Magical Origins

Chapter 67: The Best of her Generation

The week past by and other than Ron in detention, nothing really happened at Hogwarts. The first years were all exploring the castles and learning the routes around the school. Dolores Umbridge would walk around the school with a smile on her face but hardly anyone would care.

Harry was in his prefect's room talking to his magical mirror. Sirius Black face appeared in the mirror and they were talking to each other.

"So Dolores Umbridge is at Hogwarts." Sirius said as Harry told what has transpired during the Sorting.

"Do we have anything on her that can be useful?" Harry asks.

"Not really. You should hear Moony talk about her." Sirius said.

"Lupin knows her?" Harry says in surprise.

"Not really. She passed several anti-werewolf laws a couple years back that almost made it impossible for him to get a job at Hogwarts to teach. Last year she wanted to tag merpeople. She has a strong dislike for anything 'half-human'." Sirius replies.

"So she's against anything and anyone who isn't 'pureblood' and is part human." Said Harry in a slow voice.

"Indeed. I understand overall, she's not a powerful witch. However she's a talented politician and quickly rose up during Fudge's administration. She's been with Fudge since the beginning as one of his most trusted advisors." Said Sirius.

"He has a poor taste with advisors." Said Harry with a bitter tone in his voice.

"Fudge is planning to admit more Educational Decrees to give the Ministry more control and power over Hogwarts." Sirius replies.

Harry already knew how this would pan out. If anything, all these Educational Decrees would only backfire in Fudge's face.

"Let's see how this plays out. We need something to get Fudge out of office and this could be the opportunity we need to get him out of office." Harry says in a slow voice.

"You want Fudge to ruin himself." Sirius asks in surprise.

"Fudge will destroy himself if he is mindset on destroying Dumbledore. This will become his own undoing. For now, let's watch Fudge destroy himself. Let him poke at the dragon and when it wakes up, he'll end up burned." Harry said.

"You sure you don't want us to challenge him? We could stop him in his tracks if you want." Sirius said.

"Oh I'm sure before the school year ends, Fudge will be dismissed from office." Harry said.

Sirius looks at him with a sturdy look. Finally, he said, "I'm sure you got some sort of plan going on. Just be careful of Dolores Umbridge. She's looking for any excuse to expel you."

"Oh if anything, it's Umbridge who will have to be wary of me. I already suspect what she and Fudge are going to do, and if they do what I predict they will do, then they will be the ones dismissed." Harry said with a grin.

"You're going to have to explain Harry. I don't understand what is so great about allowing Fudge to do what he wants at Hogwarts." Sirius said.

"It's really simple Sirius." Harry said as he explains what his plan was and Fudge's lack of intelligence on the subject of ruling Hogwarts.

"I see, I have to say that's brilliant. I would never have thought of that. Very well, we'll wait for you to break the news to Umbridge. However, I will still need to hear from you to know exactly what's going on at Hogwarts for this plan to work." Sirius said.

"I know." Harry said simply.

"I'll show you the memories of Fudge's face when we break the news to him. However, I'll wait until the time is right." Sirius said.

"Give the others my regard. I got Quidditch practice to take care of." Harry said as the call ended. Harry sets the mirror down and gets out of bed. Normally Harry would be worried sick over Artemis and his children, yet with the Fidelus Charm in place, he knew Artemis would never let the kids walk out the front door. They were too well guarded for even Voldemort to know about them. Artemis never let slip that it was he, who was the father.

Harry gets dress and puts on his robes. As it was September the weather was turning cold and had cold winds that were turning colder.

Harry didn't bother with his cloak. He never felt cold. If anything, he would work up sweats from the heat. It's why June to August were days he normally dreaded. The heat was unbearable for him to handle.

As there were no classes, until Monday, which was in two days, he had lots of free time. The spar time was normal for first years to get familiar with the school and its layout. As it was custom in Slytherin, the Fifth Year Prefects and the Second Years would help the First Years navigate the school. Harry remembers when Artemis would show him around the school and explain where the classrooms where.

