phone rang.

Neji pulled the device out of his pocket to check who was calling him. He would have groaned in despair when he saw his uncle's name on the device. Tapping a few buttons, Neji brought the phone up to his ear, "This is Neji Hiashi-sama."

"Neji...what has happened?" the gruff and even voice of the Hyuuga patriarch spoke.

". . . " Neji frowned, trying to get his thoughts in order. "Hinata-sama was kidnapped by Mizuki-sensei. I believe it was in retaliation against Naruto Uzumaki for bringing evidence of his corruption to light. Rumours of his and Hinata-sama's relationship have been on everyone's tongues."

"And where were you when this happened?" demanded Neji's uncle.

"As of now, I am lying on the floor of a bar on the east side, battered and bruised after my attempt at reclaiming Hinata-sama," Neji grunted, shifting on his spot. "Mizuki has done...something to himself. He's...changed. My Jyuuken didn't work on him and he crushed me with only a few blows. If he's threatened any sort of action against Hinata-sama, given his state of mind and what he's done to himself it is likely he will follow through."

"What is this change he has done to himself?" asked Hiashi.

"Increased strength to a ridiculous level and increased the density of his body to the point that my Jyuuken strikes didn't penetrate. He's also sporting claw-like weapons which will run through a person given his new strength. The only reason I'm even alive right now is because he wished me to report his new abilities back to you." Neji reported.

"I see. Are you in need of an ambulance?"

"No," Neji shook his head. "I'll collect myself and try to report in as soon as possible."

"See that you do," Hiashi replied before he promptly cut their connection.

Neji sighed and ended his side of the call as well. Perhaps it may have been wise to call for an ambulance, in case his ribs were cracked which was likely considering the increasing size of the bruise on his chest. Of course, Neji was adamant in never accepting anything from the Main Family since nothing they gave ever came free. Proof enough of that to Neji was proven as Hiashi never once asked if Hinata was unharmed or not.

Still, Neji felt he had failed in one of the most profound ways. He failed in his duty, the fate he was assigned that he was given since birth. Was it truly his destiny to be beaten down like he was? First with his father, then his brutal training in Jyuuken, the discrimination from members of the Main Family, and now failing his main duty? Was it truly his destiny, or were the Zodiarts truly capable of breaking free from fate like Perseus said?


A white blur ran into the building, a flash of orange vanishing from his arm as he did so. Looking up, Neji saw that it was Fourze and with no other recourse, raised his arm to get the Kamen Rider's attention. The space-age warrior was at his side in an instant, looking like he wanted to stand the Hyuuga up, but was worried about hurting him if he tried.

"You look like a mess," Fourze muttered bluntly.

"Hardly a surprise," Neji muttered. "Mizuki got the jump on me."

"Was Hinata-chan okay?" asked Fourze.

"From what I saw, yes," the bodyguard confirmed.

"Good," Fourze sighed with relief. Gently taking Neji's arm, he hefted the boy to his feet with only a pained grunt to announce the movement. "Sakura-chan's got medical stuff at the Rabbit Hutch. Let's get you patched up."

"Hnn," Neji grunted.

"Oh don't start acting like the Teme now!"

Rabbit Hutch

The mood was tense at the Rabbit Hutch. Sakura, Sasuke, and Tenten all knew that Naruto had a confrontation with Perseus and Andromeda. However, they received no word on how the confrontation went other than that everyone survived it. Naruto also wasn't responding to calls through the Radar Switch, aggravating everyone.

Sakura was ready to rip into him for getting them all worried when the sound of the entrance opening began. The verbal attack died on her lips when Naruto entered helping Neji limp along with his arm over the blonde's shoulder. "Get the medical kits Sakura-chan! Neji's hurt!"

Sakura snapped out of her shock, "O-okay! Bring him over to the rest area. I'll check him over!"

Naruto did just that, lowering Neji onto the space reserved for sleeping while Sakura approached with the medkit that the station had. Sakura quickly began checking Neji's battered form, pressing gently against his bruise to see if any of his bones were broken. Neji winced, but didn't complain under the ministrations.

"Well, nothing seems broken but this bruise is going to sting like crazy for a while," Sakura sighed. "Which is good. My first aid doesn't really go much farther than the basic survival stuff."

