Title: Inertia

Pairings: GamTav, KurlozRufio, KarSol(?)

Warnings: Yaoi, angst, smut, etc.

inertia: the property of matter in which an object retains it's state of rest or motion if not affected by a(n) external net force(s)


Gamzee was living the high-life.

He was easily known as a rich by who had everything, cars, money, girls; all his materialistic needs were taken care of. Even with the lack of less tangible necessities (friends, family, love) he was doing pretty well according to his standards. If anything he felt that he had the world at his fingertips, he could simply buy another car to fill up the hole in the garage(could it fill the hole in his heart?).

School was either child's play or not even worth trying. Gamzee knew he had talents and genius(History, English, Music) but he didn't care much for the boring subjects(Math, Science, Spanish).

His friends flocked to him and kept him updated on all the parties and social events, girls fawning over his handsome face and boys trying to get his approval. His being was forever surrounded by popular kids, but he wasn't really interested in popularity. He wanted to have fun, to experience 'life' and to find something beautiful to write about. His father wouldn't ever be home anyways, and it's not like there was anything he truly valued.

If something broke he could just buy another one.

Of course the same couldn't go for people, but he could still use his money to bargain with them. He mainly hung around the drug addicts, their blubberings and warped perception were somewhat intriguing, he hoped that one day he could even be able to make his own world, just like they did. He drank, fucked, smoked and partied hard, even as he found himself on the fast life he couldn't help but wonder if this was the right path, if he should perhaps stop and look around him-

"Fuck me more baby, I'm so wet for you~"

He pulled out and found himself softening, something about the girl beneath him repulsed him. She had been bought over like many of the other girls(this time she was a 'high-class' girl that his father bought him), but it occurred to him now that she was disgusting. She whined and tried to get him to continue, lust shining in her eyes. Even though he had employed her for the last month she had been changing, she was becoming something else.

Her touches became (almost) loving, her eyes held something completely indescribable-

"Wait! Please don't go, I love you-"

He felt nothing for her. She wasn't the beauty he wanted to grow to admire and cherish, such vulnerability and expression was distasteful(scary). He moved and smiled, "I could never love a whore like you." She grew agitated and flipped from loving to hateful, tossing things at him and demanding money. He threw the bills at her and dressed, the girl was worthless.

He had never truly felt attracted to any of the girls he fucked, if anything he had only used them to relieve his regular urges. No one had yet to truly make lust and desire stir in him, he was a bit disappointed. Perhaps he had set his standards too high? He had only desired the best in the world, but how would he find the best person to fall into bliss with?

Soon his father came to mind, he had always purchased the prettiest and most attractive people but he couldn't even bear to see them together. It was his fault that his mother left. It had been years ago but it wasn't until his mother disappeared that he had found the void in his chest. She left them both behind, but Kurloz was forcing him to stay.

Even all the riches in the world would never amend the wrong.

Kurloz never allowed him any peace of mind, constantly bashing on him and ridiculing him. Mocking and castration was imposed onto him, and he wished Kurloz would just die already. Kurloz probably wished the same onto him, but he could only faintly recall his father ever having a weakness(his name was...Rufio?).

He left the filthy woman behind and walked out of the room, entering one of the (seemingly) endless hallways, eventually catching a lusty moan as he walked by his father's office. He grimaced and tried to speed past, but found himself unable to move; a melodic thick sound filled the air, soft and sweet all at once. He slowly peeked into the slightly ajar room, finding the source of noise; Kurloz had bought another whore.

This one seemed different though, his hair was set in a spiky mohawk that fell into his eyes, his body was somewhat petite but held the softness of a female. His flexibility was admirable, and he found his eyes continuing to drink in the sight of the prostitute. His dark skin was pleasing to the eye, perhaps he was from the tropics? His hips were large and that of a woman's; his ass was raised submissively as he leaned onto his arms. Slick movements along with flushed skin made the scene more appealing, his body gleaming with a light coat of sweat only made him desperate. More beautiful moans escaped from plump ruby lips, finally opening his brown eyes and he couldn't quite make out his face under all the (somewhat smeared) makeup.

He made eye contact with the whore.

The searing gaze and flirty smile sent heat straight to his groin, and he found himself hard at just one look. His hand slid to his crotch, palming his erection and never taking his eyes off of the lovely boy. The other boy moaned and giggled seductively, arching his back and licking his lips. Dirty phrases were exchanged and he never looked away from Gamzee either, constantly posing for the peeping tom. His eyes shone with a wild light, his capricious behavior and knowledge of Gamzee only seemed to make him hotter.

Gamzee felt heat coil tight in his groin, he wanted this wild beauty.

Soon they changed positions, the dark boy being placed onto a desk and his father quickly pushing in again, but the whore paid him no mind, instead opting to lean back all the way and tilt his head back to still keep Gamzee involved.

"Cmon, play with me sugar~"

He had the best orgasm of his entire life.

He spilled into his hand, biting his lip to stifle a moan and shuddering at the sheer ecstasy, he had never had this with any woman. His father and his escort soon finished up as well, but he found brown eyes still boring into his skin, glancing up to find himself being teased by the whore.

Gamzee was abashed, feeling as if he was a little kid being caught staring.(In a sense he had been, but he would never admit it.) He zipped himself up and absconded to take care of the mess in his hand, flushing at the fact that he jerked himself off to his father and another boy rather than fucking a woman.

As he washed his hands clean of the sticky semen he smirked, he would simply ask his father for a new

whore and loosely describe the one he just saw. He would indulge in the capricious bombshell, play with him as long as he could before tossing him too. If anything it was a wicked experiment, he wanted to see if he could base something off of the feelings and reactions.

He would get that boy no matter what.


Tavros woke up exhausted, with the same emptiness as he did everyday.

He stretched his aching muscles and aimed to fill his empty stomach(maybe he was lacking love?). He slipped into casual clothes and freshened up for the day, gathering his things as he headed to the kitchen. His breakfast was light, simply cereal with a bagel and orange juice. He yelled a good bye to no one in particular and left to the grocery store.

Once arriving at work he clocked in and took his apron, setting up shop and beginning his restock. The muscles in his lower back twisted painfully, protesting in response to certain movements and he sighed, pushing through the discomfort and dutifully completing his work. The grocery store wasn't very large or popular, but he still enjoyed the familiarity with the customers and made sure to put on his best smile and sweetest voice.

Before the second job he took on he enjoyed working in the store, making sure everything was exactly in place and providing as much efficiency as possible. But now he simply couldn't achieve the same results, fatigue tugged at his eye lids and his body responded negatively to major activity(he had already over-exerted himself). Coffee became his new best friend as his soporific mind tried to work past it's limits, causing some clumsiness and dead-on-his-feet reactions to occur.

He glanced in the mirror and smiled, he was Tavros Nitram.

Aradia was kind enough to place a white daisy in his hair, tucking it behind his ear and overall brightening his appearance. The listless drawl from his thoughts faded, leaving behind only the idea of the bright white daisy(unfortunately he couldn't be as white). He walked slowly through the aisles, listening only the soft tap of his shoes, enjoying the solitude. His quiet serenity was broken by the lightest grumble and a shuffling of feet; he looked up to find a handsome young man glancing around at the shelf, lovely blue eyes scanning for something-