Heyy you ;) Well i havent updated in some time now because of all my home work and stuff so imma try and make there be 3,000 words in this chapter so all i can say now is that i hope you all enjoy this chapter plus, i know it was fake/passed two days ago but im implying the "We're all gonna die on Dec. 21 2012" thing so, yeah ENJOY!

Krystal POV

Ravi had told me everything, why I was in a Taxi to how his day is going. I kinda zoned out when he started talking about is day. " Driver, please stop here." Ravi ordered "OK, That'll be-" "Here's the money." I gave him the money plus a tip and got out of the cab along with Ravi following after me. "You know, you owe me back the cash I gave him." "No time for chitter-chatter, let us go get Mrs Kipling!" We walked into the pet grooming place and went up to the front desk. "Leland's Pet Grooming Heaven, how may we help you?" The lady greeted. "Uh, we're here for Mrs Kipling. Um, Luke Ross dropped her off earlier?" I asked. "Do you have any ID or permission from Luke Ross to come and pick up The Water-Monitor?" I knew I made a 'huh?' face because Ravi informed me that a water-monitor-lizards was the kind of lizard Mrs Kip was. "Nooo, we came her to pet-nap the lizard." I said sarcastically "Well then you can't get the thing if you're going to pet-nap it." "Unbelievable! I was just kidding! Of course we have permission! Well, not really but, the pet belongs to him!" I semi-yelled right before I pointed at Ravi. "Excuse me Ma'am, but pointing is very rude." "You wanna know what? You're just a-" "Krystal calm down. We're just here to pick up Mrs Kipling, not rip off some strangers' head." I rolled me eyes then let my little Indian friend take the floor. "Ma,am, will you please just give me my pet back?" "Sorry, No permission equals No pet." "Oh that is it! You are really starting to get on my last nerve! Just give us the fuckin' pet and we'll be on our way! I mean, is it that hard? Luke makes one mistake and brings her here and now you won't hand her over? I swear that bitches like you-" I'm really starting to get mad and this thing is totally crushing my patience "Excuse me? Are you trying to start something?" 'Ladies, Ladies," My friend stared to say "Please just calm down and forget the last ten seconds of our lives!" I couldn't blame Ravi for trying, but it didn't work. The next thing you know I'm trowing punches and ducking all her kicks. And she was just about doing the same. I think I saw Ravi go into the back to get Ms Kipling, yet I wasn't quite sure. I tripped her with me left foot then punched her in the face after kicking her sides. After I a few more minutes of fighting she was final knocked out(Or so i think) so I went to the back to find Ravs and get outta here. "Ravi! Where are ya buddy?" I heard a faint 'Over Here' and followed the direction it was coming from. When I finally got there I saw a man standing with Ravi. "Hola, como estas?" I asked trying to seem like I was spanish. "muy bien y tu?" Just start laughing, cause you have no fuckin' idea what he's saying. I told my-self. "¿por qué las empanadas ... Fly Like ... culata mono?" I really have no idea what I just said but judging from the look he was giving me, It must've been something stupid. "You don't speak Spanish do you?" "I no speaka engles?" I asked with a helpful expression upon my face. I saw Ravi face-palm then shake his head "So, your trying to steal my new pet are you?" "Your pet?!" Ravi yelled. I had fond Mrs Kip in the corner of my eye and made a last-minute-thinking plan. I hadn't noticed it before but the man had been talking this whole time. "-And that's why you both are going to die." I grabbed a hold of one of the shelf's and motioned Ravi to do the same. "But before you kill us, can we do just one more thing?" I begged making my Award Winning Puppy Eyes. "Aww, how could I say no to that face?!" "By replacing it with loud screams of 'Get them!'" "Huh?" He tilted his head, Me and Ravs pushed down the shelves, we got Mrs Kipling, and ran out the store as fast as we could. I swear I also heard him yell 'Get Them!' as me and Ravi exited the store.

It was twenty minutes later when we had finally gotten home, yet I was still taking in deep breaths. Me and Ravi had to run all the way home so yeah. "Where were you guys?" "Fixing your mistake! How could you just give Ms Kipling to people you didn't know?" I asked Luke who was still confused. "Remember? You gave Ravi's pet to a bunch of pet-nappers?" "Oh! Yeah, Im so sorry Bro. Hope you can forgive me and forget this whole thing ever happened?" Luke asked in a hopeful tone. "Well since you are my brother."

It's been four days since the whole almost Pet-Napping incident and today was December 21st 2012, the day we're all supposed to die. Of course I Didn't believe in it, but that doesn't stop Luke from believing in it.

