Summary : Carlisle, a successful doctor who lives in the woods of New York state, goes into the city to visit his brother Edward, a student at NYU. Much to his brother's ire Edward insists upon going to a strip club in the lower part of town where Carlisle meets the girl of his dreams, Esme Platt. Can a man like Carlisle love a woman like Esme or will the gap between them prove to be too strong?

Vampire or Human : Human

Rating : M

Couple : Carlisle/Esme

This will be a three part trilogy. Hope you enjoy!


"You'll enjoy this, trust me," Edward assured me, slamming the taxi door shut and offering up the address of the strip joint to the driver. The Indonesian man grunted a reply and stepped on the gas, swerving into traffic quickly. I gripped the seat, my fingers digging into the soft fabric. This was not what I wanted to be doing on my weekend off. No I'd much rather be at home, looking over some medical journals and sipping on a nice red wine. Instead I'm here, riding in a dirty taxi in the heart of New York on the way to a strip club with my brother. Great.

"I go here all the time," Edward said, glancing at my white knuckles. He gave me a slight smile, his eyes laughing at me mockingly. "Best spot in town, in my humble opinion."

I scowled at him, returning my gaze to the window, abruptly cutting off his crude comments. The flashy neon lights of the big apple flashed by, igniting the night sky. The glowing street signs acted as makeshift stars, supplements to the real ones which had slowly disappeared over the years. People rushed by, racing across the streets, running into shop fronts and taxis, all eager to get somewhere fast. This huge city is nothing but a foreign land to me. New York City isn't attractive to me; it's dirty, dingy and just downright immoral. People here tend to be so much more conceited, so materialistic and vain, which truly does bother me.

My home lies miles away, deep in the woods of New York where the city lights are nothing more than a bright light on the horizon. I have peace and quiet, away from the commotion of a restless city. I can be alone, which is what I favor over anything else. Even though I love Edward dearly, his loud voice and overactive imagination can become quite annoying after more than 24 hours with him.

Well, almost anything. When my younger brother, Edward, who is a student at NYU, invited me to come spend the weekend with him in the city I begrudgingly agreed. I offered up several different places we could meet, but Edward turned them all down, saying he wanted me to experience the 'college life' once again. He told me over the phone that I've become increasingly boring over the years. I suppose maybe I have. Either way I agreed to meet him in the city sometime this weekend.

I hadn't seen Edward in over six months, and for us that's quite a long time. Even though we are technically only half-brothers (we share the same mother, but not the same father) the bond we share has always been particularly close. So I drove down this morning and plugged Edward's dorm address into my GPS so I could meet him out front before he left for his morning jog. He was thrilled, of course, and hastily made plans for the rest of the weekend.

Those plans, not to my surprise, consisted of getting wasted and hooking up with various women. I promptly declined the invitation for 'brotherly bonding' explaining to Edward that I didn't feel the need to have any physical contact with a woman, especially not with him around. Edward just laughed it off and promised me it would be the most enjoyable experience of my life, which I highly doubt.

The driver swerved to the side of the road and turned around. He stared at Edward with squinty eyes, his hand opening and closing. "Twenty five," he said, his English butchered at best.

I pulled out my wallet but Edward shook his head. "I got this one, Carlisle. Save that money for inside."

As Edward flipped through his wallet looking for the correct amount of bills I looked out the window, inspecting the scenery with cautious eyes. It was a fairly old and run down part of town, with a few stranglers walking around the streets, their hands stuffed in their pockets. The streets were dark and I could see piles of trash on each corner, some accompanied by a homeless person, others left alone, most likely never to be cleaned up. A few streets lamps were on, while others were only flickering, their light sometimes bright enough to offer a warm glow on the sidewalk underneath. I noticed a few strip clubs, just on this street, all of them equally repulsive. 'Blue Moon Girls,' 'Eclipse Gentleman's Club', 'Teasers'. The thought of having to sit in one of those clubs had my stomach churning and my palms sweaty. This part of town was already bad enough, now I have to sit and watch women take off their clothes for money? Dear God, what have I gotten myself into?

Edward paid the man and opened the door, sliding out onto the dimly lit street. I followed suit, stumbling on the curb ungracefully as the taxi sped away. Edward laughed and grabbed my hand, steadying my balance.

"Come on old man," Edward said, a chuckle still evident in his voice. "If you can't keep your knees straight now you'll never survive in there," he said, jerking his thumb in the direction of the club.

