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Lost Dreams
By: Pixi Powder
PixiPowder86@aol.com (if you didn't notice... I got a new e-mail address)


Misty's eyes fluttered open. Everything was glowing white. Oh no. Bright white light. Oh no. I can't be dead. This isn't right. Someone's got to be joking. She slowly became aware of what was around her. She turned her head slightly. It ached. A beeping machine filled Misty's eardrums. I'm alive? I'm alive. I'm not dead. No bright white lights. Not dead.

Her mind whirled. She strained to remember anything she could. Anything at all. And then a soft voice interupted her.

"Misty? Like, Misty. Are you awake?" A face hovered over her. The soft whisper continued, "Misty. You've got to, like, wake up. Come on."

Misty blinked. She scrunched her face up, trying to think a solid thought. The voice above her seemed to move. Seemed to get farther away. She heard the voice say something quickly and then many sets of footsteps come towards her.

She felt her eyelids being held open. A bright pinpoint of light shot into her eyes. She struggled to blink again. Who was holding some light in her eyes? And why wasn't he letting go of her eyelids? She managed to turn her head slightly. She felt the hand retract and a murmer of voices start again.

"... I can't belive she..."

"... heard she lost a lot of..."

"... in the arm I heard..."

"... been in a coma for nearly..."

"... never thought she'd..."

"... about the Master?"

The last few words seemed to mean something. She just couldn't remember what. She closed her eyes and tried to remember why that was so important to her. Those words. The Master. She thought. Her mind ached and she could barely hold a thought for more then a minute, but she thought. First were small things. Running through trees. A Pikachu. Blood. Bright light. Sleep. Her head hurt more. She whimpered quietly.

So much pain. Why couldn't she remember. Why wasn't anything sticking? She thought about the words. The Master. The Pokemon Master.

It hit her hard. Ash. Everything flooded into her mind. Jason, the shots, Gary, the house, Ash. She closed her eyes hard, trying to forget. Trying to get it all out of her head. She couldn't think. Could hardly breathe. She heard the beeps of the machine grow more wild. With the flood gates open, everything swarmed into her mind at once. She cried softly. Voices grew louder. They were yelling. Why were they yelling? Couldn't they just be quiet. Her head hurt so bad. So bad. And everything went black.


She held her eyes closed tight. The thoughts swarmed through her head. She heard soft sobs in the background. They had been there for hours now. Still sobbing softly. It was her sisters. They would come in and visit. Leave for a little while, but be back soon. She had kept her eyes closed. It had been like this for an hour. Misty could remember everything. She remember everything that had happened. Remembered what Gary had done.

Slowly, cautiosly, she opened an eye. The light was bright, but she could see through it. She saw three blurry figures by the door. Sobbing. Still. She recognized them as her sisters. Misty fought to raise a hand. To make some noise. To let them know that she was fine. She managed to bring her hand up a couple inches. If fell at her side with a thump.

The room went quiet. MIsty raised her hand a couple inches and dropped it again. "Misty?" one of the figures managed to choke out. The figures moved towards her.

Misty tried to speak. She managed to produce a small moan. It was tiny, but the figures seemed to be in shock. One ran to the bedside, and two ran out the door. Seconds a doctor walked into the room and began to talk to the figures.

"She's come around again. She's had stable vitals for a while now and we think that she'll be fine. With any luck you'll be able to talk to her again in a few hours, maybe less if she feels better.


"Is Pikachu alright?" Misty looked at her sisters with concern. Misty had been awake for a few hours. She had lost so much blood. When they found her, the doctors weren't even sure she'd live. Her brain had started to be deprived of blood, she went into a coma. Nearly a week she was out. And then she woke up. Woke up and had a panic attack, or at least that was the theory. And had passed back out. Here it was, two days later and she finally seemed to be okay.

Daisy nodded. "She's, like, still in the Pokemon Center, but like, Nurse Joy says she'll be like fine soon."

Misty smiled. They had caught Gary trying to flee the Plateau. Found him leaving with some high level Team Rocket members. He had almost made it out fine, but the gym leaders kept trying to usher him into the meeting. He never had a chance to leave. The man with the rifle had been caught too. He had been so badly burned that it was hard to even recognize him. But Misty had. She realized it when the police started to ask her what they knew of him. Wanted to know what connection she had had with Tracey in the past.

She told them everything. Told them what she knew. Told them that she could hardly believe it was him who had done all this. It seemed so wrong. So impossible. But it was him. He had blamed Ash for his failure as a pokemon observer. He had worked with Professor Oak but when things started to turn up missing, Professor Oak let Tracey go. The police told Misty that he had been black listed and had eventually ended up working for Team Rocket to pay bills and make a living. He was picked for the job since he already knew Ash.

Misty had put off asking about Ash. She was afraid. Afraid to know what might have happen. She bit her lip. She wanted to know if everything was okay. If everything would be okay. She was just afraid that it wouldn't be. That none of it would be okay. She looked towards her sisters for the zillionth time in a few minutes.

"Like, Misty, if you want to know, just ask." Violet smiled.

Misty took a deep breath. "So you mean...? I mean is he...?" She bit her lip again, trying to get the words right. She looked at them hoefully. "So Ash is...?"

"I'm fine," a voice from the doorway answered. A man stood there with messy black hair and hazel eyes that seemed to stare into the soul. A look filled with emotion was on his face. He stared at Misty, a smile slowly creeping up his face. He tilted his head a little to the side, giving him the same lopsided grin MIsty had fallen in love with. "What? Still not talking to me?" He gave a small laugh.

Tears crept into the corners of MIstys' eyes. She shook her head, trying ot make sure she wasn't dreaming. Wanting to make sure that it was all okay. That everything was the way it should be. The picture didn't disapear from in front of her. He stayed right where he was. Leaning against the doorway.

He walked over to the bed and MIsty's sisters all stood up and left the room, giving the two their privacy. Misty nearly threw herself towards Ash, holding him in an embrace that he couldn't escape from, not that he wanted to.

"I'm so sorry Ash. I never meant to be so mean. I didn't mean for any of this..." His lips met hers and Misty's words were interupted. She drew in a deep breath and kissed him back. For the first time in years, she was truely happy again.


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