Shane's POV

What the fuck was that? I fumbled to catch my balance as my weight was thrown forward. As I was catching myself, something crashed into my back hard and fast. I landed face first into a patch of grass with something on top of me. This really wasn't my day. A groan erupted as Micheal rolled off me. "Next time, Shane" he said. "Don't piss Myrnin off." I pushed myself up once I had caught my breath.

"You think he did this on purpose?" I asked even though I already knew the answer. Micheal didn't even bother to answer it.

"Let's just hope nothing really bad has happened first, then we can decide our revenge, okay?" I rolled my eyes.

"Haven't heard that one before, smart-ass."

"See? I always knew you were jealous of my brains, not my looks" Micheal joked, batting his eyelashes. I slugged him.

"Taken." I pointed out. "Besides, I wouldn't go for you even if I was interested. I'd rather be forever alone than have Eve shove coffee beans up my ass for the rest of my life because I took you away from her." Micheal laughed, and nodded in agreement.

"Good point. Now, let's get going before Claire tries to strangle Myrnin for teleporting us somewhere." I quickly followed Micheal as we headed towards town. Earlier we had been at Myrnin's lab helping Claire with a project. Of course, Myrnin was there as well helping when that son of a bitch "accidentally" pushed us into the machine we were working on, and pushed the START button. Although it might have been after I had broken three bottles with liquid in them, and yelled at Myrnin that the idea of teleportation for humans was some serious bullshit. Point proven though, it was not because now Micheal and I were on the far side of Morganville where many people even vampires alike avoided. And trust me, we didn't come walking.

Micheal suddenly stopped as we rounded back to civilization. Humans bustled around us with a few vampires sticking out of the crowd. Not many of course since it was daytime, and the sun was high in the air. "Shane?" He said so quietly I almost missed it. "Does something look odd to you?" I frown before sweeping my gaze to left, and then to the right. Well shit. We were in Morganville alright, but not the Morganville we knew. Shit, shit, shit...fuck!

Micheal's POV

There wasn't many places I recognized as I roamed the streets, Shane following after me just as confused. Had Myrnin teleported us to a different town? Or was I just losing my mind? I was still walking when Shane finally said something. "Looks like we're not in Kansas anymore." I cracked a small grin. It was just like Shane to always crack jokes in the worst of times.

"Doesn't look like it, Dorothy" I replied before turning to him. "Any ideas?" Shane tapped his forehead, and then pointed at me.

"You're the one with the brains apparently."

"Knock it off, dumbass" I said. Shane shrugged.

"Want to try, and find the house? I mean, if we are even still in Morganville!" I nodded. I started walking again, but a few minutes later stopped again.

"You don't happen to know which way we should be heading, do you?" I asked realizing that since Morganville has changed, so had the streets, and layout of buildings.

"Do I look like a tour guide?" Shane asked.

"You're right. You'd suck as a tour guide," I said with a chuckle before returning to matters at hand. "But seriously, man. I have no-" BAM! In a flash I turned around, and caught a boy about six years old in my arms.

"Let me go!" He cried out fiercely, his grip frighteningly strong. I let go of him as quickly as I had caught him. He took a few steps back to look me in the eye. He was a tall boy, maybe actually seven or eight with light brown hair, and big baby blue eyes. In fact, if his nose's shape was changed a little, and he had the right hair, and eye coloring, he kind of reminded me of Jason, Eve's brother.

"You okay, kid?" Shane spoke out. "Be careful where you're going." The boy only shrugged before looking behind us. He made an impatient wave before running off. A girl younger than him was trying to catch up. As she got closer, my breath, even if I didn't really "breathe" anymore caught. I could feel Shane tense up next to me. Coming our way was a miniature version of Alyssa. Or someone who looked very much alike her.

"Shane," I said with a small warning in my voice.

"I know," he answered. "It's not her, that's not Alyssa."

Shane's POV

Alyssa. My sweet, dead sister. The sister who seemed to be walking right towards me in mini-me form even though I could clearly tell it wasn't Alyssa. It wasn't my Alyssa. The girl stopped in front of us, clearly out of breath. "Ex...cuse me," she said in a small, gentle voice. It was soothing, almost like Claire's when she comforts me, or when she was really tired. "Please forgive Donovan's actions. He doesn't always think about others when he's in a mood."

"Ah...uh...," I say trying to find my voice. Micheal lightly slaps me on my back before reassuring the girl that everything was A-okay.

"Great!" She said before walking around us. "Have a good day!"