I glanced up, locking eyes with the flamboyant sign above a rather small club. It read, in bright blue neon, 'The Twilight Dancers'. A cut out of a woman's silhouette accompanied the letters, and underneath it were the words 'Gentleman's Club'. A few men idled outside of the club's doors, smoking cigarettes and conversing. Edward trotted along, showing his license to one of the men, who directed him through. I did the same and he waved me along, giving me a little wink as he did so.

"Have fun newbie," the man said in a burly voice. I gave him a bit of a nod before following Edward in.

The main room was incredibly smoky and instantly my eyes began to water. Edward guided me over to the bar where he sat down on one of the many stools, guiding me to do the same. We ordered drinks, and after a few rounds I began to feel a little more comfortable. The stage was empty, the curtains drawn, and besides the hordes of older men in business suits and druggies, the place looked like an everyday bar. The atmosphere wasn't entirely inviting, but it was entirely repulsive either, as I would have guessed. The bartender was nice enough, as were the other customers, much to my surprise. My worries slowly melted away as Edward and I chatted about his classes and my work, the stress over tonight finally flowing away. Maybe I could handle this. It is only one night after all.

"The show is set to begin in a few minutes. Twilight's got the best girls in town, trust me .The girls are even better at this hour. In the afternoon all they got are the crack heads and teenagers. They got the four best girls working the night shift on the weekend," he informed me, glancing at the stage with anticipation. I could feel my anxiety returning and tried to wash it away with a large gulp from my drink. Edward chuckled and ordered me another. "It'll be fun," he reminded me lightly.

Soon enough the red curtains opened and a more seductive set of tracks began to blare over the loud speakers. The lights faded a bit and directed toward the short, skinny girl on the stage. Edward nudged me, smiling brightly.

"That's Alice; she's a cute one, isn't she? A little short for me though, of course some guys really like that," Edward reasoned, his eyes centering in on a younger man with dirty blonde locks and kind grey eyes. He was cheering hysterically as the woman did her routine, throwing money at her uncovered chest. Alice smiled at him, leaning over to plant a kiss on his cheek. A blush spread across the man's face as the tiny woman peeled the rest of her clothes off, sashaying across the stage. Her short haircut reminded me of some sort of pixie, and her dark brown eyes were surprisingly warm and happy.

I tried to focus more on the girl's face and the men cheering for her then Alice's body. It just didn't feel right to stare at her in such a disgusting, and perverted way. I had absolutely no right to. My mind wandered off, and I began wondering how such a sweet, innocent looking girl could end up in a place like this, earning money by presenting herself as a whore in front of over a dozen men. How badly did she need the money? Did she have a baby to support? A sick mother? A younger sister?

Suddenly I wanted to leave, to escape this awful place. But I couldn't. I needed to see who else lived this way. I needed to see who really needed my help. My job as a doctor allows me to help people every day, people who are injured or dying, but all my life I have been restricted to helping only those that actually physically enter the hospital. This is different. I can help those who are struggling not in sickness, but in financial illness. I touched my wallet in my back pocket. I had over four hundred dollars on me. I always carry large amounts of cash just in case something happens, and because I knew we were going to be taking a cab and Edward has never been the most reliable person ever.

Who knows what four hundred dollars could mean to one of these girls? Another month's rent, some medicine, some food, anything really. It could mean life and death.

She blew a final kiss to the crowd and jumped back stage, her hands closed firmly around the clothes she had shed during her dance. The blonde man cheered loudly, as did many of the men in the club. Edward clapped a bit and knocked back another drink, his facial expression excited.

"Next up is Bella. She's a real beauty. Long dark brown hair, skinny and toned, tall and gorgeous. A real goddess. Out of all the girls here, she's the best looking," Edward promised, leaning back in his seat. He propped his elbows up on the bar, his glass in his hand, his eyes centered on the stage.

The next girl that came out was, as Edward promised, skinny and tall. She too had dark brown eyes that matched her silky hair, but this girl, unlike the last, looked more nervous and timid. She did smile a bit, especially when Edward cheered or tossed a couple bills in her general direction, but for the most part she was rather stoic. She was beautiful, but not in outstanding, cover girl model way. She reminded me more of a 'girl next door' then anything else, which is cute but not exactly my cup of tea. I applauded her all the same, and tried to look more at her face then what she was so freely exploiting.

Edward robustly cheered for the young woman, even standing up at one point, her name on his lips. If I didn't know better I would have called it love. His eyes sparkled as she gracefully left the stage, waving somewhat nervously to the crowd as she took her leave.

