One Day, Izzy was Swimming with Jake, Gill Grunt, Spyro, Trigger Happy, Sunburn, Pop Fizz, Jet-Vac, Tree-Rex, Cubby, and Sonic Boom, But Suddenly after They Got Out Of The Pool, The Bullies Bunched Izzy in Face, Causing the Blood to Come out of Izzy's Body, Her Blood was her Mouth, Nose, Belly, Legs, Knee, Arm, Her Bandana, and Beside Her Right Eye, She Got Teary Eyed, and She Begin To Cry.

"Um... Where's Healer?" Said Spyro

"Yeah! Where Did it Go?" Said Gill Grunt

"What's Is Healer?" Said Tree-Rex

"The Healer is The Person that Heals Someone Who was Punched By Bullies or Got Hurt." Said Cubby

"Please Talk to Healer." Said Izzy (Still Crying and Shredded a first 3 Tears)

"Say Mates, Do You Want to Find Healer with us?" Said Jake

"Great, Be Sure to Look Out of Golden Badoons if we Solve a Pirate Problem today, They will apear and we will Put in the Team Treasure Chest." Said Jake

"Excuse Me? What is Golden Badoons and Team Treasure Chest?" Said Spyro

"Golden Badoons is a Special coins that we Get Them after we Solve the Pirate Problem. The Team Tresure Chest is the Tresure that We Put the Golden Badoons." Said Jake

"I Got My Sword!" Said Jake

"I Got My Map!" Said Cubby

"I Got My Pixie Dus... Oh, I Got Blood on Me." Said Izzy (Still Crying and Shredded a another 3 Tears).

"I'll Pick you Up, Izzy." Said Tree-Rex

"I Got Izzy and My Bark" Said Tree-Rex

"I Got My Pop on My Potion" Said Pop Fizz

"I Got My Vaccum Gun" Said Jet-Vac

"You Take Care of My Pixie Dust" Said Izzy (Still Crying and Started Shredding a Lot Of Tears).

"I Got my Screech and My Babies" Said Sonic Boom.

"and We Got some Stuff we Need" Said Spyro

"Yo Ho Lets Go" Said Jet-Vac taking Jake's Line.

after the Song

"Gee, Captain Hook, The Skylanders are Here On Neverland" Said Mr. Smee

"I Know, I Got my Booboo" Said Captain Hook

"Lets Talk to Healer" Said Mr. Smee.

"Good Idea, and I'll Kidnap Him!" Said Captain Hook (Who Is Sad but Not Crying)

"Kidnapping Healer is not a Good Idea" Said Mr. Smee

"We Need to ask Healer before, Izzy Crys non-stop." Said Sunburn.

To Be Continued. Part 2