Chapter 1: Too serious too fast?

Last month of school was here and it felt like it was never going to end. Everybody was studying for their finals, including me, but it was hard to concentrate when I had someone next to my bed constantly kissing and whispering things in my ear. It was a Friday night and I was trying to study for my European History final when Matty suggested we should take a break and go grab something to eat at Guiseppe's. I thought it was a good idea and it would distract me from the fact that all I wanted to do at that moment was kiss him and enjoy a makeout session the rest of the afternoon. We were getting our things and heading to the door when my mom and dad stopped us and told us they were going out and coming back home late. Matty and I looked at each other thinking the same thing: he would stay over and I would have him all for myself a couple of hours after dinner, which was enough time for us. At that exact moment my dad looks at Matty with a serious face, probably thinking "I don't want you to come near my house when she's alone". Instead he said, " You guys have fun" and gave Matty a llittle white plastic bag. Neither of us wanted him to open it because we were afraid of what would be inside. After our little awkward conversation we jumped into Matty's truck and drove to the restaurant.

During our ride, we had a nice, fun, and flirty conversation until Matty brought up Jake. He said that he hadn't seen him since my European party, which was a little less than a week ago. That's when I started thinking about Tamara. I haven't talked to her much at school either because she said she was very busy studying all day. I didn't think it was coincidence the fact that neither T nor Jake have been seen much lately. At that moment I thought about what I saw at my party. It all made sense now and I completely forgot to tell Matty about what I saw inside Ming's car. "I think I know why you haven't heard of Jake lately". Matty looked at me curiously and asked "Why? Is he having a secret relationship I should know about?" he said joking, not thinking he might actually be on the right track. "Sort of. I think I forgot to mention something very important" I said. That's when he looked at me with a very strange look on his face. At that point he was done parking the truck and waiting for me to say something. I explained to him what I saw at the party and that I thought they have been hanging out for the past days. We thought about it for a few minutes and realized it could be possible. Both of them said they have been very busy studying. It was strange because, although we were all studying for finals, no one spent every second of their free time studying, especially Jake and Tamara. After talking and realizing we had been park for about tem minutes, we got out of the truck and walked into the restaurant.

Everything between us was going great. We were officially boyfriend and girlfriend (even online official, which now a days is usually more clear that you are taken than seeing two people walking hand in hand and making out in the halls). The private side of our relationship was basically the same as the first time around. It was the public side that got much better. At school we would spend some time together, usually lunch, but we also gave each other some space and time to hang out with our friends. In the afternoon we would usually go to my house to hang out and have a little more fun than at school or at any public place.

We got into the restaurant, sat, and quickly ordered. We were having a nice time and eating an amazing dinner. Most of the time he was holding my hand and once in a while he would give me that half smile so characteristic of him. Dinner was great but for the first time we had a long conversation that would turn out to be very important to both of us. He started telling me about his family ( a subject I realized I knew almost nothing about) and that they were organizing a family reunion that he wanted me to come. At that moment things got very real very fast. It's not that I didn't want them to get real (in fact I was glad our relationship was moving somewhere), it's just that it surprised me that Matty was the one trying to move forward. It would take a lot of courage but I needed to ask him about it. Maybe not right now. I wouldn't want to have this conversation at a public place with people listening everywhere and spoil the moment.

Right when were about to leave, we saw to familiar faces walk on the other end of the restaurant. It was Jake and Tamara. Matty and I looked at each other for a second and decides to stay five more minutes to see what was going on. Luckily they didn't see us when they walked in so they wouldn't feel uncomfortable with our presence. Nothing strange was going on between them. They were talking and laughing while they waited for someone to take their order. I was starting to get bored until Matty suggested that there were many more interesting and fun things we could do at my house since my parents were not coming any time soon. I thought it was a great idea so we quietly left and walked towards the car.

When he parked in front of my house, we noticed that in the back seat there was the bag my dad gave Matty conveniently before we leaving. He took the bag and opened it to see what was inside without letting me see it. he then looked at me and started laughing hysterically. I took the bag from him only to see a box filled with condoms and a little paper saying "Be careful". I started laughing too until he gave me a passionate kiss and suggested it would be a good idea if we took my dad's advice and use them.