Edward sat back down, grabbing his drink as he did. The bartender refilled his glass and asked if I needed some more. I declined, reminding myself of what happened last time I drank too much. Let's just say it wasn't a good night for anyone.

Edward took a long gulp from his drink and pulled away, laughing heartily at the still teeming crowd.

"Bella's the best part of the whole show," Edward said drunkenly, slamming his glass down. The rather large and dark haired bartender gave him a hard look, which Edward promptly returned. "We could leave now if you want, catch a cab back to my dorm and your hotel."

I shrugged and shook my head. "Since I came all the way here I want to see something that I'll like," I lied, glancing at the clock. It was already almost 11 o'clock, much later then I would have liked to be out on any other night. But this was different, right? I'm going to help someone, anyone. That's why I'm here.

I can do this.

Edward raised his eyebrows, surprised at my sudden and drastic change of mind. "Alright man, that's fine. There should be some fillers coming out soon. Nothing special, really. Even got boring names, Jessica, Angela, Lauren," he rattled on, counting each lady on his fingers. I was stunned by how well Edward knew all the ladies names (not to mention when they would come out) especially when the manager of the place rarely announced their names. He did say he comes here a lot.

"What I know you'll like are the last two ladies," Edward said, grabbing my shoulder and pulling me closer. I could smell vodka on his breath, thick and strong, much stronger than what I had been drinking. "Curvy girls with big tits," he said, making an hourglass shape with his hands. He laughed at my expression, rolling his eyes as he snorted.

"You'll like em'" he promised, glancing at the bartender.

"Hey Em!" he called, ushering the burly man over. "That Rosalie one is your girl, isn't she?"

The man grunted a reply, nodding slightly as he picked up a glass and began rubbing it with a towel. "Yeah."

"Too bad," Edward said, rather loudly. A few on lookers turned their heads at the flashy college student who was obviously completely drunk. "She's a cutie. Big boobs too, I'm guessing DD's at least."

The man shuffled, eyeing him heatedly. Edward, seemingly unfazed by the man's deathly stare, continued to ramble on about the girls at the club, talking about them as if they were nothing but property. As if they weren't real people.

"Well the last one, she's a real beauty. Very v-v-vivacious!" Edward said, attracting even more stares. "A little too curvy for me though. I like tits and that's it!"

I smiled at Edward's shallow comment and helped him off the stool. His knees shook awkwardly as he ambled over to the viewing area in front of the stage. A few ladies were already flitting around, dressed up in various costumes, all more ridiculous then the last. (Bunnies? Nurses? Firefighters? Really? How is that even remotely attractive?) I sat Edward down in one of the chairs and plopped down beside him, rejecting one of the girl's offers for a lap dance. She looked somewhat thankful, her eyes betraying her lusty costume. I handed her a twenty dollar bill and told her to get away from here. She gave me a serious look and nodded, promising me she would. At least I made one difference tonight.

The next hour went by incredibly slowly. Edward continually dozed off, drool dribbling out of his mouth to land on the fabric of the chair. Thankfully that alone was enough to keep most of the women at bay, though a chosen few were brave enough to come up to us and ask us if we wanted anything. The answer was always no, which most of them took surprisingly well. I tried to give away as much money as I could, especially to the ones that looked particularly in need of some food or other necessity. They were polite ladies, much more polite then the female (and male) doctors I have to deal with every day at work. They didn't have an incredible ego or an estate in the Hamptons to brag about. They were just trying to make it by, and that was, as odd as it sounds, relatable.

Rosalie made her appearance later on in the night, and she was quite pretty. She never went off the stage, but every single man in that bar had his eyes centered on her, including me, even though she wasn't exactly what I was looking for. She was gorgeous, but, not surprisingly, very fake. From my years of medical school (and not to mention just common sense) I could tell she had had breast augmentation as well as a nose job. She was incredibly thin besides her hips and bust, which were, in my mind, disproportionally large, though most men in the club would disagree, for she was the most sought after commodity of the night so far. Men were throwing hundreds at the beautiful lady, desperately trying to get her to take off more of her pink and glittery outfit. Her boyfriend, the bartender whose name I had found out was Emmett, looked at the scene with mild disgust, though I could tell he too was under the woman's trance. No one was immune to her. Even Edward, who had been fast asleep awoke with a startle when Rosalie began her dance. Fake as she was, she sure knew how to draw a crowd. The music was seductive and lively at the same time, matching the girl's colorful but shadowy makeup. She twirled her arms above her head and pulled off her bright purple corset, throwing it to the corner of the stage nonchalantly.

