Chapter twenty three

'I knew you wouldn't leave him Lil, so I brought you in a sandwich and a cup of tea,' James sat beside his wife, leaned in and kissed her, 'It's been so long.'

'I know, I just told Harry how long it's been since I've touched you. But thank you for the food and tea. Harry did ask if we wanted to stay in the house down through the trees.'

'I thought he would, he's too much of a loner and too independent to want his parents here in the house with him. But we've got a chance at a life with our son now Lily, even if he is an adult and married to…to Severus,' James shook his head. 'We might have seen him through his life, but we missed all those times with him. Things we talked about, teaching him, now it's too late for that.'

'It is, but we are only twenty one James, we could always have more children. Not right now of course, I want to get to know Harry,' Lily reached up and brushed James hair from his face, 'We've missed so much time with Harry, but now we've got all the time in the world. We also didn't have a lot of time together. We got together at seventeen, married at nineteen, Harry was born a year later, then we died a year after that. We also have to get used to being a normal married couple.'

'Yes we do my Lily, but we can start all that soon. Eat while you can,' James smiled then watched his son sleeping.

'You have to make an effort with Severus James, they are married and expecting a child, our grandchild. I know you and Sev never got on, but it's different today than back then, he's different.'

'I know Lil and I'm going to do everything I can so Harry doesn't see any tension between us. Sirius and I spoke before, we know what we have to do, become friends with an old enemy and we're only doing that because Harry loves him and he loves Harry. Anyway, I might go find him a blanket until we can get wands again.' James headed upstairs to the room he would be sleeping in, grabbed a blanket, then went back to the living, throwing the blanket over his son, then sat back with his wife and they both kept watching him why they talked quietly.

Remus, Tonks and Sirius sat down and also kept watching Harry while they talked. They tried to keep their voices down, but sometimes the excitement of being back caused their voices to rise. But they never stopped watching Harry until they realised it was morning.

'Remus, Tonks, you both shouldn't be in here, we don't know what time Andromeda is bringing Teddy. Harry will need to explain.' James said urgently.

'Let's go start breakfast for everyone, I'm sure they will all be up soon,' Tonks and Remus left the room, just as Severus came down.

'He's asleep I see, I had a feeling he wouldn't leave you. I'm sure he would think he was dreaming about you being here.'

'That's exactly what he said Severus, you really know him don't you?' James gave a reluctant smile.

'Yes I do, but I also know how long he has wished to have his parents and Sirius with him. Did he have a nightmare at all?'

'No, he's been peaceful all night, hasn't even moved since he lay down.' Lily said.

'Until now,' Harry murmured as he slowly woke up, then opened his eyes, 'So it wasn't a dream then,' he sat up rubbing his face.

'Not a dream son, we are really here. But Tonks and Remus have started breakfast for everyone. We weren't sure what time Andromeda and Teddy was getting here.'

'Ten, what time is it now?' Harry asked then yawned before Severus slapped his hand over his mouth making Harry laughed, then kissed his hand, before kissing him on his lips.'

'It's eight thirty. So why don't you go shower before they get here.'

'Good idea,' Harry stood up, stretched then pulled Severus into his arms, snogging him passionately, 'Even though I missed your naked body under mind, I just couldn't go up.'

'Yes I know, to make sure you were not dreaming. But I missed your naked body draped over me.'

'I know,' Harry kissed him again then bounded out of the room and up the stairs. He couldn't believe how happy he was. He stripped off and stood under the water before he started washing, 'You could join me you know, instead of just standing there watching,' Harry smirked as he turned and faced Severus.

'Maybe if we're quick,' Severus stripped his clothes off, joined Harry in the shower, then sank to his knees taking him into his mouth.

'Oh baby, yes, harder,' Harry groaned loudly. Severus did exactly what Harry wanted, sucked hard, swirling his tongue around him at the same time. When he knew Harry was close, he sucked even harder and faster and felt him let go. Severus never stopped until the last of the thick salty liquid finished flowing. He stood up and Harry kissed him hard, hot and full of passion before dropping to his knees.

When Harry and Severus finished in the shower, they dried, then dressed, 'I can't believe their here, it just feels so unreal.'

'I'm sure it would Harry, but they are here. Now let's go down and eat while we've got time.' Harry and Severus put their arms around each other and walked down the stairs where they join the huge Weasley crowd, all happily talking, some to James, Lily, Sirius, Remus and Tonks, some to their family. The huge crowd talked, laughed and all just enjoyed the ever growing family. When it got close to ten, Harry gripped Remus and Tonks hand before heading into the living room to wait.

After ten minutes, the fire turned green as Andromeda and Teddy stepped out. Harry took the baby boy in his arms, then kissed Andromeda on the cheek.

'I have something serious to tell you and it's going to be hard to believe. So let's sit down and I'll explain.'

'You don't want to take Teddy, do you Harry?'

'No, I wouldn't do that to you. But let me ask you this first, have you ever heard of the Superius Essentia?'

'Sort of like supreme beings, they watch over all souls.'

'Yes, well they offered me something Andromeda, because Voldemort would have destroyed the whole world, wizarding world and muggle world. I had to choose two people to bring back to life.'

'You're parents Harry, you've never known them, so it's understandable.'

'No I haven't,' Harry got up and went to the door, 'I did think of them at first, but then I made my decision,' Harry opened the door and let Remus and Tonks in, 'I wanted Teddy to have his parents.'

'Dora,' Andromeda sat there in shock until her daughter sat beside her and hugged her.

'Here Remus, have your son while your wife sees her mother.' Harry handed the baby boy to his father.

Remus looked down at his son, then gently touched his face, 'Teddy, it's Daddy.'

Andromeda pulled back from her daughter then nodded towards Teddy. Tonks got up and went over to her husband and son, hugging both of them.

'Teddy, it's Mummy,' Tonks kept wiping tears from her eyes.

'I can't believe you did this for Teddy Harry. Gave up a chance to know you're parents for him,' Andromeda hugged Harry tightly.

'It was the right choice Andromeda, so because I did that, the Superius Essentia gave me another gift,' Harry opened the door again and his parents, Sirius and Fred walked in with all the Weasley's behind them, 'I wasn't expecting anything and I never did it to get anything, but this is one time I'm happy to accept something for doing what I had to,' Harry stood next to his mother, father and Sirius, while Fred was surrounded by his family. Remus, Tonks were still holding Teddy, while Andromeda stood with her family.

Everyone in the room looked at everyone else and realised how lucky and blessed they really were. The Weasley family was whole, the Potter family were together again with the addition of Severus and a baby on the way, Remus, Tonks, Teddy and Andromeda had their family as well and they realised that all of them would always be friends, but also everyone in that room would always be family and that came down to Harry. He saved the wizarding world, he saved the muggle world, now he has saved three families. It was time he had whatever the wizarding world could give him, family and peace of mind and peace in his soul for the first time since that fateful night seventeen years before. He had a chance to finally be happy. And once the wizarding world realise what has happened, everyone will raise a glass to their saviour and hero, Harry Potter.

The end: