Magical Origins

Author Notes:

Year 6: Plots of Treason

Harry, Lily, and Artemis sink themselves in the Prefects bath.

Harry enjoys feeling soothe from the bath.

It's been really intense since his return to Hogwarts.

Last night, Harry and Lily completed another one of their lessons with Dumbledore.

This time, it was of Tom Riddle in his seventh year at Hogwarts. He was talking to a much younger version of Professor Slughorn at one of the Slug Clubs.

Tom Riddle was proving himself to be quite the charmer. He spoke his words wisely and carefully with grace and diligence.

Harry and Lily could see why so many Professors and important ministry officials took a liking to Tom Riddle.

Riddle knew what to say to others and how to swindle others out of their fortune.

As much as Harry loves staying at Hogwarts, Harry started to find life here dull.

The things he once enjoyed were gone.

Umbridge had been the catalyst as she sucked the joy out of Hogwarts.

It forced Harry to grow up faster than expected.

Granted, having two children with Artemis was a tall task in of itself.

Harry didn't know the first thing about being a father. Uncle Vernon has never been a father to him. His Aunt and Uncle made it clear they hated and despised him from the very start.

Harry thought of Samuel, Sirius, Henry, and Ethan how they treated him and helped him become an adult.

Then his mind went to Mrs. Weasley and her sick appeal to treat Harry like a five-year-old who should be kept in the dark as much as possible.

Voldemort's new powers made him more dangerous than ever before.

It was frightening at the level of destruction he was leaving behind.

The muggle news network was taking notice of the destruction and was asking questions.

Voldemort was starting to expose the magical world and breaking down the barriers.

"I'm curious about something," said Harry.

"What is it?" said Artemis.

"How is the magical world remaining hidden? You would think as large as we are, muggles would notice something," said Harry.

"Awe, that's because the world is concealed in Mysts," said Artemis.

"Mists?" said Lily.

"Mysts, with a 'y'," said Artemis.

"What is Mysts?" said Harry.

"It's a powerful magical barrier. Well, not 'powerful' in a sense. It dwells the senses and hearing of muggles. It's not like the Fidielus Charm. Instead, those who have weak or no gifts in magic become 'blind' by the magic around them. So, they remain oblivious to what happens around them. Once in a while, a muggle may catch a glimpse of magic happening. That's why the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad exists. They modify the memories of the muggle to make him forget that they remembered," said Artemis.

"Is Voldemort's goal to destroy the mysts and reveal the magical world to muggles?" said Harry.

"For what purpose?" asks Artemis.

"Voldemort's not exactly sane. His new powers have made him more dangerous than ever before. What if he's trying to break the boundaries between our world? Some muggles hate magic," said Harry.

Harry could already see his relatives at many rallies and giving many speeches on how magic was evil. They would be pushing for militias to kill witches and wizards.

Harry could see Dudley wearing a camo suit as a 'Witch Hunter' with his aunt and uncle beaming and publicly stating how proud they were of his son.

Even if they were related, Harry didn't see them as family. Even still, Harry couldn't bring himself to hurt them like he's dreamed about.

People generally attack what they feared and did not understand.

What is Voldemort's plan?

Lily's vengeance had come to a halt.

For the first time since she arrived at Hogwarts, students haven't reported to the hospital wing with intense magical burns.

If it weren't because Lily was hardly seen outside of classes, most would have thought Lily was under the Imperious Curse or something.

That would be the gossip within the corridors if there weren't a war going on.

It was as if almost every student eagerly read through the Daily Prophet to learn more about Death Eater attacks and news regarding their family.

During these dark times, the owls were ever so busy.

Harry no longer used Hedwig, and she was furious.

Harry explains she could be attacked during flight.

She responded by turning his back to him and showing her tail at Harry. An owl's way of insulting their owner.

Harry has always been good to Hedwig, so that she couldn't stay mad at him for long.

Harry didn't mail his letters to his family. Using two-way mirrors and journals, he communicated more securely than sending Hedwig out every time.

Even learning Voldemort's past did not help give Harry any insight into Voldemort's new magical powers.

Veronica Gorlorisen seemed to be aware of Voldemort's new power.

In the safety of the Room of Requirements, he didn't have to deal with the student body.

Ginny Weasley has been attempting to follow Lily constantly.

Harry grabs his invisibility cloak and decides to deal with Ginny Weasley.

Using the Marauder's Map, he found her lurking near the Basement. She wasn't alone. There were other students with her, and it looked like a private meeting.

Harry was certain no one knew of his invisibility cloak. Not even Granger, who couldn't control her mouth.

Harry suddenly felt some of his peers within the student body could no longer be trusted.

Many people in the school, particularly the Gryffindors, claimed the Slytherin's were untrustworthy.