Harry enters the Great Hall and no sooner had he sat down, Hedwig came down at once to have some of his bacon. Harry smiles as he offers her some bacon and she eats it in what could only be described in happiness. Hedwig sure loves her bacon.

Harry piles his plate with food and eats.

Then Harry could feel someone staring at him.

He turns to the head table and stares at Dolores Umbridge who was watching him carefully. She wasn't even trying to hide it. She was looking directly at him with a hunger in her eyes.

Harry responds by giving her the finger. Umbridge didn't look offended, but she did narrow her eyes in response. Finally, she breaks off eye contact and returns to her breakfast.

Harry smiles, there wasn't much she could do regardless of how she felt about students.

The weekend past and there wasn't any incident. Though Ron still had detentions to deal with after he failed to finish them last year.

Ron was one of the worst students in Hogwarts. He had horrible grades and was always in trouble. More so than his brothers, the twins. Ron loved to follow Harry around to get him into trouble. Ron was the type of person who stuffs his face with food while he read Quidditch Promos during meals.

Monday finally arrived and that meant classes were going to start.

Harry arrived Monday morning and sits down at the table as Snape was holding a large pile of parchments in his hands and handing them out to students. He would stop with the older years to confirm their schedule.

Finally, he reaches the Fifth Years.

He hands Harry's schedule without looking at him and didn't even bother to stop to confirm his schedule was.

Harry didn't have to hazard a guess why Snape was being so impolite with him. He had a hard time standing Harry as much as it was. There were few times he did show he would tolerate Harry, but those were rare occasions.

Harry looks at his schedule.

Double History of Magic, Double Potions and Double Defense Against the Dark Arts.

He was going to skip History of Magic anyways. He stops attending that class since his first year. Binns was a horrible teacher that went on every year over goblin rebellions. He didn't teach the class. More like he would give a lecture over the known goblin rebellions expecting his students in taking notes. Most students mostly sleep through the class expect Hermione Granger who was known to listen to every word Binns was capable of saying. She was the only student in history to copy notes and not fall asleep.

As Harry wouldn't be attending History of Magic, nor did he care if he failed the class, he had a lot of free time on his hands. Maybe he'll provoke Weasley into giving him detention. That alone gave Harry a reason to smile.

Harry looks over to the Gryffindor Table and could see Hermione harping on the twins for something. No doubt about their advertisement for testers for their joke items. Lily and Neville were ignoring Hermione as she tried to round the Prefects to support her cause in stopping the twins from continuing their joke shop dreams.

They said something to Hermione before they grab some toast and walk off. Hermione sits down and huffs and puffs as she folds her arm in frustration. It was like watching a young Mrs. Weasley who couldn't get her way.

Harry finishes his breakfast as Hedwig takes off to return to the owlery, Harry gets up to head to the Quidditch pitch. Since he wasn't going to attend History of Magic, he might as well book the pitch for tryouts seeing how Peregrine Derrick and Lucian Bole both graduated Hogwarts last year and he would need two new beaters. It would also be a good idea to have reserves players in case they need to switch out. Harry remember in the muggle world, teams normal had twice or three times the number of players for a sports team. It would be wise in case they need to switch players around and give them time to rest.

Harry enters the Quidditch Pitch and looks at the Quidditch Pitch sign up sheet. No one had signed up. Harry immediately signs up for a two hour slot on the upcoming Saturday.

Harry looks at the Quidditch position and realized there was a lot of pressure chasers in being both defenders and attackers. Harry knew from Quidditch through the Ages that there hasn't been any real change to the positions for nearly three hundred years. When a famous chaser added the beaters and bludgers to make the game more interesting.

The problem was, the attack was too great. People were able to penetrate the defense far too easily. Harry especially wasn't finding it difficult to bypass defensives far too easily. The only real defender was the Keeper and the Keeper relied on the Chasers to help to defend him. It wasn't always about teamwork. Sometimes it was about speed. If the opposing team was faster, then the Keeper had to defend three hoops on his own.

