I adore The Tudors and I've been interested about them since I studied them at school. I love Showtime's TV show of it and after reading so many fan fics, I've gave me an idea to write a series of "What If...?" one shots.

What If Jane Survived Childbirth?

"My son needs his mother and I need my queen," Henry Tudor whispered as he held onto his wife's hand. Jane continued to grow weaker and colder until all warmth was lost in her hands. The fever had snatched his mother once and it claimed another person dear to his hearts. Watching his beloved Jane feel and look like snow reminded him of memories. Painful memories that caused an ache in his heart.

Memories he didn't want to think about. Memories he ordered to fade away, but they refused. Henry was not ready to say goodbye. There was many things to do and many things to see. Edward had the caring mother and sisters that would protect him. Henry would give him and his Jane all the finest things for the rest of his life.

All of Henry's sins had led him to Jane's deathbed; Anne and Catherine's struggle to give birth to a male heir, taking mistresses, falling out with the pope, neglecting his daughters, it had all led to his ultimate wish. Henry's determination to produce a male heir had driven him to two failed marriages a broken country and a religious revolution that changed England forever. Anne and Catherine were not the failures. He couldn't bring himself to admit guilt due to his pride. He was third time lucky with Jane, but his wish for a son was corrupted.

If he could have Jane back for just a small moment, he would never let pride engulf him again. He would promise to treat Jane with the respect and love that he failed to do to Anne and Catherine. Drowned in sorrow he leaned over and kissed Jane's frozen lips. Not once did Henry let go of Jane. His head lowered down to her stomach.

Even in the hour of her death, her skin glistened to Henry. She was a saint and a guardian angel in his wet eyes. A hot breeze tickled his ear. He raised himself, anxiously looking around to see who's there. His heart pounded when he saw Jane's eyes flicker.

"Henry..." Jane murmured. Their grip became tighter.

"Jane!" Henry gasped. He looked into Jane's eyes and saw the reflection of not a king, but a man seeking redemption. "JANE!" He grabbed Jane's back and kissed her again. He was still crying, but they were tears of joy. It wasn't anything less than a miracle. Edward son will have his mother, Mary and Elizabeth will have their stepmother, and Henry will have his queen.