"Luke for the last time, we're not all gonna die today! Don't you think that-" "Yes we are all gonna die! They said so!" "Who's they?" "It's just They." He replied with a smirk. I rolled my eyes and started to swing our hands back and forth. We we're walking to school together like we had been doing for the past two weeks. But this week had turned out to be different, every time I would bring up Christmas he would change the subject.


"So Luke, did you get me anything for Christmas?"
"Uh, why do birds fly?"
"Because they have wings? But seriously, did you get me anything?"
"Why is this relationship built on gifts?"
"What? Never mind, see ya later."
"Later Babe."

I mainly think the reason why he's avoiding these types of conversations is because either:

1). He didn't get me anything
2). He didn't get me anything
3).He knows he might tell me what he got me

But Im pretty sure it's one and two. Anyway, I did get him something for Christmas. Or maybe I should say somethings? Either way I hope he'll like them. One took me a very, very, very, very, very long time to make, where as the other one cost money.

"So, whatcha doing over winter break?" I asked when we finally got to school and was near our lockers. "Nothin' really. You wanna sleep-over at my house for the first week?" "Maybe but I'd have to ask my mom first." "Okay. See you in music." "Alright, bye." We hugged and he left to go to his locker. A girl with blonde hair in a side pony-tail walked up to me. "Hey there, Im Connie."

Connie POV

"Hi. Im Krystal, how come I've never met you before?" "Oh, because I was probably spending time with my boyfriend, who is now my ex-boyfriend though." "Oh, well...I guess I'll talk to you later." "Wait! Your dating Luke Ross right?" "Yeah, why?" "Huh, I can't believe that boy!" "What?" "Well he is my boyfriend, or at leas was!" "Whoa there partner. Are you trying to say that Luke was cheating on me?" "Yeah, was." I can't believe it's actually working! She really believes me! If you really think about it, the only reason why im doing this is because of the break up.

~ Flash Back ~

I was walking home from school and thinking about the past when I had a huge crush on Luke, then I met his brother Ravi. Me and Ravi have been going out for sometime now now but Im really starting to have second thoughts about this. I mean, he's great and all but Luke is amazing! He's cute, funny, has freckles, whats not to like! So I called Ravi and broke up with him, he sounded so heart broken...Oh well! "Why are you breaking up with me?! I though we had a good relationship, you know?" "Come on! You'll most likely find another girl out there! Don't hold on to our precious memories! I gotta go Ravi, Later." We hung up and I started crying. How could I break up with the only boy in the world that ever really truly liked me? I have to change my Face Book status to 'Single' now. "I do like Luke alot though, but Isn't he with someone already?' I said to my-self "Well that will certainly change!" I smiled evilly as I created a plan to break up Luke with his girlfriend.

~End Of Flash Back~

Thats all that had happened, but I am very determined to make Luke mine! After school I walked over to Luke's penthouse and went in the elevator. "IM BACK!" I yelled once the doors opened, no=one was in the living room so I believe that they're in the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen then suddenly everyone's head's turned to me. Ravi ran outside of the room and Jessie came forward. "What are you doing here? You totally shattered Ravi's heart and now you think you can just walk in here?" "Yeah pretty much. Anyway, I actually came here to speak with Luke." he got up slowly, walked over to me, then started to whisper. "What?" "Can I have a word with you on the tarries?" "Uh?" I pulled him by his shirt until we were on the tarries. "Whaaat?" he whined "Aww," I cooed "You look so cute when you whine!" "Thanks?" "Be mine!" "I have a girlfriend." Luke said backing away from me "Don't go out with me and you won't live to see day light!" It was getting dark out so it pretty much made sense "What are you getting crazy over me again? I thought we made it clear:Me no like you!" "Fine, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. You deiced!" "I pick the way that gets me away from you!" "There's no way that goes like that! Either you break up with your girl and go out with me, or I literally end your life! Cause if I can't have you then no one can!" He stopped for a second. "Fine. I'll break up with Krystal." Luke looked so sad, but it made him like a million times cuter! "At least the worlds ending today." He said glumly "Don't you think it would've ended already if it was going to?" "I'd rather it end than to have to be with a monster like you!" "You know you don't mean that baby!" "Yes, I do mean it! Just, just get away from me!" He yelled running away from me. Oh well, he'll come back. They always come back.