Her dance was absolutely hypnotizing. The way her hips glided across the pole, her arms arching to grab at the metal surface, it was near magical. Her tight panties gripped her waist like a jealous lover, never relinquishing their tight hold, even when the men became especially rowdy. I applauded her for that; at least she can leave tonight and have a few strands of her dignity intact. I'm sure her boyfriend will be thankful for that.

She pranced off the stage, blowing a kiss to her boyfriend at the bar before jumping to her dressing room. The man behind the counter blushed, an odd contrast to his strictness.

Rosalie was promptly replaced by another woman, who Edward informed me was 'Esme', though it could have been something else, his voice was very groggy. He sighed and rolled over in his chair as I watched the lady on the stage.

She was, in every sense of the word, my 'taste'. Long caramel tresses captured her heart shaped face and coffee colored eyes perfectly, accenting the softness of her features and her full ruby colored lips. Her body was very feminine and soft under her flashy corset and buckle up fishnet stockings, so much that her milky skin pushed out from the black diamonds on her tights, though not enough to make her seem fat. No, she was just soft and cute. Perfect. Her chest was just as large as Rosalie's, but the rest of her was much more in proportion. She had nice, shapely hips and an adorable rounded bum which suited her figure excellently. Her corset was a bright pink, and her panties a shiny shade of purple. She was wearing a pair of glittery heels and had a rather profound layer of flashy makeup, neither of which was needed. I could tell she would be absolutely gorgeous without any of the flashiness the club must have made her wear.

I knew at that moment that I needed to have her. I needed to feel her lips against my own, her hips against mine. I just needed her. It wasn't love, no I've lived on this earth long enough to know that love at first sight doesn't exist, but it most certainly was lust, and lots of it. I'm not an overly sexual man. I'm not a virgin, but I don't prowl the streets every night for something to play with. I had a serious girlfriend a few years ago by the name of Irina, who I formally proposed to on our two-year anniversary. Long story short she dumped me and I haven't seen her since. I thought she was pretty, beautiful even, but she is nothing when compared to Esme's beauty. Absolutely nothing.

She stumbled around the stage, her dance not near as intricate as her competitors, but amazing all the same. She didn't move with as much grace as the others, and didn't smile or laugh near as much, which had me worried about the cute young woman who couldn't have been more then 27. She walked across the stage, grinding her hips against the pole and leaning her head back, showing off her pale white neck and barely there collar bone. The crowd swooned and a few men threw money at her, something I hadn't even considered till that moment.

I quickly pulled out my wallet and pulled out the remaining bills, three hundred dollars, and got up from my seat, rousing Edward as I did. He looked up at me, one eyebrow raised in a peculiar fashion.

He looked at the stage and grinned, nodding like an idiot. "I get it man, trying to get a little tonight. Fine by me, I got enough for cab fare. You get a little loving," he said jokingly, immediately falling back asleep.

I sighed and walked toward the stage, brushing against the other men to get a better look. She was even more beautiful from a closer angle. Her hair fell over her shoulders, her eyes surprisingly serious as she maneuvered herself through the moves, tearing off material as she went. She unhooked her bra and threw it over her shoulder, releasing her breasts from their confines. The men around me hollered, one man going so far as to pull off his tie and spin it around over his head, reminding me of some sort of teenager instead of a middle aged man. He laughed loudly and threw money at the young woman, proving to be just as rowdy as the child I accused him of being.

Esme bent down, scooping up the money and shoving it into the cups of her discarded bra. A few men laughed as she kicked the garment off the stage and into the area behind. I continued to walk forward until I was directly in front of the stage, the purple and blue lights from Esme's show turning my skin a freakish pink.

Esme smiled brightly for the first time as she leaned down and shook her chest openly, flaunting her well-developed bust and soft midsection. I resisted the urge to lean forward and touch her tender skin, run my hands through her shiny locks, make her smile and laugh, God how I wanted her to be happy. God how I wanted to take her right here, right now.

Get yourself together, Carlisle! She's a stripper for God's sake, not a prostitute!

Her hands went to the edge of her panties as she unhooked her stockings, slowly easing them down after pushing her heels off.

"Ready for some fun, boys?" Esme cooed, tugging at her flashy panties. The men joined into a loud chorus, demanding her to shed her last piece of dignity and reveal herself to the world. I couldn't let her do that. Such a beautiful creature shouldn't be in such a low, dingy place anyway. She deserves to live in a palace, or at least a mansion, miles away from this cursed club and disgusting city. She deserves to have a real life, away from these grubby cheating husbands and perverted college students. She deserves more.