"Wait!" I call out. Micheal stares at me, but I ignore him. "Could you tell us where we can find West Lot street? We're looking for the Glass house." The little girl eyed us for a moment before answering. It seemed to me that the girl was much wiser than she looked.

"I'm going that way if you'd like to come." Micheal and I both readily agreed, and started to follow the girl's tiny steps. As smart as she sounded, the girl still dressed her age with sparkly pink shoes with a white and pink polka-dot dress. Her dark brown hair was held in lopsided pigtails as if they couldn't agree to be even. I could feel Micheal's stare on me most of the walk there. I knew he just wanted to make sure I was okay, but truthfully, I had no fucking clue what I was feeling at the moment. About five minutes later, we were standing in front of the Glass house.

It was still the same old except it looked much nicer. The exterior seemed to have been re-painted recently while missing shingles on the roof had been replaced as well. The boy from earlier, Donovan was waiting on the porch. He narrowed his eyes when he saw Micheal and I. "Why did you bring them? And what took you so long? Mom was mad at me because you're so slow, and said I couldn't have any cookies until you came back." The little girl only stuck her tongue out at him before brushing past him.

"They wanted to come to the Glass house so I assumed they knew Auntie." The girl said before going inside. Donovan looked at us weirdly.

"You know my mom?" He asked. Micheal and I exchanged looks. As much as the Glass house looked different, it definitely was Micheal's house, but it also definitely hadn't had children in it. Before either one could answer, the front door opened, and out walked Eve. Or someone who looked like Eve, but older. Um...what?

Micheal's POV

It was Eve. No, it was Eve, but older. Her hair was still dyed black, but now was a sleek bob with side bangs that were dyed red. She was wearing a tight black dress that looked like it was made out of ten different materials with a leather jacket and leggings. Her features were a little more sharper than the Eve I knew, but all it did was make her look more a good way. The moment she saw us, surprise lit up in her face. Then shock. Then horror. Then back to surprise.

"Donovan, you can go and eat your cookies now. Make sure you don't eat too many though." Eve told the boy who rushed inside with a blur. The moment he was gone, the Eve so familiar to Shane, and I returned. "Are you fucking kidding me, right now? Is that my husband, and the jackass Shane, but like younger? I don't understand. You're supposed to be on tour-" she said pointing to me. "And you're supposed to be at work." She said pointing to Shane. "What the fuck is going on? Explain!"

"Hey, it's definitely our Eve after all," Shane nudge me. Eve flipped him off. He laughed. "Look princess," he said. "We're not too sure about what's going on either, but shedding some light on us would be so helpful right now." Eve scrunched up her nose.

"All you need to know is I'm right now 32, and you two are not supposed to be that young looking still." She answered.

"What?!" Shane and I both exclaimed. Oh, we were in Morganville alright, just about 12 years into the future.

"Well fuck," Shane said. "Guess Myrnin's machine can do a few other things we didn't know about."

"No shit, Sherlock" I said. Eve arched an eyebrow at us, and we explained to her the whole story of what had happened. Eve was silent for a long time when we were finished before finally smiling.

"Well, gentlemen. Looks like you're stuck here for a while, so let me be the first one to welcome you to the future, or more importantly, your future." She said. "Oh boy, do I have a lot to explain to you." She paused for a moment when suddenly her eyes widened. "Oh shit! What should I tell Claire when she comes home tonight from work? That her husband suddenly is 12 years younger than he should be. Actually, I think she might like that idea." Shane and I exchanged glances.

"W-we got married?" Shane asked quietly. Eve looked at him with warmth in her eyes.

"Yeah, you guys finally tied the knot." Shane smiled before he frowned a little.

"What do yo mean she would like me younger?"

"Oh, you don't know?" Eve asked innocently. "You gained quite the pounds as you got older, and already are starting to lose hair. Actually I'm surprised Claire is even still attracted to you."

"Guess I'm more charming than my looks. Or maybe I'm so good in bed that she can't leave me." He fired back.

"Gross! There are children on the premises!" Eve exclaimed before going silent as she realized she still had to explain to us the children. "Right," she said when Shane and I didn't say a word. "Donovan, the brown haired boy is Micheal's and I's son while the girl, Carrie is Claire's and Shane's. Luke is also Claire's and Shane's, but you haven't met him yet." Son...son. I had a son?! Can vampires even have kids? Now that I thought about it though, what older Eve was saying made sense. Donovan was my son...or is going to be...or wait... Shit, this is complicated.