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Lost Dreams
By: Pixi Powder


"Would you all just go away. I'm not in the mood to hear about it. Why don't you just learn to deal with your own problems instead of loading them on me!" A young woman of nearly 20 stood at the top of the staircase. Her once beautiful ocean blue eyes were now as cold as ice. She stood with her hands on her hips, a look of contempt on her face. Long, fire red hair flowed down her back, stopping abrubtly at her waist. Her curvy figure was acentuated by the tight blue jean flares and white tube top she wore.

"We aren't, like, asking you to do everything. We just want you to, like, go to some stupid meeting." Daisy stared down her younger sister.

Lily joined in the argument. "If you, like, go, you won't have to work the show." Lily knew how much Misty dispised working the show. Especially when she ended up working the tickets.

"Yeah," Violet joined in, "you, like, go to the League meeting, and, like, we'll take care of the gym." The three sisters stared at Misty. They could no longer call her the runt. She had grown only a little taller but had matured greatly. At least physically she had. Unfortunately, her personality had changed greatly. She hated to help people, refused to get close to anybody, and if given the opportunity, she would spend as much time alone as possible.

"Fine. Whatever. If it gets me out of the gym for that little escapade, I guess it's worth it." Misty turned on her heel and walked back to her room. She slipped through the partially open door and closed it behind her. Why do I even bother? She lightly flipped the TV on as she made her way to the closet, nearly being buried alive as she tried to get her old backpack off its shelf.

"...Wednesday should be sunny with a high around 80 degrees but Wednesday night we are expecting a mean storm front to be moving in from the West. Thursday you should expect heavy downpours, high winds, and severe lightning." Misty sat down unhappily on the bed. Why hadn't her sister's bugged her sooner, now she was going to have to travel in weather like that. Maybe I should just tell them that they're on their own. Get myself out of this before they know what they'll be traveling through. The anchor woman continued her speech, "And in recent news, the Pokemon League has called a meeting of all officials and gym leaders to discuss recent problems. While the Leauge has not yet released what those problems are, some have begun to speculate it has to do with the dissapearance of several young trainers. As information comes in we will keep you posted. And in local news..." Misty turned down the volume.

"Like, Misty, you have a phone call." Daisy called up the stairs. "I think it's, like, the League."

Misty rolled her eyes. Her sisters couldn't even handle a simple phone call from the League. "Fine, I've got it up here." She picked up the reciever in her room and waited till she heard the other line click off. "Hello?"

"Yes, is this Mistara Waterflower?" The voice questioned politely.

"Yeah, this is Misty." She hated that name, Mistara. "Can I help you?"

"Please hold while we get Mr. Oak on the line." The voice was quickly replaced by music. Some drab melody that seemed to be trying to lull you to sleep. Elevator music. Yuck. What did Gary want? The music clicked off and the line was silent for a moment.

"Hello Misty." Gary's unmistakable voice called through the reciever.

"What do you want?" Misty wasn't in the mood to play games, and she sure as hell didn't want to play them with Gary.

"Tisk tisk. Shouldn't you be nicer to the Pokemon Master?" Gary's sarcastic tone was the last thing Misty wanted to deal with.

"Your right. Let me rephrase that. What the hell do you want?" Contempt filled her voice and Misty didn't bother trying to hide it.

"Surprisingly, that doesn't phase me. Maybe it's the fact that I know your just a cold-hearted bitch because your little loser left you." Gary threw it in her face. He made no attempt to be nice or make ammends.

"Is there any point to your idiot behavior, or are you just trying to make yourself feel better." Misty knew what Gary was trying to do. He was trying to make her crack, make her try and defend Ash. Gary wanted to make her relive the past. But it wasn't going to happen. "You may be able to sit around on your royal ass all day, but the rest of us have lives. And if there isn't any point to this, besides proving what an idiot you can be, then I'm going."

"Amazing. You don't even bother to defend him anymore. Have you finally realized that Ash left you. He probably packed up his stuff and ran off with another woman, though nobody would blame him, seeing what you were."

"Fuck you."

"Aw, such harsh words." Gary paused.

"You want to play these games? That's fine by me. I already know I'll win." Misty let the her confidence show through.

"And what makes you so sure that you could ever beat me?" Gary's ego was too big for him to ever understand the severity of Misty's words.

"Because," she paused, glancing at the full length mirror on the door. A beautiful woman stared back at her with eyes that looked almost dead. "I've got nothing left to lose."


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