Perhaps a new position. Harry knew in football, defenders would normally pass to the keeper as he was an active player.

Harry thinks carefully. A new position. He would have to consult Madam Hooch about this. He simply couldn't change the game because he wanted to.

Harry places the parchments on the table and quickly walks to Madam Hooch's office. He knocks and Madam Hooch's voice responses. "Enter."

Harry opens the door and enters the office. Madam Hooch was sitting her desk. Various of her awards and achievements in Quidditch was behind her.

"Mr. Potter, what brings you here? Don't you have class?" She asks in surprise.

"Not really. I have a free period. I want to talk to you about making a change in the Quidditch positions and rules." Harry said.

"There hasn't been a change for three hundred years. What do you have in mind?" Madam Hooch asks.

Harry explains. About improving the defense to Quidditch and adding two new positions to the Quidditch players. As well as making a time limit. Arguing that forcing the game to wait until snitch was caught could cause players to enter fatigue if they play to long.

"You make a compelling argument. However, I cannot simply change the game because of your argument. I'll notify Ludo Bagman of the changes you want to put into play and it will be up to him whether these changes will be allowed. In the meantime, I suggest you return to the castle, it is unwise to be seen wandering alone these days." Madam Hooch said in a stern voice.

Harry nods his head grabs his bag and gets up to leave. It took an hour to fully explain his plans and he knew he would have class soon. Not giving a reason for Umbridge to find an excuse to bully him, he heads towards his Double Potions, knowing Snape wouldn't hesitate to criticize him or put him in detention if he was late. Yet Harry was the first to arrive. Harry pulls out his watch to look at the time. He sees it was just ten minutes till. He knew the students would really be hurrying to get here on time.

Just as Harry predicted, he could hear a mad rush to get in front of Snape's class on time. All Gryffindor's, Hufflepuff's, Ravenclaw's, and Slytherin's came down to line up by the door.

With five minutes to go, the door opens and they came inside. Snape was behind his desk and he looks as always, in a sour mood. Well, it was hard to see what he was feeling, yet he didn't look happy. The students came in quickly took their seats. Harry pulled Neville beside him to partner up with him. This course of action always surprised Neville but he accepted Harry's offer to sit by him.

Harry like Neville. He understood what it meant to come out of his shell. Harry was trapped for a long time in his own shell. That was when he discovered he was a wizard and accept who he was. Harry like Neville simply because he shared so many things in common with Neville.

The door closes as the last student sits down and Snape's curt voice said: "Settle down." However, there was no real need to call for order. Being in the classroom of Professor Snape was enough to call for order. Snape was one of the strictest teachers in Hogwarts. He and Professor McGonagall were well known for being strict.

"Weasley!" Snape barks. Ron was making a messing getting his stuff together. Ron jumps at the Snape's voice. He was seated with Hermione who didn't look pleased with her partner actions. "You are unprepared again. Ten points from Gryffindor."

This, of course, was Snape's way of provoking Ron into getting him into trouble. Hermione Granger however, stomps on Ron's foot and digs her heel into his foot causing him to yelp. He then elbows Hermione in the side to get her off of him.

"Fighting and hurting other students Weasley? That's another twenty points you've lost for Gryffindor. As well as additional detention." Snape said.

"That's not fair!" Ron shouted. He points at a finger at Draco. "Malfoy didn't even bring his things to class!" Ron said.

Almost all the students knew at this point it was wise to shut up and not test things further. If Snape took points from you, it was best to just accept it. Ron never learned that. Year after year he would talk back to Snape and get deeper into trouble. Snape was obvious, not pleased by Ron's outburst yet a smile curls on his lips.

"Another week of detention, Weasley. It is not up to you to run my classroom. If you talk back to me again, you'll be very sorry indeed." Snape said softly.

Ron finally took the hint and shuts up.

