What If Katherine Howard Hated Jane Seymour?

She was her best friend and Katherine Howard had lost the best cousin she ever had. She never really knew Anne Boleyn, but something inside her told her that she was a remarkable woman and a brave queen. Katherine had heard so many things about her cousin, some of it she thought was a lot of old rubbish. She was a modern girl living in a society with ancient traditions: it was just how Katherine felt.

Katherine held one lady responsible for her cousin's downfall and the shame of her family. Queen Jane Seymour, King Henry's third wife and the mother of Prince Edward. Katherine had hoped that the home-wrecker would die of puerperal fever. Lady Rochford may have forgiven Queen Jane, but Katherine would rather die than forgive Jane for what she had done.

Katherine Howard wanted revenge on Jane Seymour. Katherine's uncle encouraged it as well. Her family pressurized her into becoming Jane's lady-in-waiting. Katherine hated it, despite Jane Seymour coming across as a kind and gentle lady. Jane's mousy blonde hair and sugary voice made Katherine want to vomit. Katherine saw Jane's kindness as nothing but a veil to hide her family's nasty plots.

"Lady Culpepper," Jane whispered to Katherine as soon as the two of them were alone. "I feel as if I have done something wrong to you. But I do not know what I've done."

Katherine lifted her eyes off the floor and rolled them to Queen Jane. "You know what's you've done."

"You have to tell me," Jane implored. She had her hand on her heart as she said, "And then we can make it right."

"Why do always have to pretend to be innocent?" Katherine shrieked with her eyes red with tears. "You can never make it right. God will never save you."

"Lady Culpepper," Jane gasped. "What is the matter?"

"YOU KILLED MY COUSIN!" Katherine screamed.

Princess Mary was sitting in the corner, reading a section from the bible the entire time they were there. Mary and Jane had a very special bond together. Disturbed by Katherine's outburst, Mary slammed her bible shut and stood in front of her stepmother. "That is no way to talk to the Queen Of England," said Mary firmly.

"It's got nothing to do with you," Katherine snapped at Mary. "My cousin, Anne Boleyn was a great woman and if it hadn't have been for you, she would still be alive." Nobody said a word, but the maids peeped into the room curious to what was going on. At that point, Katherine was so mad she was steaming. Jane said nothing, which frustrated Katherine. "Why don't you say something?"

Katherine had her left hand out ready to slap her, but Princess Mary intervened just in time and Katherine's legs landed on the floor. Jane looked disappointed, but she didn't look away from Katherine.

"Anne Boleyn was not a good person," Mary declared. "Her death was her own fault and in God's will."

By looking at the sheer disgust in Mary's face, Katherine knew that Mary had a lot more to say to her, but her catholic beliefs stopped her from saying it. She had no religious boundaries. Others had always considered her upbringing as dangerous.

"You should take some rest Lady Culpepper," Queen Jane said to Katherine. "Give you some time to reflect on what you've said. This isn't worth losing your head over."

Katherine jumped out and ran out of Jane's rooms. She continued to run around the house until her eyes met her husband, Thomas Culpepper. "God may not know who I am," Katherine screamed at the top of her voice. She marched in front of Culpepper and clenched her fists together as her arms were spread out. Culpepper stroked her elbows as he watched her rant with a grin on his face. "But I swear to him that I teach that wrench Jane Seymour never to mess with my family."

"You know something Kitty?" Culpepper whispered into Katherine's ear. His voice was so soft it melted Katherine's anger away.

"What is that?" Her lips curled into a childish smile.

He smirked as he tapped Katherine's back and lead her away to a private place. Katherine found herself in a fit of giggles as her lover said, "I do love a good cat fight."