School was finally over and summer was something everyone was looking forward too. Not more than half hour after the last bell rang, the school was empty. Matty had taken me home that day but before getting to our destination, we went to eat something at a fast food place. "Are you coming tonight?" Matty asked. He was hosting and end of the year party and many people were invited (including Lissa and Sadie, which I didn't like that much but they have been friends for years). We wanted to celebrate the end of school but mainly it was going to be the last party in the US for the ones going on the Europe trip. Matty and I weren't going to see our fiends for more than a month so we needed one last party. "of course I'm coming. I will be there a little earlier so I can help you set up everything". After our snack we went back to my house and drop me off. Tamara and Ming were coming over so we could get ready together.

When I got closer to the door there was a sticky note that said, "We will be back late. Have fun at the party, Love you." Ok, so I had the whole house to myself. Unfortunately Matty was busy so there was no chance for him to come over. So I went to my computer and started writing on my blog. Nothing interesting happened lately so I didn't feel like writing. Instead I decide to read what I had written in my blog at the beginning of the school year. So many things have changed. As I read, I pictured everything and wondered if I would do the same things now. Being invisible worked in my favor sometimes, but being known and having some sort of "popularity" helped me get to know myself a little more and figure out who I was and who I wanted to be with. I definitely value myself more than at the beginning of the year. Everything happened for a reason and even though I was not happy with all the hard things I went through, it helped me grow and made relationship with certain people stronger. Going through my blog made me emotional and tears started running through my face. I wasn't sad. I was just glad that this period in my life was over and that I was able to overcome all my problems. Yes, I was having a moment but it was quickly interrupted by a knock in the door. It was Ming and Tamara.

We talked for a while before getting ready for the party. We were looking sexy. Tamara had a short black dress that showed off her figure and Ming was wearing a skirt and a shirt that showed a little more cleavage than we were used to. I was going to wear a purple dress that my mom bought me a couple of weeks ago (actually it was for her but since she didn't fit in it, she pretended to give it to me to wear it for the party). Normally I wouldn't wear things like that but this time T and Ming convinced me to wear something more sexy to surprise Matty. It was a good idea and I know he would love it. At about ten we left the house and headed to Matty's. We were bringing drinks so they needed to be at the house before the party started. When Matty opened the door he looked like he wanted to eat me his eyes. Tamara and Ming went straight to the kitchen to put the beers in the fridge and while Matty just stood outside. "You look smokin' " he said and put his hands around my waist and got closer to give me a kiss. "But there is a little problem. We might not need the dress later tonight. you are staying over right?" I was going to stay over. I told my dad that after the party I was going to stay over at Tamara's so changing plans wouldn't be very hard. Ming's mom was picking her up after the party so I figured it wouldn't be a problem if she took Tamara home too. "Yeah, I guess I can stay." I said and gave him another kiss in the lips. We went into the house and saw that Jake was also there (obviously now talking with Tamara). We got everything ready and waited for the rest of the people to arrive.

About an hour later, the house was full. Many people I have never seen in my life were there (according to Matty, most of them went to school with us). I talked to Clark a were starting to get closer. Ever since church camp he's been on my side and I was glad I could get to know him better. Sadie and Lissa were there too. Lissa already had too much to drink and it was easy to tell because she started making out with every guy that walked her way and she was always looking for Jake. Sadie on the other hand was worse than normal. She was constantly talking about Ricky and how much she hated him. She also had too many drinks and every time she walked by me she had something to say. At one pint I was with Clark and she approached us. Clark, like me, was also wearing purple so Sadie said "I guess that Barney finally came out of the closet. You're welcome." We wanted to say something back but she left very quickly when she saw Ricky making out with some senior.

About ten minutes later Matty approached us and asked us if we wanted to play a game. "Its called Never Have I Ever. Do you guys know it? Come on, it will be fun". We stood up and went to the backyard were a group of about ten people were sitting on the grass in a circle. Tamara, Ming and Jake were the first people I recognized. Next to Jake was Lissa, and next to Lissa was Ricky. He looked pretty wasted. On the other end was Sadie, giving him an evil look. Clark, Matty and I got closer and sat. "Ok, this is how the game works", Matty said. "You have to say something that you have never done before and the ones who have done it have to take a drink. Pretty easy." First to start was Sadie. I knew what was coming. She wanted to get me drunk. "Never have I ever had sex in someone's car". That was my first drink. Matty had to drink to and we both looked at each other and chuckled. next one was Lissa "Never have I ever kissed someone while dating another person". That one was obviously directed towards Jake. Lissa's plan was to make Jake drunk so she had a better shot at him. So the game kept going.

By the tenth round I was getting pretty dizzy. Every time it Sadie's time to talk, she would say something that would make me have to drink and make me feel uncomfortable. "Never have I ever dated two best friend" or "never have I ever received an anonymous letter" were some of the ones that pissed me. She had obviously studied my blog and was using everything I wrote against me. The worst part was that I couldn't pretend those things happened to me and not take a drink because everybody else knew they happened. So I kept drinking almost the whole game. Matty noticed I was getting way too drunk and finally ended the game. When it was over, I was probably the one that had drunk the most. On the other hand. Ming was very well. She probably had to take one drink and that was all. Jake was pretty wasted to, but he was conscious enough to avoid Lissa the rest of the party. The rest of the people were in pretty good shape.

At about four o'clock everyone was gone. I had told Tamara I wasn't going to go to her house and instead I would stay over at Matty's. Jake heard us and soon offered Tamara to take her home. As much as Tamara wanted to spend some time alone with Jake, he was too drunk to drive. She told him to ask some friends to take him home and come for the car early in the morning. Jake could argue against her. She was right. He wasn't going to be able drive and not get into an accident. Tamara asked Ming if her mom could take her home and she said yes. Soon the house was empty and Matty and I were finally alone.