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Love and Insecurities - Part 1

Pale, skinny, weird faced, diva, high voice, the list goes on.

Kurt never liked the way he looked. He always knew he was good with fashion, but that didn't mean he thought he looked GOOD in clothes. You see, Kurt didn't think he was the WORST looking person in the world, it's just, there were so many people who looked better than him. And then there was Blaine. Blaine who could get any man he pointed at. Blaine who was so alpha gay he even had women throwing themselves at him. Blaine who was so bloody perfect in every way. Who was sweet and kind and caring and DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! And who loved him (although Kurt still found it hard to believe). And all Blaine's perfection managed to make Kurt feel even more insecure.

It was the end of august. End of the summer. And it was just over a month since Blaine told him he loved him. They were curled up together on Kurt's bed, legs entangled as Kurt is settled in Blaine's arms with his head on his chest, and a hand lying just on his rib cage.

Burt and Carole were at the shops getting things for dinner and Finn had just left to pick Rachel up.

They lay there content until Blaine kissed the top of Kurt's head before he nuzzled into the chestnut locks and breathing in his boyfriends scent.

Kurt tilt his head up and cupped the side of Blaine's face, silently asking for a kiss, in which Blaine complied with immediately.

They kissed long and slow, smiling into each others lips.

"God I love you, I could kiss you forever." Blaine said in between kisses.

Kurt just smiled and went in for another loving kiss.

Kurt let his tongue press against Blaine's lower lip. The latter quickly opened his mouth letting Kurt's tongue slip in and dance with his own.

Without breaking the kiss they shifted until Blaine had wriggled out from underneath the other boy. Kurt gently lay down on the mattress and Blaine lay beside him, propt up on his elbow, chest twisted over at a slightly awkward angle hovering over Kurt's.

Blaine pulled away slightly and Kurt almost protested, but before he could Baline started trailing kisses down his jawline, across to behind his ear, down his neck before reaching the junction at the base of his throat.

Kurt tilted up to the right to give Blaine better access and as Blaine sucked at the spot, while using his other hand to cup the other side of his neck and jaw, Kurt couldn't help the small moan that escaped his lips.

Kurt was so wrapped up in pleasure caused by the familiar setting that he didn't even notice Blaine's hand slowly make its way down his side and to the hem of his shirt until Blaine had un tucked it.

When just Blaine's fingertips brushed against his skin he scrambled up and away as if he had been burned.

Blaine looked stunned for a moment as his brain tried to comprehend what just happened. When he caught up with the situation he immediately started freaking out.

"Kurt?! Oh god Kurt I-I'm sorry was that too fast?!"

When Kurt didn't reply he crawled over to his side quickly but hesitantly, careful not to make him anymore uncomfortable.

He could swear Kurt was shaking.

"Baby I'm so sorry I wasn't thinking-"

"Blaine stop it's ok."

Blaine stopped. And stared.


"It's ok it's just... Um... Yeh, yeh it was to fast that's all..." Kurt lied. It wasn't too fast but Kurt just wasn't ready for Blaine to see him. He was just so scared that Blaine would see him and just be so disgusted in what was in front of him. He looked down at his lap, avoiding Blaine's eyes.

Blaine stared at him. His body was tense and he could tell he was lying. Blaine could always tell. It was his eyes mainly. They had so much passion and emotion in them that if there was just a shred of fear or guilt melted within them, Blaine could tell.

But no matter how badly Blaine wanted to know the real reason Kurt was so terrified, he didn't want to push him. Kurt was always so honest with him. That was obvious from the day he met him, spying on the Warblers, where he opened up about all the problems he was having with Karofsky. That was one of the things that made their relationship so incredibly mature and strong, there was no hiding or lying, just care.

So Blaine knew this was something deeper. Something Kurt was truly scared tp admit. Something possibly to do with him?

He simply stayed silent as he got up off the bed, walked over to the dvd rack and picked out Ice Age 3 before inserting into the dvd player.

Kurt lifted his head when he felt the bed shift as Blaine sat back down next to him as layed back against the headbord.

The dark haired boy smiled lovingly as he opened his arms as an invitation for his boyfriend in which he immediately complied.

As soon as he was back in Blaine's arms, safe, he relaxed. He simply breathed in his scent as the movie started, happily letting a smile grace his face.

Blaine snaked his arms around the taller boy's waist and kissed his head before watching the screen.