"Wait! Esme!" I called out to the woman, causing her to pause completely. She stared at me, her gaze more curious then anything. I reached into my pocket and produced the three hundred dollars I had stored, offering it to her with an open hand. She glared at the money and hopped off the stage, promptly grabbing the bills before my hand could retreat. She went over to a darkened closet near the corner of the club and pulled out a long trench coat which she quickly pulled on over her minimal clothing.

What is she doing now?

Another dancer arrived on stage as Esme grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the exit. I could hear the crowd exciting again as the fresh girl began her routine, ready to impress. How could they forget about the caramel haired beauty so quickly? Such a woman should not be diminished so quickly.

"Wait!" I said hastily, breaking contact with the girl. She stared at me, her eyes squinting as she dug through her pockets, producing the money.

"I'll give you the money back now, but once we go back to your place I get to keep the green, no matter what. And you have to wear a condom, or no go," Esme said formally, eyeing the bartender who had turned his back, embarrassed to see such a scene. I noticed the manager in the corner, a cigarette sticking out of his mouth, a cocky grin plastered on his face.


"What? No, I was just giving you some money to spend on whatever you need; it was just a gift I guess. I'm not asking you for sex, I can promise you that," I assured her.

No matter how gorgeous she is I'm not going to hire a prostitute. I'm most certainly not that drunk.

I hesitantly walked over towards my brother. I nudged him a bit to get him to wake up and then helped him stand. He smiled groggily and walked toward Esme, who smiled at him.

"Well, I don't want to stick around here anyway; the boss gets frisky after one. He usually lets me go if he knows I'm handling a client. Mind if I tag along, you know just to keep up appearances? This place is a total drag but money is money," she sighed, tucking the bills back into her pocket. I suddenly wished I had carried more money. Anything to make her happy, anything to make her smile that gorgeous smile.

"Yeah, of course. Can you help me carry my brother out? I think he's had a little too much to drink," I said uneasily, eyeing the drunken man that was my sibling.

Esme giggled and nodded, easing one of Edward's arms around her shoulders as I did the same. We lumbered out of the club, Edward mumbling incoherently as we did so. Esme took it lightly, laughing at Edward's crude comments about the strip joint.

"You and your friend Rosie got big tits," Edward slurred, leaning down to spit up on the sidewalk. He pulled his arm away from me to wipe his mouth on his shirt sleeve.

Esme smiled and pulled her coat around her body, tightly concealing her form. "Thanks I think?"

Edward laughed and smacked his knee loudly, his eyes a swollen red in the dim light. "It's a compliment, sweetie. And as for you my big brother, I'm really proud of you, bringing home a prostitute. Finally put on your big boy pants and hit puberty," he chuckled, slapping my chest with an open palm. His comment didn't go unnoticed by Esme, who had hid her giggling face behind her hands.

"She's not a prostitute, and I'm not bringing her back to my hotel. For God's sake Edward, pull yourself together!" I commanded, dragging Edward to the curb of the street where Esme had hailed a cab. I pushed my brother in, situating him on the farthest side while I sat in the middle. Esme sat down beside me, her bare thigh brushing up against mine. I adjusted my pants awkwardly, offering Esme a weak smile.

The driver looked at me with admiration as he pulled out onto the street and out of the dingy neighborhood.


"It was wonderful meeting you, Edward. Just sleep all those drinks off and you'll be ok," Esme called as Edward ambled towards his dorm building. He gave her a bright smile and nod before disappearing into the building, leaving the cab awkwardly silent.

I moved over to Edward's seat when he left to give Esme more room, but she insisted upon sitting next to me, and moved over to the middle.

"It's cold in here," she whispered fiercely, snuggling up against my jacket. "And you're very warm."

The comment, though somewhat innocent, when straight down. The feeling of being so sexually stimulated was odd, especially after so many years without a girlfriend. Irina didn't do this to me, and neither has anyone else in my life.

But I couldn't come across so crude, especially to such a gorgeous creature. I had to measure my steps wisely. Maybe in a few weeks I could come back to the city and talk with her again, in a more formal setting. After a few more visits I could ask her out, and then maybe ask her to move in with me. It's a far stretch, but anything can happen.

As much as I want something to happen tonight, my morals were telling me to stop. I'm not the type of man who takes advantage of girls, especially when I just met them. I wouldn't pressure Esme into doing anything; I would treat her like the lady she is, no matter what.

