"Surprise Grey!" everyone shouts as they emerge from their hiding spots. Grey leaps startled by the surprise. He looks to his right to see Professor Krane who gives Grey a smile and simply says "Surprise."

Everyone from the lab is there. Lily who is a mother to him. She has taken care of Grey for the three years he has lived with the family. Next to Lily is Jovi. Jovi annoys Grey to no end, but he still enjoys being around her.

Behind Jovi is a teenage boy who is 15 years old. He has spiked red hair and has a yellow unzipped vest with a black shirt with long sleeves. He wears goggles around his neck and jeans with brown boots. This is Michael, Lily's oldest child and the third Shadow Hero of Orre. Michael is like an older brother to Grey. He helped Grey first start training to become a Pokémon trainer.

Next to Lily is the woman he saw hiding in the kitchen earlier. She is in her early 20's. She has long orange hair in a ponytail and her eyes are a dark purple. She is wearing a blue jacket, with a purple belly shirt underneath and a white skirt with pink boots. Her name is as Rui. Grey has known Rui as long as he's known Lily, Michael and Jovi.

In the corner of the room leaning against the wall is the man he also saw hiding earlier. He is in his early 20's he is wearing a long blue coat with the coattails down to his ankles. He has black pants with large black boots. He has blonde-silver hair that he started to grow out. Tattooed across his face is a white line. His silver shades are tucked away in his front pocket because Lily won't allow him to wear them in the house. This man is Wes the first Shadow Hero of Orre along with Rui.

"Wow thanks everyone" Grey says as he walks over to greet everyone.

"Well we won't see you for a while so we might as well do something nice." Michael says as he fist bumps Grey.

Rui runs over to hug Grey "We are going to miss you so much Grey!" Rui says with tears forming in her eyes

"Thanks...Rui...please...let..go...you're crushing...me." chokes Grey as he tries to get Rui off of him before she snaps him in two.

Wes walks over and places his hand on Rui's shoulder, she slowly loosens her hold on Grey until she is no longer hugging him. Rui looks at him wiping the tears from her eyes.

Rui's eyes were weird for such a nice person her eyes look dark and cold. Her Shadow Seeker power might be the cause of it. Rui has the ability to tell a regular Pokémon from a shadow Pokémon. Grey thought she is like him, but they couldn't prove it.

"Kid it's been fun, now go kick some ass" Wes says. Lily gives Wes a look for swearing. Grey just looks at him with a smile and says " Will do." and gives Wes a high-five.

"Before you leave we have some things to give you" Lily says. She pulls out a black backpack and gives it to Grey "Here," she says "This backpack might hold a little more space than that little pouch of yours" Grey takes the bag and puts it on

"Thanks Lily." Grey says

"Don't thank me" says Lily "Jovi picked it out, I paid, and Michael picked it up earlier"

"Thanks Jovi, Michael" Grey says.

Rui walks over to Grey and presents a gift to him. "This is from me." says Rui "Wes forgot to meet me at the store so he won't get any credit" she says shooting Wes a dirty look. Grey opens the box and pulls out a gold necklace with a medal that has a carving of the Orre region and engraved on the sides of the medal is "Orre Always Find The Light In The Shadows"

Wes looks at the medal and in a panic says "Rui how much did that cost?!"

Rui gives Wes a little smile and says "The guy gave it to me for free in honor of what we did."

"And all we gave him was a backpack." mutters Michael as he smacks his head with his hand.

"It's not a contest!" says Lily scolding Michael "It's a lovely necklace Rui."

"Yeah," says Grey "Thanks Rui."

"No problem" Rui says. She bends down to Grey and puts the necklace around his neck and says softly "You stay safe now okay." Grey doesn't say anything he just nods his head. Rui gives Grey a quick little hug and then walks back over to Wes where she buries her head in his shoulder.

"But wait there's more!" happily exclaims Prof Krane "First this is my gift to you."

Prof Krane pulls out the box that he took from the lab "It took me awhile to build this." says Prof Krane "Besides using extra Snag Machine parts everything else was custom ordered" he hands the box to Grey. "Don't worry I deactivated the Snag Machine parts so you can't create Snag Balls."

Grey opens the box and finds a mechanical glove. It is a bulky glove, it covers all of his fingers and both sides of his hand. On the back hand of the glove a pokeball that looks like it would glow. On the wrist has a steel ring that has six slots for pokeballs. "Wow now this is cool!" Grey says

"Glad you like it, I call it the Trainer Glove" says Prof Krane "It holds your six Pokémon in the wrist, when you want to use one you click the ball open your hand and the ball appears in your hand. It's like being in the Battle Simulator".

"This is amazing Professor!" Grey says as he admires the device

"Yeah I wouldn't mind having one myself." jokes Michael

"Well this is a special thing." says the Professor "It also will inject your medicine for you"

Prof Krane starts to get very serious "It will give you a monthly injection and will warn you when it gets empty" he says "Just input these tablets in the slot and you are fine, and by the way when you put the glove on you will feel a pinch. That's just the glove injecting you with the needle."

"Okay" Grey says. He rolls up the sleeve on his left arm and put the glove on. He felt the pinch the professor told him about. The pokeball in the center of the glove began to glow red once the pinching feeling was done.

"Now put in the tablet" says the professor. Grey takes the tablet from the professor and put in the slot in the middle of the pokeball. The pokeball starts to change color and is now glowing green.

"Ok you're set to go" says Prof Krane with an assuring smile "And now to a lighter subject". He pulls out the pouch from his pocket and give it to Grey. "Here are five pokeballs for your journey, to get more you need to buy them from a PokeMart".

Grey takes the pokeballs and put them in his pouch. "Thank you Prof Krane for everything" Grey says

"No problem Jack" says Prof Krane. He shakes Grey's hand. "Jack Greyson you are now an official Pokémon Trainer of the Pokémon League"

Wes looks down at his P*DA "We have to go now Grey." Wes says

"But Jovi thought we were all," before Jovi can finish Lily looks at Jovi and she knew this is something Wes wants to do.

Grey gives his final goodbyes and before he left he hugs Lily the last time for a while and says "Goodbye, Mom".

Lily let go and starts to tear up for the first time Grey just called her "Mom".

Wes starts up his bike and the two leave for Grey's boat docked in Gateon Port.