"Praise be for small mercies," Tenten sighed in relief. "Did you manage to find Hinata? Was she with Mizuki?"

"She was," Neji nodded, wincing as he once again sat up. "He intends to ransom her back to Hiashi-sama and plans to make the exchange at Konoha Square."

"Bastard," Naruto growled.

"At least it tells us where we'll be able to find Mizuki," Sasuke commented, bringing up a map of the Konohagakure. "Did you find out anything when you took on the dealers? They probably know how Mizuki brought himself back."

"I was kinda busy fighting the lady one," Naruto replied, crossing his arms as he paced restlessly. "Perseus was dragging Mizuki's body around though. He still had it when he came back to get Andromeda."

"Likely he wanted to keep it near him," Neji suggested. "But when Mizuki left, this...Perseus went back to the other Zodiarts."

"Why keep it though?" asked Tenten. "I mean, it's not as if he needs it anymore since he's stuck in that Ursa Major body now."

"Something is going on that we don't know," Sasuke frowned. "Something that is pretty damn important to those two if they're sticking to Mizuki so closely. Something about him is different from the others Zodiarts that we've seen."

"So what do we do?" asked Naruto. "That psycho still has Hinata-chan!"

"We need to locate him then have you deal with him," said Sasuke simply, "We also need to make sure Perseus and Andromeda from getting too close. Whatever they plan to use Mizuki's body for can't be good for us."

"You know, I've been wondering this for a bit," began Tenten. "Why are they giving the Zodiarts Switches to random people? Sure, the people lose control and cause a lot of chaos, but they must have some sort of goal."

"Who knows?" Sakura asked. "Zodiarts go psychotic. What makes you think there's a way to rationalize their actions."

"Well, maybe the one who made those Switches has some kind of plan," Tenten suggested. "Do you know who it is?"

"If we did, don't you think we would've gone looking for him by now?" Sasuke retorted. "If we ever do want to find out who's in charge we'll need to get that information from Perseus or Andromeda. However, it's unlikely that they will tell us anything."

"All we know is that Horoscopes have something to do with it," Sakura sighed. "Other than that, we've got no idea."

"Well Mizuki has something to do with it," Naruto frowned. "But there isn't a bear in the zodiac is there?"

"No," Sasuke shook his head. "Now everyone shut up so I can try to think of a plan get the dobe into Konoha Square without the Hyuuga shooting him thinking he took their heiress."

Naruto paled slightly, "They wouldn't...would they?"

"Maybe," Neji replied ominously. That did not sound reassuring.

Konohagakure - Konoha Square

Konoha Square was the centrepiece of the city. It was a highly public place which had the centrepiece having the road circle around a monument to the past leaders of the city. People passed through all the time and it was sometimes hard to actually pick people out of the crowds. Plenty of stores and businesses were around and the roads near the place were never completely empty no matter what time of day it was.

In other words, the perfect place to do an illegal transaction while hiding in plain sight.

It was part of the reason why Hiashi Hyuuga was remaining so still and unmoving at the base of the Konoha Square Monument.

Hiashi Hyuuga was a very stern and straight-laced man in appearance. His face was stern, looking like it could have been made from stone. He had long black hair which reached to his shoulders and his eyes were the prominent pale that was unique to the Hyuuga Family. Only a few lines on his face indicated his middle age. He was also wearing a suit, having left his office building to deal with the issue concerning his daughter. An issue he hadn't taken as seriously as he could have until he received confirmation from his nephew. His first born daughter was kidnapped and the one who did it was very capable of following through with his threats.

Hiashi wasn't a fool. He knew that the Hyuuga Family had many enemies both professionally and personally. Many of them would do just about anything to deal a blow to the family in order to get ahead. Quite a few had tried and failed. Hiashi may have lived the upper-class life, but his father didn't believe in coddling his children be it physically or emotionally. It was a parenting style Hiashi used on his daughters. It seemed to work well on his youngest, but his eldest seemed to constantly fail to meet his expectations. Her being kidnapped like this just proved once again how she was lacking.