I offered her my jacket, but she declined it with a wave of her hand. "You do the job just fine," she reasoned, wrapping her arms around mine. She smelled of cigarette smoke and apple cinnamon, a surprisingly delectable combination. Her nail polish was a bright red, a stark contrast to my grey jacket.

"You smell nice," she murmured, scooting closer toward me. I smiled and scooted closer toward the door. She pushed herself against me, breathing in my scent deeply. "Like a pine forest. Not that I would really know anyway, though. I've never seen the world outside of this city."

"You've never seen a real forest?" I asked, perplexed by the information. How could someone live their whole life in this accursed place? I instantly realized how much I take for granted in my life, how some people never get to experience the level of nature I see outside my window every day.

"Besides Central Park? Never. I'd love to, but I barely make enough to get by now. I'll never have enough to get out of her," she said mysteriously, looking out the window with wanting eyes.

I grabbed her hand gently, running my fingers over her smooth skin. She gave me a sad smile and kissed me on the cheek, causing me to blush deeply. Her laugh was minx like, as well as extremely infectious. Before we knew we were rolling around in the back seat, trying to catch our breaths as Esme teased me about being so demure. She was too cute.

"Is that the hotel you're staying at?" Esme asked suddenly, pointing outside. I nodded hastily and told the driver to take Esme where ever she wanted to go. Edward had already handed the guy a hundred anyway, the least he could do was drive her home.

"Maybe I'll see you again sometime, Esme. It was nice meeting you."

The driver pulled up to the curb and I hopped out, carefully shutting the door after saying a final goodbye to Esme. The cold air nipped at my neck and hands as I walked toward the shiny glass door of the five star hotel. It was an almo0st completely clear night, and the sky scrapers were lit up, brushing the few stray clouds with their incredible height.

I dodged a few strangers as I walked, unaware of how to act in such a congested city. I felt alone for the first time since arriving, and although I love spending time by myself, I wanted someone. No actually I didn't want someone, I wanted Esme.

A part of me regretted leaving her in that cab and allowing her to disappear; I should have invited her up to my room. Not for sex, but just for conversation. Just two people getting to know each other, nothing more nothing less. She was so intriguing, so different than anyone I had ever met before. She was perfect, but flawed in so many ways. I just wanted to read into her a little further, understand her a little better.

Hopefully one day I would see her again, though it could be ten, twenty, even thirty years before I visit New York again. Edward will be graduating in the spring and once he moves I will no longer have a reason to come, or a guide to help me get through the confusing maze of streets and subways.

And you didn't even get her phone number! What's wrong with you?

I glanced behind me, but the road was empty. She was already gone. She had slipped through my fingers, just like Irina.

Women are so confusing.

As I rounded the corner and opened the hotel lobby door Esme appeared out of nowhere, a bright smile on her face. My surprise didn't even have time to register as she leaned forward and whispered in my ear, her voice husky.

"I couldn't leave such a good catch."

She kissed my check and raced forward, her heels, which I hadn't even noticed she had grabbed back at the club, clicked noisily across the marble floor. I bolted in after her, not even bothering to ask her what she was doing. I was more focused on hiding my erection then anything else. The uppity hotel guests stared at the stripper with disapproving eyes, which I could tell bothered Esme only a little. She jumped a bit when I hit the up button on the elevator and ushered her in, her posture awkward and ditzy.

"Sorry about that Mr.…"

It took me a minute to realize she was asking for my name. A blush appeared on my face and I shuffled uncomfortably. "Dr. Carlisle Cullen," I coughed out, pulling at my shirt collar. Esme's presence seemed to have an increasingly heated effect on me. I adjusted my pants, trying futilely to think of something other than the way Esme's cleavage line seemed to grow as she began breathing heavily, the trench coat collar dipping slowly.

"Hmm…a doctor. I've never had a doctor before," she told me seductively. She walked toward me, backing me into the corner tightly. She landed a sensual kiss on my lips, igniting a fierce fire within me. I kissed her back, roughly grabbing her hair and pulling her into my arms.

The beast inside of me, the one that hasn't been released for three years, suddenly came alive as Esme pushed her hips against mine. I could almost feel her heated core as she grinded against my swelling erection. She shoved her tongue inside my mouth, eagerly fighting my own for dominance. Her hands wandered down, her fingers hooking themselves over my belt. Her hair was silky under my touch, her curves soft and perfect.