Snapes turns his attention to the rest of the class.

"Before we begin today's lesson. It is my duty to remind you all that an important examination is soon upon you. Your O.W.L.s will be taken this June. I will warn you now. I only accept the very best into my N.E.W.T.s Potions. I suspect most of you to scrape together an 'Acceptable' in your O.W.L.'s or you will suffer my displeasure. However, with many of you going to fail, which means many of us, will be saying goodbye." Snape said as he looks at Ron before turning his gaze upon Neville. Both pale under Snape's glare. "However, we have ten months before that fateful farewell. Whether you intend on passing your O.W.L.s or not, I expect all of you to give your best this year. Moronic as half this class appears to be. I expect you to give it your best. Today you'll be practicing a potion that often comes up in your O.W.L.s. The Draught of Peace. A potion to calm anxiety and soothe agitation. Be warned: if you are too heavy-handed with the ingredients, you will put the drinker into a heavy and sometimes irreversible sleep, so you'll need to pay close attention to what you're doing. This potion will be unlike any you've made so far. The ingredients must be added exactly as instructed, in the right order and quantities. The mixture must be stirred exactly the right number of times, first in clockwise, then in counterclockwise." Snape said.

Harry notice Granger stood upright more than normal to prove she was not a dumb person. It was like she was important or something. Harry was deeply reminded of Percy Weasley.

Snape pulls out his wand and flicks it twice, the first open the cupboard, the second with instructions appearing on the board.

"You will find everything you need in the cupboards, the instructions are on the board. You have half an hour to start… begin." Snape said as the students rose up to get the ingredients.

Harry grabs a bowl and puts the ingredients inside. Lily was the first to return to her seat. As usual, no one was better than Lily when it came to potions. Not even Granger and Hermione was known to be jealous of Lily's talent.

Harry puts his ingredients and reads the instructions carefully.

As Harry predicted, Snape had tasked them with a very difficult potion. Everything had to be prepared correctly and handle in the right manner.

Harry looks at Lily who didn't even bother reading the instructions. She was working immediately and putting together the ingredients in her potion.

This was the one subject Lily truly thrived at. It was the one subject Harry couldn't best her at. No matter how much he tried to.

Harry returns to his task at hand and immediately gets to work.

Harry was stimming his potion and working well.

With only ten minutes to go, Harry was pleased to see his potion had turned to a light silver vapor.

"You all should see a light silver vapor rising from your potions right now." Snape called as he was walking around the room.

Most of the Slytherin's had the right color. Their potions were steaming a light silver or grey color. With the exception of Crabbe, Goyle, and Bulstrode. Ravenclaw had gotten their potion right. Hufflepuff also looks good. Gryffindor however, was another question. Other than Lily and Hermione, the rest of Gryffindor look like they were having trouble.

Ron's potion was spitting out green acid. Proof that he once again didn't follow the instructions and was merely dumping his ingredients into his cauldron.

Seamus Finnigan cauldron had caught on fire and was giving a smell of rotten eggs.

Dean had a dark grey murky color. He was frowning as if trying to figure out what he did wrong.

Neville had a light grey color. Which was normally rare for him to achieve in potions.

Snape swept to the Gryffindor's and immediately dock points and vanishing the failed potions. He gives a sniff at Granger's potion and said nothing to her. Nor did he bother to approach Lily's potion. He walks over to where Harry was station and looks at it. He said nothing to Harry as he looks down at Harry's potion. Neville surprising didn't get a comment on his potion as he walks down the Slytherin's. Only the 'trio of dumbest' got their potions vanish and they received zero's.

"For those of you who have completed the assignment, place your potion in a vial and label it with your name, printed clearly. It will be judged later. For those of you who failed at the assignment, your homework is twelve inches of parchment on the properties of moonstone and its uses in potion making. It will be handled in on Thursday." Snape said.

Harry puts on his dragon hide gloves and dips his flagon in the potion to fill it up. he knew this potion was powerful and the simple skin touch could have a nasty result. It could potentially put him to sleep on the spot.