Still, Hiashi was concerned about the nature of the kidnapping. Neji was one of the best they had in the newest generation of Hyuuga. He wouldn't have allowed Hinata to be taken or be defeated easily. It served to make Hiashi believe that perhaps one of the enemies of the Hyuuga Family were bankrolling the kidnapping attempt for some purpose. Looking for personal weaknesses? Doing something to the business while he was away from the office? He would have to look into it once he retrieved his eldest.

Now he was waiting for the kidnapper, the former gym teacher, to appear.

Hiashi had retrieved the 5 Million Yen that Mizuki demanded. All of it was in a briefcase he had at his side, looking quite inconspicuous. Naturally it was packed with a tracer for Hyuuga agents to track down the kidnapper later after he believed he made his getaway. Inside was also an ink bomb like the banks would use when they were robbed. If the money left the range of the tracer unit, it would go off and ruin all of the bills and hopefully mark Mizuki as well. It would make identifying him quite easy.

He looked forward to destroying the man who tried to slight the Hyuuga Family in such a manner.

His dark reflections were cut off by the sounds of screams. Since the sun was almost gone from the horizon Hiashi merely assumed that some of the local hooligans were making spectacles of themselves. However, the screams didn't stop and instead were becoming louder and more numerous. He couldn't help but look at what was happening, but as he did so even his reserve couldn't stop him from openly gaping.

Walking across the street towards him was what amounted to a large muscled man that looked like he was either wearing tribal bear skins or was part bear. It was somewhat difficult to tell. He also had Hinata slung over his shoulder like a burlap sack of potatoes with her limbs tied together and a gag in her mouth. She was also crying, the entire scene causing Hiashi's heart to clench.

As the man? Beast? was crossing the road, a car was driving towards them, unable to turned around in time to avoid them. Wholly unconcerned with the impending crash, the monster raised his fist and when the car got close enough he smashed the front end of the car. The vehicle flipped end over end before crashing to the road again, smashing a fire hydrant in the process and creating a geyser of water in the air.

The monster approaching Hiashi, keeping the man in the centre of its sights. Hiashi was prepared to fight if he had to, but his mind received another shock when the beast actually began to talk!

"Do you have my money?" the monster asked sternly.

"M-Mizuki?" Hiashi gaped. What on earth had the man done to himself?

"Do you have my money!?"

Hiashi shook his head to get his senses back and he raised the briefcase with the money inside of it, "Here. Five million like you wanted. Now give back my daughter."

The Ursa Major Zodiarts seemed to consider it and then said, "Make it double."

"What?!" demanded Hiashi.

"Give me another ten and you'll get your daughter back," the beast snorted, obviously amused. "I'll even escort you to the bank. Now let's go and get the money."

"You can't expect me to pay more!" Hiashi countered.

"Well, you can say bye-bye to your daughter. Oh, and for extra incentive, how about I take your other one. What's her name? Hanabi, is it?" the beast added sinisterly, "You're not in any position to deny me, Hiashi."

The beast's voice was insufferably smug. He obviously thought that he held all of the cards and absolutely no one would be able to stop him from doing whatever he wanted. He figured he had Hiashi by the balls and could demand just about anything he wanted and would be able to get it. He was fully expecting Hiashi to just march up to a bank and get another ten million. Of course, Hiashi was sure Mizuki would make him empty the account for himself.

Rabbit Hutch

"OK, I've got a lock on him and he's nearby," reported Sasuke.

"What about Perseus and Andromeda?" Sakura inquired.

"I can't find them. Either they've cloaked their signatures or they're not in the area," said Sasuke.

"Okay," Sakura nodded, before she adorned a communication headset, "Naruto, Mizuki's appeared in Konoha Square on the southwest corner! How far away are you?"

"I'm almost there!" Naruto's voice came back from the other side.

"Remember the strategy," Tenten called, hoping Naruto would be able to hear her. "Mizuki's slow but so are you when you equip certain Switches. Keep cycling through them to keep an advantage over him!"

"I got it!"

Konohagakure - Konoha Square

"So what is it going to be Hyuuga?" asked Ursa Major smugly. "Some petty cash, or your precious daughter's life?"

