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My mom and I just moved to New York City, my mom finding it to be a great idea to go next door and meet one of our neighbors. "She gave me a look of disgust then slammed the door in my face! Can you believe that, Crys?" I giggled then nodded. "Yeah, its New York. Lot's of people are rude." My mom shook her head. "Don't go around with stereotypes types flowing around your head. You can't judge people based on certain things." She scowled, giving me a look of disapproval. After a quick apology, I asked if I could take a look around the building.

"Sure, but come back before eight so that you can help me unpack. Okay?" She said, sitting on one of the couches the moving men placed in our living room. "Yeah, okay, Imma take my phone so you can call me in case of anything." I called out as I left the living room and out the front door of our apartment. I walked down the halls after i memorized my apartment number and pressed the elevator button, waiting patiently for it while I checked my instagram. I smiled as I saw that my number of followers went up and that some of my loved followers commented and liked a lot of my photos - especially the one I took once I got to New York.

The elevator doors opened with a soft ding, making me look up from my phone. I walked in and watched as the doors closed, locking my black iPhone. Turning my attention to the brown-haired boy standing next to me, I gave a small wave. "Hey." He greeted, flashing a pearly white smile, causing me to give a closed-mouth grin. "Hi." I pulled my attention away from him pressed a button that would later take my to the lobby. "So," He started off "What's your name? I'm Luke." I looked at him, shyly looking down at the ground. "I-I'm Crystal." "Crystal?" He asked. I gave him a simply nod. "Nice name. It's pretty - like you." I blushed and looked away, nodding and mumbling a thank you. "So, are you going down too?" I asked after a moment of silence

The almost inaudible 'ding' of the elevator made me look up and shuffle out. "Bye, hope I see you around sometime." He admitted, smiling cheekily at me, looking me up and down. I nodded for the third time as the doors slowly closed, letting me get one last glance at Luke. I turned on my heals and made a quick conversation with the guy behind the desk, who said his name was Tony. As he helped one of the women who lives in the building, I went back to the elevator and instantly remembered the boy who had looked to be around my age. The freckled boy was actually very attractive in my eyes. I wonder if he went to my school as I checked out more floors from the building. I played out possible scenarios in my mind as I walked back to my apartment and opened the door slowly.

"Crystal, I called you three times! It's past eight, where were you?" My mom asked as I walked into the living room, seeing that she unpacked most of the items that were supposed to go in here. I smiled awkwardly and took my phone out of my jean pocket. "Shoot." I mumbled as I saw that my mom did call me three times. Was it on silent? No, it would've vibrated. Must've had it off vibrate as well as silent. I thought shaking my head. "Sorry, mom. Um, are we unpacking anything else tonight?" She sighed and shook her head. "Nope. We can get more of it done when you come home from school tomorrow. Okay?" "Yeah, guess I'll go to sleep then. Goodnight." I gave my mom a kiss on the cheek and skipped to a room that had my orange JanSport book bag in front of it.

I slowly opened the door to find my bed up against the left wall, my closet that had mirrors on the slide doors on the right wall, and boxes of different sizes scattered everywhere. I opened the one that had the word "Clothes" scribbled messily on it and took out my Hello Kitty PJ's. After showering and fixing my bed, I plugging my phone into the charger and slid into bed. I thought about what tomorrow might bring, praying that everything would go right, then slowly but surely drifted off into a dream.

I fluttered my eyes open and blinked a few times. Laying in the bed for a few minutes, I picked up my phone that laid next to me, still in the charger. I carefully plucked it out and checked the time. It read 7:09 Monday 19 November in thin white font. I shot up, mentally noting that school starts at seven-thirty and that I woke up late. I rushed to pick out a nice outfit, rushed to the bathroom, and did everything I needed to do. I checked the time once more and screamed when I saw it was seven-thirty six. I picked up a note on the fridge that my mom left, saying how she had to get to work and was sorry for not waking me up but that it would take too long, seeing as she was already late on her first day.

And I understood because I'm a dark sleeper and was very tempted to go back to sleep when I first gained consciousness. I grabbed a banana, sighing sadly as I left the apartment and locked the door. I was going to starve and I had to deal with that until lunch time came. I ran down the halls and down the stairs. Jumping down the last five, I ran out the building and took the city bus, knowing that it stops a block away from my school. Within a few minutes I'm a block away and put my legs to the test. Wind blew my intense curls back as my legs began to burn. I ran up the stairs as I zipped up my grey jacket and pulled my black beanie closer to my head to keep out the cold. I stopped once I was inside the school and pulled out my schedule that my mom picked up yesterday. I read off the room number then rushed around, looking for the right room.

Today isn't going right and I just woke up about an hour ago! I thought as I opened the classroom door, bursting in. The sound of trumpets, clarinets, and other instruments died down as I ever so slowly walked in, blushing from embarrassment. I quickly spotted Luke and looked away, my face heated up more and I apologise for coming in the way I did. "Oh, it's okay." The teacher said smiling. "Crystal McKenzie, right?" "Yeah." I whispered, almost inaudibly. She motioned for me to come sit be one of the students and welcomed my to the class. Glancing at Luke, I saw him smile and wave. I returned the gesture then looked around, feeling weird as everyone kept the stares fixed on me, whispering to their friends. Was there something wrong with my hair, outfit, or something else? I slid down in my chair when most of the attention was taken off me, still feeling a bit weird. I took a second glance at the freckled boy ans saw him do flirtatious smile and wink at a blonde girl. I frowned and sat up straight, suddenly paying more attention to what the teacher was saying.

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