She moaned into the kiss, deepening it further as she pushed me harder against the elevator wall. Her hands went down to my pants and she began unzipping the material swiftly, but before she could do anything the elevator pinged and the doors opened widely.

An older couple stood in front of the door, their mouths reminding me of little O's, their eyes wide and staring. The man grabbed his wife and directed her away from the elevator, but not before giving me a wink over his shoulder. I returned it with a nod and Esme laughed, grabbing my hand and pulling me out.

We raced toward my room, Esme nearly tripping over her heels in the process.

"Damn things!" she murmured, stopping momentarily to pull them off before resuming her chase.

I fumbled with the key, clumsily sticking it into the slot and pulling it back out a second early. I tried again a second time and it worked, the handle relinquishing under my grip. Esme pushed me forward into the room and shut the door behind me, shedding her coat somewhere in between.

"You probably think I'm a whore, don't you?" she said accusingly as she kicked her jacket to the side. It was puzzling how comfortable she seemed without a shirt on. I suppose when you work as a stripper that happens.

I sat down on the bed and flicked on the table side lamp. The soft light illuminated the room nicely and gave me a sudden feeling of ease. "Of course not."

"Well I guess that's reassuring," she mumbled as she walked forward, sitting down next to me on the bed. She leaned back and pulled me down onto her, brushing her hand over my lips. "You are the most handsome man I have ever had the honor of meeting," she said seriously.

"Thank you," I said softly. I pushed her hand away, crashing my lips against hers.

She laid back completely, her caramel colored waves fanning out over the azure blanket. She pushed her breasts against my chest, arching her back as my hands went to her hips. I nipped at her lips playfully, her tongue grazing my teeth. She tasted sweet, like summertime and candy. She groaned underneath me, tugging at my pants.

"I need you. Please," she begged quietly. "I don't know why but I already love you. I know that probably sounds weird, but I do. Please let me show you."

"Of course my lovely," I said gently, standing up quickly. Esme rolled out from underneath me and pulled her panties off in one smooth move. I could see she was already wet and ready. Her scent was truly intoxicating. She let the panties fall to the floor, allowing me to see her completely unclothed.

She was truly divine, a goddess thrown to earth.


I began to unbutton my shirt and quickly grew frustrated with the amount of buttons. It didn't help that Esme had opened her legs for me, her arms behind her head, ready for what I wanted so dearly to give her. What I've wanted so greedily all along. I needed to be unclothed… now.

I rushed through the rest of the buttons, tugging off the shirt in my haste. I unbuckled my belt and pushed my pants down. Esme grinned from her position on the bed and sat up to brush her fingers over my stiff member.

Her cool breath fanned across my face as she giggled and pulled me down onto the bed again. She was so soft under me, so soft and feminine when compared to any other woman.

What happened to 'no sex', Carlisle? What happened to 'being a gentleman'?

My mind threw words at me a million miles an hour but I was powerless to stop. I couldn't stop now. I needed her and she needed me. I'm a gentleman but I'm also a man, and I still have wants and needs.

I grinded my boxer clad hips against her wetness, hoping to liquefy her further. She groaned and tossed her head back, panting heavily. She sighed lustfully as I leaned down to kiss her belly, my tongue dipping into her navel. My tongue made its way up to her breasts where I playfully lapped and nipped at them.

She moved her hands to my shoulders, squeezing them tightly as I ravished her breasts. They were perfectly round and full, and, thank-god, natural. I cupped her womanly mounds and she gasped in pleasure, increasing her pressure on my shoulders.

"Can I taste you, Esme?" I asked as she writhed beneath me.

"Please…" she insisted, nodding hastily, her eyes closed firmly. I must be doing something right. Irina never seemed to enjoy sex this much.

Esme's body was slick with sweat, her body warm and soft as I lowered myself toward her.


I leaned down on the bed and positioned myself in front of her heated core. I dipped two fingers within her and began steadily pumping them, working her towards her release.

"God Esme, you're so wet," I moaned.

"All for you honey," she replied, bucking her hips to meet my awaiting hand.

After a few minutes I replaced my fingers with my teeth and tongue, lapping at her juices and nipping at her folds. She pushed herself against me, eager and ready.

"Please, please," she begged as I circled her clit with my tongue. I bit the little nub roughly and she screamed, sighing with pleasure. She was incredibly sexy when she did that, the way her lips parted and her eyes fluttered. I could get off just to her facial expressions.

Esme bit her lip, squirming under me. I knew what she wanted, what she needed.