Hiashi frowned. He couldn't allow Mizuki to just get away with what he was doing, but at the same time he wasn't stern enough to let his daughter get killed for the sake of keeping his family business intact. For once, he wasn't sure what to do…





A flash of light blinded Ursa Major for a moment before something heavy crashing into him. The breath was knocked from his lungs and he fell backwards. Hinata fell from his shoulder, landing in a heap with a whimper. Hiashi rubbed his eyes to get the glare out of his eyes. As the glare lessoned, he immediately spied Hinata on the ground with some kind of tiny machine with yellow claws and a white body actually cutting through the bonds that held her down.

The monster on the other hand had been run over by a shuttle-based motorcycle with a man in white armour dismounting the machine. Reaching to his belt, he hit one of the four switches that were mounted inside of it.


Fourz felt the weight of the Spike Module appear on his left leg before he charged at the recovering Zodiarts. "Take this you bastard!" He kicked low, striking Mizuki in the head with the elongating spikes. The monster screamed and stumbled backwards, but Fourze kept on the pressure with more spiked kicks.

"YOU...LITTLE...SHIT!" Ursa Major screamed, batting Fourze's kick aside and lunging for him. His fists struck Fourze's torso, but he didn't fall but instead stumbled. Ursa Major just bellowed and continued his charged. Fourze ducked under the blow, shutting down the Spike Module as he went. When he got to his feet, he hit another one.


Fourze donned the Chainsaw Module and charged right back at Mizuki. He used a jump kick to slash Mizuki across the chest, making another shower of sparks against the Zodiarts' reinforced hide. The bear-like Zodiarts wasn't kept down as he charged again, watching Fourze lash out with another strike. The Zodiarts was able to dodge, getting Fourze by the leg before throwing him, smashing him directly into a parked car, causing the engine to crack and spew out steam and fluids.

"What's it going to take to make you get it you little retard!?" Ursa Major snarled. "YOU CAN'T BEAT ME! I'M INVINCIBLE! AND NOTHING IS GOING TO STOP ME FROM TAKING EVERYTHING I DESERVE!"

"What you deserve is a padded room ya psycho!" Fourze shouted back. Standing up, he shut down the Chainsaw Module before resting his hand on a gold Switch on his belt. "And I'm gonna make sure you get there!"



Fourze's body flashed gold with spheres circling around him before forming together and transforming the Kamen Rider into his golden Elek States.

"ELEK STATES KITAA, DATTEBAYO!" Fourze bellowed, pointing Billy the Rod into the air. He then pointed the sword-like weapon at Ursa Major, "Kamen Rider Fourze: Elek States. Let's do this one last time! Man to man Mizuki!"

"Always the dramatic little punk!" Ursa Major growled, summoning his clawed gauntlets. Fourze didn't reply and instead inserted the plug on the weapon into the left socket of the weapon. Fourze and Ursa Major clashed once again, but Billy the Rod proved the better as the electronic voltage seared into the fur of Ursa Major's gauntlets and raced through the Zodiarts' body, eliciting a scream.

Fourze swung several more times, aiming at Ursa Major's joints, causing them to almost collapse as electric voltage raced through them. Each strike forced the corrupt teacher to stumble backwards, screaming in pain. Fourze usually wasn't one to fight with such thoughts in mind, but Tenten assured him that it would be the best way of fighting since Mizuki's Zodiarts form was so ridiculously strong in its Last One form.

"TAKE THIS!" Fourze yellowed, thrusting with Billy the Rod and striking Ursa Major in the face with another shower of sparks. The man turned monster screamed and fell backwards, holding his face. His vision was blurred and he couldn't see, making it a perfect opportunity for Fourze to finish the fight.

"Let this be a lesson," Fourze spoke darkly, removing his Elek Switch and inserting it into Billy the Rod.

"Limit Break!"

"NEVER TOUCH HINATA-CHAN AGAIN!" Fourze yelled, electric voltage screaming through his weapon like a weapon of the gods. "RIDER TEN BILLION VOLT BREAK!" Fourze dashed at the struggling Ursa Major before unleashed a slash which raked the cosmic electricity across the Zodiarts torso. The blast continued, practically cutting through Ursa Major's body and ripping up the Dark Cosmic Energy that constructed his body...and it wasn't painless.