Harry fills flagon and pulls out his quill, and marks his name on it. Harry walks up with the rest of the students and presents his flagon to Professor Snape. Snape didn't comment at Harry, he just looks like he had a lockjaw.

Harry didn't have to hazard a guess why Professor Snape was so distant towards him. Harry knew his Head of House and his father never got along. They rather loathe each other during their school years. Snape wanted to believe Harry was his father's son yet he had a hard time believing it since he was a Slytherin and not a Gryffindor. Snape wanted to belittle him for being James Potter son. Yet he never did. He seems to silently accept that Harry Potter was a Slytherin in his house.

They quickly went to lunch with Ron shoving everyone out of his way to get out of Snape's fury. Yet Snape called back Ron because of his rude and bad manners.

Harry returns to the great hall with, Daphne, Tracy, and Blaise at his side. They filled their plate with food. Harry looks up to see Ron arrived in a foul mood and slams his stuff on the table. Hermione immediately harps on Ron for his bad manners and he snaps back and it didn't take them long to get into a row. Lily got up and quickly left, grabbing a piece of roast beef and a goblet of pumpkin juice as she leaves. Neither of her friends took note of her departure.

Professor McGonagall walks up to them and Hermione was telling Professor McGonagall of what Ron was doing. She wasn't pleased. She gave Ron detention and dock points from both of them for disturbing lunch.

Harry finish his meal and quickly grabs his bag and quickly heads to Defense Against the Dark Arts. As Veronica Gorlosien was an unknown and Harry didn't know how strict she was going to be. Harry could already foresee all the guys sitting in the front of her class given her beauty. Yet Harry had a feeling she was going to be really strict.

The arrive and quickly go inside seeing how the classroom door was open. Harry walks in and takes note she wasn't inside yet. He takes a seat in his usual spot in the back of the classroom. Long experience has told him to never let anyone sit behind him. Dudley would always love to seat behind to slap his head and throw things at him when they were in primary school. He's developed a habit to sit in the back to avoid being bullied.

Harry sets his bag down and immediately pulls out his notebook, a quill with ink, and the assigned book, Defensive Magic and Practice. If there was one subject he loved more than any other, it was defensive magic. Harry loved learning defensives magic more than anything else in the world. He also loved charms and transfiguration but defenses magic was his best subject. It's the one subject he constantly bested Granger no matter how hard she studies and attempted to better him.

One by one the students came in and true to Harry's predictions, almost all the boys immediately took the front seats in an attempt to get the best seats to be near their new Defensive Instructor. Harry was deeply reminded of his second years when all the girls in his class would seat in the front row of class forgetting about their petty rivalry to be near Gilderoy Lockhart. The same thing seems to be happening here as each boy was sitting in the front. The only exceptions were Neville and Ernie Macmillan who took the back seats.

Harry could see almost all the boys were trying to look for a lack of a better word 'handsome' in attempt to woo their new defense professor.

The bell rang and Veronica Gorlosien walks in.

She immediately takes roll and looks at the students who answer when she calls their name. When she was done she puts down her parchment.

However, before she could begin, the doors open and Dolores Umbridge walks in. Veronica Gorlosien didn't look pleased.

"Want to tell me what you're doing in my classroom?" Veronica Gorlosien asks in a cold and commanding voice.

"I am merely interested in your teaching methods." Dolores Umbridge replies with a smile. That same fake smile she was wearing during the Welcome Feast. "As you know, this is one subject, Hogwarts is rather lacking."

Veronica Gorlosien narrows her eyes and Harry knew Umbridge had come prepare for an answer.

"You are allowed to be present. However, you are not allowed to disrupt my class. Any questions you have for me must be asked after class. If you disrupt my class you are out, is that clear." Veronica Gorlosien said in a tone that said she wasn't taking no for an answer.

