Just a little future Etharah oneshot. I love doing these and that's pretty much why I make a lot of these. Also, keep on the look out for chapter 4 of Getting Back to the Future!


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Sarah's POV


That's what the little test in my hand said. A simple word. Positive. So simple yet it makes me speechless. Even though I kind of knew what it would say, I still couldn't believe it.

I decided to take the test while Ethan was at work. Oh God. How am I going to tell him? Will he be excited? Will he be happy? We've always wanted a baby but we didn't really know when. Are we ready? Well, we have been married for a year and a half now.

As I was having this inner battle I heard the front door unlock. "Sarah?" I heard my seer husband call out my name. Well here it goes. I put the test down and got out of the bathroom of our room. I saw Ethan already on our bed taking his shoes off. When he saw me he smiled. "Hey." He stood up but I pushed him back down. "I think you might want to be seated, just in case." I told him. He raised his eyebrow. "Why? Is everything ok?" he asked. I bit my lip. "Y-Yeah. Everything's fine. I just think it might be safer." He gave me a questioning look. "I-I need to tell you something."I grabbed his hands. "Ethan, I'm... I'm..." 'Come on say it!' my conscience yelled. I remeberd that Grandma Weir said that if me and Ethan ever had babies they would be seers. I grabbed his hands and put them on my flat stomach. "You're not going to be the only seer anymore." He looked confused at first but then his face expression changd once he got it. His eyes widened and his mouth opened. "I-I'm going to be a..." I nodded. Then, he smiled bigger than when I accepted his proposal. He stood up and hugged me tightly. "Sarah, this is great! We're going to be parents! This is amazing! I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you!" I hugged him back. He pulled away after a few seconds but still held my waist and kissed me. I, of course, kissed back. "You think we're ready?" I asked. "Of course I do. We've fought all kinds of supernatural monsters without knowing when they were going to strike. I'm sure we can handle a baby." he smiled. I hugged him again. "I love you." he hugged me tighter. "I love you more." He bended down and kissed my stomach. "And I love you."

That moment I was positive we were ready.

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