"GYAAAAAHHHHHH!" the Zodiarts screamed as the attack struck, causing streams of sparks to erupt from his body. He struggled for breath and was wobbly on his feet from the attack. wounds ripped open across his body spewing the cosmic energy, but still he didn't fall. His greed and rage wouldn't allow it.

"No! No! Guuh! I won't...go down!" he grunted, trying to stay standing.

"It's over Mizuki," Fourze frowned, glaring at the man from behind his helmet. "That attack always brings down a Zodiarts and you aren't anything special. You're not weaseling your way out of this one!"

Ursa Major gagged, his star points flashing as his wounds continued to spew dark energy, "NO! NO! NO! I DESERVE IT! I DESERVE IT!" the gold-rimmed star on his chest began to shine as the dark energy turned a deep violet. "I DESERVE IT ALLLLLLLLLLL!"

The centre star began to shine again, making Fourze tense, fearing Mizuki was going to receive another extra life. The energy from that star point began to spread through the lines on the Zodiarts' body, reaching all of the other star points and making them shine.

"What the-?" Fourze gasped.

Rabbit Hutch

"Oh damn!" Sasuke cursed, seeing a flare of Dark Cosmic Energy light up his scans. "Ursa Major's doing something weird again!"

"Power levels are going crazy!" Sakura called, looking at her own readouts. "We can tell that much even without Naruto using the Camera Switch!"

"What the heck is going on?" demanded Tenten.

"Nothing good," Neji grimaced.

"And it's getting worse," Sasuke growled, seeing two red dots appear on his map.

Konohagakure - Konoha Square

"The Ascension of the Horoscope has come," the voice of Andromeda spoke as she emerged from an alleyway.

"Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces," Perseus appeared opposite of his wife. He still had Mizuki's body slung over his shoulder. "One of the twelve apostles of our night sky will now appear!" He then picked up Mizuki's body and threw it at the shining Zodiarts.

Rather than the hunk of flesh slamming into Ursa Major's body, the man was absorbed inside of the screaming Zodiarts. The bear monster's body practically exploded, the monster looking like its body was changing a form resembling the surface of the sun. The star points flashed before emerging in the constellation of Ursa Major. They hung in the air for a moment before abruptly rearranging themselves into a new constellation and fusing with Ursa Major.

The reaction was instantaneous. The form of the Zodiarts seemed to...molt or melt off, dropping to the ground in heaps before vanishing into black smoke. From the centre of the storm of cosmic power came an entirely new Zodiarts.

The Zodiarts had gray skin with white chest armour on the torso. He also wore white shoulder pads which looked like mouths with razor sharp teeth. He also sported black bands around the elbows with more white armour on the forearms. He wore a black and gold belt and a white armour loincloth and sides which ran down to his gray beastial feet. His legs were covered with more white contoured armor. The centre of his chest sported a bright blue star point with blue lines running over his torso and down his arms, marked with star points on his forearms near his wrists. More points were found on his waist with lines running down his legs, marking more stars. His face was intimidating, appearing to be somewhat feline, but most of the face was taken up with a large mouth filled with large white teeth. A golden piece of armour was on the top of his head, outlining the feline aspects of the Zodiarts' face. Extending from the back of his head was a gray, steel wool-like mane of hair which spiked out wildly.

"Woah…" Fourze gaped. The waves of power were just wafting off of the new Zodiarts.

"Welcome to the world, Leo," Perseus greeted the new Zodiarts.

Fourze gulped and prepared to fight, but hearing that he was facing off against one of the Horoscopes that the people behind the Zodiarts was a bit unnerving. He had no idea what he was dealing with and he didn't know what was going to happen next.

The newly birthed Leo took in a deep breath. He stared at his hands and in a flash of light they were replaced by long, blade-like claws, three on each arm. He admired his new weapons and also felt the new power he had received. Throwing his head back, the first of the prophesied Horoscopes threw his head back and roared. The roar caused the air to ripple and Fourze was nearly blown away by the resulting shockwave.