Umbridge didn't look, please. She had that look like she was trying to come up with a proper response. Finally, she nods her head. she walks over grabs a chair from a desk and pulls it to the front of the class and sits down. Her small eyes looking around the room and when she makes eye contact with Harry, Harry immediately changed his eyes from its dark emerald green color to the silver eyes that look menacing. Umbridge looks away and stood upright.

"I've got a letter from Professor Dumbledore explaining this class. Your first two years didn't go over so well but I understand your third year, you dealt with dark creatures and how to handle them and if your fourth you learn about curses, is that correct?" She asks.

"Yes Professor." Most of the class said.

"That's good. An uneasy balance. This year, however, you'll be learning about counter-curses and defensives spells that will help you further down your road if you pass your O.W.L.'s. and plan to continue onwards towards your N.E.W.T.'s. You will be studying these first few weeks learning about counter-curses and their uses. I expect most of your to scrape together an 'Acceptable' in your O.W.L.'s, though if what my predecessors told me is true, many of you seem to struggle greatly with a few of seem to slack off in the middle of class." Veronica Gorlosien said in a cold voice. Her voice sent shivers down the spines in many students. It was true many of them did slack off.

"Brown!" Gorlosien snaps causing Lavender Brown who was in the back to jump at the sound of her voice. "Want to share what you're holding to the rest of the class."

Brown flushed a shade of red at being caught as she was showing something to Parvati under the table. She attempts to hide what was in her hands but Veronica flicks her wand and the magazine came out of her hands and towards Veronica's outstretched hand.

It was a copy of Witch Weekly. Veronica took one look at it and walks over and throws it in the garbage.

"That's twenty points you've lost for Gryffindor, and detention you've earned yourself." Veronica snaps.

"But Professor…" Parvati began but Veronica turns to her causing her to fall silent under her gaze.

"Would you like to join her in detention?" Veronica asks.

Parvati shook her head.

"Good, because you lost an additional twenty points for Gryffindor." Veronica said coldly.

Veronica looks at the pair coldly as if she was expecting them to challenge her or protest. Yet they took one look at her and fell silent.

"How many of you can tell me, what is the most common counter-curse?" Veronica asks.

"The most common counter-curse is Finite Incantatem. It dispels almost all spells, including a few dark magic spells." Hermione said in one breath. "It can counter and dispel many spells and effects instantly that only a few known spells are known to work around it and…"

"That is enough." Veronica snaps. Hermione falls silent and stops her rant. Veronica Gorlosien puts her fingers together and looks at Hermione coldly. "I believe my question was to see how many students here knew the most common counter-curse." Veronica says in a cold voice. Hermoine drops her head realizing she did something wrong. "I did not ask for an explanation. When I want an answer to a question I will call upon that student to answer. I do not need one speaking it out. Is that understood, or do you take pride in being an insufferable know-it-all?" Veronica said in a cold and chilling tone. Hermione lowers her head and shook her head.

"Fifty points from Gryffindor. And a week of detention." Veronica said.

"That's not fair. She knew the answer to what you ask so why not ask at all if you didn't want to be told?" Ron shouted.

Veronica turns to Ron who was seated in the very front and gives him a cold expression with fury written on her face. Ron gulp at seeing her furious expression.

"I believe I already explain myself. You will serve a month detention for disrupting my class and you've lost an additional fifty points from Gryffindor. If you ever criticize the way I teach a class again, you'll be very sorry indeed." Veronica said coldly.

Ron look like he wanted to say something else but Seamus elbows him to shut up.

"Show me a raise of hands, how many of you about Finite Incantatem?" Veronica asks.

Half the students raised their hands. Harry and Lily being one of them. It was a spell they both used during their duels. Most of the others were boys in hopes to impress their professor.

"I suspect most of you are not being truthful. I see many of you are indeed far behind in your defensive magic knowledge. I fear only eight of you will pass your O.W.L.'s." Veronica said. She walks over to her desk and pulls out a thick sheet of parchments. She flicks her wand and the parchments flew between the desks and they fly to the students in front of them.