"Come on baby, come for me," I encouraged, switching back to my pumping method when I saw her eyes begin to roll. I increased my tempo as Esme's moans became louder.

"Uh, ohohOh!"

She screamed sharply, her slick folds exploding with her delectable juices as she reached her nirvana. I pulled my fingers out, licking them clean as she sat up, her elbows digging into the comforter. Her soft brown eyes were glazed with lust, their dark depths provoking me in ways I couldn't imagaine.

She tasted like the finest wine and the sweetest ice cream mixed together. What a surprisingly delicious combination it was.

"I need you inside me. Now," she commanded. Nimbly, her fingers found the band of my boxers, her hand going down to wrap itself around my girth. She swooned as I groaned.

"You are a big boy, aren't you?" she said seductively, removing her hand from my length. I moaned, missing the feeling of her tight warm hand around me.

She laughed brightly, tilting her head back. I stood awkwardly, awaiting her direction. This didn't exactly come naturally to me.

She pulled my boxers down, releasing my aching member from its confines. She tossed the boxers as she stared at my member, her eyes slightly wide.

"I really hope you fit," she said, her tone worried.

I gave her a cocky smile, shrugging slightly. "It will, trust me."

I stood up and pulled her toward the edge of the bed. I nudged her legs open with my knees, readying her for my intrusion.

That's when I remembered something incredibly embarrassing.

"I, uh, got a condom around here somewhere," I said quietly, wondering over to my suitcase, which I knew wouldn't hold a condom. I've never been one to think about things like that. I picked through the bag halfheartedly, my once erect member slowly lying back down with every passing second.

I heard Esme sigh and get up. She wondered over to her jacket and picked it up, searching through the pockets quickly. She pulled out a shiny package and quickly pulled it open.

"I trust you, and I am on the pill, but I don't want to take any chances," she informed me, rolling the condom on me. "The boss always has one or two in each jacket. Pregnant girls can't dance very well."

I nodded curtly and pushed her back down on the bed. She resumed her previous position, spreading her legs widely. I bent down and kissed her softly as I entered her. She cried out, her fingernails raking across my back. I groaned into her hair as I pushed in, her moist sex deliciously warm around my stiff counterpart. The sound of our slippery skin slapping against each other egged on my orgasm. I could feel myself building, my body ready to let go. I placed my hands on her hips, assisting in my balance. Her hips were plump and soft, matching the rest of her.

"So tight, Esme," I groaned into her ear as she clenched her muscles around me. She was incredibly tight; especially for someone I had originally thought would be rather…loose.

Esme whined and purred, reminding me of a kitten as continually pushed into her. She looked so beautiful like this, her hair a tangled mess, her breasts bouncing erotically, her hips bowing off the bed, eager for a release. The sweet smell of sex and sweat coated the room like a fog. We breathed it in, relishing in our love making.

My hands found her breast as I thrust into her, her skin satiny smooth beneath me. Her nipples were hard and pert, the blood in her body flowing directly towards the little nubs. I twisted them, taking a little peak into my mouth, sucking on it tersely. Esme mewled, pressing herself against me harder.

"So close…please Carlisle l…I-I need to cum," she whined pitifully, wriggling cutely.

Her cries didn't go unheeded as I pushed myself harder, my thrusts becoming rougher and rougher. She was relenting, her body like melting plastic against my own.

And at that moment we were one, together. We were the only people in the world, and nothing else really mattered. I wasn't a successful doctor, and she wasn't a stripper. We were just Carlisle and Esme, in love and in lust. Melded in this fashion our worlds didn't seem so far apart. We were one. We didn't need anything else. We have this, and this is love.

I grabbed both her wrists with one hand, placing them above her head. With one final thrust I buried myself to the hilt inside her tight, young pussy. She yelped in ecstasy, sweat dribbling off her brow.

I could feel myself building, the end so near. Pleasure flowed through my body, racking my limbs and causing a long groan to escape my mouth. I felt her tighten around me, her lips parting, her eyes squeezing shut.

Esme melted underneath me, screaming slightly as she came undone for the second time. I pulled out of her, rolling off the condom and throwing it into the trash. She sat up against the headboard, her eyes still slightly shut. I could tell she was tired.

"Thank you," I said hastily, kissing her once more.

She groaned and rolled over, her mouth slightly parted and swollen from my kisses. "Thank you. That was…beautiful."

I agreed and she snuggled into my embrace, falling asleep in my arms to the sounds of a restless city, her post coital glow causing her skin to shine.


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