"Woah!" Fourze cried, shielding his face. "Nn! Just what the heck is going on?!" He hoped that somehow Sasuke, Sakura, or the others would be able to tell what was going on. Reaching to his belt, he hit the fourth Switch.


The Camera Module appeared on Fourze's left arm, allowing him to begin a scan of the new Zodiarts that came from Ursa Major. He just hoped that they'd be able to give him some kind of good news since it seemed that Leo or whatever his name was, was spoiling for a fight.

Rabbit Hutch

"Oh this is just getting better and better," Sasuke grimaced as readouts on the new Zodiarts began to appear on the monitors.

Scan Complete.

Subject: Horoscope Leo Zodiarts

Model #: 5 Prime

Power Levels: Extreme

Last One: Exceeded

"Leo? Like the constellation from the Western Zodiac?" questioned Tenten.

"Yes. And its also a member of the astrological zodiac, used to predict the future," Sakura frowned, reading over the data Naruto was collecting. "I think we've figured out what the Horoscopes that are connected to the Zodiarts are."

"How much power has he gotten?" Neji questioned.

"Easily exceeding what he had as Ursa Major," Sasuke answered. "The difference is so big it isn't even funny. Leo could chew up Ursa Major like a snack."

The silence of the club was deafening.

Konohagakure - Konoha Square

Whatever spell of silence had overcome the area, it ended when Fourze made his scan. Leo reared back his head and unleashed a primal roar which sounded more like an animals than a man. His arms flashed, equipping them with large tri-claws gauntlets. In a flurry of white that Fourze couldn't follow, the Horoscope was on him, slashing him thrice across the torso.

Fourze screamed in pain as he was launched back, sparks exploding from his chest. Skidding across the ground, he grunted as he came to a stop, shaking his head, he looked at the approaching Leo who seemed to be stalking him like a beast rather than a man. Fourze could actually hear the Zodiarts panting as he approached. He wasn't sure, but he was pretty sure that the guy was drooling like he was rabid too.

"Just my luck. The one teacher I hate most is the one who won't go down," Fourze grunted as he stepped back onto his feet. "Guess I'll just have to try it for a third time!"

Grabbing the plug, Fourze inserted it into the top socket which made the blade begin to glow. Leo was unimpressed...and possibly out of his mind as he merely bellowed and began to charge again. Fourze acted fast, slashing wide at Leo and sending wide slashes of electric power at the rampaging Leo. The impacts obviously hurt Leo with the grunts and staggering whenever they hit was any indication but the Zodiarts would just start moving again until the next strike hit.

"Leo is proving powerful," Perseus observed.

"Yes, but he is savage. Uncontrollable. The power has overwhelmed him," Andromeda huffed. "He is unworthy of our night sky. If he can destroy the outsider then he can at least prove useful."

Fourze and Leo continued their slugfest, the Rider shooting more and more blasts at the lion-like beast but only so much of an effect. If Leo would even acknowledge the pain was up for debate, but he certainly was able to take it. Eventually Leo managed to approach Fourze who swung wide at him, but the monster blocked with his right gauntlet and lashed out with his left one, striking Fourze in the face.


Fourze screamed, holding his face as he struggled back. He swung wildly with Billy the Rod, catching Leo in the face and making the monster scream in pain. Fourze felt his face, feeling the material of his gloves against his regular skin, indicating that Leo had punctured a hole through the helmet, destroying one of the eyepieces in the process.

"Damn this guy can hit hard," Fourze grunted. Blinking the pain of the scratches near his eyes away, Fourze spotted Leo clutching his face and snarling like a rabid beast. Seeing his chance, he grabbed the plug on Billy the Rod and inserted it on the right side and swung, making three rings of electric voltage which wrapped around Leo and caused a massive shock which made the monster scream even louder. With Leo pinned, Fourze plugged into the middle socket of his weapon before he removed and reinserted the Elek Switch.

"Limit Break!"

"RIDER...TEN BILLION...VOLT SHOOT!" Fourze yelled, his weapon a veritable lightning rod before he swung wide. A massive crescent-shaped wave erupted from the weapon which flew straight at the pinned Leo. The edges of the attack shredded anything that it passed through, destroying cars, traffic lights, and even damaging the Konoha Square monument before it struck Leo in the chest. The crazed Zodiarts screamed out once again, actually keeping the attack from tearing through him from sheer muscle resistance, but it was only for a moment before even Leo's monstrous strength failed him and the attack cut through him like a hot knife through butter.