"You have one hour to answer these questions on the parchment. This is to see just how knowledgeable you all are in Defense Against the Dark Arts. These are questions you all should know if you hope to pass your O.W.L.'s. A level of knowledge you all should be at. There will be no talking. If I catch any of you cheating, you will serve a month of detention and you will lose a hundred points from your house. Begin."

Veronica Gorlosien was very strict. That was a harsh punishment indeed. It was enough to give a cold warning to everyone to not cheat.

Harry looks at the questions and scans it real quick. These questions he already knew. He could already see without looking at Lily that Lily was answering these questions too. There were thirty questions to the parchment.

What is the counter spell to the Stunning Spell?

What is the charm that blocks most spells?

Harry didn't bother reading onwards. He dips his quill in his ink bottle and begins to write. He answers all his question and none of them gave him any trouble.

It took Harry only thirty minutes to answer all the questions. He quickly overs the answers and was pleased with answers. He stands up and walks over to Veronica Gorlosien and hands it to her. She takes it and Harry returns to his seat. Lily soon gets up and hands in her questions.

Everyone else took longer. One by one they turn in their assignment.

Veronica eyes Ron who had his head down and was chewing on his quill. She turns to her desk and writes something on a piece of parchment and walks over to him. She yanks the test out from under Seamus and Ron's. They look up to her in surprise.

"I believe I warn you both about cheating." Veronica said coldly. Both paled at the realization they were caught. Apparently, they were talking under their breath in sharing answers. "Get up, gather your things and take this note to Professor McGonagall." She said as she hands them a note.

They get up quickly stuff their things in their bag, with Ron taking the note and immediately go out the door. Veronica turns her attention to the rest of the room and everyone quickly returns to the task at hand.

When the last person was done. Veronica stands back up.

"Counter-curse are very useful. A wise witch and wizard will always have a counter curse at the ready when faced with dangers. Some jobs require a heavy knowledge of counter-curses. Auror's especially. Auror's must be vigilant in their knowledge of counter-curses. However, they aren't the only ones who know counter curses. Sometimes you need to know counter-curses for animals. Some people like to place curses on mythical creatures and they need to be undone. Not an easy task. Some wizards are paranoid about their crypts and tombs, place ancient yet deadly curses in the area or on something. It will take a curse breaker to undo these curses. Even some families have curses upon them. Undoing these curses take knowledge, experience, and will." Veronica said.

Everyone took this in. Hermione was writing what she was saying down, word for word.

"The most common and useful counter-curse in Finite Incantatem. However, it's not one hundred percent effective. Some curses require a specific counter-curse." Veronica said.

She pulls out her watch. She pauses as she looks at it.

"That's all for today. There will be no homework yet. Not until I grasp an understand where everyone's level is at. However, I want you all to read chapter one, the Beginners Guide to Counter-Curses. Dismissed. Miss Granger, Miss Morris, Mr. Potter, stay behind." Veronica said.

Harry was confused to know why he was being held behind. Lily equally look confused. Everyone puts their things away and walks out the door.

Dolores Umbridge remains behind as the students walk out.

"Miss Granger, you will report to Mr. Filch tonight at seven o'clock for your detention and for the rest of the week. Dismissed." Veronica said as Hermione tried to hold back tears and walks out after she nods her head.

Dolores Umbridge look like she wanted to see Potter get in trouble. She had that smile on her face.

"Do you need something Dolores?" Veronica asks as she turns to Umbridge. Umbridge lost her smile.

"No, I'm just wondering what you think of Dumbledore…" Umbridge began.

"He's an old wizard who has long past his prime. He has made many mistakes but this isn't the time or place to discuss Albus Dumbledore. If you have any questions for me, you may reach me in my office hours. Other than that, please leave if you have nothing else to ask." Veronica said coldly.

Umbridge looked like she wanted to protest. Yet she gets up and leaves.