Krystal POV

"Hey mom! Im home!"
"Sweetie, I have some good news and bad news to tell you."
"Then throw 'em at me!"
"Good news or bad news first?"
"Which ever you want to tell me first."
"Okay, in that case, Im getting married to Usher."
"Your kidding me right? The one and only Usher?"
"We have been secretly dating for the past three months...So what do you think?"
"I think you should tell me the bad news." I replied getting a bad of chips from the cabinet.
"Grandma Nancy died." She said it in such a sad voice that I couldn't come to realize that she wasn't playing until about a minute later. "Are you serious But, she was my last and favorite Grandparent!" "Sweetheart, I know but, this is the circle of life! She was my own mother, yet Im not going to let that hold me back!" Mom began to cry "We've just gotta move on. I know that she would want us to." "You don't understand though! I told her everything. She was like my best friend. Now she's dead and you want me to just move on like that? How could you not miss your own mother?" "Listen Krystal, we can't just sulk for the rest of our days. We already knew that eventually one day she would die!" "But she didn't even say goodbye..." "We don't know when we're gonna die, that's why we try to live our live's to the fullest and you need to wake up, smell the roses, and realize that!" I was sad, yet also mad. How could she just leave me like that? I know I should be happy that Grandma Nancy is in a better place now, but still.

I walked ever so slowly to my room and laid on my bed, waiting to drift off to sleep. I practicably cried my self to sleep... I awoke on the floor of my bedroom. Well we didn't die yesterday like everyone predicted so I guess that's a good sign. I got ready for the day then headed down to Luke's house, really I just went in the elevator and tapped the button that lead to their floor but it's still the same thing...I think. "Good Morning Krystal! Luke's upstairs in his room." "Hey Jessie, thanks." I ran up the stairs and into Luke's room. "Morning Babe." he greeted "Hey Lukie-Pookie." I took a seat next to him on his bed. He was smiling at me then suddenly his smile faded. 'I've got something I've been wanting to get off my chest for an extremely long time." "Sure, what is it?" "Im...Well you see...Imbreakingupwithyou!" He mushed his last words together so I couldn't hear them "Huh? Oh, I've got some news to tell you. First news is totally awesome, second news is not so good. First news is, my mom is marring Usher! Like the famous one. Second news, my grandma died. I want you to come with me to my mom's wedding and the funeral." "Sure thing! Wait, I still didn't get to tell you what i wanted to." "Go ahead then." "Im breaking up with you. Sorry." He got up and stuffed his hands in his pockets then walked to the other side of the room to shut his door. "Wait, what? Why? What did I do wrong?" "Heh-heh. It's not you, it's me! We can still be friends though!" I don't understand, he knows Im going throw a hard time right now yet he still insists on calling it off. He could have at least waited until the funeral was over, right? "Whatever,forget you Luke Ross, forget you." I began to leave his room when he pulled me back "Wait, don't go. We can still be friends!" "Nahh, I hate you. You couldn't wait til after the funeral? You dislike me that bad? Im outta here." I stormed out and left his house. I went down to the lobby only to be greeted by Tony. 'Ayy, what happened?" "Don't wanna talk about it." I got a Taxi and went down to the park, I seriously needed to clear out my mind.

When I got there I sat on a bench and thought about everything bad that has happened so far. I was ever so deep in thought until someone sat down next to me on the bench and said 'Hi.' I looked over at them. "Hey." I mumbled "Why you look so sad?" "No reason. I just always look like this." I answered sarcastically "Yeah, I probably had that coming. As if you'd ever tell a complete strange your problems." He is such a terrible actor, but I admire the effort. "I think you need some acting lessons cause you 'play like you dont wanna know' act is totally going down the drain." I joked It most likely made no sense but oh well. "I adore your sense of humor. Im Conrad by the way." "Krystal. You just moved here or something?" "Yeah." "Oh, Well you seem nice. We should hang out some time." "Yeah, we should. Look, I've gotta go. See ya around." he got off the bench then bent down to give me a kiss on the cheek. I was about to say 'I have a boyfriend' But I guess I forgot that I don't. I blushed then got off then bench to an scratched. I like this kid. He's funny, nice and really cute. We might become best friends during this winter break. You never know! "Bye Conrad." "Later Krystal!" i sped-walked over to the swing sets and got on(Really I skipped one of the little kids and said it was really urgent, but it's all good). I sat there for for the rest of the night thinking, just thinking...

Heyy my pretties! Final another chapter finished! Im gonna make a Christmas Chapter, idea credit goes to Lila Riley-Boyce! I might post it on Christmas or Eve, depending on when I finish but I promise i'll get started on it as soon as i upload this chap. so i hope you all liked this chap. despite the break up! Creepy Connie is at it again! poor Luke, Krystal hates him now...and he has to go with Creep Connie...See y'all soon!


¿por qué las empanadas ... Fly Like ... culata mono?-why do pies... fly like...monkey butt?

Hola, como estas?-Hello, how are you?

very well and you-muy bien y tu?

So, yeah ;)