The blast ripped through the concrete tossing cars in all directions, but fortunately with Elek States voltage interfering with the chain reaction the explosion didn't turn out worse. As it was, a lot of people were going to get in arguments with their auto insurance providers.

From the middle of the explosion an object flew from the heat and flames. It was small and oblong, but coloured bright red with the symbol for the astrological sign of Leo painted on it. The top was marked with a big red button surrounded by a starburst ring. The Switch fell from the sky, landing on a rooftop with a tap but with absolutely no sign of damage. It rested for a moment before a human figure walked onto the rooftop and scooped up the Switch. His features were mostly obscured save for a black cloak with red clouds marking it. A hood kept his features hidden for the time being.

"Andromeda! Perseus! You two fucktards almost screwed up getting this thing! I oughta sacrifice both of you to Jashin-sama!" the man cussed.

The two Zodiarts in question leaped onto the rooftop before bowing deeply to the man, "Our apologies...Lord Leo."

"Whatever," the man snorted. "Let's get the fuck out of here already." The man turned his back to the pair before heading to the staircase. The two Zodiarts glanced at one another before they followed.

Down below, Fourze was panting, leaning on Billy the Rod for support. In front of him was a sizable crater and in the centre of it all was Mizuki. His clothes were burnt to a crisp but his entire body was shriveled to skin and bones with his skin toughened like leather. His hair had turned stringy and pure white as opposed to his regular silver. His eyes were also rolled back, making them look pure white. He looked like an absolute corpse compared to how he looked before.

"Holy crap," Fourze gaped.

Pulling himself up to his feet, Fourze looked around and immediately spotted Hinata and her father being ushered into a limo by some guys in dark suits. Although he wanted to run over and make sure that Hinata was okay, he knew he couldn't. The dark suits would probably have him shot if he tried. He could make sure he was okay later when she came back to the Rabbit Hutch.

Regretfully turning around, he headed for the Massingler, hoping the blood stinging his eyes wouldn't impair his ability to drive until he managed to get someplace where he could get the scratches patched up.

In the days that followed it seemed everyone was going nuts. The city was stunned at the sheer destruction that occurred in Konoha Square. The police were called in and all sorts of investigations were being conducted on figuring out what the hell happened and who was responsible. So far, no one was able to get any answers on who had done what. The Hyuuga could have offered an answer or two, but their insular policies and keeping their own affairs a secret made sure they kept their mouths shut. So everyone was stumbling blindly, clueless as to what happened.

Mizuki was hanging constantly on the verge of death. His entire body had atrophied, making him more or less like beef jerky with a pulse. Konohagakure's medical technology managed to help him survive, but none of the current medical professionals had any clue what had happened to the man or how to reverse it. He should have been in constant pain, but fortunately for him he was comatose so he couldn't feel a thing. There wasn't much hope for him coming out of it or recovering from what almost consumed him.

Konoha Gakuen was also receiving its own upheaval. Genma, Kotetsu, and Izumo were able to complete their investigation. Their inquiries managed to bring out a lot of information on the football team's misconduct. It seemed that with Mizuki gone, plenty of the students were feeling like they could confess to their mistreatment at the hands of the team. It stockpiled to quite a few stories of bullying, intimidation, threats of violence, and even a few cases of sexual harassment. All of the cases had either been covered up by Mizuki or he had called in favors from the parents of his team to do the covering up for him. Without the crooked teacher there to hide things, all of the team's and Mizuki's dirty laundry came to light.

Tsunade went on the warpath once she got the results of the investigation. Without prompting from any higher scholastic body, she immediately suspended the entire football team from school activities. Plenty of them were suspended from school entirely. In one case a student got expelled. The shame of the allegations prompted some of the students to be transferred to other schools by the families before any official punishment could be handed down and tacked to their permanent records. It destroyed Konoha Gakuen's football season but so many of the students hated the team no one really cared. Some of the parents raised a stink, but with so much evidence of the moral indecency of their children they couldn't explain away the proof despite their parental denial.