The bad blood between Gryffindor's and Slytherin's for the past fifty years had reached rock bottom.

Harry despised Ginny Weasley and hated her very existence.

It wasn't because she was a Gryffindor.

It was because she was a very sick fangirl whose mother had fed false promises into believing she would be the wife of the Boy-Who-Lived.

All Ginny Weasley saw was the Boy-Who-Lived.

Ginny Weasley didn't know one thing about Harry Potter.

Harry creeps closer to the place where Ginny is meeting with the other students.

Harry was about to pass the Corridor when he suddenly stopped.

Even if he was under his invisibility cloak, it seemed 'First' was far my intelligent and cunning than Harry initially thought.

Harry turns to look at the statue of the armored knight. Difficult to see due to the darkness, a small runic word could be seen scribble within the darkness.

The invisibility cloak renders him invisible to the naked eye of others. It didn't mean that he was invisible to spells and solid objects.

The rune in question was a type of silent security. Once someone passed the rune, it would alert the caster upon the intruder.

Harry hated this and thought of dispelling the rune, but that would raise suspicion upon the caster if he saw his rune disabled. First would be more cautious about his meetings if he became aware that his group was being watched.

This was turning into a game of intellect and cunning.

First was far too cautious, and it was clear he didn't trust the subordinates under his command.

Harry turns and returns to the Room of Requirements.

Harry sits down and thinks carefully about First and how he could move freely around the Castle without drawing suspicion from anyone.

A student?

A seventh year?


The information Draco provided told him this person knew spells far too advance for mere students to come across, even if they were in their family's library.

Furthermore, he was far too cautious about letting anyone discover his identity and the meetings.

This meant he had training or specialize in this area.

Other than Snape, none of the teachers were under suspicion. They've all been vouch by Dumbledore. Not to mention they've been working at Hogwarts for years under Dumbledore's careful eye.

Even the new additions within the Healer Wing under Madam Pomfrey had been clear.

The Aurors and new Magical Security Guards were added for additional security at Hogwarts and Hogsmeade.

Harry paused upon learning this.

Harry began to suspect that First was one of the Aurors at Hogwarts.

It would explain why he was able to hold meetings and roam the grounds without raising any suspicion.

Harry had a start, but he needed to verify the person first.

To do that, he would need to seek out Tonks's help.

He was sure she was in danger of being eliminated. It was known she was a member of House Black under Sirius Black.

Tackling a full train Auror wasn't going to be easy.

He also needed Tonks to figure out who the was Death Eater infiltrator.

Harry stops upon seeing an owl with a letter in its beak, looking at him.

The owl clicks his beak several times, clearly trying to get Harry's attention.

Harry reaches up and takes the letter cautiously. The owl flies and heads to the Owlery for some rest.

Harry could feel magic in the letter.

Fearing it was a trap, he was surprised to see it open for him.

Cautiously he opens the letter and sees Fleur Delacour wrote it.

"Bonjour, Harry!

If you're wondering about this letter, it will only open and can be read by you. My family has heard of your request, and official France will offer little support. There have been signs of Death Eaters attempting to infiltrate our Ministry. Even still, we do want to help. My family will do what they can to help you. The situation in your region is turning dire, and we fear we can't do much to aid you.

I'll do what I can to keep in touch,

Fleur Delacour."

Harry looked at the letter, and it wasn't exactly promising. At first glance, it appears like a waste of parchment.

A deeper glace revealed France and its region weren't offering any aid in fear of the Death Eaters attempting to infiltrate their government. But they would support the Resistance against the Death Eaters from the shadows.

Harry remembers La Resistance from the Second World War that resisted the Nazis from occupying their country.

Harry remembers the latest reports on Voldemort's strange activities.

Voldemort was now exposing the wizarding world for an unknown reason.

His behavior was rash and erratic.

If this kept up, then muggles would learn of the wizarding world and try to reassume their witch hunts once more, forcing wizards and witches to defend themselves.

Harry paused upon this revelation.

Muggles weren't aware of the existence of magic and assumed it was make-believe.

Once muggles learn the truth, they would retaliate for the destruction and loss of life Voldemort has been causing.

Because they have been no public interactions, and the truth has been heavily covered up for nearly two hundred years. It would be hard for muggles to accept a rogue Dark Lord was attacking their world.

Even if the government attempts to soothe the situation, many would see the wizarding world attacking their world and demand action to track and monitor wizards.

This would lead to another war.

No, it was already too late.

The truth couldn't be suppressed for much longer.

If recent track records proved anything, then by June, the muggles would become aware of the existence of magic, and it could start a war.

Harry would need to consult with his vassals and speak to the Prime Minister.

The situation was taking a very dark turn.