Veronica flicks her wand and the door closes. She flicks her wand again but nothing happens.

"You two have grown powerful since I first notice of you two." Veronica said in a kind and warm voice. This was different from her cold and strict voice. "However, I am here to help you both prepare for your ascendance." Veronica said.

"What do you mean?" Lily asks in a confused voice.

"Five years, you both had an 'awakening'. This was when you first became elementals. However, that is only the first step. The second step is mastering your gifts. The third step is controlling its power. Elementals have the power to unleash nature's fury itself. However it's not easy to simply unleash nature's fury. Your ascendance is drawing ever closer. This is a very dangerous progress and not easy to do. It will happen in two winters from now. I will be there to assist you both. This is where you must learn to harness and control the power flowing within you. However, this is a dangerous process." Veronica said.

"It can kill us, can't it." Harry said. It wasn't a question. It was a fact.

Veronica nods her head.

"It can indeed. The power you will generate during your 'Ascendance' will be nothing like your 'Awakening'. You could alter the very weather itself during this time. That's why the Kirin Tor take precautions during this time." Veronica said.

She opens a drawer and pulls out two books. They had no titles on them.

"Here, you won't find these books in any bookstores. The Kirin Tor keeps these books and copies of these books well guarded. The Dark Lord would love to get his hands on these books. Study these books and they will help your progress. I already understand you both are formidable duelists. Sadly I won't be able to be much help to either of you during the school year because of the Ministry's intervention. Keep your heads down and don't attract any attention. That's all." Veronica said.

They nod their head and place the books in their bags and walk out.

"What do we say if people ask why she wanted to hold us back?" Lily asks as they walk up the stairs.

"That she was talking about our duels in the past years and was telling us off for doing so without her permission." Harry answers.

"So we're not going to duel again?" Lily asks.

Harry shook his head.

"Umbridge will expel us both for dueling. Even if it has become aspectual in Hogwarts. It will cause problems for us if she harass us for our duels. If we do duel, it will be somewhere where no one can see us. We don't need crowds to see us." Harry said.

Harry stops and pulls out the Marauders Map from inside his robes.

"I solemnly swear I'm up to no good." Harry mutters. The parchment came alive at once and Harry stares at it. Umbridge had returned to the Great Hall in disappointment. However Filch was heading their way.

"Mischief managed." Harry mutters. He quickly puts the map inside his robes and he continues to walk forward pretending nothing had happened with Lily beside him.

No sooner had they arrived at the top stairs, Filch appeared in front of them.

"In trouble again are we?" Filch says with a grin.

"For what?" Harry asks.

"Up to no good you are." Filch said.

"For your information Filch we are prefects. Unless you have proof, you can't exactly punish us." Harry said coldly.

Filch paused as he looks at them. He then walks muttering about 'catching' him later.

"What was that about?" Lily asks.

"My guess, Umbridge sent Filch on us. Among all the staff, he's the only one who's happy to have Umbridge amongst the school." Harry said as he watches Filch disappear down the corridor. "He's going to be shadowing me closely this year."

"It's still wrong of him to accuse you every year for things you don't do. I remember when he would follow you around during weekends as other students would cause trouble because he followed you so closely." Lily said.

"Thank Percy and Ron. Ron loves telling tall tales about and blames me for anything. Percy reasons were a bit more personal. He was merely harassing me all these years to get back at Artemis." Harry said.

"I still find it amusing that Percy doesn't understand a thing about girls." Lily says as she sniggers.

"You know he's been harassing her at work. He seems to think since he's the right hand of the Minister, she will fall for him now." Harry mutters.

"I know. If he doesn't understand why Artemis doesn't like him, then he's doom to be miserable." Lily said with a smile.

"Everyone should be in bed at eight. What are your plans?" Harry asks.

"Not much. Why?" Lily asks.

"Meet me in the Perfects Bath. That should give us some privacy." Harry said as he walks towards the Slytherin dorms as Lily stood there beaming.

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