Of course, the Kamen Rider Club were well aware of the reason behind the massive collateral damage and the truth behind Mizuki's condition. Now, they had something else to worry about based on Sasuke's study.

"It seems that Perseus and Andromeda are working towards gathering the Horoscopes," Sasuke told the Kamen Rider Club. While he would deny the existence of the club, he could not deny the danger posed by the Zodiarts.

"Well, there's Leo," Tenten began, holding up a paper depicting the twelve signs of the Zodiac with Leo crossed out, "And there's the other 11." She paled, "12 ultra-powered Zodiarts."

"Each with enough destructive power to level the city if they wanted," Sakura added.

"It seems that the Last One stage that we've observed is similar to a chrysalis stage. When one of those stars on their bodies shine, it's mean they're ready to turn into a Horoscopes. I guess their human bodies are needed to complete the transformation, like a catalyst of some sort" Sasuke explained.

"They're way tougher than the regular Zodiarts too," Naruto muttered, fingering the bandages around his eye. Leo's claws struck way too close in his opinion. He didn't want to find out what the others were capable of. "We're going to need more Astro Switches to have a better chance of beating them."

"Agreed. We'll get to work on that," Sasuke nodded.

"Wish Hinata was still here to help," Sakura rubbed her eyes tiredly. Everyone was present, save for Hinata and Neji. Naruto was disappointed that his best friend couldn't be here. After what had taken place, her father just might have her transferred to a boarding school in another city for her safety. He hadn't even seen her at school.

"Ano...are we intruding?"

The members of the Kamen RIder Club all turned to the door to the Rabbit Hutch and were surprised to find it open. Entering from the light of the tunnel were the forms of Hinata and Neji, both dressed in their Konoha Gakuen uniforms. Neji looked as stiff as ever but Hinata seemed to have a relaxed smile on her face as she set their bags next to the others.

"Hinata-chan! Neji!" Naruto exclaimed as both Hyuuga approached the meeting table. "You're both here!"

"Sorry I'm late," Hinata apologized, "But it wasn't easy to sneak out."

"You snuck out!?" Naruto exclaimed. He then turned to Neji, "You helped her out, didn't you?"

"We had a talk. Fortunately Hiashi-sama did not feel the need to withdraw us from school with Mizuki being captured," Neji explained as he took a standing position behind Hinata as she sat down, "I understand now why you're doing all this and why Hinata-sama wants to do this. There's no way Hiashi-sama can understand so I will not bring it to his attention what has been going on here. However, there's also no way I can stand idly by and leave Hinata-sama alone without protection. If that means joining this club then so be it."

"Cool! Six members!" Naruto grinned. "We'll accept anybody!"

Sasuke grunted. Even if he denied the club's existence, he'd be ignored. He didn't like how the place was starting to get crowded. The Rabbit Hutch used to be a silent sanctuary but Naruto was turning it into his own wild clubhouse and it only served to piss him off.


In the Red-Eyed Man's hideout, he looked up at his ceiling as Leo shone brightly, "We've finally made our first step on the path to the true peace of the universe."

"Yeah, whatever," the man who claimed the Leo Switch muttered, hiding in the shadows that the room casted. "Just point me in the direction of the ones you want killed and I'll walk whichever way you want."

"Such violence, expected of our Savage Star," Andromeda commented, making the crass man snort.

"One down and twelve to go. And then you will honor our wish?" asked Perseus, looking to the red-eyed man.

"Of course I will," the man nodded. "It is the least I can do to reward your exceptional service."

"Then we shall continue to awaken the other Apostles," Perseus nodded.

"And let no one stand in your way."

"Fuckin' A!"

To Be Continued...

A/N: Well, the first of the Horoscopes has appeared but it seems Mizuki wasn't meant to keep Leo for himself. There are more players in this game than just the Red-Eyed Man and his two dealers. Also the club managed to recruit Neji, even if he's only there to fulfill his bodyguard duties concerning Hinata. Still, there are eleven more Horoscopes to find so the club isn't out of the jungle yet. Right now, let's all just bask in a new chapter and Mizuki getting what he deserved. Who's with me?